Part IV: Love Story [gets even less family-friendly]

(Other parts: i, ii, iii, v, ivvii)

(EDIT: Did I seriously write IIII as the Roman numeral for 4? How mortifying!)

Let me briefly review the pre-college Mimi:

  • forever alone
  • slightly boyish
  • man-fearing
  • reserved
  • not a whore
  • not sexually desirable in the least


I’m getting judged so hard for lacking morals how much of a slut I am my poor decisions. But, you know, my “no holding back” pledge. MAN, college changes you!

(Parts i, ii, and iii are here)

They had one main goal, my friends, and that was to find out what Manny saw me as. They just had no clue how to approach such a task.

The day Manny was supposed to visit me at school, I was a nervous, spastic wreck. He didn’t really know how to get here. What if he got lost? What if, after wandering around for a while searching for the bus stop, he decided I wasn’t worth it and gave up? This was a bad idea, I just knew it was a bad idea!

Laureen verbally slapped me and told me to get a hold of myself. And so I did. I sank to the ground and held myself in a fetal position.

Manny eventually made it on to the right bus and was on his way. My friends (Laureen, Tangy, and Mclean) wanted to meet him so they were all in my room acting like they casually hung out in there often. They didn’t, haha. At the time, I didn’t know Tangy and Mclean too well yet. They were just both fascinated by my chick flicky romance.


The gauge in my shyness meter immediately shot up to 100% the moment I let him into my residence hall. He looked absolutely beautiful standing there waiting for me and he had come straight from work so he had freshly shaved and was still dressed in his preppy Abercrombie uniform of skinny jeans and a button-down shirt and he gave me an awkward lovely smile and I smiled at his shoes because ahhhhh what is this gorgeous creature and I’ll stop here because I can go on forever.

When we got to my dorm…


Okay, not exactly chaos. But Manny was only supposed to meet the three girls in my room. Instead, we walk upstairs to find Elaina and Laureen leaving cryptic messages on the dry-erase board outside my door. And then three of my neighbors arrive at different yet similar times and they said hi to him and it was just a mess and seemed obviously planned.


After a while, people slowly filter out and we’re just left with Tangy on ex-roommate’s bed, Mclean on the floor, Manny on my bed, and me at my homework desk. Tangy and Mclean both have their laptops and I think they were silently chatting with each other the whole time about what was going on. They wanted to interrogate him, I could tell, but first I needed to leave the room.

Manny was starving and fortunately I knew that my friend Tabasco (THERE IS A GOOD REASON WHY HER ALIAS IS TABASCO LEAVE ME ALONE) had a list of restaurants we could order from, so I departed for her room.

The way I left was super suspicious, though, and it was a wonder Manny didn’t give me a look. Basically, I backed out slowly and told Tangy, “I’m gonna go find Tabasco. I’ll. Be. Right. Back. *wink wink*”

Moral of the story: I need acting lessons.

I came back a few minutes later, and Tangy had to somehow report to me her findings while Manny was in the room. Naturally she opted to tell me in code instead of just texting me, that girl. -_-

She told me she found some more information for her paper, but she isn’t sure if it’s helpful for her argument. She doesn’t want to just insert it in there without something to back it up. She thinks she’ll go visit her professor during office hours tomorrow and ask the woman what she thinks.

Translation: Relationship status is ambiguous. He doesn’t want to force anything. Ask me instead.

Awekalfkheolgjdkgedlbv,ksrfjblk. Not helpful.

Eventually they left, so now it was just Manny and me. I had to finish up a psychology paper so Manny forced me to work on that before we did anything. Honestly, if it weren’t for him making sure I wasn’t slacking off I’d definitely be failing.

Once I finished, it was movie time!

Right before the movie started, Manny said to me softly and totally out of the blue, “I really like you.” Now, I’m guessing he wouldn’t have said that if Tangy hadn’t interrogated him earlier. She likely had put thoughts in his head.

So I took a breath and let my mouth spill the question we all wanted to know: “What does that mean? What are we?”

His answer? “We’re in a relationship. You’re my girlfriend.”

I was eternally grateful that it was dark so he couldn’t see me grinning hard into a fistful of blanket. He did sound slightly unsure of what I thought of that statement, so I snuggled closer to him to let him know I was pleased.

