Until Forever

Today’s entry is sponsored by KoyaTegoMass-brand cuteness.

They’re so colorful. <3 Even though I’m disappointed that Shige was occupied with something else (his stage show?) to be in this shoot, he would have messed up the hair colors thing they have going on.

Of course Massu gets food while the other two get random objects. ^3^

Koyama and Tegoshi have a long history of cutely sharing food. Or is it Tegoshi with NEWS in general? Whatever, we all know Tegoshi is a promiscuous creature. :D

I don’t know what Massu’s staring at, but he’s off in his own little world with his panda while KoyaTego are being all squishy with their Pocky. I usually view Koyama and Tegoshi’s relationship as a typical little-brother-big-brother one, but then there are moments like this where Tegoshi acts like such a girlfriend it’s as though they ship themselves.

Not that I mind. ;)

Oh, now Massu wants in on the fun. I guess that’s what he gets for frolicking with Shige so much lately. KOYATEGO PAYBACK.

It’s obvious why some fans view Koyama as the mother of NEWS and Tegomass as the children. Such a lovely family they are. <3

Beautiful things happen when the members of NEWS are together, why don’t they understand this. I get that they’re busy with their own solo activities and all that (including Shige’s upcoming drama that I’m pumped for because he gets to play a hot photographer *___*), but how about they devote some time to being a group for once. Please? Just for a little while?

Let’s pray that the rumor about NEWS doing the theme song for Ryo’s summer drama is true!

I am days late for this — when am I not? :P — but it was Skull-kun’s birthday! ♥ The Tegoshi on Twitter tweeted this announcement on the 6th of June. The authenticity of his identity is to be questioned, of course, but he’s the closest thing we’ve got to the real guy. Some fans speculate that it truly IS him because his old profile image was one of his dog, Tinii/Tinny/Teeny (how the HECK is this romanized? @_@) — a photo, mind you, that Tegoshi himself had not shown to the public until later. In addition to that, several members of the Tegomass band are following him back. Hmmm.

Questions, questions. :P


Guess which one is Skull~~

. . .

I’ve graduated.

I’ve really graduated.


The time leading up to graduation day seemed to drag on for An. Eternity. The last day of classes was on the 13th of May, same day as my prom, but graduation was on the 25th. I can’t remember that well how I spent that in-between time, but this entry will be my poor, dull attempt. :D

-Our Last Days-

That week before graduation was a regular school week for the remaining students, but it was final exams week for seniors. If we had to take them, that is. My school has the most wonderful policy♫ of letting students with at least a 90/A-minus average in a class be exempt from exams for that class.

The one class that I have a B+ average in is U.S. History, but that’s an AP class and the AP exam counted as our final. Eurgh, yeah, I’d rather not talk about how those went. ;A; My friends felt fairly confident about the English one and I just went along with it, pretending that I totally did not fail that so bad. DX

Anyway, no finals for Mimi~~

Still had to come to school, though. Graduation practice. >__< I spent the entire exam time (three hours a day) in the computer lab, working on the other half of LMHYV to be published in the literary magazine. A sappy snippet of the original:

A while later she falls asleep just like that, her head falling to the side, mouth stilled in a smile, grip on his fingers loosening. Too late, he suddenly remembers that he didn’t remind her to take her medicine. He scribbles a note to a nurse about it, leaves it on the table in plain sight.

Stevie has to reluctantly pull away from her because it’s that time again, time to return to his—most likely—comatose and unresponsive mother, passed out on the couch. This time, though, there’s the tiniest spring in his step as he curls his hand, tucks it in his pocket, and takes Sydney’s lingering warmth home with him. If only for a moment, home won’t be so cold.

IT TOOK A YEAR AND HALF, BUT I FINISHED. I felt so relieved handing it in to the librarian. I even changed it back into the fanfiction it’s supposed to be and posted the next bit on fanfiction.net. But… I can’t post the rest of it yet. Sure, it’s all done and complete and has a beginning, middle, and end — but I’m not happy with the middle. I rushed to complete it for school and that’s what it is: rushed. I’m thinking about rewriting certain parts, develop the relationship in it further. -can’t write romance-

Maybe… it’s just me being overly critical about my work? I can find fault in everything I write; maybe this time is no different.

