Corr, Markus, Merry — who are they again?

Because this is meant to be an anonymous journal, I never use the names of real people. That way, none of my friends will know it’s me if they stumble upon this accidentally. (HAHA YOU’LL NEVER FIND ME. :P)

This is also a way to protect the innocent. That is, unless I reaaaaaally hate them, but I don’t hate anyone right now. (Jen and Jess, this is for TORMENTING MY EIGHTH GRADE SOUL TO THE POINT OF DEPRESSION.) But there’s no way I can possibly remember the names I make up, so I created this page for me to refer back to. I described them in as much detail as I could so that I’ll know exactly who I’m talking about.

MIMI — Me! This is actually a nickname of mine since I was three, one that everyone I’m related to calls me. My parents always call me Mimi; if they use my real name I know something is wrong. I’ll sign off with this most of the time, when I feel normal or cheery or only slightly emo.

NANA — Also me. My friends used to call me this because I’m the oldest and I’m like their nanny, watching over them, making sure they don’t do stupid things, handing out some wisdom when they come to me in tears. (“No, Tessa, you should not join the Bloods.”) I sign off with this when I’m not feeling particularly bubbly.

Adele — A girl in my year in high school. A close friend. In junior year, has a locker above and to the left of mine, which is how we got close. Speaks with a thick — sometimes hard to understand — accent because she came here from Peru a few years ago. Randomly answers me in Spanish sometimes. Smart, but like me, never does her homework when she’s supposed to. A really good and loyal friend, though can be really annoying with how she constantly follows the crowd. Treasurer of student council. Candy addict. No, really. She has a problem. Bubbly and hyper, probably because of all that candy. A good dancer. Really, really innocent. Encouraging. <3 Likes martinis and cocktails because there’s apparently no drinking age in Peru.

Alissa — Went to the summer writing program with me. My age, but skipped kindergarten so she’s a grade above me. Can drive. Has what she calls “stumpy legs.” Very young-looking. Best friends with Jayne. Loves Harry Potter.

Ame — My cousin on The Old Man’s side. Older than me by a year. Attended the same elementary school as me until fourth grade. Used to hang out with me a lot, but then grew up to be your typical teen while I grew up to be something weird. In love with her computer. Then in love with her cell phone when her little sister poured water all over her computer. Small. Started getting close to me again after I started college.

Angel — A girl who talks very fast and is addicted to music. One of my good friends from high school. Constantly has some song stuck in her head. Very friendly, willing to talk to anyone within a ten-foot radius. Looks half-Asian in some lights but swears she isn’t. Has brown feathery hair similar to a style Taguchi of KAT-TUN once had. Occasionally calls me Tabitha. Always wears either green or blue nail polish, most likely chipped, on her nails. Plays tennis. Photographer. Vegetarian. A SAVE THE EARTH type of girl. In senior year, became the school photographer. Best friends with Sheena. Loves indie music. Is constantly trying to influence Sheena to like white music.

Benji — A boy I met through Cappa early in my first year of college. Has a very deep voice. Drinks a lot. Friendly and easygoing. Tall. Fell for me hard during a very bad time (i.e., during my depression) and so I scared him off. Roommates with Manny.

Billy — A boy one year younger than me whom I met at a summer writing program. Tall, blond, blue-eyed, hilarious without trying, athletic. Seem like your stereotypical jock type but is actually INTELLIGENT. And somewhat NERDY. Obsessed with Harry Potter and Emma Watson. Does track and field. Has eyes that pierce through the soul, for serious. Apologizes a lot for no reason. Talks slow and slurs his words like me! An incredible writer. Loves tea. Plays guitar and piano. *swoon*

Blaize — A girl at my high school. A former cheerleader but is a good girl, unlike the others. The only cheerleader to make it to an honors class. Has a crush on Daisy that the whole world knows about. Visibly devastated when she learned that he won’t return for her senior year.

Brie — A good friend in my high school year. Became friends because our last names place us close together alphabetically. Born without any negative emotions (anger, wrath, jealousy, sadness). Seems to always talk in head voice. Talks suuuuuper slow. Plays basketball. A student council representative.

Cappa — My best friend from high school. Beautiful and graceful. Basically looks like a young Naomi Campbell. Shows up at school half the time. Has racked up a stack of pink detention slips thicker than a pad of Post-It notes. Thinks of me as her “black sister,” even though I’m not black. An awful, awful student, but has incredible people skills that I want so bad. Had a student crush on Daisy but constantly denied it. A model. Loves picking on Tamara during lunch. Like Carlie, thinks I’m hilarious when I’m being serious.

