Doctor, I Have a Problem

Resistance Is Futile

He grins.
A big toothy smile like piano keys,
Just as massive and pearly white.

And when those lips part
And the song starts
It reaches me.
Winds into my ears
Past the brain, frantically resisting,
Down my whole being
To kiss the heart.

Yep. That’s exactly how my celebrity crush on Tegoshi Yuya started. It began with his smile, then his voice…

Then there was no going back.

And here I am today, still hopelessly infatuated with not only Tegoshi, but the other five members of NEWS.

Massu, you creeper.

Found that — terrible — poem in my writing archives (dated January 4th, 2011) while searching for writing inspiration, and since there’s nothing particularly spazz-worthy as of late, I figured I’d just post it. I think I wrote it for that poetry scrapbook thing I did for English. I swear, journal, I didn’t realize at the time of writing it that I was writing about Tegoshi. I thought it was just a cliche-ish portrayal of a girl falling for a musician.

Woah. Subconscious writing. Sick. :Dv

Anyway, I wanna talk about Ouran today. Yay spoilers!

I loved the first episode! I wasn’t expecting it to be so short at not even half an hour long, which disappoints me if they’re only gonna air the typical 10-12 episodes of a Japanese drama.

The ratings for the first episode were A.W.F.U.L. I don’t think I’ve ever seen worse ratings. It was like 1.1% or something. For such a popular manga, that’s shockingly appalling. I have to admit, its time slot sucks like leeches and secondhand embarrassment runs rampant, but I’m pretty sure the show does not deserve such low numbers.

It’s adorable! I love that the drama producers (or whoever is involved in drama production) really tried to stay faithful to the manga, and even added quirky anime-esque effects to it, as in the following screenshot:

Sometimes these effects don’t translate as well when it’s live action, but you gotta appreciate the attempt.

I had been a bit iffy with Yamamoto Yusuke playing Tamaki, but after seeing his performance as the leader of the host club — I am definitely sold. He looks the least like his character, but his personality is Tamaki-perfect with the melodrama and idiocy and that’s all I really care about.

As for the others — Mori and the Hitachiin twins? LOVE. THEM. I think Mori is spot on, though there isn’t much to base this opinion off of because he spoke like two lines in the two episodes so far. GOOD. That’s how Mori should be.

I can’t tell Hikaru and Kaoru apart yet because, well, they are obviously twins. I’ll probably be able to later? (Hopefully this won’t be like the Harry Potter films where I STILL can’t distinguish the Weasley twins. /fail HP fan) I applaud them for being able to handle the extreme awkwardness of situations like this, since they’re really brothers and male:

Yeah, I know. It IS incest and kind of creepy and straight-out-of-a-BL-movie-ish, but I quite enjoy it. Hehe. ;D There’s a reason the Hitachiin twins are among my favorite anime characters ever.

That’s not to say the Ouran live action is perfect. It’s not. In fact, from a non-fan’s perspective, it might be viewed as horrible and deserving of its time slot/ratings.

The girl playing Haruhi… isn’t very good. I’ve never heard of the actress before, Kawaguchi Haruna, but her acting could use a bit of work. It’s not so terrible that it’s turning me away from the drama or anything. She’s so pretty, though… and only sixteen! I’m happy they didn’t cast a twenty-something-year-old to play Haruhi.

But, er…

On what planet can this pass as a hot guy? Japan, I know you have lots of pretty boys and I’m one of those chicks who love pretty boys, but this is in no way a boy.

She could have gone without the mascara, at least. >__>

And then there’s Mitsukuni Haninozuka‎. There’s something about Honey-senpai that bothers me. They failed to make him cute like the manga/anime versions, which is to be expected because no actor older than ten can properly portray him. But the drama producers had to make it face-palm-worthy by adding this creepish shrinking effect whenever he hugs Haruhi. I think its unnecessary, but eh, maybe it’s just not my cup of tea.

Kyouya… I don’t have many issues with. He doesn’t seem evil enough, maybe? It’s been a while since I finished the manga and I think I remember him being a bit more pleasantly evil. Haha, there’s an oxymoron for you.

But my biggest problem with the live action? The girls. No doubt.

I’m aware they’re supposed to act like giggly dumb bimbos. (Lol my college would not be pleased to hear me utter such a gender derogatory word. :P) That doesn’t make them any less irritating.

Oh, I guess I’ll have to deal. They ARE entertaining. :D Also… that’s how I get when I’m deep into my fangirl mode.

