The Lowly First-Year

The last day of September! That’s when Tegomass will be appearing on SCP. There will be talk sessions and a performance of their song “Mahou no Melody” from their newest album, Tegomasu no Mahou!!!!!

I adhere pretty strictly to my sacred rules of punctuation, so when I break those rules by using multiple exclamation points in succession, the event is a Big Deal.

It would be very irresponsible of me right now to use my credit card on something I don’t need when I have such limited funds. No, that isn’t something a proper college student should do.

Oh lord what have I done. WHY IS IT SO EXPENSIVE?

I chose the RE edition. The DVD with the PV in the LE (heehee this rhyming makes me laugh) would be nice to have, but I can’t afford to pay another cent on this thing, and I don’t know what I would do with it after I watch it. Plus, RE contains Ai no Naka de. ♪

So pleased that Tegomass are using mostly Japanese song titles. ♥

. . .

Remember that I said I was writing my last entry while waiting in the common room outside the English department to talk to a professor? I posted the entry before I shut the laptop and waited for the prof to show up so I couldn’t say what happened shortly afterward. But now I’m back. And, well~~



But more about that later. Let’s get through the boring stuff first — like classes!

1. The Schedule

Class registration: complete! Stressful, that was. Classes filled up literally in seconds, which is why I was smart enough to register for Psychology 101 first, because that class is unbelievably popular. We’re only allowed four classes for our first semester, and I got two of the four classes I wanted. My original plan:

Writing (every first year has to take a writing course either in the fall or spring; there are a lot of writing courses on different topics, and mine was about music)

Psych 101

Cellular Biology w/Lab

French 201 (I placed into the intermediate level! That’s a.) good because my seven years of French classes paid off somewhat; b.) bad because my spoken French sucks and I’d rather take the intro class)

I ended up getting into neither bio nor the specific French class I’d hoped for. ;__; So, it’s Astronomy without Lab instead of Cell Bio, and a French class with a not-as-good professor. BUT — I dropped the French and Writing classes. Too hard for me. French professor was so kind but only used French, and while I’m pretty proficient in reading and writing, I CAN’T speak or understand spoken French. Dropped that class like a hot potato. I’ve taken French for so long but I feel like I’ve reached my limit with the language. It’s time to give it up.

I’d been so excited for the writing class because the topic sounded interesting. It was a writing class focused on describing music and sounds in such ways that the reader can almost hear the piece in question. I would have been willing to do that… if the prof didn’t seem to expect awesome words to stream from your pen from the very first day. Factor in 10-ish other students with already-awesome writing skills AND a decade of musical experience and I was just, AW HELL FORGET IT. I want my writing skills to improve, and I can’t do that if the prof wants perfection from the start.

So that’s how I ended up with my current schedule: Psych 101, Astronomy, Writing (the history of the English language), and…

Beginning Japanese. :D

Yeah. I cracked.

I swore I would never take a Japanese class because that would mean I love NEWS way too much and they have begun affecting me in real life. The Pest, who studied Japanese his first year in high school, learned eight kanji in one year. I will be learning eighty in a semester. Eighty of these complicated Chinese characters before the start of 2012. I’m not even talking about the second semester (because you need to take a full year of a language to get credit at all, wtf). It can’t be done!

Japanese is my only 5-days-a-week class; the other three only meet two times each week. That says something about how intense it is. We’re taught by three professors who each teach something specific. The first day will be grammar, second day speaking drills (no English allowed), and third day writing. It rotates like that. The class moves very fast, and if I couldn’t already recognize all of the hiragana or know some vocabulary, I would be ridiculously behind.

My current mission: learn people’s first names. :D In Japanese we have to call our classmates by their surnames and it’s awkward not knowing half the class’s given names.

To people who have yet to experience ~the college life~, four classes doesn’t seem like much. And since most of my classes meet twice a week (70 minutes per class), it sounds like I should have loads of free time to do whatever, like writing, journaling, or decorating my dorm room to the point where it looks like a craft store exploded in there.

LOL NO. Not the case. If anything, college homework is WORSE than high school homework. It didn’t take me long to see that my usual high school BS is not gonna fly in this place.

I don’t understand. I used to be able to pull all nighters and remain relatively sane the next day. Now, the lethargy would hit me around 9, and I’d be asleep around 1 or 2 in the morning. It doesn’t help that THE HOMEWORK NEVER STOPS. It’s not even much writing. Yet. Mostly reading. A lot of reading. And studying, in the case of Japanese.

High school homework on steroids. That’s what it’s like. So no, looks like I won’t be posting more often like I planned.

At least my earliest class starts at 9:50 am. ^___^

Ooh, and for physical education I couldn’t take Beginner Swimming or Archery because they conflict with my schedule. I signed up for rock climbing instead. :DD The rock climbing wall (my college’s first!) isn’t completed yet so we spent the first two classes doing trust exercises and practicing tying the knots that will hold us up.

2. Screw past plans

It only took me a week of classes to decide to “screw the English major I’ve been planning on pursuing for the past two years.”

I’m going for biology now! With a psychology minor on the side!

