The Pinky Promise

I have been too busy not-failing school to post. That is my only excuse for my excessive absence. I’M NOT APOLOGIZING BECAUSE I HAVE A CHANCE AT GRADUATING ON TIME NOW.


Thanksgiving break is coming up soon, so I’ll provide junior year updates then hopefully. For now, since I’ve been stuck “supporting” Manny at his League of Legends for the past nine hours, I’ll just use this post to answer the questions left at the end of my last post.

According to the end of that last post, that should mean I died at the hands of my parents after telling them about the boyfriend I’ve been hiding from them for over 2 years.

Except I didn’t die!!!11!

Or not really.

I think our parent-child relationship died a little, maybe. Let me explain what happened.

I only told The Old Man in the summer in order to fulfill the terms of the pinky promise, and his reaction dwindled my willingness to tell Mama to .00000001%.

I thought he was supposed to be the tolerant one.

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Until death do us part

Little girls are supposed to dream of marrying the guy of her dreams and having several darling little children and living happily ever after until you die.

Some time after entering college, I realized that my dream doesn’t include a Mr. Perfect.

(Or a Mrs. Perfect, since I’m somewhat flexible in my sexuality… or romanticity? I don’t like touching girl parts. Anyway, since I mostly like boys I’ll speak as if they’re the only option for me.)

I don’t want to get married. Ever. That includes living with a boyfriend for the rest of my life with our kids, which is basically marriage without the official stuff.

I guess I sorta still believe in a Mr. Right, though. If I find him, maybe then he’ll completely and utterly change my mind. Since I haven’t met him yet, I don’t know what kind of power he’ll have over my emotions and life so as for now marriage continues to be a no no.

On a sadder note, that probably means Manny isn’t that Mr. Right, even though the guy has made it pretty clear that he thinks I’m The One.

…He has explicitly said I WANT TO MARRY YOU and thus this will not be a pretty break-up.

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Yo, yo

It’s been a while, hasn’t it! Sorry about that, journal. I guess now that I linked my Twitter-journal to this site, I’ve become less motivated to write on here.

I don’t know what’s going on; it’s as if I’ve gone back to my depression days, minus the Sadness. I’ve just lost interest in doing anything at all, no matter how much I used to enjoy it. So that means I haven’t been writing or crafting or reading or exercising or singing or catching up with fandom (with the same fervor; I’m still mainly updated with stuff) or much of anything. I just sleep, stare at nothing, and do the minimal amount of homework required for me to pass. Although, I do have to be very careful because I’m on academic probation for failing a class due to psychological issues.

Isn’t it odd? There’s no more Sadness. Er, okay, I lied. The Sadness is still here. But it doesn’t hurt. I’m pretty much content and not very stressed. (Which can be a bad thing because I’m far too chill about schoolwork. Dx)

How about some quick updates? There really isn’t much to tell but here goes.

