Body Destruction: Day 1

Exercise: I got through the first day of this crazy experiment. The hour of cardio was tough since I haven’t had the time to work up to it, but I made it through with minimal cursing. Definitely helps to work out soon after I wake up.

I remember doing this particular workout in the summer and I had much more stamina yet I would sweat tons more. Today I was sweating, of course, but it wasn’t dripping onto the floor for me to slip on. Hopefully that doesn’t mean I’m not burning as much as I used to!

Food: There are some people in this world who can eat 1200 calories a day and not die. I am not one of those people. I feel empty even when I’m full. On the bright side, not being allowed to munch on things has led me to drinking water whenever I’m craving solids, so my pee is happy and no longer the color of apple juice.

Suppressing the sweet tooth has been working out better than expected! I only had a small fragment of chocolate + some gummy bears — nothing compared to my usual ice cream + cookies + cupcakes + chocolate. See, if I could only cut that crap out of my diet, I would probably drop 5 pounds in a month without trying. But alas. Nope.

Body: The hopping around is hard on my feet. The area where my foot attaches to my leg has that muscle soreness feeling when I go up on my toes. I have some difficulty grabbing things/making my hand into a fist. Minor back aches.

General thoughts: I fear the intensity of tomorrow’s workouts may actually kill me. Though I’m still doubting how 5 days of this can do anything to my body other than injure it, I’m pressing on!

Until next time,

~ Mimi x-x

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