One girl in particular strongly reminds me of Noi from Yamande.

I don’t care how busy I’ll be with college; I WILL find time to watch this! This and several other shows too, including Shige’s and Ryo’s and possibly some anime thrown in there. I’d halted all drama- and anime-watching to focus on senior year, and now that I started again I’d forgotten how much I miss it. I need something to keep me busy while NEWS is inactive. ;___;

Hmm. Fangirly post needs moar pretty boys.

TALL. DARK. HANDSOME. EVIL!SELF. SPANISH INFLUENCED MUSIC. Oh my god what is this captivating creature. Shirota Yuu definitely has my heart now. The part that Johnny’s had yet to claim, anyway. :P I watched this so many times that when I rewatched “Heart of Glass” I forgot he could smile.


. . .

This little surprise came in the mail a few days ago.

Not only did I get a passing score of 3 for AP Literature, but I scored a freaking 4 on United States History, the bane of my twelfth grade existence.

History teacher had purposely set the level of her tests to something like Difficulty: Impossible. Sure, it really prepared me for the exam, but I didn’t appreciate her class keeping me off the honor roll every term.

Whatever, I’m more than happy about those scores! I didn’t even finish the Literature one. :P Unfortunately, my college won’t accept anything that’s not a 5. Ehh, not really caring. I PAAAAAAASSED~

Good thing I declined to take the AP Calculus exam. I got my college math placement results in my email inbox, and even after a year of high school calculus, they put me in the lowest level calculus class. LOL I suck at math.

After this envelope I shouldn’t be getting much mail at my home address anymore, and that’s because college had emailed me my new mailing address!


When I visited the national-park-like campus back in April, I saw where all the student mailboxes are. It’s pretty much just a locker, except it’s one cubic foot in size and that’s where all your mail ends up! Now that I opened up my first checking account and I have a debit card for those necessary college expenses *ahem*, I can order things online and they will arrive in that very box, or if it doesn’t fit the school will email me about it. Sounds like a silly thing to get excited over, but I can’t help myself. I’m actually going to be living there! I only have to see my mother a few times a month!


That also means my parents will no longer get suspicious whenever there’s a sketchy Hawaiian package addressed to me in our mail. Whoo. :D

(IMPORTANT NOTE TO FUTURE SELF: Don’t you even think about going all spend happy with that debit card. Even if NEWS requires it. Okay, maybe only in that case, but spend responsibly!)

I have to wait until the end of August, at the very least, to mail some things halfway across the world. :P Mama’s starting to ask prying questions about where I’m sending things, because she really thinks I have no friends and SHE IS HAPPY WITH THAT. This is a monster, not a mother.

Anyway. I don’t have tuberculosis! It is always good to know that you are not carrying a potentially fatal infectious disease. Once comforted by the knowledge that the tuberculin skin test came out negative, I was sure I was healthy.

That doctor’s visit proved me wrong.

Bad news is… well, there are several bad news.

  1. My family has a history of high blood pressure. I was worried I might have it too, so I was especially interested in my blood pressure numbers. Umm… my blood pressure is LOW. Below average. Hypotension. That might explain why I get dizzy and black out for a few seconds all the time. This sort of thing happens to a lot of teenagers, usually when you stand up after sitting for an extended period of time, but it’s much more frequent for me. I don’t pass out, but the edges of my vision turn black and I can only see a pinprick of light where my pupils are. And it makes me super dizzy. I don’t even have to be sitting down; I get dizzy after bending down to retrieve something. Doctor didn’t tell me I have LBP, probably because it isn’t as dangerous as HBP — and it shouldn’t be, unless my heart stops or something, lol. :P As long as it doesn’t drop too low, LBP is a sign of a healthy body. :Db
  2. NOW The Old Man decides to tell me that, yes, he’s anemic. Blood tests show that my red blood cells are small — one type of anemia — but there’s enough of them to make up for the lack of size. So that means I have anemic tendencies but not the disorder itself. Oh, and Doctor recommends that I take iron pills for my slight iron deficiency. All that together sounds suspiciously like iron deficiency anemia if you ask me.
  3. Hair is still falling out. It just keeps thinning and thinning and I swear it doesn’t grow back at all. Will have to invest in a wig if this continues.
  4. Doc, what do you mean I’m “losing weight too quickly”? I’m still chubby asdfghjkl. >__>
  5. I paid the eye doctor a visit today because I need more contacts. More bad news. I am apparently so badly nearsighted (-9.50 in the left eye, -8.50 in the right; I’m practically blind, I know ;__;) that it’s causing my retina to thin out in some places, putting me at risk for retina problems such as infections, rips, tears, all the things you do not want in your eyes. And then The Pest began telling me that he once watched a TV show in which someone got their retina replaced, and that includes SEWING IT INTO YOUR EYEBALL WTFOMG. D8
    EDIT: Lattice degeneration. I remember now, that’s what the eye doctor called it. It’s a disease of the eye, which means… I ALREADY HAVE IT? Journal, I don’t want to be blind. ;_______;