  1. Failed my Bio midterm! That was just… eww. I talked to my lab partners about it and they agreed it was tough too, so I’m glad it wasn’t just me. We’ll find out if I really did fail it or not when spring break ends in a few days.
  2. I’m actively trying to lose weight again. That’s not going too well. :P I’m not fat exactly but my squishiness factor is high. I lost like 7 pounds in the first month of college without even trying because I wasn’t eating junk and I kept getting lost on my hilly campus, haha. But I gained half of that back because my antidepressant makes me hungry and I tend to stress-eat and I love sugar and I ate 4 slices of pizza in a day last week because the dining hall didn’t have good food but they always have pizza oh shit. Manny is helping to motivate me. <3
  3. Um, I swear now. A lot. A LOT a lot. It’s so easy to influence my vocabulary, and it doesn’t help that most of the people I hang out with have vulgar tongues. This includes the Pest, Manny, Laureen, Mclean, and Elaina. Plus, I’m addicted to the internet, and you know how clean THAT can be. Forgive any future slip-ups. :P
  4. Japanese class is getting intense! It’s not difficult exactly, but the grammar lessons are starting to pile up and I keep confusing things. I love kanji, though! Practicing them is so therapeutic, and I learned enough that I was able to get the gist of one of Koyama’s short J-web entries. I’m getting this much closer to studying abroad in Japan!
    Katakana is still icky. D:
  5. NEWSSSSS. WHERE ARE YOU. It’s already spring and you guys haven’t done anything yet. ;__; Yes, I’m thrilled for KoyaShige’s new show and for Tegomass’s DVD release of their concert (which I can’t purchase this time because… The Old Man is beginning to wonder where his money is going lol), but I’d love to see these four guys do something as a group. We’ve been waiting foreverrr!
  6. I’ve switched majors again, hehe. Psychiatrist and I both agreed that a Biology major would be idiotic. So I switched to Psychology with an English minor. No matter what I do, I always find myself going back to English, huh?
  7. I never thought it would happen, journal, but I found a fic-writing buddy at college! Sherry and I make a dangerous combination. Harry Potter tentacle fic, anyone? She’s already begun writing fanfiction about her two [male] Economics professors. Yeah. She’s into yaoi. And humor. That’s her thing. On the other hand, I like writing fluffy, innocent, clean fics. And drama. I need to teach her how to write plot-driven fics.
    Dammit, I wanna write Cardcaptor Sakura things again!
  8. SOMEONE SAVE ME FROM THE REALM OF HIPSTER YOUTUBE MUSIC PLEASE. You would think that now that I’m studying Japanese I’d listen to more J-pop, right? Nope. Instead I’ve been searching for hipster music. In English. It’s too late to save me.
  9. I tried to break up with Manny last week. Not because I don’t like him, but because I like him too much. Uh, that didn’t go as planned. Our relationship has gotten STRONGER because of that emotional, melodramatic episode, during which I cried into his chest for an hour straight. (I am so weak.) I’ll explain things in “Love Story Part 6” or something. :D
  10. Have I mentioned that I’m that rare first-year who lives in a single? Yup yup. Ex-roommate moved out early on in the semester to live with her friends whom she loves a lot. SO NOW I LIVE ALONE AND HAVE A KING-SIZED BED WOOHOO.

I think that’s all I have. My life is still relatively boring and uneventful. I’m not much of a party person, journal, so you won’t be hearing about many drunken party tales from me. I think I went to four? That’s not many when you consider that there’s one like every two weeks.

Back to spring break homework. ):

Until next time,

~ Mimi =]

The Lowly First-Year

The last day of September! That’s when Tegomass will be appearing on SCP. There will be talk sessions and a performance of their song “Mahou no Melody” from their newest album, Tegomasu no Mahou!!!!!

I adhere pretty strictly to my sacred rules of punctuation, so when I break those rules by using multiple exclamation points in succession, the event is a Big Deal.

It would be very irresponsible of me right now to use my credit card on something I don’t need when I have such limited funds. No, that isn’t something a proper college student should do.

Oh lord what have I done. WHY IS IT SO EXPENSIVE?

I chose the RE edition. The DVD with the PV in the LE (heehee this rhyming makes me laugh) would be nice to have, but I can’t afford to pay another cent on this thing, and I don’t know what I would do with it after I watch it. Plus, RE contains Ai no Naka de. ♪

So pleased that Tegomass are using mostly Japanese song titles. ♥

. . .

Remember that I said I was writing my last entry while waiting in the common room outside the English department to talk to a professor? I posted the entry before I shut the laptop and waited for the prof to show up so I couldn’t say what happened shortly afterward. But now I’m back. And, well~~



But more about that later. Let’s get through the boring stuff first — like classes!

1. The Schedule

Class registration: complete! Stressful, that was. Classes filled up literally in seconds, which is why I was smart enough to register for Psychology 101 first, because that class is unbelievably popular. We’re only allowed four classes for our first semester, and I got two of the four classes I wanted. My original plan:

Writing (every first year has to take a writing course either in the fall or spring; there are a lot of writing courses on different topics, and mine was about music)

Psych 101

Cellular Biology w/Lab

French 201 (I placed into the intermediate level! That’s a.) good because my seven years of French classes paid off somewhat; b.) bad because my spoken French sucks and I’d rather take the intro class)

I ended up getting into neither bio nor the specific French class I’d hoped for. ;__; So, it’s Astronomy without Lab instead of Cell Bio, and a French class with a not-as-good professor. BUT — I dropped the French and Writing classes. Too hard for me. French professor was so kind but only used French, and while I’m pretty proficient in reading and writing, I CAN’T speak or understand spoken French. Dropped that class like a hot potato. I’ve taken French for so long but I feel like I’ve reached my limit with the language. It’s time to give it up.

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