Misadventures of Mimi: Intoxicated


According to CDJapan, these are the songs picked by fans to be included in the album. Three of my four made it! Endless Summer, I.ZA.NA.I.ZU.KI, and… BAMBINA. :D :D :D :D :D :D

I highly doubt they would re-record all of these, though, so boo.


This makes me so happy I could squish someone in jubilous joy! I love that they’re being fair to all the members and included an equal number of solo songs for each. They MUST be rerecording, right? I mean, most of these songs have only ever been performed live, and I read somewhere that these won’t be live versions.

Ooh, my ears are sooo ready to hear Pumpkin, Stars, and Uri Sarang! I’m not the biggest fan of Shige’s songs, I’m afraid. I still love you? :)

The thing is… these two tracklists are on two different editions.


I’m not even sure if I should get one CD, let alone both editions. I have no money left and I already made my parents shell out over $2.3k for one measly summer course (it’s on the short narrative!). We’ll just have to see. Maybe I’ll go for the single…?

. . .

I think it’s about time to tell some college tales NOT related to schoolwork, hmm? To celebrate the end of my tumultuous first year at college!

Remember how I swore I would never ever drink because I didn’t like the taste of alcohol?

I lied.

This picture was from 2 weeks ago on Friday night at an off-campus end-of-classes fraternity party. My first. :D Tangy and I were desperate to get the hell out and forget about school things for a while. I had a choice of either staying on campus for the annual naked party (this is exactly what it sounds like: nudity strongly encouraged!) or leaving for a frat party in Boston.

Boston it was!

Of course I was nervous. I hardly ever go to parties, let alone off-campus ones at an unknown place. But all the stress from schoolwork had been building up, and if I didn’t go expel it somewhere soon I would probably explode into a million Mimi pieces. That meant I was after one thing. I needed to forget, just for a night.

Cue the alcohol.

Uh, before I describe the details of my night, allow me to explain my alcohol situation prior to then.

Before college, I had drank twice: once when my parents pretended that this neon blue martini was fruit punch and once when I took a sip of Mama’s drink, thinking it was purely cranberry juice. I’m never around alcohol since both parents hardly ever drink, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to handle much anyway because both parents are lightweights. I’ve always hated the idea of drinking. So I swore that I wouldn’t ever touch the toxic stuff, or at least until I was 21, the legal drinking age here.

Now enter college. Still not willing to drink. That’s fine. None of my friends are regular drinkers/partiers so there’s no pressure. Then one day, right before I was supposed to go home for my 5-week winter break, I decide to let myself get dragged along to my first off-campus party at a nearby school. Laureen, Tangy, and my other friend Rin all came along. I didn’t really know what to expect, but this was what we got:

Beer cans hung on string as a garland. A small bar with a bartender mixing drinks. Lots of people intermingling. A darkened dance floor lit mainly by neon glow-in-the-dark penises drawn on the wall. Dubstep. Intoxicated college kids trying to converse with me, who were oddly quite friendly.

I gave Laureen’s drink a few trying sips. It was a bit of vodka diluted with fruit juice, so the bitter alcohol taste wasn’t too noticeable on my tongue. Even amidst the heated mass of writhing, sweaty bodies, those few sips warmed the pit of my belly. Not nearly enough to get me tipsy at all, but I felt it doing something odd to my system.

I was too scared to go any further, and so I stopped there.

Second time. Manny’s friend’s suite. It was about 1-2 months ago, during a time when Manny and I decided to try to go on a break. I was upset at the world because I don’t like playing this relationship game because screw emotions. So, I quickly befriended one of Manny’s friends named Esma, who then poured me two large cupfuls of vodka+something.

The somber look on Manny’s face told me he did not want me to drink because I wasn’t that kind of girl. He even reached out to pull me back. But I am a woman who makes stupid decisions, dammit, and I was an upset one at that! I will do what I want, and what I wanted was to down two cups containing ~1.5 shots of vodka each.

And so, I brushed his hand off my shoulder and poured the liquids down my throat in half an hour. I just needed to dull the hurt, if only for a night. I’m not a fan of negative emotions, all right?

I was sure at the time that the alcohol did nothing to me, other than turning my face bright red and making me laugh a little more loudly at things that weren’t funny. In retrospect, I was likely tipsy. What I later discovered about drinking is that it obscures your perception so you might think you’re fine when, hello, sugar, you’re not!

So these first two experiences with alcohol weren’t exactly planned. The first was spur-of-the-moment and the second was done in spite almost. The third time happened last week at a frat party.

Except… this time I WANTED to get as messed up as possible. Classes were over with, but I was entering a period of high stress. I needed to forget about everything school-related for a while.

Tangy chooses that perfect moment to come into my room inviting me to go with her to a fraternity. I wasn’t so sure, but she knew what I was after and thus enticed me with it. So basically, the conversation went like this.

Tangy: Go with me?
Me: Meh.
Tangy: There will be alcohol.

Because of transportation issues, we didn’t get to the fraternity until around 11:30pm, but that was okay. The guys in front made us sign in with our names and school, and we had to indicate if we were over 21. My heart sank when I saw that last box. Did that mean no drunken escapades for Tangy and me? One of the guys fastened a paper bracelet around my wrist that all partiers were required to wear, and sent me on my way.

Tangy knew quite a few people there, since guys kept saying hi to her. Good! I had a connection~ The two of us made our way to the basement, where the party was.


This was the scene. It was dark, yes, but it was illuminated by various lights, lasers, fog machines, and a 120 square foot LED backdrop. Not a huge party, but perfect for me. Who says bigger is better?