Carlie — The president of my high school grade, later president of student council (aka president of the school). Really likes me for a reason I can’t fathom, always affectionately calling out my name, giving me a compliment, ruffling my hair, or more recently, making sexual advances. We all love her. Showed up at choir half the time. Trained gospel-style. Sings like awesome. Sat next to me in several classes. Spent her whole time in junior English texting. Thinks I’m hilarious when I’m being completely serious, like when I tell her she shouldn’t be texting during class.

Christa — A girl in my high school year who’s one of my close friends. Enjoys bullying me. D: Enjoys bullying everyone, really. Loves poking my sides and molesting people. Extremely outgoing and loud. Fears nothing. My complete opposite. Very awesome at anything sports-related. Does Saturday volunteer work with me. Constantly PMSing. Smart, but never does her work. A good artist. Dotes on me and squishes my cheeks often. Can be intimidating. Very sensitive but does not seem like it at all.

Corr — Formerly my close friend. Became my friend because she’s persistent. One of those girls whose every move is to prepare herself for college. Also a good singer (soprano) and one of my choir mates. Despite her cheery demeanor, high voice, and light blond hair that she claims she will never dye, she loves heavy metal, gothic stuff, and black clothing. A major anime and manga fan. Is planning to release a CD soon. Makes downright stupid decisions when it comes to romance. Stirred up a whole load of drama with her friends when she announced her engagement/moved out of her parents’ home/gave up on her college plans.

Cynthia — Girl in the year above me in high school. Friendly. Soft-spoken. Former club council representative of the Anime Club. An exchange student from China. I can’t pronounce her Chinese name. D: Lives in an apartment with one of the Korean exchange students who graduated a year before her. Reminded me that exchange students are still iffy with the slang Americans use and therefore should not be greeted with “What’s up?” when you first meet. (“Um, the sky?”)

Daisy — A former religion/English teacher at my high school. Left because he had to care for his daughter. CREEPS ME OUT because of the way he looks at me. Like he knows me. I have a legitimate fear of him. Knows my name now. Is that type of teacher that many girls would consider “hot” but only induces fear from me.

Dane — A boy I used to go to middle school with. Incredibly bashful, sweet, and adorable. And tall. Used to be shorter than me in seventh grade, but after high school he shot up like a weed. A year younger than me and lives right down the street. The living definition of the Boy Next Door. Lied to me about being Australian when he’s actually Venezuelan. Got hot after he started high school. Does not recognize me anymore.

Dathan — An old friend from elementary school. I was his first love, apparently. Got super hot and smart during high school. Can cook. Plays piano and sings. A full foot taller than me. Attracts gay guys. A total romantic.

Denny — Christa’s cousin though marriage. Younger by a year. Acts really ghetto. Talks fast. Good at basketball. Best friends with this seemingly perfect girl who my mother is always comparing me to. D:< His little brother thinks he’s gay.

Dewy — My pothead uncle. I thought for the longest time that we were cousins because he’s one year older than me. Likes weed. And liquor. And getting high/wasted in general. Always looks like a mess who just woke up. Knows too much about the various kinds of drugs and liquor, their price, how to obtain them, what they do to your system, and why they’re awesome.

Edwin — Two years younger than me. I met him during the summer writing program. Talks a lot. Has a Jewish afro. Is Jewish. The “little brother” type. Clings to the teacher when Billy is not around. Has a [speculated] crush on Jayne.

Elaina — Girl I met in my rock climbing class in my first year of college. One of my first close friends at college. Atheist. Dresses kind of provocatively at times but she says that’s because she’s from New Jersey. Scandinavian. :D Yaoi lover. Bonded with me after a two-hour talk session in a spur-of-the-moment visit to the basement of the college chapel. Is the crazy to my sadness. Literally eats nothing but junk food and fruit and popcorn. Worships sharks. Formerly anorexic. Dated a boy from Waseda University who looks like he came straight out of an anime.

Eleanora — Girl/boy in my year in college. Eccentric. Transgender. Knows everyone. Swears a lot. Doesn’t mind when I act all lesbian on her. Plays video games. :D Writes fanfiction. Is an awesome human being.

Ellie — A girl two years below me in high school. Really, really bouncy and cute because of her shortness and short blond hair. Looks like Corr’s little sister. O.B.S.E.S.S.E.D with anime, Death Note in particular. Likes sugar. REALLY likes sugar. Gets bullied by the other girls in her year a lot because of her strangeness. Doesn’t care what people think about her.