That’s it. I’m just gonna lock myself in a closet and eat carrots for the rest of my life. Carrots are good for your eyes and hair, since it contains beta-carotene and the body converts that into vitamin A. It has iron for my deficiency, keeps blood pressure regular, and I’m sure if I eat fifty servings of them they’ll provide me with my daily calories.

Sometimes it doesn’t seem worth it, you know? You do everything right yet your body still spits in your face and decides to do its own thing. I genuinely like being a mild health nut, but there are those moments where I’d rather eat cake and candy and die fat and happy.

Some quick news/discoveries:

1. Someone was found dead on his doorstep. ACROSS MY FREAKING STREET. He was a drug dealer/user and it was drug related. This is creepy, man. D: I love Boston, but it’s not a safe place at all. I saw a guy dealing drugs right outside my house. And since I live near a train station, aka Creep Central, I fear for my life while taking out the trash at night.

2. College is the only time I’ll be looking forward to required physical education. I will learn how to swim at long last! ^3^

3. Minimum California littering fine: $750. Massachusetts littering fine: $20. Well now, doesn’t that explain the trash-encrusted streets here.

4. FINALLY finished that Cardcaptor Sakura fic. For real this time. I’m proud of my work, but one reader hated the tragic ending so much that she took me off her favorites list. That’s fine. I knew from the beginning that not many people would be cool with a sad ending. I’m surprised at the number of people who do like it. Happy happy~

5. The Old Man wants to be facebook friends. I said hell no. He whined whyyyyy. I still said no. OvvO

Uhh, is it just me or does that face look like Pedobear?

6. This dream is probably the creepiest one I’ve had yet: I’m in an abandoned home, with parts of it chipped and worn away. It’s more of a shack, really.

The world is ending. There is the expected lightning and thunder but no rain. The sky resembles a typical stormy sky, heavy with grey clouds, but it occasionally flashes in Technicolor, with eerie periods of blackness in between.

Some people dash across the streets, screaming incoherencies, but the neighborhoods mainly remain vacant. Parked cars spontaneously explode. I brush aside dirt-streaked pink curtains and spot a sad-looking little girl sitting on the sidewalk. She has one of those Crayola watercolor sets in her hands. For some reason, she picks up the watercolors and starts eating them, plucking the paint bits out of their compartments and swallowing them whole. Lips stained rainbow, she then lies down on her side, huddles up, and fixes her eyes on something no one else can see.

I’m a captive. One man has gone mad in the apocalypse and he has claimed this house to be his. He won’t let me leave. At night he observes us, me and his other prisoners, watching us while we sleep. He tells us he’s going to transport us to a new place, but I wake up before I find out where that is.

7. I’ve been getting away from the computer and doing a lot of crafty things lately. That’ll be in the next entry, because my craft obsession is getting really bad. -___-

I’ll continue with my little bear thing when I actually leave my house. D:

Until next time,

~ Mimi O.o

6 thoughts on “Doctor, I Have a Problem

  1. I really liked the live-adaptation of Ouran High Host Club! But then the second episode kind of threw me off. I feel like there’s no driving plot or storyline. (But maybe that’s because I haven’t read the manga and don’t know :S I love thre twins! I can tell them apart kekeke…

    I know you’re a Tegoshi fan but you have to admit his acting was kinda off in Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac. (Which I just watched the other day) The movie felt a bit disappointing…

    Have you seen the first episode of the live action adaptation of Arakawa Under the Bridge?
    It’s sooo cool and wacky! Shirota Yuu is in it as a machine gun wielding nun!

