yes, of course

It’s strange to be able to say these next few things, journal, since I started writing here when I was a baby teen and I’ve grown so much in these 7 years. At least I think it’s been 7. Too lazy to spend 10 seconds going back to check.

(Okay fine, I checked and what the actual fuck it’s been nearly 8 years.)

As I was saying!

I made it through high school.

I fell in love with a boy.

I completed a bachelor’s degree at a wonderful school that completely changed my life.

I learned to navigate around chronic mental illnesses and now understand myself so much better because of it.

I maintained relationships with dear friends who scattered around the world after graduation.

I returned to my high school for our 5-year reunion.

I just finished my master’s degree.

And I’m not supposed to tell people this next thing because of complications that I’ll further explain, but…


I’m getting married.

Holy shit, right? That little baby child who started this journal all those years ago is now engaged!!

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why do i do this to myself

Paper anxiety + extreme procrastination = I have to write a minimum of 47 pages for 3 classes (+ regular stats homework and a stats final project) in one week.

I have never written this much before.

I am scared.

I am trash.

Until next time,

~ Mimi

P.S. Have a picture of Manny’s dog because she’s cute.

i wish i could be a dog right now


the train to Nopesville.

The workload of this semester has been so terrifying that my ignoring-that-undesirable-things-exist defense mechanism is in full gear. I’m now home for spring break with three papers to write, an acting performance to prepare for, and a presentation to begin for another acting course. Of course I haven’t started any of those. Here’s a catch-up journal entry instead!


Four classes. Cognitive Psychology. Intro to Moral Philosophy. Intro to Linguistics. Research Methods in Developmental Psychology.

I magically got A-minuses in three of the four classes and only got a B-plus in Linguistics because that final exam was nightmarish. This did wonders to my previously atrocious GPA from failing 3 classes!

…not that it’s a great number now but at least it’s not a 2-point-something anymore.

The research methods course was utter hell from September to October because we essentially condensed a semester of material into those two months. But then the rest of the time was entirely focused on our research so I guess I wouldn’t mind keeping the structure of the course the way it is.

My research partner and I examined how preschoolers label ambiguous gender, and although our hypothesis wasn’t supported, our findings indicate that growing up in a gendered society may be an ass even to preschoolers. Since we had to design and conduct our own psych studies, this course really provided some much needed vocational direction for me. I loveeee doing research!

Looks like I’ll be slaving away in grad school for that Ph.D. until I’m thirty.

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Goals of Impossiblity

At my current weight, it is not at all a feasible goal to lose 8 more pounds before cousin Mandy’s wedding in under 2 weeks, but that’s not stopping me from dying trying!

I’m not even that chubby/tall — basically these should be the incredibly stubborn Last Ten Pounds I’m trying to lose, or even the Last Twenty if I want to go that far — but compared to Mandy and the other tiny bridesmaids, I LOOK LIKE A WHALE. I’ve never met any of them but that’s what I’ve been told. D:

My summer class ended 2 weeks ago (I got an A-minus in a math class!!!!) and I’ve been spending my days since then working out. I alternated between double-cardio days and cardio/strength training days, and every day I challenged myself to do 100 squats because my butt is a sad creature.

The squats thing, it’s not so hard. You know, except for not being able to walk up the stairs immediately afterward. I’m working on being able to do 100 in a row instead of breaking it up into 2 sets of 50. I think my butt has firmed up a bit, but my thighs! They’re like rocks! <3 I used to hate how strong and bulky my short legs looked but I’ve grown to love their strength! Now, if only I can lose fat quicker than I gain muscle…

After about 10 days of this sweatfest, I stepped on the scale to find out if it had paid off at all.

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Ten a Day (21-30)





A 57.

OUT OF 70.


…an A-minus?

Okay, professor, I know I’m not very numerically inclined and I stare at you blankly half the time in class but a 57/70 is not an A-minus.

