It’s been a world of culture shock.

I’ve gone from a tiny women’s college in a bubble of a campus to a gigantic research university so interwoven with the city that I can’t tell what’s school and what’s not. It’s also co-ed! There are /men/ walking around!! That’s not to say I never saw men during my undergrad years, but I can count the number of dudes I’ve had in my classes on my two hands. That includes cis and trans dudes.

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Misadventures of Mimi: Intoxicated


According to CDJapan, these are the songs picked by fans to be included in the album. Three of my four made it! Endless Summer, I.ZA.NA.I.ZU.KI, and… BAMBINA. :D :D :D :D :D :D

I highly doubt they would re-record all of these, though, so boo.


This makes me so happy I could squish someone in jubilous joy! I love that they’re being fair to all the members and included an equal number of solo songs for each. They MUST be rerecording, right? I mean, most of these songs have only ever been performed live, and I read somewhere that these won’t be live versions.

Ooh, my ears are sooo ready to hear Pumpkin, Stars, and Uri Sarang! I’m not the biggest fan of Shige’s songs, I’m afraid. I still love you? :)

The thing is… these two tracklists are on two different editions.


I’m not even sure if I should get one CD, let alone both editions. I have no money left and I already made my parents shell out over $2.3k for one measly summer course (it’s on the short narrative!). We’ll just have to see. Maybe I’ll go for the single…?

. . .

I think it’s about time to tell some college tales NOT related to schoolwork, hmm? To celebrate the end of my tumultuous first year at college!

Remember how I swore I would never ever drink because I didn’t like the taste of alcohol?

I lied.

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