Continuous Flow

There is a reason why I try my best to avoid anime.

I went from episode 14 of Cardcaptor Sakura to episode 24 in one day. That may not sound like much given how long a day is, but I watched them back to back while seated on a stability ball that’s too small for both my height and the height of the table.

Yep. Those neck cramps were fun.

I love how I chose to rewatch an anime that dates back to the 1990s instead of trying out a more recent one; the Cardcaptor Sakura manga is the same age as my brother! I remember eight-year-old me trying to catch the dubbed version on TV every time it aired. Years later during the summer, there sat my fourteen-year-old nostalgia-bitten self, browsing Youtube for the same series and coming across the subbed version instead — and then my horror/disgust at just how mangled the English dubbed version really was: whole episodes cut, names changed (the main character’s name was kept the same but horribly mispronounced), and all traces of romance removed or disguised, heterosexual or otherwise.

And so, my love for Cardcaptor Sakura began, and my utter loathing toward Cardcaptors continues to fester today.

Right now I’m up to episode 50. Ideally I’d like to finish all 71 eps and the second movie before I leave for school on Monday, but it seems impossible right now. :/ I’ll just try to squeeze in episodes whenever I can? Today was busy and when I wake up I’ll be gone all day at a Rhode Island beach… and that’s it! No time left!

But anyway, it’s so cool just how much my knowledge of Japan has expanded since I watched the anime four years ago. I can understand the little cultural references that breezed past me before. For example, I now see that it’s weird for Sakura’s dad to call her “Sakura-san” when they’re so close. Plus, now that I’m much more familiarized with the Japanese language, it’s funny listening to Kero and his Osaka-ben. He talks kind of like Ryo, except with a hiiiiigh pitched voice! :D

Yes. Speaking of high pitched voices. I gave Yoru no Uta a try! Tomoyo is one of my favorite characters (hard to pick one when I love them all, lol) and her voice is so pretty — so high! Instead of using my natural voice, I tried my best to imitate hers. I was in head voice the entire time while she could sing normally. >___> I ended up with this:

I think I like this better than my real voice asdfghjkl.

My interest in CCS was completely refreshed after finishing that depressing ficlet last month. Even after all these years, CCS is still my favorite anime of all time. I was suddenly struck by the urge to write more for it, and all these ideas started coming at me at once.  Haven’t actually written anything yet, though I did toy around with some summaries of VERY different concepts, like this adventure/fantasy one:

Semi-AU. He comes for them in the middle of the night, a finger to his lips, black hair gleaming red in the light of the security camera. “Freedom,” he whispers, by way of explaining. They don’t fully understand, but one by one, they follow.

and this lighthearted humor/romance one:

One-shot. Word has gotten out about one of Sakura’s most well-kept secrets. And now everybody’s dear cherry blossom is being hotly pursued by boys.

There is the matter of that old fic, Forget-Me-Not, that’s currently on hiatus. Out of nowhere there’s been a slight renewed public interest in it. But I can’t bring myself to continue the plot as-is, not without major revisions first. I started writing it the summer before ninth grade, back when I was even more of a novice writer than now. That means the plot… oh my God I don’t even wanna think about that mess. ;____; It’s pretty much a plotless fic, just a mash-up of the most cliche chick-lit topics you can think of.

Luckily I didn’t address many of these topics in the fic yet. That means there’s still hope! IT CAN BE SAVED.

All right, enough of that. The only reason I mentioned CCS in this entry is because it’s related to my fic writing, which ties in with today’s theme: art! Writing counts as art, doesn’t it? I wanna get to the other stuff I’ve been up to.

I’ve been working on this thing for the past few weeks. Someone more skilled than me could probably finish it in a day, but… I’m not that skilled. :P And then joining the pieces together is simply nightmarish, seeing how needlework is not my strong point. I had to resort to amputating the thing’s arm because it came out all wrong.

But what is this project exactly? Well…

That shall remain a secret. :D

I have to haul all of my artsy things to college or else I KNOW Mama will toss everything. She TOLD me she will toss everything the moment I leave. Dx So I have no choice.

I was at a fabric store the other day looking for a specific part. Well, I couldn’t find the part there but I picked up some other supplies. Only because they cost like next to nothing, though. The Old Man had passed his frugality onto me. :D

I a-d-o-r-e yarn. ♥ But it’s expensive! I got each of these for just a dollar each, yeshhh. I’m working on getting yarn balls that coordinate with the NEWS image colors. So far I only have red, blue, purple, and yellow.

I’m sure I can use those itty bitty clothespins for something crafty. For my dorm room, perhaps?

The wire I had bought hoping to use for jewelry, but it’s a lot thinner than I thought. Too bendy. Looks like I’ll have to find a different use for it.

You can find hope in such odd places, huh? :D

I’d love to wrap the wire in yarn but I’m scared I’ll destroy it, given how pliable the wire is.

The wire hope will come with me to college. If it survives the trip, that is. :/ I’ll be taking some other things too, including this earring holder I made.

There’s a lace earring holder at Urban Outfitters that inspired this. I only have lace ribbon instead of lace sheets so this will have to do. Not the prettiest thing in the world, but it does the job of keeping my earrings separated and organized.

Note that lone earring up there without a partner? I made that one. ^_____^

…then I got lazy and didn’t make the other one. It took too long~~

Earrings are the only jewelry I like to have a variety of. I cannot stand having things touch my neck (the absolute worst ways for me to die are having my throat cut or being strangled), so I don’t wear necklaces often. Rings? Not really. I just wear my watch, a friendship bracelet, and this thing:

I made this before! But I didn’t trust the knots to hold so I kept pulling at it until the thread snapped, whoops. ^–^;; So I made it again, with hemp this time. It wasn’t until now did I realize I used the colors of the LBGT flag to make it. I call it my gay pride bracelet! I wear it everywhere proudly… even though I’m mostly straight lol.

One last thing before I hit the sack. I’m sleepy now, way too sleepy to think up a transition that makes sense.

Tiiiiiiiiny salt and pepper shakers! I want to use them as pots for flowers, but now I think they’re too small. They make perfect seed bead holders, though!

The iPod is supposed to be there for size comparison, but I want to say something about it quickly. It’s new! I just got it today on a random sale. How bizarre that the orange one cost thirty dollars less than the others. Still trying to get used to such a small touch screen. My 4th gen Nano conveniently broke yesterday, and The Old Man probably feels guilty that I can’t get a new laptop for school like all the other kids, so he let me get this.

The next time you see me, journal, I’ll officially be a college student! The next two weeks will be the busiest I’ve ever been, but I will type out quick updates whenever I can. (I discovered the different post format options the other day. :3) Eeeeee, can’t wait!

Until next time,

~ Mimi :DDDD

2 thoughts on “Continuous Flow

  1. I watched CCS in the past 3 days and got so obsessed with it, thinking about CCS again and again, saw twice the movie already, *sigh*.

    I really loved the “hope” thingy <3

  2. CCS is timeless. <3 I'm trying to find time to finish the last 20 episodes but there's just so much going on right now!

    Thanks! I brought it with me to college and it didn't get squished at all~~

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