baby face

(credits to… it’s been so long that I completely forgot, I’m sorry D:)




Making sure to put these b-day wishes first because I am unforgivably late. As always. ;___;

There aren’t any super recent shots of Massu and Shige because Shige’s been up to his neck in work, and I suppose Massu is busy rehearsing things with Tegoshi. So I had to hunt for this photoshoot back in April or something.

I won’t write long gushing paragraphs on these two wonderful guys because I already did that for their previous birthdays.

I’ll just do lil blurbs instead. :D

Massu, I don’t know what you’re up to these days except for your regularly airing radio show and preparing for the upcoming fireworks festival on August 6th as Tegomass (and you’re supposedly gonna appear in Ryo’s drama for a bit, as well as maybe having your own major role in a Sailor Moon live action but that last part is STRICTLY a rumor and I don’t like spreading lies so forget I said anything :X), but just keep on being you. That’s why you’re loved.

Shige, you’re a busy man now, huh? Stage play, radio show, AND a drama! No one can say you’re still that unknown member of NEWS, not with work like this. Although we still tease you. Lots. >:D We make fun of you because we adore you.

I was planning on uploading a video of me singing a song for NEWS because I miss them, but after listening to the end result several times… I think I’m gonna wait to take advantage of those private voice lessons my college is offering. Ewww, my voice. x__x

Twitter!Tegoshi has been tweeting a lot recently — well, a lot for him. “Him.” Because it’s highly unlikely he’s the real deal, but let a desperate fangirl pretend, will you?

He tweeted a bit about the recent soccer thing between Japan and the United States. Predictable. :P But he also expressed the same thing fans have been wanting for a while now: he wants to sing, do a tour, be with the members, be with NEWS.

Of course, this guy, if he’s fake, could just be copying what the real Tegoshi had said in an interview, that he’s almost angry that NEWS isn’t getting any work. But you can see why I wish so badly that this is really him, pleaaaase be him. D’:

. . .

AIRPORT GUY skims his eyes over the family of 4 while their bags are being weighted.  FATHER breathes a sigh of relief whenever a measurement lands just under the 50-pound limit. DAUGHTER and SON furiously scribble contact information on luggage tags.

Okay, I just need ID for the two adults.

DAUGHTER looks up, surprised. She slips her state ID back into her pocket and doesn’t bother protesting. She scowls. SON laughs at his sister’s eternal baby face.


Sure, I may act fourteen and sometimes I look fourteen, depending on what I do to my hair, but dangit, it’s annoying when people make that mistake.

While I was in California, my uncle, whose humble abode we intruded for the week, was shocked to find out that I’m four years older than he thought I was. My neighbor across the street thought the same thing. And so did these random Christian preachers who came to my house asking me if I want to be saved.

The Pest thinks I look older than my age, I think I look exactly my age, but all the adults in my life… yeah.


So about California!

Picture was taken as we were flying above Arizona, I think. I haven’t a clue what those weird, even circles are — so I snapped a photo.

Um… I don’t really know what else to write about. It wasn’t nearly as exciting and activity-filled as it was the last time I went, in 2007.

Four years ago I mainly stayed in southern California, in hotels and the fabulous night life and more theme parks than my fourteen-year-old self could handle in a week: Seaworld in San Diego, Disneyland in Anaheim, and Universal Studios in Hollywood. Then there was the tour of Hollywood that took place on the exact day of the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix premiere. Coincidence? More like fate. :D

But I only got to stand in the crowd of wild fans for a bit before I had to get back on the bus. D:

Oh, and we also got to shop in some Asian malls that — I swear — sold some of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. We don’t have that kind of stuff in Boston. I wasn’t obsessed with Japanese things at the time yet, so I regret to say I didn’t exploit the opportunity like I’m sure the current me would. :/

Yep, it’s easy to see that this year’s California visit didn’t compare to my last visit, but it was still nice. We mainly stayed in the central part of California, Fresno, to be exact.

That city… is weird. There are stores e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e. They weren’t the independent family-owned stores, either; they were mostly national/regional chains. I don’t know, maybe that’s normal for places outside of Boston, but I’ve never seen such strangeness here.

Then again, maybe I need to get out of my house. T-T


We drove down to San Jose for a day, ate lots of obscenely bad-for-you foods, and took a millennium winding up the mountains (over 5,000 feet in elevation!) to reach Yosemite National Park.

A word of advice to future me: If you ever visit that park again, opt to travel by helicopter. It will greatly decrease time and your chance of death by plunging over the guardrail-less mountain edge.

Hmm, what else did I do? See, it was mainly ten days of relaxation this time around, so there really is nothing to write about.

Oh yeah, California has a lot of those little coin-operated vending machines that we don’t have here. You know, the kind that dispenses a toy for a quarter. I may be a legal adult but I really, really love these things. A lot.

This was my favorite:

Domo-kun. With a moustache. Awesome. ^o^

I did get one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever received from this kind of machine, and that thing is…

Yep. An image of a crucified Jesus. On a small wood block. Glued to a ring. Even to Christians this can’t be normal. O__o

Other than these tiny things I didn’t buy a lot of stuff to take home — wasn’t much to buy, except for some odds and ends from the Yosemite gift shop.

I’m boring myself to tears writing about this Vacation of Nothing so I’ll end here. I can only hope college is more exciting. My life. SO. DULL.

Life updates will go in the next entry. Goodniiiiiiiight.

Until next time,

~ Mimi ^vv^

2 thoughts on “baby face

  1. Asdfghjk. Tuxedo Mask Massu. ♥♥ *w* I think I’d be pretty awesome if he simply cosplayed him, but I don’t actually want Massu to play the guy. ;n;
    Massu= Cute and squishy.
    Tuxedo Mask= Tall, dark, and sexy.
    … There are more Johnny’s who fit that better. Also, I’d get jealous of Sailor Moon.

    XDDDDDDDDD Oh dear. The drawbacks of being Asian. But fourteen is a bit much, huh?

    O___O Those circles. What an abnormal phenomenon! Could it be? >A< (Is superstitious and all that shtuff)

    Oooh, I think the Asian mall you're talking about is Little Tokyo in LA?

    LOL Jesus in gachapon? Even more, Jesus RING in gachapon? XDDD;;

    I think you're family should visit Hawaii next. =w= I'll tell you all the Asian-y places~

  2. I just CAN’T imagine him playing such a character. But that’s the challenge of acting, right? Pretty sure the rumor is fake, anyway. The full cast list? Suspiciously filled with idols.
    Lol I wonder how’d you would react if Massu ever got a make-out scene.

    Just a few days ago I went to open a checking account at the bank, and the bank lady said, “Your first checking account? Are you sixteen yet?” >_____< Well… it doesn't help that my voice is high-pitched and I rarely act my age.

    Nope, not Little Tokyo. I've never ever been anywhere entirely Japanese. <== IF I EVER VISIT HAWAII YOU MUST FIX THIS.

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