Emilia — Girl in my high school year. Very religious. Very pretty. Terrible at anything athletic. Has Yamapi’s eyes, except they’re blue. Extremely nice. Said that she’s wanted to be my friend since freshman year. Has gone through a lot in her life, including the death of her mother, and I admire her so much for that.

Franky — A cute, angelic, sensitive, perverted girl who’s in my high school grade. The first person I spoke to when I entered high school. We’ve had identical schedules for three years. Has a variety of nicknames. I’m pretty much the only person who calls her Franky because that’s how she introduced herself to me. Is the living embodiment of the word cute. Very girly. The exact kind of girl Tegoshi would go starry-eyed over. Voted queen of the semi-formal. Known for being a talented actress. Kinda shy and fidgety. Wears a different headband every day. Talks fast and with a kind of valley girl accent that eventually gets on your nerves if you’re having a bad day. Has occasional blonde moments. Is blond. Club council chairperson, then secretary of student council.

Gail — One of my friends from high school, but isn’t that close to me. Veeeery nice 98% of the time; can be slightly rude the other 2 percent. Taaaaaall and lanky. Franky’s close friend. Extremely sensitive.

Gin — Girl in my high school year. Lillith’s best friend. Smart, and would probably be salutatorian if she weren’t so lazy now. Wanted to go to Harvard to be a doctor but didn’t even apply.

Hanna — A very talented artist in my high school year. Exchange student from South Korea. Incredible at calculating, but is rather lazy when it comes to anything else. Spends most of her time in class sketching. Has businesspeople parents who don’t want her to be an artist. In senior year, ALWAYS comes to school late.

Irene — A hyper girl in the year below me in high school. One of my good friends. Is short. Very short. Denies her shortness and calls herself “fun-sized.” Looooooves anime and manga. The only person in my school to get the piggy flu and is coincidentally Mexican. Her Mexican accent comes out when she talks fast. Converted me into liking guys who wear pink. Converted me into liking gay guys. Has a habit of squealing whenever she sees “hot Asian guys with awesome hair.” Loves sugar.

Jayne — A gorgeous girl my age whom I met during the writing program. Is in the year above mine but is my age because she skipped a year of kindergarten. Wears her hair in pretty ringlets. Seems to be quite intelligent. Best friends with Alissa. Loves Harry Potter.

Joan — One year younger than me, but looks way older. Met during the writing program. Likes J-Rock, drawing, and anime. Thinks the police are out to get me. Likes Twilight. Tends to tell jokes that, er, fail. Tells tons of stories about her friends that I pretend to listen to.

Joel — Boy a year under me. Tiana’s little brother. Timmy’s twin. A typical American boy.

Jonnie — First year college roommate. Very social and not like me in almost every way. We get along but we’re not close friends. Almost never here, anyway. We co-exist.

Kait — Freshman girl when I was a senior in high school. Tinyyyyy. Blond and adorable. Loves anime. Wears a lot of make-up. Resembles a gothic doll. Has a penchant for chains and black. Um. O__o

Kandy — Two years younger than me. Met during the writing program. Quiet. Attends the famed high school I got accepted into but turned down. Wants to go to Harvard just because it’s supposedly awesome. Reminds me of me before I had my self-revelation. Hopes she has her own revelation soon because she’s a smart girl.

Kaylee — Girl in my year who arrives early to school like I do. Loves fashion and wants to be a fashion designer. Took French with me. Has this gravelly, rough voice, as though stuck with a perpetual sore throat. Always asking me for my French homework.

Kitty — A really crazy, confident, loud, hockey-playing girl in my high school grade. Loves to flash people and run around in her underwear. In school. A very touchy-feely person. Was obsessed with me in freshman year. Self-proclaimed whore.

Krystal — Used to be one of my good friends before high school. Lives down the street. Um, kind of dumb. Can eat a whole pizza by herself (!!).

Laney — One of my good friends from high school. Salutatorian. Never swears and doesn’t really do anything bad, and yet she’s really popular with both the bad girls and the honors girls. Has eighteen thousand siblings (9 of them). A rather eccentric individual who’s not afraid to act silly. Also in choir with me. Has a low, husky voice but isn’t shy. Probably an alto. Was vice president of student council. Wears a ton of makeup even though she’s gorgeous without it. A very, VERY devout Catholic and seems to be bothered by how I piece together my own religion. Carries around a list titled “Qualities of Potential Husband.” Her Harvard-grad mother is obsessed with trying to get her into Harvard. Went to Georgetown instead.