I think… it’s time to find me a beta reader. :/

Moving on!

Here’s my empty locker:

Me and some friends thoroughly enjoyed throwing away anything that we couldn’t sell, i.e.  everything except our textbooks. Then some of us tried to stuff ourselves in our lockers. Not me, though, no way. >A< I’m way too big to fit in that teeny space.

That’s what Lizzy thought too. :Dv

Monday before graduation was our final day of reflection, during which we got, er, laundry bags as a gift from the school. How… practical. xD No, I really do appreciate it.

Tuesday morning included: a breakfast cooked by some juniors who wanted to miss class :D, a mini awards ceremony, a slideshow of our time at school (compiled by the student council president and class president), and then a graduation dress rehearsal of sorts in front of the student body.

Afterward, we all got personalized teddy bears as another gift from the school. Yay. ^___^

Tuesday evening was the baccalaureate mass, followed by a really nice dinner with our parents. The Old Man had work so The Pest came instead.

I liked the food — not worth $30 a person, though — but it was really a night of celebrating out achievements. I got called up on stage far too many times. -____-;; Ordinarily that would be okay, but I sat in the seat farthest away from the stage, AND I was wearing these chunky wedges that made walking quickly difficult.

The first thing they did was pointlessly call us up to each receive a flower. Then came some academic awards and special awards. The special awards were from different sources and were given to people for various reasons, like outstanding commitment to the school or a lot of community service.

Adele and Laney started eyeing me from across the table when the lady speaking started to describe the next award. Basically it was an award for the most personal growth, though they described it as for “the student who had found her voice throughout the four years at high school and consistently uses it for the betterment of the school community.”

Mhmm, they gave the award to me. Me! Adele and Laney both jumped up and pointed at me, exclaiming, “I KNEW IT! :DDD” when that happened.

After that: recognition of our scholarships and grants, calling the top ten students to the stage, and… dessert!

‘Twas a gigantic cream puff filled with ice cream. Should not have eaten the whole thing BUT I DID.

-The Big Day-

Dang, I’m jealous of whoever’s cap went flying all the way up there. Mine went like two feet above my head then landed behind me, lol.

I’m not in this picture, but that’s my class right there. Our cap and gown are white, which is pretty, but it made me look incredibly fat (haha, if this was Twitter I would insert one of those hashtag things, like #teenageproblems). There’s also a maroon collar we have to attach, and students in National Honor Society wear the gold stoles around their necks.

Mother Nature was so kind to us on commencement~  Last year it was so hot that Gail, as part of the honor guard, fainted in the heat. This time, just a gorgeous day. <3

I’d always wondered what graduates did after graduation. Do they just go home afterward or what? Well, now I know. ^o^ We take looooots of pictures with friends, family, and teachers, and you leave whenever you want. Most likely you would go out to dinner afterward. Mmm, yes, food is always good.

As for the ceremony itself, I’m just glad my class is so small. It only took an hour, but at larger schools I’ve heard it can take a nightmarish 4 hours or more. D: That’s because we file in veeeeery slowly (to give parents a chance to take pictures), and the receiving of the diploma takes MUCH longer. Lynne and Laney, valedictorian and salutatorian, gave beautiful speeches, as expected. I got bored listening to the ones last year, and now I know it’s only meaningful when it’s from members of your own class.

Oh. I’m going to miss everyone so, so, so much. ;_______:

-The Days After-

The beginning of my Time Beyond High School mostly involved long stretches of doing absolutely nothing, gaping at the information college is suddenly drowning me with all at once, feeding my really bad internet addiction, and more doing nothing.

Yep. Lots and lots of that last part — and trying to ignore anything school-related.

Although I did sneak a look at the Math placement exam I’m required to take before July-something. Umm…

Pfft, whaaaaaaaaat? D8

Looks like I’ll be retaking calculus in college!

But the most significant thing that happened recently would definitely, absolutely, positively have to be… me joining Facebook last week!

No, your eyes do not deceive you! After several years, I’m ashamed to admit that the peer pressure finally got to me. I obviously love my friends too much. >.<

And THAT, journal, is how you know the world is gonna end soon. I had honestly thought that me and Facebook were never gonna happen. Judging by my friends’ reactions, they thought that way too. Lol, people were acting like it was the Rapture or something.

