Hobo Chronicles: Day 1

My summer class started today! I’m taking an English class on the short narrative. The short story! I like creative writing, so I think I’ll have a good time in this class. It’s three days a week for four weeks, 2.75 hours each day. It’s supposed to be a lot of work, even more so in the summer because this semester-long course is squished into less than a month. Oh boy.

The problem is this: The class is in the evening. I am not paying for housing. The train doesn’t run. I have nowhere to stay.

And so begins my chronicles as a hobo.

I’ve packed as lightly as I could since I have to carry my backpack everywhere. It’s still a bit harder walking great distances under the hot sun with an extra 15 pounds on your back. The train ride is about 35 minutes long, but it takes just as much time for me to walk to where I need to be. If it rains during one of these days, I will probably be hating life the entire time I’m walking to class.

I’ve decided to camp in the campus center for the night. It’s actually quite comfy. :D And dinner tonight has been 1 huge-ass apple, two bags of baked chips, and a cup of ramen. There’s no microwave/hot water around here so I let the noodles soak in cold water for an hour before eating.

While sitting here typing this up, two custodians came in and asked if it was okay if they played a few games of pool in the room. (There’s a pool table right in front of me because this is a lounge of sorts.)

I’m so exhausted right now. But The Old Man is taking me home in the morning since tomorrow is my off day, so I guess I’ll sleep now. A 6pm class was not the smartest of ideas.

Until next time,

~ Mimi >_<

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