Tangy and I made a beeline for the bar. I am so ridiculously reserved in public that I neeeeeeeded some drinks in my system to loosen me up.

In a staccato summary, this is what happened.

One straight shot of rum. Coke as a chaser. (A chaser, I learned, is something you drink immediately after a shot of hard liquor to wash down the God-awful taste.)

One straight shot of vodka like five minutes after the first. Chaser: coke.

A bit of dancing on the ground with Tangy and her friends.

Move to the stage. More dancing.

Run into Tangy’s old roommate Rin while on stage. Go to get more drinks.

One large cup of vodka mixed with orange juice.

One jello shot.

More dancing with Tangy and Rin on stage. “I like this side of you,” comments Tangy.

Some guy wearing purple pants then leads us to his room. Pours us each a shot of something. Chaser: Arizona Green Tea.

I pass out on his couch and everything after that is a blur.

OKAY, the way I worded that last bit makes it sound very umm and err, but I swear it wasn’t bad!

Purple Pants Guy was a friend of Tangy’s. He took us to his room just to hang out for a bit. I ogled the collection of booze crowding the top of his dresser. Oh, and the drink he poured us? Just vodka. I was already super giggly before drinking it, but after downing it I started laughing uncontrollably at everything, to the point where I even asked myself why was I laughing when nothing’s funny. Tangy and Rin left the room for a bit, leaving me and the guy. I’m gonna call him Darling because he’s from the South and apparently they use that word a lot at the end of their sentences.

I really thought that I was fine and clear-headed at the time, but still wondered aloud if I could walk in a straight line. So Darling got up and placed two meters of duct tape on the ground, telling me to walk along it. I did so with success. Darling told me good job, now walk back.

My feet strayed from the tape path a bit before I tripped and fell on my face onto the couch. Then giggled for ten seconds straight. Whee.

I could hardly sit up. Or I could, kind of, but I had a veeeery tough time preventing my body from tipping over. So that meant I kept falling into Darling’s lap and apologizing for doing so. All the while, giggles galore.

Another guy enters the room. He was one of the hosts of the party, and I had already met him earlier at the bar. Plopping down beside me on the couch, he noticed that I was definitely not the same shyer, sober girl from earlier. Even drunk, I could detect the concern in his tone every time he softly asked if I was okay.

I giggled that I’ve never been better. And that I might be drunk, maybe, probably, definitely. As I slumped onto his shoulder, I felt him put his arm around my waist. I didn’t think much of the gesture and assumed it was his way of being friendly. He was kind of tipsy too.

Then I felt his hand touching the bare skin of my waist. Massaging small circles into me with his thumb, similar to what Manny does to me. I wasn’t thinking straight and my eyes were closed the whole time, so I imagined that it was Manny by my side. My left side is extremely ticklish, and even though the guy’s touch didn’t send electric shocks down the length of my spine like when the bf does it, it still felt really nice. So nice, in fact, that I was lightly giggling and making cat noises at the tickles.

Um, this was bad? I was so out of it that I didn’t realize the guy had been hitting on me until he asked if I had a boyfriend and I replied with a dreamy yes and he went oh shit.

Don’t remember when he left my side because I passed out for an hour, and this is where my memory gets spotty. I have vague memories of the following:

  • my friends wake me up
  • a pair of unfamiliar man hands helps me into the living room
  • my legs fail me and I slump onto a sofa
  • some nice guys who I don’t know confiscate my credit card and hand them over to my friends for safekeeping
  • I get into a shuttle that takes us to a bus stop
  • I drunk dial Laureen and slur that I’m in a car right now and I don’t know where it’s taking me, effectively freaking the girl out and prompting her to ask if I was with friends (I was)
  • Rin forces Gatorade down my throat to prevent a hangover
  • we get to the bus stop and I somehow make it on the bus (I don’t remember this AT ALL), where I pass out once more
  • Tangy walks me to the common room of my residence hall, where Laureen waits for us
  • she comments on my drunkenness. I insist I’m fine and to prove it, I turn around and attempt to walk in a straight line
  • …and I walk right into a couch and sink to my feet, giggling like a maniac
  • Laureen guides me to my room, where she makes sure I drink a gallon of water before sleeping
  • I give her one of my two bottles of lemonade in my fridge, and forget the next day that I had done such a thing when I wonder where my second lemonade went
  • I wake up to no hangover but there are Facebook friend requests and pictures of me passed out and I think I might still be drunk because Mclean’s best friend/love interest/soul mate had called her on the phone and I wanted to hear his voice and I only heard him speak one word before I blurted out, “Woah, your voice is sexy!” and so that’s his first impression of me, yupyup.

In conclusion! I am a colorful medley of the passed out drunk, the laughing drunk, the everyone-is-my-bestie drunk, and the I-can’t-walk drunk.

Also: this is accurate.

Apparently I can’t exactly let loose and have fun at parties without the assistance of liquor. This is not good at all, journal. I swore to never drink, but all it took was a little stress to convince me otherwise. And now I want it. All the time. I don’t do it for the taste — eww heavens no! I do it for the crazyyy.

I AM NOT ENCOURAGING DAMAGING BEHAVIOURS, NOOOO. Drinking isn’t good. Manny constantly tells me he doesn’t like it when I drink, even though he does it more frequently than I do. But now that I’ve tried it, there’s no stopping me. No one wants to be like this! That night at the frat party could have gone so horribly wrong if that guy who had been flirting with me decided to take advantage of little miss incoherent.

Anyway, I ought to sleep now. High school reunion tomorrow! Gotta look not dead, you know?

Until next time,

~ Mimi o.O

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