I have returned from California!

(Yosemite National Park ^-^)

Despite soaking up quite a bit of the sun — I’m still pale. Starting to think my skin is tan resistant.


Quick post to prove I didn’t just drop off the face of the earth. :P I’d brought my laptop to CA to type up a few entries, but I guess the lack of internet for two weeks foiled those plans. TT-TT Now there’s a ton of catching up to do in fandom. (In the time I’d been gone, it seems one of the Hey!Say!JUMP members has been kicked out? The heck? :O)

Not to mention I have more college things to do, and that includes taking the math, music theory, and French placement tests before the 15th of July. Oh, will the work ever end? D’:

(I did get my new roommate, though, and I’m truly relieved to report that she is nothing like the nightmarish, crazy freak I’d been imagining. Yay!)

But in typical me fashion, I’m screwing all of that and am busy trying to find out where to watch Shige’s and Ryo’s new dramas. Initially wasn’t going to, but glimpses of naked Shige in magazines and talk of a cute Ryo piqued my interest. :DD

Until next time,

~ Mimi :p

3 thoughts on “back

  1. Hello, hello~
    OMO I’M SO JEALOUS. I wish I didn’t tannnnnnn. QAQ *Picks at unevenly tanned arm skin*

    Oh yeah, I forgot about Morimoto smoking and getting kicked out, LOL;; Ah, it seemed like so long ago.

    And Zenkai Girl! ;m; So disappointed that NEWS didn’t sing the theme song…
    I have the 1st episode downloaded already, but I don’t really wanna watch it without subs. D: Same goes for Shige’s drama. :I Tho, I’m considering watching Shige’s without subs because I heard he’s super hot in it. :9 When he needs to, Shige can REALLY WORK super hot, lol.

  2. You didn’t have to comment on such a pointless post, lol.
    I don’t wanna be super-dark-tan, but I wish my skin would get a teensy bit tanner so I can have that healthy summertime glow. And given where you live, it only makes sense that you’re tan. :P

    FOR THE FACT ALONE THAT NEWS DIDN’T SING THE OPENING I was about to boycott Zenkai Girl, lol I’m a meanie. But I know it’s not Ryo’s fault or NEWS’s fault or anyone’s fault, and coupled with positive reviews, I decided why not, I’ll give it a try. Will wait for subs, though I heard Serenity Fansubs is doing Shige’s. D: Errr… no offense to them, but they’re not exactly the fastest subbing team on the planet. Hopefully another group will take up Hanawake too?

  3. But I wanted to welcome you baaaaack. :c

    That’s the perrrrrrfect skin tone ;A;

    XD I know what you mean about the theme song! My heart dropped when I found out they weren’t doing it! I guess I had my hopes to high.

    Subs for Zenkai Girl are out at Still haven’t watched it… =A= I bought a HDMI cable, so I wanna try watch it on my TV. :D

    Lol, perfect example: Deka Wanko. Did they finish it yet? They probably just take on too many projects at once. D: I appreciate their work, but maybe they’re overloading themselves. I REALLY want subs for Hanawake. More than Zenkai Girl. :I
    Shige’s hotness will trump quality in drama. If there is a difference, that is.

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