All that glitters (is on my fingertips)

or, How I Give Myself a Manicure at 4:30am Because I Make Great Decisions and It’s Now 9am So Why Not Post It.

To achieve this shitty look, follow these easy steps!

  1. Base coat to protect your nails from this harmful chemical shit!
  2. Thin coat of a polish of your choosing!
  3. Another thin coat of the same color after that one dries!
  4. While it’s wet, throw some loose powder or fine glitter all over that shit!
  5. After it’s somewhat dry, rinse that extra shit off your nails with water!
  6. Apply a non-shitty top coat!
  7. Don’t bother cleaning the shit around your nails because it’s 4:30 am crap I need sleep.

Yup, I decided to literally throw chunks of glitter onto wet polish and call it a manicure.


Until next time,

~ Mimi ._.

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