I’m still trying to figure it out, but I think I got the basics by now. Except… I’m too nice to reject friend requests. >__< I’ve only rejected one so far; one of the girls who used to torture me in elementary school had the nerve to send me a friend request.

Rejected that one without a second thought, but I’m not so sure about how I’ll fare in the future regarding things like that. It’s not like I have anything in my life to hide, though. I don’t even use FB that much, now that I have one. Right now I mainly use it to keep in touch with college things.

Two awesome things that happened: 1.) I’m now friends with someone who likes Tegomass AND will be attending the same college as me, and 2.) Angel posted something on my wall that made me smile like an idiot, even though it’s not much different than what other people have been writing me.


More about my FB findings in a later entry because I should sleep now. Goodnight!

Day Six

Name: Snowcap. I didn’t name him; some boy I used to go to school with named him.

Color: The boy called him “panda-colored,” so panda-colored he shall be. There’s a matching scarf around his neck.

Place: On my knee, in front of a book, in the hallway of the place I volunteer at.

Other info: That sandaled foot in the picture is Tyson’s, I think. Um, I didn’t realize that I took the picture with my book turned to such an awkward page, sorry. xD The book, by the way, is Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson.

Yeah, I’m too sleepy to write any more. I really hope this is the last of the Uninteresting Journal Entries. After all, summer is supposed to be exciting!

Until next time,

~ Mimi O.o

3 thoughts on “Until Forever

  1. LOL I loved that little Tegomass breakfast photoshoot. I literally laughed out loud when I saw Koyama randomly pop up in the last photo. I found it more amusing than it actually was, lol.
    And Koyategomass+Pocky *Q* Ah, all my memories of the Pocky Game. >___>;;

    I didn’t know “Tegoshi” has a twitter :O Hmmm, I wanna keep an eye on it~

    XD Stuffing yourself in your locker? Dude, my high school doesn’t even have lockers. (But the middle school does >A>;;)

    Wow, congrats on that award! That’s amazing~ Do you think it’s an accurate description of your high school journey? xD

    My school does Project Grad after graduation. :P So basically they go to some secret place to party together instead of going out, becoming intoxicated, and dying in a car accident.
    Oh my God, graduation here was so looooooong. So many names called and there were 5 speeches. >__>;;
    Hearing your experience, I’m looking forward to the speeches given from my class. ;u;

    Looking at that equation hurt my head. >___O

    Oh my God.
    You made a Facebook.
    Oh my God.
    (Addddddd meeeeeeeeeeeeee? :D I’m pretty sure there’s no one else with my name and based on the main colors in my profile pic. you can tell it’s me, LOL.)

    Omg, a Tegomass fan friend! Have fun. I know you will ^_____^

  2. ANY kind of Tegomass interaction is ♥. I heard that people sighted the two of them out working on a photoshoot together. Perhaps we’ll see more of them soon~
    Preferably on a CD cover with four other guys~~
    Don’t know if I should ask what the Pocky game is. -scared yet intrigued-

    Twitter Tego hardly ever tweets, and when he does it’s usually info that people already know/figured out. The evidence is still there that it’s really him behind the screen, so I guess we just have to keep on fangirl creeping to determine if it’s authentic.

    But isn’t your school much bigger than mine??? Where do you put your things? o_O

    Well, academically I’ve become a much WORSE student ever since I discovered Johnny’s but who cares about that. :P In every other aspect of my life, I’ve grown so much that I can’t recognize the person I used to be. Just be glad you met me later in my life. =D

    Pfffft, all my legitimate friends live out your school’s Project Grad. As for everyone else… let’s just say they aren’t likely to pass a drug or alcohol test most hours of the day.
    If you love your class then you’ll love the speeches. I think the ones I heard were extra special because the people giving them are my friends.

    There… really is no one else with your name. o___o Luckyyyyy. There are far too many people running around out there with my name and it makes me uncomfortable. xD

    The Tegomass friend is, coincidentally, from Hawaii. MAN I WISH I LIVE THERE.

  3. excuse me~
    can you tell me which magazine was the shoot from? :”)
    Thanks you so much :”>

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