Ten a Day (1-10)

I recently reconnected with my cousin Ame at a Memorial Day barbeque. She’s a year older, nearly 5 inches shorter, and not like me at all, and that last part is why she has an intriguing Tumblr filled with humourous things and naked tattooed women and the occasional man trying to remove his appendages in frightening ways.


Anyway, I found a survey while browsing her site and since I have a calculus midterm in >11 hours that I am not prepared for, naturally I’m gonna fill this survey out right now.

There are 70 questions total. I’ll do 10 every other day or so because I don’t like that I’ve been posting only once or twice a month since college started.

1. When was the last time you cried?
Half an hour ago if you count tears welling up in my eyes as crying. I had watched an America’s Got Talent audition clip that was beautiful and I am ~sensitive~.

If that doesn’t count, then it was 2 days ago when I was sobbing over my loneliness. .__. I’m a weird kind of extrovert in that I have social anxiety and yet I get energy from being among companions. The summer is especially a tough time.

2. Have you ever faked sick?
In my senior year of high school. DId it several times because I couldn’t finish assignments on time. The Old Man knows I never miss school so he didn’t question me when I asked to stay home.

3. What was the last lie you said?
“No, I don’t want any of your food.” lolol my friend Robin is doing summer research at my college and has a free room, and since I’m too poor to afford living here for my summer class, she’s kindly letting me stay with her. She has food in her room and is constantly telling me to take whatever I want. It makes me really uncomfortable to do that (unless I’m in my own house), no matter how hungry I am, so I usually decline the offer.

…okay, okay, my sugar-addicted self was unable to resist her cookies.

4. Have you ever cried during a movie?
The very first time was during that Pokemon movie! :D I can’t remember the other times.

5. Have you ever danced in the rain?
Rain makes me sad and miserable and the world becomes ugly and so why would I ever dance in it.

6. Have you ever been drunk?
Yes. And yes and yes and yes. My severe social anxiety limits me from much social interactions, but alcohol destroys every bit of anxiety I have, replacing it with some sort of fun-loving creature. That’s why I like to binge drink the strongest stuff I can find, to get messed up quickly and easily. I love how much fun I can have when I’m intoxicated, hate that I have to resort to these measures in order to feel this way.

Pray for my liver when I turn 21 in half a year.

7. Do you smoke?
Cigarettes, noooo. Gross. Too harsh. I’ve smoked tobacco through a hookah about 4 times before, though, which is lighter and steamy and fruity so yumm. The first puff always gives me a pleasant floaty feeling.

8. What is your full name?
Yeah, okay, not gonna do that. But I will do this.

Mimi is my nickname.

Half of my real first name can be found through various links in this journal. (I have one of those double-first-name names.)

The other half does not exist on the internet except for in my Skype username and I do not recognize it as my name.

My middle name is stupid and shouldn’t even be a middle name so I use the second half of my first name as my middle name.

My last name is something I hesitate to type anywhere online.

9. What is your blood-type?
I… need to ask my doctor this. Whatever it is, mosquitos find it delectable.

10. Have you ever been in a car accident?
Just a motorcycle accident when I was 6. I picked myself up and started crying because my scrapes and bruises hurt, but I was okay aside from those.

ALL RIGHT. TIme to resume my studies. Wah.


Until next time,

~ Mimi .__.

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