I originally wanted to do a bio/English double major, but I figured doing a double major would kill me, so I downgraded the English one to a minor. Then I thought things over some more, realized that I hate doing all the things required of an English major/minor (writing countless analytical papers, reading thought-provoking novels at an ungodly speed), and exchanged English with psychology because I’d rather not be miserable.

All is still tentative, of course. I haven’t even been here for a month yet. By the way, they call us first-years here, not freshmen. You can tell the students apart from the non-students by the term they use.

I had thought that maybe I could do something musical as a minor, but…

Everyone who wants to do anything music-related had to take a music theory placement test. Um. I sat down, wrote my name on the page, flipped through the pages for fifteen minutes, and pretended that I was fascinated and ooh, yes, I know this answer.

I handed in a blank test. :Pv

Not sure if I want to deal with something that complicated for half a year. And so, no music classes this semester. Voice class will be in the spring! I chose classical training over contemporary.

No idea why. :/ Isn’t classical more like… opera?


Soooo. This hot guy I talked about in the beginning of this entry.

I was just lounging on the common room sofa. It’s directly across from the entrance to the English department office so I saw everyone who walked by/in. This ultra good looking man caught my attention as he walked by, and, to my absolute horror, strode into the office of the professor I had been waiting for.

This is Sergio, my current writing professor.

I’m naming him because I get the feeling he’ll be featured in plenty of future entries. -///-

Talking to him in his office — NERVE-WRACKING. He’s so beautiful. For an old guy. Okay, he’s not even that old; I creeped on him on the internet and learned that he’s 30 years old (same as Ohno Satoshi of Arashi!).

I. Love. Him. Not just because he’s stunning, although that definitely doesn’t hurt. :D He’s fresh out of graduate school and this is his first job as a professor, but before this he was a playwright and stage actor! His plays seem to have gathered some awards too. You can tell he’s done some performing because of this voice: it’s theatrical and masculine and Broadway-ish and he can manipulate it so well, like what Massu can do to his. The man himself is intelligent, super hilarious, easy-going, a brilliant teacher, and oh, I could gush all day.

Oh, man. I have it bad.

How am I going to survive the next new months in his class? All I do for 70 minutes is stare at him. It’s good that I genuinely like the class, though. We’re focusing on the English language itself, how it developed over the years and how it ended up here. Our first assignment was an essay on an offensive word. I didn’t want to choose something too offensive — although I could, if I wanted to — so researched the history and usage of the word “bastard.”

4. Party time!

Hoo boy. About that college party. This short video will do much of the explaining for me.

You can hear me talking a bit in here. :P Er, shouting. The music, if you can’t tell, was very loud. Pulsating. You can’t even hear yourself talk.

I think the music got too loud for some people, like this guy here:

One of the girls I was with went up to him and asked what was wrong. I sneakily/creepily snapped this picture of him because he looked so tortured by his inner demons, though it turned out he just had a huge headache from the music lol. Apparently he is British and very cute. ^o^

It really was as dark as the video showed it to be. The more lit area was the mingling area, where people gathered to talk. The darker place was where the dancing went on.


People don’t dance at college parties, okay? It was more like… sex with clothes on. >.< Don’t bring your personal bubble to this kind of scene because — and I guarantee you — it WILL get popped.

Imagine a massive crowd of people, slick with sweat and pressed against each other, strangers and friends alike, with not even enough room to wiggle your way through. That, my friend, you have the dancing area. If you don’t like being touched this is not the place for you.

My new college friends (who have had more experience with this sort of thing) warned me beforehand of the creeps that inevitably show up. According to them, common methods for warding off unwanted attention include telling the creeper any of the following:

  1. I’m a lesbian.
  2. I’m transgender.
  3. I have herpes.

Also, you should provide a fake name to be totally safe.

I didn’t take them too seriously. I mean, who from the male population would want to interact with this socially awkward thing here?

Too, too many guys around. O___o I can’t remember the last time I was surrounded by so many boys my age. Yeah… I don’t react well when suddenly thrust into a situation like that. As evidence:

a. A group of my friends were ready to leave for the night. It wasn’t that late yet so I chose to stay for a bit longer. Just as we were about to part ways, this guy from a nearby college approaches us. Actually, now that I think about it, I think he was… approaching me?


Unbelievable, but it seemed so. When he introduced himself to us (couldn’t hear his name; music too loud), he was talking mostly to my face and he only shook my hand in greeting. In any case, it was obvious he was trying to flirt with one of us. Me being the clueless airhead I am, I told him we were just about to head out. And he looked somewhat disappointed and left. Then I felt like a jerk because my friends left but I stayed and that meant I half-lied to him. D:

b. The second time happened while I was dancing. See, I assumed that all the people grinding knew each other pretty well.

After my experience, this is probably not the case.

You know how when you dance you sometimes put your arms up in the air? Well, I did. I was getting pretty into dancing with my friends, trying my best to let loose for a night. Then–

My entire body went rigid as I felt hands encircle my wrists from behind, followed by someone dancing lightly against me. I was praying it would be a friend doing this, but I turned around and sure enough, it was a guy I had never met before in my life.