Laureen — Girl I met in college. One of my best friends. Has absolutely crazy hair that I’m so jealous of. Aspiring comedian. Swears like a sailor. Does improv and comedy. Inspired me to create a Twitter, damn her. Super classy, though she constantly denies this. The only person in existence who can swear and still sound classy. Lebanese. Does not like telling people she’s Arab because terrorist jokes. -_- Desperately wants real life male friends. Unable to find real life male friends so she turns to the internet, not a good idea, love.

Leander — Volunteered with me during high school. My age but is in college. A big guy with this really lovely speaking voice. Obsessed with the color orange. For serious. Likes to pretend he’s gay and mess around with the other volunteer guys.

Ley — Second year college roommate. Takes Japanese with me. Slytherin. ^vv^ Cosplayer. Kind of asexual and bi-romantic. Loves anime. Women’s and gender studies major/pre-med = super intense chick. A feminist so I have to watch my mouth around her. Can turn EVERYTHING into a deep/philosophical conversation. Spoiled to the core yet thankfully does not flaunt her riches. Believes children are a waste of time. .___.

Lila — Elementary/junior high school friend. Moved to Georgia the summer after 7th grade. D: Used to live a block away from me. Has a huge crush on the artist/singer boy who lives in the house across mine. Crazy and lovable. Wears guitar earrings. Enjoys tacos and other Mexican food. Threatened to burn down my house (she was seriously holding a box of matches in her hand as she said this) if I didn’t admit that I liked Timmy.

Lillith — Girl in my year. Gin’s best friend. An endless supply of ideas. Speaks her mind — always. Sharp-tongued and witty. Incredibly entertaining because of her openness. A lead actress in the Drama Club.


Lynne — Girl in my year. Valedictorian. A friend, but not incredibly close to me. Really tall. Curly hair. Can be really loud but usually knows when to quiet down. Writes way more than necessary on her tests (example: Instructions say one paragraph; she gives you an essay).

Mama — Obviously, my mother. We have issues. Doesn’t seem to like me much at times. Obviously prefers The Pest. Aggressive, discriminative, judgmental, quick-tempered, loud, irritable, materialistic, vain… need I go on? We bump heads often. Really young-looking. Obsessed with maintaining her youth.

Manny — First boyfriend. :) Refer to this and this for more detail than you could ever want.

Markus — A boy I met in fifth grade. Used to have a crush on me. Became best friends with me after talking about his orange dinosaur underwear. Strangely religious. Effeminate. Very, very loyal. Loves skateboarding. Has skater hair. Is bisexual but prefers girls a little more. Plays bass in his band. Band is rather awful but can’t tell him that. Used to be a boy with promise but somehow seriously screwed up in high school, dropped out, suffered from depression, and knocked up his girlfriend/fiancee.

Mclean — Girl I met in college. A close friend. Volunteers like crazy (tutoring). Is practically married to her close friend/love interest/soulmate, but they refuse to turn their friendship into anything more because of fear of what can happen. Absolutely crazy and hyper at times. Has a super loud voice. Likes to do spontaneous things with me. I call her The Blonde One.

Melinda — My best friend in elementary school. Loves video games, drawing, and anime. And cosplay. Is kind of an otaku now. Forever a midget. ^___^ The only blonde I know who never has blonde moments.

Merry — A girl I met in high school. Smart and is best friends with Corr and is famous in our school for being awesomely athletic. Mistakenly thinks I’m a genius. Her hair smells nice. LOVES the Jonas Brothers, esp. Nick, going so far as to travel to CANADA to see their concert. xP Her friends like to steal her things and hide them and watch her flail. They also drag me into the thefts because she never suspects me.

Micah — Boy from Manny’s college. Straight-edge and scene. Tall and lanky. Started talking to me because I seemed different. Started liking me. Taught me how to cuddle and hold hands and I thought he was genuinely just trying to help me as a friend and yes I am an idiot.

Mickie — Girl in my year. A friend. Talks a mile a minute and never shuts up. :P Realizes she has a problem. Loves math. Does her math tests inhumanly fast. Makes tons of mistakes. :P Club rep of newspaper.

Mr. Gorgeous — A boy I met at a party who was very beautiful and looked older than me but actually was thirteen at the time when I was fifteen and a half. T-T Which I should have anticipated because he was VERY immature.

Mrs. English Teacher — My teacher for British Lit and AP English. Crazy-obsessed with keeping things in a certain order. Scarily organized. A very nice old lady but cannot teach for her life. Rumored to have been left at the alter, lost her memory from a car accident, and kicked out of the convent. One of these is true but I dunno which.


