Post-Breakup Twitter Flirting

So Manny and I broke up early morning Sunday.

But not really.

But… yes really?

Yet we both decided to not change our official relationship status.

Wait. What?

It’s just… complicated. I’ll explain it all in a Love Story post (that I really ought to finish like now, arghh) but for now just be aware that

  1. we’re still friends (he couldn’t sleep so he called me and I literally just got off the phone with him)
  2. the whole thing was more of a calm mutual agreement than a breakup
  3. before I said goodbye and left his dorm in the morning, he gave me a lingering hug and a sweet kiss on the forehead.
  4. he brought it up but I was the one who planted the idea in his head
  5. …we’re flirting more than ever now wtf?

Just — just take a look at this flirty/semi-threatening Twitter conversation.

Me: They call it a break up because watch out, boys, we know where you live and you better hide anything you care about.
Him: I Think I almost might have possibly laughed at that one, maybe, not really. Not at all actually haha
Me: Be grateful that this crazy bitch doesn’t know where you live.
Him: *his address* :P come and get me love
Me: Oh darling, is that a challenge? Allow me some time to acquire a baseball bat and I’ll see you there :)
Him: lol alright babe make sure you hit me hard :P
Me: oh it will be hard all right, sweetie ;)
Him: yes punish me
Me: I’ll be sure to give you everything you deserve.
Him: ight baby gurl bring it :P
Me: I’ll be waiting in your room when you come home~
Him: oh boyyyyyyyy I cannot wait. Can I also bring my bat?
Me: yesss, I would like that very much
Him: Ooo are you bringing rope too ?!
Me: Surely you have some belts I can use instead?

And I don’t think he’s gonna respond to that but… yeah. It started out innocent then got subtly sexual real fast.


See those words in pink? We never called each other those words before, even in text. He knows how much I hate the word “babe” because I once told him I’d honestly rather he call me his whore/slut/bitch.

That rope comment was in reference to a really recent phone conversation we had (the Friday night before our breakup), during which I mentioned that I’ve always wanted to tie his limbs to the bed posts. :D

You know far too much about me by now, journal.

Until next time,

~ Mimi ;P

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