Ten a Day (31-40) and a Sleepover Tale

Lil bro is a true engineer in the making. Check out his first set of SAT scores.

sat scores

Dat perfect math score. ಠ_ಠ

For comparison, two sets of my scores are here and here.

I laughed at him for his reading and writing scores. Then I promptly shut up upon seeing his math score. I’m not exactly exaggerating whenever I call him a human calculator. I’ve been struggling with some (read: all) of my calc homework and The Pest has been able to glance at some of the problems and instantly spit out an answer. He also practices long multiplication (example: 52582729 x 32593274) on a daily basis.

Anyway, my class is ending soon. Just finished my second midterm a few days ago and my final is tomorrow.


I would like a B of some sort. Don’t know if that’s gonna happen but I just need to study super hard and maybe I will magically understand numbers in the span of 24 hours when I failed to do so in the past 20 years. It really does not help that temperatures have been in the 90s in my air conditioner-less college, resulting in sweat dripping off the ends of my hair and my skin feeling like I’ve been rolling in maple syrup.

Also, the friend whom I’d been staying with had gone home for a few days and locked the door to her room. That means I have been without my bedding, showering supplies, and every other toiletry necessary for cleanliness. My period starting just adds to the ickiness.

Manny came to visit last night after being wrongly guided 40 minutes in the wrong direction by his GPS. After a wordless dinner with me and watching me be lifeless and miserable in the passenger seat (1 hour of sleep + super hot day of sticky sweat + failing the midterm + crying in the library for failing said midterm + PMS + not having a place to stay), he decided to take me home with him.

His mom terrifies me. She’s such a powerful lady in her household. So I awkwardly hid my body around the corner and poked my head into her bedroom while Manny told her I’ll be spending the night (or I assumed that’s what he said, since they were conversing in Hindi).

She was super nice about it. But still asked me to share a bed with her daughter instead of sleeping beside her son. I hardly know her daughter. But by this point, my body was about to give out on me so I just mumbled agreements to everything.

After I got out of the shower and my hair had all dried, Manny led to his room. I protested because of his mom, and he said he somehow convinced her to let me sleep in his bed. Even with two air conditioners in the room, his body was a freaking furnace. BUT I DIDN’T CARE BECAUSE CUDDLES.

Mama Manny never has to know that I had sex with her son only a thin wall away from her.

In the morning, I was awake and 333141x more lucid than the night before and then his mom gave me a speech while I perspired from the hotness and fear. TT-TT

It’s clear to her that I have her son wrapped around my finger like no other girl had done before, so she essentially gave me the “If You Marry My Son” speech. She never used that word but she alluded to it, talking about a possible five years into the future and wanting me to think of her family as mine, her children as my siblings and she as my mom.


Actually though. I’m not exactly the potential daughter-in-law of your dreams, coming from a different culture and being of a different ethnicity and practicing a different religion and having absolutely no prospect of a future. I was too petrified at the time to think much, but her speech was really moving and just full of the acceptance that I could never in a million years imagine my own mother having. The emotions were too much for me and I cried on the train ride back.

Speech didn’t end there. She then told me that despite Manny being her oldest son, he’s the most naive of her children, a fool and a child who lets others hurt him, and so she pays extra attention to him. I read in-between the lines and concluded that he’s the favorite. Therefore, if I hurt him she’s probably gonna destroy my face.

On the plus side, she said I’ve been a good influence on her son. She mentions the control I have over him and I don’t know if I imagined the hint of bitterness in her tone.

Meanwhile, Manny has corrupted me in every single possible way and she wonders why I haven’t told my parents about him yet.

All right, done with that so moving on to the next set of ten questions!

Who was your first boyfriend/girlfriend?
I just spent the top half of this entry and a series of posts talking about him so this is not a necessary question.

What is the best compliment you have ever received?
Let me refer you to one of several comments of the sort that a reader left on one of my fics.


i love you too, kind stranger. I will gladly crush your dreams any time. <3

I am controlled by my emotions, so the ability to sway the emotions of others is huge. And with tears being the product of too much emotion, it’s an enormous compliment to move someone to tears with my words.

What is the meanest thing anyone has said about you?
People don’t really… say mean things about me. To my face. Things that aren’t true, anyway. I guess it would have to be in the 6th grade when a girl said I was mean. That may not sound bad since I really am mean sometimes — who isn’t? — but I prefer that meanness to not creep out of my insides.

Now, I think I’m toooo nice to compensate for my apparent meanness as a kid. That doesn’t mean I’ll lie to be nice (examples: “omg gurl you’re so pretty” when she’s not pleasing to the eye, “shut up, you’re not fat at all!” when her fat rolls are apparent through her t-shirt). I’ve seen lots of my friends say these lies (unless they really believe these things?), which I can’t do. When I don’t know how to be genuinely nice in a situation, I’ll usually say nothing at all or offer some other truth. Like, to the “ugly” girl, I would say “You’re not ugly!” instead of “You’re so pretty!!!11!”

I don’t ever think people are ugly so it’s not a lie, hehe.

What is the longest crush/relationship you have had?
Longest crush: On my old best friend Markus, for about 3 years. Now he has a son. o_________o I still really want to reconnect with him, though

Longest relationship: My current/only one, and it’s been a year and 7 months.

What is your greatest strength?
My empathy and attention to emotions. My accuracy at pinpointing the correct emotions of others may suck, but I pay a lot of attention them, oftentimes feeding off of their emotions — precisely the danger of being around sad folks too often.

What is your greatest weakness?
Attributing my failures to my ability and not to my effort. And then giving up because  I feel too powerless to do anything.

What is your perfect pizza?
This is a really random question.

I really really love a piping hot thin crust margherita pizza cooked with garlic and olive oil, and with actual tomato slices on it, not sauce. Which is strange because I hate tomatoes and sauceless pizzas. So, something like this:

What is your first thought when waking up in the morning?
“No.” *hits snooze button*

What is your first thought before you go to bed?
Basically it’s always regretting the nothing I’d done all day and all the exercise I didn’t do and the 100 grams of sugar consumed.

What college do you want to go to?

I’m actually really glad they waitlisted me and forced me to reconsider my options (which included my current college that I love so much and is awesome). I had done almost no research on that school but really wanted to attend it anyway because that what Bostonians want to do. That or Harvard/MIT. Both of which were never gonna happen with my poor SATs and so I wrongly endeavored for BC.

My friend Robin is still not back yet to let me into her room so I’ll just hobo around tonight until she returns.

Too tired to edit this post. I just wanna be cleannnnnnn.

Until next time,

~ Mimi D:

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