  2. I’ve read both the manga and seen the anime, and the drama producers are making the live action exactly like the originals. A lot of future scenes will be kind of pointless like the second episode. That can be a good or bad thing, depending on who you ask. I love it. :D

    Pfffft, yeah, Tegoshi’s strengths are in singing and sports, not acting. And when you’re acting in a language you don’t speak, *shudders* let’s not even talk about that. I don’t think Memoirs is a great film to begin with. It’s boring at parts and the awkward mix of Japanese and English made me cringe really badly. I liked Tegoshi’s acting in Deka Wanko, though, if you saw that.

    Hmm, I’ve heard of that adaptation (and the pure crack it contains) but I didn’t know it was Shirota Yuu who plays that crazy nun! I wanna watch it now, but… sooo many other things to watch at the same time! I’m conflicted. :/

  3. YAY for finally deciding to comment and stop being a creeper *guilty blush* I’ve read your blog for aaaaaaaaaages but I’ve never plucked up the courage to comment. So, here I am :D

    I hope you start feeling better soon :( The hair thinning/not growing back doesn’t sound good at all…maybe it’s stress? and the low blood pressure/slightly anemic is just like me!!! My mum practically force fed me mandarines and oranges to try and help with my “iron retention” or something like that…needless to say I got pretty sick of both fruits pretty quickly.

    I’m absolutely loving the Ouran drama! I think I was one of the few people who were really excited about Yusuke being Tamaki, but then again I may be a liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitle biased when it comes to him <3 He's doing a fantastic job, he's a great actor and really versatile. If you get a chance you should watch the mini-movie Rinne no Ame with him and Seto Koji, sooooooo sad ;_;

    I think Honey is adorable to be honest, every time he comes on screen I can't help but squee a little. Having said that though, I do hate the creepy shrinking thing the producers still seem to think is cute.

    College sounds so exciting! I'm a tad jealous, I don't graduate until November T_T not to mention I don't feel like I'll be getting the score I need to get into the course I want, it's so high and I've been getting rather average grades all year. Oh well, whatever happens happens I guess :)

  4. Lol no problem, I love it when creepers come forward!
    The only thing that bothers me is that I never know how many people regularly read this. It’s a personal journal, you know? I’m just documenting my adolescent life so I won’t forget as I get older, though there isn’t much to forget because I don’t do anything noteworthy. It’s not like an entertainment blog where I’m trying to generate traffic. Every time I get a message from someone who thinks I’m interesting, my reaction is like, “…Y’all are bluffing, right?” I don’t post that often because my life bores the motivation out of me. xP

    The scary thing is that I feel perfectly fine while my body secretly plots bad things. ;__; My hair used to be incredibly thick ten years ago, but since then it’s been steadily thinning. Maybe because of genetics? If I twist it up it’s not even as thick as my index finger. I’m not going to worry much over the anemia thing because I only mildly exhibit some of the symptoms. Do oranges help? I love oranges and I eat one almost every day. :)

    I like Yusuke, but in my mind he didn’t seem suited to play Tamaki. Not his fault; no one seemed right. After watching his performance, I definitely changed my mind. <3
    Ooh, sad movie? I'll have to give that a try some time!

    I don't know about exciting — the college I'm attending is one of the toughest in the country, so it might end up being like high school again, with the sleepless nights and endless procrastination and school-related entries. I applied to it halfheartedly because I figured I didn't have a chance. :P You never know unless you try, right? Eeee, just 18 more days!!!!
    Wait, November? Where are you from? A school year here typically goes from late August/early September to May/June. I hope you don't mind the massive amounts of American slang I use all the time.

  5. haha, if I had of known that you like it when people comment I would have done it earlier :D Besides, your life sounds so much more interesting than mine…or at least you make it sound interesting :)

    I’m from Australia, so a typical school year starts end of January/early February until November/December depending on what year you are in at school. Younger year levels tend to finish in mid December whilst older year levels finish late November or early December. It depends on the school really.

    Don’t worry about the American slang, I’m used to all different kinds really. We get so many TV shows here from both America and Britain that you pick up both types I guess. :P

  6. Everyone likes comments, right? :D It’s fine if people choose to stay quiet (I almost never leave comments myself), but when they don’t say anything I assume no one’s waiting for me to update. No one waiting = “oh it’s fine if I skip an entry this week.” I do write mainly for ME, but I’m too lazy to post often if there’s no motivation (like the guilt of making readers wait).

    Oh, Australia! I have relatives there but I’ve never met them, so you’re only the second Australian I’ve communicated with. Nice to meet you!

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