Who IS this nutcase?

[Revised in 2014 to reflect the changes I had undergone since starting this journal as a 15-year-old)

NAME: Mimi. My parents (+ most of my relatives) have been calling me this since I was a month old. In my Japanese class they called me Mimi-chan. :D I’ll sign off with this most of time, indicating that I’m feeling either normal or cheery.
When you see me sign off with Nana it means I’m not in the best of moods. This should happen like once a year.
LOCATION: Massachusetts, USA, and full of Boston pride.
AGE: 23 with a baby face. Currently pursuing an MA in psychology at a nearby grad school.
MAIN HOBBY: WRITING is my past, present, and — hopefully — future. I started with fanfiction and now I’m more into original fiction. I have absolutely no confidence when it comes to my writing, so will that happen? Not likely. I’ve stopped writing since starting college (so, three years ago) and I’d love to get back into it again someday.
OTHER HOBBIES: browsing nosleep, dancing, making lists, eating everything, crafting odd little things, rollerblading, playing video/PC games, origami, criticizing social constructions, procrastinating, collecting art supplies, embellishing life with glitter, painting my nails


Still a fan of Cardcaptor Sakura, fanfiction, and NEWS, though not as strongly as before; they’re no longer my anti-drugs because drugs of the psychedelic kind sounds kinda fun to me. Also, no promises that I won’t try meth someday.


I like to dabble in the arts occasionally. But I have approximate knowledge of many things and am master of nothing. I have a natural talent and carefulness with my hands that allow me to pick up artsy hobbies quickly, but I lack the patience to stick with one for long because life is short. So far, I’ve crocheted, made jewelry, painted with watercolors, sketched still lifes, molded polymer clay, folded origami, scrapbooked, done nail art, done calligraphy, colored (coloring totally counts!), and made miscellaneous stuff using mixed media.

I am PRO LOVE. I don’t care what kind it is; as long as two people love each other, that’s all that matters. I don’t strictly identify as anything myself because simply put, I am attracted to attractive people, though vaginas are a no (they’re kinda weird). If I had to pick a label, I would probably be heterosexual and panromantic.

After being raised by Buddhist-but-not-really parents for 23 years, attending Catholic schools for 14, and dating a former Muslim guy for 4, you better believe this confused girl is gonna identify as agnostic.

My MBTI personality type: INFP. Doesn’t tell you everything but this link should give you an idea of what I’m like. I have taken unofficial free tests and official ones through my school over the years and I have been consistently INFP.

Feminist. I wear that label proudly, even if, according to Manny’s conservative coworkers, that makes me a “libtard lesbian.” (I don’t understand why not being attracted to men would be an insult, unless you love yourself that much.) No, I don’t despise men or want a world that favors women. I used to be the most anti-feminist thing on the planet (or I thought I was) because I believed feminists wanted superiority in favor of women. I just wanna smash the socially constructed systems of oppression that define everything and punish you (male or female or black or green or poor) for daring to deviate from your given role. Is that so much to ask for? I have a particular hatred of the arbitrariness of gender roles. My slightly gender abolitionist-leaning stance technically means I’m a radical feminist, but as I don’t agree with some of the things radfems assert or do, I just call myself a feminist.

Naughty humor makes me giggle. Also: I am secretly super sexual. Not the best of combinations.

I have been diagnosed with persistent depressive disorder (dysthymia), or chronic depression. Who knows how long I’ve had it, but I’m suspecting it’s been here since high school. Basically, I low-key want to stop existing all the time. If my posts ever seem dismal and self-hating, that’s why.

I love being intoxicated because only with alcohol can forget about my insecurities and be social for once (seriously, I become a whole different person because I stop caring), but because my body cannot properly deal with booze, drinking becomes a little less fun when a bottle of weak-ass Mike’s Hard Cranberry Lemonade breaks you out in hives and turns you tomato-red from head to toe. I don’t drink anymore.

Favorite English-speaking artists: The Hush Sound, Fall Out Boy, Leona Lewis, P!nk, and Marit Larsen.

Favorite Japanese artists: Fujita Maiko, JASMINE, Nishino Kana, school food punishment, NEWS, Tegomass, ayaka, Fukuhara Miho.

Not a fan of: very large vocal/idol groups (e.g., AKB48), most rap, screamo, and excessive autotune (e.g., mainstream K-pop, unless the artist has a Japanese version of the song; I loved 4Minute before they stopped with Japanese releases).

