I don’t know what Tegomass is doing with this new single. Not sure if gusta.

. . .

Been a while since the events happened but I’ll post a short thing anyway.

Tough few weeks in Massachusetts.

My college is located many miles outside of the capital, but I’ve lived there my entire life. I grew up in a dangerous section of Boston so as desensitized as I’ve become to violence, news of death will garner hardly a blink from me.

We’ve never been terrorized before, though. This is different from the usual robberies and rapes and gang violence. In such an extremely proud city, this is why people care so much.

I wonder how relevant last week’s Boston marathon bombings and related events are to people who live outside Massachusetts. The plant explosion in Texas was huge and tragic and happened right after the marathon, but other than a post or two about it on Facebook, people here didn’t seem to pay much attention to it.

It’s one thing to hear about events of terror. It’s another thing to have it happen in the city you lived in your entire life. PLUS, the street where the bombings occurred? I go there almost every week. Pretty unnerving.

The days after the attack continued on as usual, if not a little tensely. I think we uncovered photos of the suspects on Wednesday.

On Thursday night, I decided to sleep early (12:30am is my idea of early) so I could wake up early to get ready for my Friday classes. Just before I got into bed, I heard news of a shooting at MIT. I frowned. Shrugged. Went to sleep.

Then I woke up at 7am and Boston was on lockdown while a massive manhunt was underway.

So that little late night gun play on MIT premises that seemed so random turned out to be the suspects of the bombings because WHY THE HELL DID YOU IDIOTS NOT FLEE TO FLORIDA OR MADAGASCAR.

Still, I showered and ate and prepared for class. When they decided to close down the college 5 minutes before the first class of the day, I just sat there and didn’t know what to do with myself after numbly informing a sleepy Ley of what had happened.

I did absolutely nothing that Friday other than choreograph and glue myself to the news. Yet, by the end of the day, I felt exhausted and ten years older. My parents said that the usually bustling Boston resembled a ghost town, the streets deserted except for police cars. Manny informed me of helicopters flying around outside.

Apparently this is what happens when you mess with Boston. We shut down the entire city and surrounding cities and we search until we find your ass.

I’m just glad it’s all over.

While I’m here, might as well provide some mundane life updates. Everything continues to be of utmost dullness.

1. In fewer than 3 weeks I will be home once more!

…Then I have another summer class. Calculus I, for my final math/science distribution requirement, fuuuuu. ): Such is the life of a liberal arts student. Even though I had taken calculus (honors, not AP) in high school and did well in the class, college still placed me in the intro calc course. -__-

(One of my dance group members offered to let me stay with her again so I don’t have to fork over $150 a week for campus housing. This is also not allowed but shhhhh.)

2. I think I might want to concentrate in the area of developmental psychology in the future. In addition to taking developmental psych as a class, I’ve been working as a student teacher at the preschool on campus and they are the most adorable things made of energy and sugar cubes. I don’t know, I am just so fascinated by the development of children, even though I understood social psych much better. I’m starting developmental psych research next year and gsigvhwevkd. Why did I sign up for this.

3. For our final Japanese oral exam, we have to perform a skit. My group is doing a Twilight parody against my will and is making me play Bella. They’re also forcing me to dance/sing AKB48’s “Aitakatta” as part of the skit. /kill me

This photo sums up exactly how productive Ley (Edward) and I (Bella) were. I don’t appreciate the shape and meatiness of my legs.
look we know nihongo

4. The Pest has his SATs in a week. He took a practice test in a formal setting so it was pretty legit, and he scored somewhere in the 1700 range. Ehh, not bad, but he’s determined to get a combined score that’s higher than my 2050ish. His reading and writing scores sucked (500 and 570, respectively; what else can you expect when you skip 16 of the reading questions?), but his first-time math score…

The Pest: [dejected sigh] I only got a 720 so I’m gonna try to bring that up on the real test.


(I retook the SAT for the sole purpose of raising my math score but it only continued to drop to the 500s. T-T)

My baby bro is growing up too quickly. DDD: He’ll applying to college in a few months, journal. HE’LL BE 17 IN A MONTH. Do you know what happens to kids once they reach college? From what I’ve seen/experienced, utter chaos.






Okay, not that last part, but you get my point. You change, and all hell breaks loose, no matter how hard you swear to stay “pure.” (But hey, what is purity, anyway?) During that stressful Boston manhunt, Mclean informed me over dinner that our friends were going to teach a “pure” friend how to drink, a friend who, due to religious reasons, steered clear of alcohol until now. My reaction to this: “Oh nooo. Mclean, what have we done?

Luckily, The Pest has one big overprotective sister to shelter him from the real world and ruin all his potential chances at love, so I have nothing to worry about!

Journal, I want to write again but I can’t.

Until next time,

~ Mimi :/

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