Most couples go out on several dates before deciding that they ARE a couple, but we were no ordinary couple. I’m cool with this. :D

We talked for a bit before the movie started. Confessed a few things to each other about our lives. (We have this very honest relationship that, to outsiders, may even seem like disrespect or rudeness.) It was during this when I found out that he was a virgin.

Hang on, what? STOP THE PRESSES.

I believed everything he hold me except for that. There was no way. I even let him know I didn’t believe him. I was quite obviously a virgin. He was quite obviously NOT. His body language, confidence, five previous girlfriends, LARGE BAG OF CONDOMS IN HIS HOMEWORK DESK DRAWER — yeah, honey, you ain’t fooling nobody. He continued to insist that he lied to everyone else (to his mother: “Oh yeah, I had sex like ten times before”) but that only I knew the the truth. He just needed to maintain that sex god image for the guys.

(Side note: a surprising number of college boys are still virgins, fyi.)

It would be a while until I decided he wasn’t lying, but that’s a story for later.

Anyway. The movie sucked! Horror movies are usually our thing, but this one was just weird. Manny took this chance to commence a makeout session. This would become a regular pattern of ours, actually, making out during dull parts of a movie. Or during exciting parts. Er, anytime, really.

This time, though… I let him go even further than before.

To third base.

He whispered to me that he wouldn’t force me to do anything, but I didn’t stop him. Everyone has their own definitions for each of the four bases, so for some people we only reached second base since he only used his, um, hand. -///- And I was far too timid to touch him, except for being ultra aware of ~him~ against my leg.

(Um. I finally understand why fics describe them as “rock hard.” Because… they ARE.)

Well, all my inexperienced college friends were suuuuuuper curious and inquisitive, so I’ll spill some details here too.

It did hurt. That surprised me. Not a whole lot, but enough that I told him to stop after a while. I think he broke through the hymen because later in the bathroom, we were brushing our teeth when he suddenly froze and asked me if I was on my period. I said no and asked why. He held out his hand. Fingers were coated with blood. So that was likely why it had hurt, but he was a bit rough. Apparently it’s difficult for me to take two fingers and omgthisissoawkward.

I felt bad that I couldn’t repay the favor for him. Too shy. Too sudden. Too I-didn’t-know-what-the-heck-to-do. So. I climbed on top of him (self-consciously, since I’m much heavier) and tried grinding.

Basically, sex with our clothes on.

I got him close, reeeally close, I could tell. But I couldn’t quite bring him to orgasm, not without direct contact. I was NOT ready for that so the poor guy had to suffer. I felt terrible. Do you know what it’s like for a guy to be so close but then suddenly stop? It’s almost painful for them.

Asdmkjhfaiaelgjeqlkqv I’M SORRY. TT-TT

We went to bed shortly after. He had to catch an early bus. So I was sad. ): But! Right before he got on the bus to go back to his school, he have me a hug, and instead of letting go afterward he leaned down and kissed me goodbye. That little action may seem like a normal thing to do in relationships, but like I’ve been emphasizing, we do not have an ordinary relationship. That also means it didn’t progress in a normal way, either. (We got to third base before we even held hands in public. -__-) See why this kiss meant so much to me? A soft parting kiss is much more meaningful than making out in bed, don’t you think?

Sherry was waiting for me inside the campus center for lunch and a 3-hour long review of what had happened last night because we are female. ^–^

I’ll take this time here to briefly explain the fruit metaphor we use when we’re talking about my relationship — or anyone’s relationships, really. It’s how we can talk about such subjects in public, especially now that I was exploring this scary but exciting sexual territory.

Basically, all boys in general are fruit. So, “Are there any fruit in the room?” is code for asking if boys are present.
Specific boys are named after fruits.
Manny = mango
His roommate Benji = berry
Visiting their dorm = going to the market
When Benji isn’t in the dorm for the night, the “market” is “out of berries.”

We have a bunch more codes that we use, but I’ll explain them when I have to, heehee.

I expressed one worry to Sherry over lunch, though. I had spent three nights with Manny, one night each week. During each night, we covered a new base. So, seeing how we reached third base on the third night…

Where were we headed next? Only the fourth and final base remained uncovered.

I would find out very soon because Manny then invited me to attend a masquerade dance with him the following week.

And I will end this here because I don’t want this post to exceed 2000 words! (I am also exhausted after another day of my summer class, so goodnight, journal.)

Until next time,

~ Mimi :O

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