Other points of interest:

  • My iPod is named Tesshi :Dv
  • Incredibly emotionally unstable, to the point where someone jokingly raised their voice at me and I started crying
  • I love exercise but I don’t believe in depriving yourself of delicious food, and so the chub shall stay
  • I have a nail polish problem
  • I want to like my face/voice but I just can’ttt
  • Fire scares me. Which is why I suck at cooking
  • Seriously addicted to sugar someone help
  • Still can’t swim Q___Q
  • Within a year, my fashion tastes had transformed from simple-and-boyish to feminine-dressy-floral-lace-ruffles
  • I hate swearing. Unfortunately, my vocabulary is easily influenced. Boyfriend, brother, and college friends all have the mouths of sailors. Therefore, my mouth is now the same
  • I blush and cry at EVERYTHING (see point about emotional instability)
  • Was voted “Most Likely to Succeed” in eighth grade. “Most Artistic” followed a close second. <— LOL.
  • I have a penchant for androgynous features, i.e. pretty boys and girls with pixie cuts

2 thoughts on “Who IS this nutcase?

  1. WOW! OMG! WOW!
    Girl, you are awesome!!! I so wanna be your friend! (:
    Seriously, to me, you are so cool!

    Oh yeah, sorry for freaking you out with my outburst but I just got so excited reading you. By the way, your writing skills are really amazing! You captivate the reader with your words!

    I’m Bakacy and I am from Cyprus (a teeny tiny island)
    I’m a female and a high school student (so don’t be afraid, I’m not a perverted geezer or anything!)
    Plus I love Japan and everything that comes with it! Yup, I’m a proud NEWS (and JE) *obsessed* fangirl!

    I dropped by here because google brought me! But I was stunned to read you!

    We have so many things in common but you seem for fun and interesting than me!
    You are like the first person to meet that has the same fear as me! I’m afraid of cell phones too. Especially when they vibrate because someone is calling…my heart beat rises, I start panicking and my fingers turn numb so I subconsciously press the rejection button! I got scolded about that a lot! ):

    I also love writing but I don’t have the guts for someone to read my works. One of my habits is to abandon something easily that’s way everything I have is half-finished…I even started a livejournal and I have so many entries I want to post but I never do…. ): Guess I have to work on that!

    Anyway, it’s really cool meeting you! I’m so impressed! ^^

    You know, in my country people think that JE boys is a name for a cocktail and whenever I show them a picture of fav NEWS member – Tego-nyan! – there is always that cursed line; “Is he a girl?” The guy is just so cute that testosterone can’t handle it! He exits the masculine boundaries and enters the feminine pheromones-kingdom!

    Well, either way! Sorry for the long comment. I just thought of properly introducing myself

    Excuse me for any grammar of spelling mistakes. It’s just that I am not an English-speaker and also being a trilingual (currently trying to learn an extra fourth one) makes things harder for me to just express all those things swirling in my mind into words.

    Well, that’s it…I just can’t believe how many things we have in common!

    So, bye bye/goodnight/goodmorning/best wishes… :D

  2. I have sooo many things to do at once, but this made me smile really hard so it gets first priority. :D

    You like writing, JE, NEWS, and TEGOSHI? Omg yes! Friends! Let’s be!
    Haha, I only sound cool in text but in real life I’m a complete loser, but thank you anyway for calling me cool. :) And for complimenting my writing skills. I know I’m not great — yet :D — but that’s such a nice confidence booster.

    Oh, cool, someone who isn’t from the United States! I think I’ve heard of Cyprus but I have no idea where it is. Well, nice to meet you! I’m curious, how did you find me through Google? I always wonder how people find their way here.

    I SO understand you with the whole not-finishing-projects thing. I have a million unfinished short compositions just waiting for me to finish them.
    I’ve never met anyone who’s scared of phones like I am. Yay, I’m not totally weird. ^o^ I’ve gotten better with phones now, but I still won’t answer our home phone if I’m by myself.
    Personally I love it whenever people mistake Tegoshi for a girl. I embrace it, even, responding with, “I know, isn’t he preeeetty?” Yeah, I don’t even know. :/

    Well, for non-native speaker, your English is super impressive. :D In fact, if you didn’t tell me that your first language isn’t English, I would never know. There are seriously far too many people in the United States who ONLY KNOW ENGLISH and yet their English is awful.

    I’m looking forward to talking to you again! I have an important presentation in school tomorrow and I need to prepare for it, so I’ll respond to your other comment later. It’s almost one in the morning now, so good night!

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