Tough as Nails

Oh spring break, you’re finally here! (: (: (:

This last week before vacation was torture. Every time I finished an assignment/studying for a midterm, I immediately had to start on something else. Had to. Which meant I didn’t. I’m not a good student, okay?

I’m also starting to suspect (based on the evidence Ley put before me) that I have ADD. If you’re looking for the worst listener in the world, look no further! My mind weaves in and out of conversations constantly, no matter how interesting they are to me, so this means friends get mad at me and lectures are always a disaster (my 2.5-hour Holocaust seminar omg kill me). It is incredibly difficult for me to finish things in a timely manner, if at all. I would either get distracted or I just wouldn’t finish it (cleaning, games, papers, books, craft projects, the 59765 drafts I have in this journal). I have the memory span of a goldfish (3 seconds). Super easily distracted by anything, even by my own thoughts or the wall.

Even though I’ve had these problems for years now, the thought of having ADD never occurred to me until a nurse at that psychiatric ward asked me if I had it. And then Ley suggested it to me the other day too. :/

I just took some online tests today and while they’re not diagnostic, they all say I show the symptoms of moderate to severe ADD. I’m not so much hyperactive/impulsive as I am inattentive. Maybe I’ll see if my school’s counseling center can do anything about this, or at least properly test to see if it’s a disorder or   I really am just a horrid, horrid student.

My inattention problem might cause me some hard times at my new job at the laboratory preschool on my school’s campus. 3-4 year olds are already hard to understand, and when you have someone who CAN’T listen to you entirely… bad. They’re gonna strip me of my student teacher position soon. ;___;

Anyway! This post was supposed to be a quick one about nail polish but I digressed. But here we are. The thing about me and nail polish is that I will go through many months of not even touching a bottle of varnish. I just won’t have any interest in it and I don’t know why.

Then you have times like this semester where I go nail crazy and will change my polish whenever it chips. I swear it’s because I’m Vietnamese. I have nail painting in my blood. I should start charging Ley whenever she asks me to do her nails for her.

I usually do pedicures since they’re more low-maintenance, but I started doing manicures recently. They usually last ~10 days with minor tip wear before chips start to appear so it’s not like I have to change my polish every two days or anything.

While experimenting with my polish stash, I decided to try out a floral design. I hardly ever do actual designs because painting with my left hand is daunting so it really was experimental. I used a peachy color for the base and painted on blobby pink flowers scattered all over the nail. It was my first time so I did it somewhat messily on my thumb only and didn’t expect much. But I think it turned out well for a first try!

When I wanted to clean it off, I painted a coat of polish over it to soften up the layers for me to wipe off with a napkin. I had grabbed a random blue jelly polish to get the job done, but look what happened once I painted one layer over my thumbnail.


It looks so glossy and prettyyyy. *_____* Usually people use a mint green for the base, but I don’t have that color so I used my favorite nude-ish peach. Color is shown in my old glitter gradient manicure below:


(I lurve glitter gradients and subtle shades. <3 But I think this photo was taken 3-4 days after the initial application so it lost some of its shine.)

It looks sort of minty green now, doesn’t it? And DAT SHINE. I wanted to keep it and do it to all my nails, but then I accidentally brushed my thumbnail against something while polish was still wet. Baibai pretty nail. ):

I ended up doing a simple jelly sandwich manicure because I stopped by Rite Aid for nail polish remover and of course I had to pick up a new glitter polish while I was there. Then I started testing it out layered over various polishes and it looked pretty nice squished between layers of that same blue jelly polish above. So I did it to all my nails.

muted sparkles are still sparkles

It looks all right to me. Much better in person, I think, probably because you can actually see the subtle sparkle and depth of the layers and the luscious shine. My friends have called it mermaid nails. :D

muted sparkles are still skarles

And here’s the glitter I used. I think the light milky quality of it is so pretty on its own, except that I have to do at least 3 coats to see that milkiness. I’d rather use it as a layering polish anyway.

My application skills have improved drastically over the course of one year! I’m no professional, but is it fair to say that I’m more careful than the average person? I think I should have pushed my cuticles back before painting, but it still looks better than the picture in this abomination.

It’s like I wasn’t even trying. .____.

All righty, I need sleep. My metabolism hates me right now.

Until next time,

~ Mimi

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