Nikki — My Little Sister (high school freshman I’m supposed to be “guiding”). Much taller than me, even more so when she’s wearing her blond hair in a bun. Does not like me. The feeling is mutual. Wears a gallon of makeup.


Old Man, The — My sickly old dad. Is a good daddy because he doesn’t drink or smoke. I get my appearance and personality from him. Cheap like Mr. Krabs from Spongebob. Knows every freaking person in the city, I swear. The most impatient person in the world. Does not appreciate my false promises.

Pest, The — My little brother. Three and a half years younger than me. Has violent tendencies. Can do fifty push-ups without a break. Extremely germaphobic. Has a phobia of everything, really. Goes through life without a drive or motivation. Has a passionate hatred of anything school-related. Can be perceived as good-looking at times but is not photogenic so I can’t show people how cute he is. Video game addict. No longer resists when I dress him up as a girl. >:D


Savannah — A girl who transferred into my year in the 11th grade. Very pretty and girly. Seems like a snob. Is a snob. Is still likable nonetheless. Became one of my good friends in senior year b/c we have the same schedule. Extremely intelligent but unexpectedly acts rather meh about college. Reminds me of me, except she’s gorgeous. Club council rep for Mock Trial. Has a baby sister who adores her and is so squishy. ^^

Sera — Sherry’s roommate. International student from China yet is constantly mistaken as Mexican. Is totally kickass because some guy tried to mob her and steal her purse and she ran after him and tackled him to the ground. Wears heels everywhere.

Sergio — First year college writing professor. The young, hot professor of your dreams. Playwright. Stage actor. Absolutely hilarious. Fresh out of grad school. Has a masculine, theatrical voice that he likes to manipulate. Has occasional effeminate mannerisms.

Sheena — An incredibly awesome type of friend from high school. :D Birthday is ten days before mine. Best friends with Angel, even though they can’t be any more different. Constantly trying to influence Angel to like black music. Believes that everyone has some black in them. Mock-bullies me. Hates Corr. Loo0oooves Drake, the singer. Consults me for calculus help.

Sherry — Girl I met in college. An excellent friend. In my first year Japanese class. Loves Japanese things. Hates Twilight but loves the fanfiction. My sexual advisor because despite her sweet looks and innocent demeanor, she knows a lot. A LOT. Adores boy/boy fic. WRITES boy/boy fic. Hates men but isn’t attracted to girls so she’s stuck.

Song — The piano player in our high school choir group. Talks really slow. A nice person. A foreign exchange student. Only been in the US for two years and yet her English is surprisingly good. Sleeps a lot in class. Always looks sleepy. Hilariously sarcastic. Rarely comes to school and yet GOT ACCEPTED INTO A SCHOOL THAT WAITLISTED ME.

Squadron — Corr’s fiance. He’s weird. Most of us don’t like him.

Tamara — Girl in my high school year. A friend. Has no enemies, a hilariously sarcastic attitude, and a looow voice, almost impossible to hear. Often gives Cappa death threats. Tiny. Has an unbelievably advanced vocabulary. GREAT writer. Got into Cornell because of her skills. Irene always mixes up our names, even though we look as alike as a banana and a TV set.

Tangy — Friend I met in college. Loves chick flicks. Sees my life as a chick flick. Fully supports my love life and always wants updates the moment something happens. Does not sleep. Super secretive about her own love life. Introduced me to alcohol because that’s what stress does to us. Refuses to let me drink more than she does because I get crazy. Works incredibly hard. Drowns her problems away in alcohol. I call her The Normal One.

Tessa — An old friend from middle school. No idea where she is now.

Thaniel — Boy who had a huge crush on me in middle school. Confessed to me in a park but I unintentionally cruelly rejected him.

Tiana — Timmy’s older sister. Very close with Timmy. A triplet. Markus’s love interest when we were in the eighth grade. One year older than me. Singer and actress. Her whole family is into theatre. Her mother used to be my music/French teacher.

Timmy — refer to this entry

Tommy — Volunteered with me. Several years older but can act childish, as men often do. Does not understand the concept of “personal space.” Still plays with Nerf guns. Like Leander, likes to pretend he’s gay. Can be serious when he wants to.

Tyson — Volunteered with me. Goes to The Pest’s school. One year younger than me. Teaches some kind of martial art. A big (not fat) guy. Always offering me junk food when I clearly should not have any. Doesn’t talk much, but when he does, it usually includes a swear word.

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