Well, it is after the gigantic curve. I guess I would have gotten a B-minus/81%, which I would have been thrilled with, actually! But the average was a 46/70 or something like that, or about a 66% without the curve.


How could that be the average when I am the only student who never answers the professor when he asks questions about the problems on the board because I am completely lost?

I got no points for the first question — “Find the domain of the function f(x) = ln(1 – e-x)” — because when e‘s and logs and ln’s show up in a problem everything automatically equals unicorn vomit, for all I know. But then this true/false problem here:

2 + 2 = fish

Professor was starting to collect the exams and I didn’t know how the heck to approach this question so I pulled that above answer out of my own ass, then promptly died a little inside as I handed my packet to him.

He says that this average is pretty consistent with past averages for the summer calc course. These averages are always lower than the averages of a regular semester-long course, which is to be expected because the pace of this summer course is insane. My second midterm is in one week and I’m 7 homework assignments behind!


Next ten set of questions to take my mind off of scary math things.

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I don’t know what Tegomass is doing with this new single. Not sure if gusta.

. . .

Been a while since the events happened but I’ll post a short thing anyway.

Tough few weeks in Massachusetts.

My college is located many miles outside of the capital, but I’ve lived there my entire life. I grew up in a dangerous section of Boston so as desensitized as I’ve become to violence, news of death will garner hardly a blink from me.

We’ve never been terrorized before, though. This is different from the usual robberies and rapes and gang violence. In such an extremely proud city, this is why people care so much.

I wonder how relevant last week’s Boston marathon bombings and related events are to people who live outside Massachusetts. The plant explosion in Texas was huge and tragic and happened right after the marathon, but other than a post or two about it on Facebook, people here didn’t seem to pay much attention to it.

It’s one thing to hear about events of terror. It’s another thing to have it happen in the city you lived in your entire life. PLUS, the street where the bombings occurred? I go there almost every week. Pretty unnerving.

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Tough as Nails

Oh spring break, you’re finally here! (: (: (:

This last week before vacation was torture. Every time I finished an assignment/studying for a midterm, I immediately had to start on something else. Had to. Which meant I didn’t. I’m not a good student, okay?

I’m also starting to suspect (based on the evidence Ley put before me) that I have ADD. If you’re looking for the worst listener in the world, look no further! My mind weaves in and out of conversations constantly, no matter how interesting they are to me, so this means friends get mad at me and lectures are always a disaster (my 2.5-hour Holocaust seminar omg kill me). It is incredibly difficult for me to finish things in a timely manner, if at all. I would either get distracted or I just wouldn’t finish it (cleaning, games, papers, books, craft projects, the 59765 drafts I have in this journal). I have the memory span of a goldfish (3 seconds). Super easily distracted by anything, even by my own thoughts or the wall.

Even though I’ve had these problems for years now, the thought of having ADD never occurred to me until a nurse at that psychiatric ward asked me if I had it. And then Ley suggested it to me the other day too. :/

I just took some online tests today and while they’re not diagnostic, they all say I show the symptoms of moderate to severe ADD. I’m not so much hyperactive/impulsive as I am inattentive. Maybe I’ll see if my school’s counseling center can do anything about this, or at least properly test to see if it’s a disorder or   I really am just a horrid, horrid student.

My inattention problem might cause me some hard times at my new job at the laboratory preschool on my school’s campus. 3-4 year olds are already hard to understand, and when you have someone who CAN’T listen to you entirely… bad. They’re gonna strip me of my student teacher position soon. ;___;

Anyway! This post was supposed to be a quick one about nail polish but I digressed. But here we are. The thing about me and nail polish is that I will go through many months of not even touching a bottle of varnish. I just won’t have any interest in it and I don’t know why.

Then you have times like this semester where I go nail crazy and will change my polish whenever it chips. I swear it’s because I’m Vietnamese. I have nail painting in my blood. I should start charging Ley whenever she asks me to do her nails for her.

