What? Tegomass 3rd Live Tour? Three months long? What? Didn’t they just have a tour last year?

Well, YAY for Tegomass because I love them so! NOOOO for no NEWS activity until I am well into my first year at college. I have never been more conflicted in my life. .___.

Wait. Tour = new album? With a studio version of “Ai no Naka de” and that new song “Hanabi” they just sang? This girl could sure use some new Johnny’s music right about now. I can only jam to KAT-TUN’s “Cosmic Child” for so long.

EDIT: Album is in progress. :DDDDD

7 thoughts on “Torn

  1. Hi there, first time commenting on your blog :D though to be honest I’ve been visiting regularly for a while now :)

    So…we’ve got quite a few things in common…
    The first being a fangirl of NEWS…especially tegoshi ><"

  2. Hello~ Thank you for making your presence known. :D
    Fans of NEWS/Tegoshi are always welcome, although I’m sorry that I haven’t been writing much about them. As I’m sure you know, they haven’t done anything together lately. ;A;

  3. Okay I have no idea why the rest of my comment wasn’t posted but here goes:
    Well apart from fangirling, I also go to an all girls school and am currently in my final year – graduating sooooon ><
    Oh and have you seen tegoshi at the hanabi taikai a few days ago? I was like O.O usually massu's got the weird fashion but its the opposite this time…? hahahaa

  4. Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry about that. I don’t know why but the comments being cut thing seems to only happen on this site, no one else’s.
    Can it be…? Someone from an all girls high school? YESSSS. I was starting to think that I was the only one left on the internet. :P I wonder how different our schools are…. Good luck with your upcoming graduation! Be sure to treasure the last few months because they fly by so fast it seems unreal.

    Lol yes, that was quite the unique ensemble Tego had on there. :D But I like the guy so much that I’m no longer bothered whenever he steps out looking all ~wtf o_O. Massu looked weird too, though! Well, weird for us = normal for him.

  5. Haha actually that comment was cut again…hahaha it’s okay i seem to just have to leave sorter comments..?
    but yes I love the guy sooo much I don’t really care what he looks like either which is super weird coz i’ve never liked any girly, skinny, not very tall guys but tego is an exception – there was no turning back after he charmed me in with his smile and voice :D
    and a part of me is dying to go see tegomass’ 3rd tour in japan at the end of this year – though the possibility of that happening is very bleak ><"

  6. I found out why comments are being cut! It’s the less-than sign’s fault. WordPress must think it’s part of the coding and that’s why comments are getting cut when you pair it with certain symbols, usually the greater-than sign. I gotta watch out for that in the future.

    Omg are you me? Because that’s pretty much how I am with the man. Actually, no, I’ve always liked girly looking guys :P, but I wasn’t that into Asian guys until Tegoshi happened.
    Even if you don’t get to go to Japan, at least we still have the DVD to look forward to?

  7. Okay, good to know be honest I’m just not good with all these encodings on blogs and computer systems – probably why I never started my own blog to begin with lol

    I think our schools should be quite similar from what I’ve read about yours so far…

    Hahaha I was into other asian guys who sorta all give the same…manly feel (?) no pretty faces…until this lil creature called tegoshi yuya came prancing along :P
    So now I love him so much that when my other friends ask me you like that girl? or like do I prefer tegoshi with straight or curly hair etc, I just go i love tegoshi yuya in whatever clothes/hair he’s in (but I must admit my ultimate favourite hair on tegoshi is his dark brown styled like when he and massu went into the ghost house at the end of last year…before the countdown :D)

    Yes I am looking forward to any new tegomass/news releases…but we probably won’t be getting a news single/album till well into next year :( I miss them as a group..

    p.s. well when I first wrote these comments this was cut out: I was meant to say thank you for keeping this journal – it is amazing! Hope you can keep updating for all the readers out there, myself included :D

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