It didn’t matter if he was ugly or not (he wasn’t); I don’t know him. The worst part about the whole thing is this:

I’m too much of a wimp to tell him no.

Instead, I kept my head forward, caught the eye of my friend, and mouthed, “Help meeeee. D8” If she hadn’t tugged me away from the guy I don’t know what would have happened. T–T

c. And again, a few minutes later! @__@ I don’t get why anyone would go after me if my friends were clearly the hot ones. Anyway, this time around, the new guy slid his hands around my waist, which was not okay. Again, I was too nice to tell him to get the hell off me because I was — get this — actually scared of offending him. Another friend must have seen my purely terrified face because she grabbed me and forcibly yanked me out of the stranger’s grasp. As she pulled me away, I turned my head just in time to see the guy flash me this horrible smirk, as if he enjoyed scaring me.

Journal, at this rate I’m gonna get pulled into an alley and raped for sure. TT-TT

I wasn’t even wearing a slutty clubbing outfit. And even if I was, my body is still squishy in parts where I don’t want it to be squishy and my face should scare the guy away. The skirt was a bit short, but I was still almost overdressed compared to what some girls chose, that is, shorts with heels and a lacy bra and a see-through garment on top.

I’m wearing a t-shirt and flowery wedges. How provocative.

The belt is only there to keep the skirt on me because it’s too big around the waist. ):

And that’s about it for a party at my school. I’ll likely try out some other parties in the future just for the sake of trying them. They’re bound to be much different because alcohol is probably allowed there and people get crazy when intoxicated. :P Looking forward to those later~

Until next time,

~ Mimi ^-^

4 thoughts on “The Lowly First-Year

  1. college parties sound so scary! how can you deal with so many strangers? i guess strangers aren’t too bad but the whole atmosphere looked so…. were you able to ‘let loose’ in the end?

    i can’t even look at guys at the register when i’m shopping so i think i’ll skip parties like That in the future.

  2. OH MY GOD YOU BOUGHT IT. XD;; What if your parents find out? I really want it too, but… I’ve been pretty broke. >A> Maybe I’ll get a job…

    Dudeeeee, I was the same at the beginning of Japanese. If I didn’t know the basics, I’d probably start falling behind.
    College work sounds like hell man. ;___; I’m so afraid.

    Bio major! That’s awesome. oAo I have Bio this year and when my teacher gave us this worksheet after some notes, I was like. “o___o So… Maybe it should have listened.”

    LOL. Oh fate, you’re hilarious. Making a hot guy Mimi’s writing professor. At least you’ll have a good view during class. Why does he seem perfect in every aspect?

    I didn’t think you were the type to go to college parties, let alone DANCE in one of them.
    I’mma use your college experience as a little insight to what it might be for me xD;; (If I can get into college with my extreme laziness) But I think I’ll just completely avoid parties, lol.

    AND GIRL, you are damn pretty. D:< It's no surprise at all you were hit on.

  3. It wasn’t THAT bad, really. My school is pretty strict with alcohol and drugs and stuff like that (we even had police around) so nothing really crazy happened except for the dancing lol. Oh, and one guy lost consciousness (from drinking too much beforehand?) and had to be carried out on a stretcher by paramedics. I’m fine with strangers unless they try to interact with me. :P After my experience with those two boys I got too scared to keep dancing so I sat down for a bit before leaving at 1:30 in the morning. The dance lasted until 2.
    I’ll be going to another campus party next week so I’ll post how that goes! It should be about the same, though. Wait until I give one of the crazy frat parties at other schools a try. THAT should be entertaining. :Dv

    I say give them a try! I had friends who left after half an hour because it wasn’t their scene. Try, and if you don’t like it, leave and never come back. It definitely helps to come with friends. :D

  4. YES. I bought it. You could say I was under the influence of… Tegomass’s magic. :D /omgthatwaslame
    But now that I purchased a copy, does that mean I have to… wait until it arrives to listen to it??? D8
    You probably heard about the Hoshi wo Mezashite project, right? I think I might sacrifice some college funds for that too…

    You have nothing to be worried about. :D My college, like my high school, is weird. It has a reputation for having one of the toughest, most demanding, most competitive course loads in the country. I signed up for this so I have to deal. For the next 4 years. TT-TT It doesn’t help that everyone here is SUPER GENIUS SMART.

    I’ve been trying to find a fault in my writing prof so I would stare less and focus more, but that’s not really working. He gets more perfect every time I see him. >____> I think his only fault is that he just got recently married, haha. At least I know he won’t be sleeping with any of the students?

    Don’t judge me, I just wanted to try it out! >__< But… I didn't hate it! In fact, I'll be going to a (smaller) party on campus next week, in order to warm up for the off-campus frats during which you are guaranteed to come home smelling of booze, whether you drank or not. o____O You're super close with your friends so as long as you bring them you'll have fun!

    Pretty? o///o I'm trying to learn to not think that people are lying when they say things like that, but with how I am it's gonna take a while. THAT REMINDS ME. Something huge happened in my life that I have to write about related to this for my next entry. I’ll get to that right after I finish reading 30 pages of psych for homework. XP
    Btw, I wasn’t hit on; I was wrongly violated.

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