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or, Why I Am Stupid for Choosing to Attend One of the Most Rigorous Colleges in the Country.

Sophomore year is consuming my very souuuuuuuul.

As you can see by my 4 month absence from this journal.

Sorry ’bout that.


I’ve finally returned home and will hopefully have more posts during my 5-week vacation.

I’ll provide a scattered summary on what’s happened in the past millennium.

1. I HAVE NOT GIVEN UP FANDOM. I still love NEWS as much as before (okay… maybe not that much because I was seriously scary obsessed then). I just have no time for fandom things other than quickly checking for any important updates, and even then I might be a bit late. Usually I would find out about new singles and super significant things like THE EPIC AWESOMENESS OF WORLD QUEST BEING USED FOR THE FIFA WORLD CUP JAPAN HOLY SHIZZIT CONGRATULATIONSSSSS really early on, like just as it’s announced. But nope, not anymore. I can’t do that. No time to watch any of their TV appearances or even glance at their magazine spreads. Sadness. ): Although I think I’ve replayed WORLD QUEST ~300 times already. That song has such a hopeful, NEWS-y sound reminiscent of songs like “Fly Again” and “Full Swing” that I just love. The other song of unpronounceable title (Pokopeoewmfwjwnvdk) is too silly-happy for my taste but I’ve grown to like it. The other tracks are lovely too but World Quest is still my favorite from this single.

A most strange thing has happened to me, though, regarding NEWS. Tegoshi is still my favorite, that hasn’t changed. Buuuut… I don’t find him as beautiful as I did before. Hmm. :/ I think he is objectively an attractive person with pretty features but I no longer spaz out at the sight of his face. Hmm hmm. :/ :/ :/

I really don’t know if I will be able to fangirl anymore in this journal. Maybe if something truly excites me, but I haven’t even watched much of the Tegomass 3rd Live DVD yet which is a pretty big thing. I guess this will revert back to a strictly “real life” journal like it was pre-discovery of NEWS.

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All that glitters (is on my fingertips)

or, How I Give Myself a Manicure at 4:30am Because I Make Great Decisions and It’s Now 9am So Why Not Post It.

To achieve this shitty look, follow these easy steps!

  1. Base coat to protect your nails from this harmful chemical shit!
  2. Thin coat of a polish of your choosing!
  3. Another thin coat of the same color after that one dries!
  4. While it’s wet, throw some loose powder or fine glitter all over that shit!
  5. After it’s somewhat dry, rinse that extra shit off your nails with water!
  6. Apply a non-shitty top coat!
  7. Don’t bother cleaning the shit around your nails because it’s 4:30 am crap I need sleep.

Yup, I decided to literally throw chunks of glitter onto wet polish and call it a manicure.


Until next time,

~ Mimi ._.

Misadventures of Mimi: Intoxicated


According to CDJapan, these are the songs picked by fans to be included in the album. Three of my four made it! Endless Summer, I.ZA.NA.I.ZU.KI, and… BAMBINA. :D :D :D :D :D :D

I highly doubt they would re-record all of these, though, so boo.


This makes me so happy I could squish someone in jubilous joy! I love that they’re being fair to all the members and included an equal number of solo songs for each. They MUST be rerecording, right? I mean, most of these songs have only ever been performed live, and I read somewhere that these won’t be live versions.

Ooh, my ears are sooo ready to hear Pumpkin, Stars, and Uri Sarang! I’m not the biggest fan of Shige’s songs, I’m afraid. I still love you? :)

The thing is… these two tracklists are on two different editions.


I’m not even sure if I should get one CD, let alone both editions. I have no money left and I already made my parents shell out over $2.3k for one measly summer course (it’s on the short narrative!). We’ll just have to see. Maybe I’ll go for the single…?

. . .

I think it’s about time to tell some college tales NOT related to schoolwork, hmm? To celebrate the end of my tumultuous first year at college!

Remember how I swore I would never ever drink because I didn’t like the taste of alcohol?

I lied.

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