all we know is falling

This week has been my hell week, and what I just found out is truly the icing on the cake.


And we can’t even blame Johnny for this because Yamapi and Ryo made the decision to leave NEWS themselves. I hate that there will be gleeful fans who will be all in our faces with “I told you so,” and I feel bad for the other fans who put so much trust into NEWS that I can’t even imagine how hurt they must be right now. ;___;

I know that NEWS will likely be more active now that the two busiest members are out, but how will they fare now that the two most popular members are out?

I’m scared to see what’s gonna happen. :/

Why am I here I need to write this essay now gvejwgvdsbb.

EDIT: Boston boys invited me to a party tonight and I had sworn to never drink but damn, this would be a time to start. /inconsolable

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