Prom Night 2011

Omg Tegomass no Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. (I’ve only watched the documentary and listened to “Ai no Naka de” endlessly, but still. *spazzes*) I want some of whatever Massu was smoking throughout the whole thing. Will in-depth fangirl about that later, after more people have seen it.

Omg new ItteQ festival in June involving both Miyagawa and Tegoshi. They just filmed it a couple of days ago in Germany (DAMMIT GERMANY WHY DO YOU ALWAYS GET TEGO), but it won’t be airing until next month, June 5th, I believe. The previews look promising.

Squee, he ran away from the edge so adorably~~ ^–^

Omg Massu wearing something resembling skinny jeans. Lol, YES this is newsworthy. Looky, look!

He’s quite skilled with balls. 8D


What is that thing in his ear? It’s shiny and strange. :/ All of NEWS except Ryo have gotten into wearing ear things lately.

Anyway, omg more Tegomass no Ai promos! Even though the DVD is already out! It’s Shounen Club Premium this time. :Db This post would have actually been finished days ago if I hadn’t come across these performances. I… might have gotten carried away with taking screenshots, lol. Both perfs are from the same day, May 20, which confused me for a bit because it seemed that Tegoshi drastically changed his hairstyle for one performance (in reality he just put it up in a ponytail :P).

They performed Bokura no Sora and Aoi Bench. Vocals for both were beautiful — as expected — but I’m not qualified to critique singing so I’ll just stop here with that.

So first up: Bokura no Sora.

I chose this shot because Massu looks extra Justin Bieber-y here. :DDD

I am so getting mauled for that comment.

Also, his fiery red hair is so vivid, as though someone had blocked out the color of the rest of the shot.

(Since I mentioned Justin Bieber… journal, this is not cool. D:<)

Ahaha, I thought that guy in the back was Shige at first.

Fine, here’s a… less Bieberish shot. :D

That red~ *____* But… has he lost weight recently? His trademark chubby cheeks aren’t there anymore. Or maybe they’ve been gone for a while? I need to consult a Masuda Takahisa expert on this.

Tegoshi was doing that chuu face/ducklips thing he always does in front of the camera, so that’s why he looks kind of pouty. The lighting really brings out the blond, doesn’t it?

Just because Tegoshi looks cool here. Almost masculine. :D

Yeah, Tegoshi, that isn’t a girly dance move at all. Lol, Massu; sorry to capture you in that unfortunate position.

Aaaaand they’re done! Massu’s pose makes me think of Jesus here, for some bizarre reason. xD As for Tegoshi — is he wearing a cardigan? I’ve never seen boys in the United States wear cardigans. Is that normal? If not, well, it’s Tegoshi Yuya. This is the same guy who bought a pink game console to be different from everyone else.

Tegoshi’s one Engrish-filled line of the song still makes me cringe, by the way.

Behind the scenes! Again, Tegoshi, totally not girly. :P

Er, that’s more than enough of Bokura no Sora, don’t you think? Moving on to Aoi Bench!

His hair is getting rather long, isn’t it? Actually…  he just got it cut, about two days ago. Will be watching out for that, though I know I’ll love him no matter what~

…Wow, that was corny.

On his blazer, etoile is the French word for “star,” except there should be an accent over the first e. I know this well because I had to look it up in the dictionary during a French timed writing. I kept writing hoshi instead. :Pv It was also around this time that I decided I REALLY need to limit my fangirling.

There it is again! Massu’s mysterious ear thing. He takes it off for the actual performance, so it’s likely uncomfortable to wear, maybe something that clips onto the ear.

In other NEWS, that face is so squishy!

The colors (grey, black, white) and patterns (polka dots) of their outfits match! The question is — planned or coincidental? :3

Just looking at Massu makes me feel extremely hot. Uh, that came out kinda wrong. I mean it makes me feel literally hot because of how many layers he’s wearing. Don’t know how he can stand to layer on so many clothes. It was a comfortable seventy degrees today, and yet I still felt hot in my spaghetti-strap graduation dress.

ANGELS. 0:D ‘Tis all.

Not related to SCP, but since I’m attaching an absurd amount of pictures…

(credits to sailorocean@lj)

They make it too easy. ♥

The SCP spazz got somewhat out of hand, but I want to squeeze in one last announcement in the fangirling section: OMG OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB DRAMA RUMOR IS NOT A RUMOR. Confirmed in the official Lala magazine, baby! Uh, but it seems that people are expecting it to suck because of the cast/icky time slot. I might cry if they mess up one of my favorite manga.

If any of the above excites you please proceed to fangirl flail with me.

. . .

Of course I had to be the one who got sick during the middle of prom night.

Well, it could have been worse. I could have been sprawled out on the hotel bathroom floor in a ruined hot pink prom dress while two of my friends helped sew my dress back together and another friend giggled and recorded the whole thing with her camera, all the while enduring the strange looks of passing prom goers and regular hotel guests.

How about I start at the beginning?

Don’t get me wrong. My time at prom before I started feeling nauseous was great! But the fact is, I DID get sick. Why meeeeeeeeee.

Overall, prom wasn’t this ~magical amazing night~ that TV!high school makes it out to be. True, everyone looked stunningly gorgeous — as Savannah said to me, we are a rather good-looking senior class ^_____^ — but it was by no means the best night of my life.

Maybe you have to bring a loving date for the night to be magical? I felt sooo awkward walking across the hotel lobby by myself, because ahead of me were Corr and Laney, both of whom had dates. Corr brought her fiance (who is… a very, very odd individual) and Laney came with her date, who’s Chinese. Aha, so THAT’S why she suddenly developed an interest in various Chinese traditions. :DD Anyway, I felt every hotel worker’s and guest’s eyes on me, judging me and giving me looks like I was some lonely, single wretch.

I remember looking out into the crowd of people and commenting to Brie, “We are all way too pretty to not have dates.” Franky, for example, looked like Taylor Swift from afar, except shorter and with normal eyes. Adele was voted into prom court. Lizzy resembled a bride in her white dress, and Savannah was gorgeous as always. All of them, and many many others, came alone. Even for an all girls school, this is strange.

Since my school is so small we only have one prom, a combined junior and senior one. I think the whole “bringing a date” issue is more important for juniors because almost all of them came with somebody. Seniors are soooo over that. We just wanted to spend the last of our time together, with no random boys there with us. It was awkward enough with Corr’s boyfriend, whom I shall now dub Squadron because he needs a name. :P

Oh, right! My outfit.

These are the pieces that make up my complete prom ensemble:

A silvery clutch (which actually has a strap but it looks like a clutch if you tuck the strap in) to hold my phone, camera, and some lipstick and lipgloss because I kept eating it off during dinner, lol.

A ring, two jeweled bangles, and silvery lavender nail polish. Couldn’t decide on purple to match my dress or silver to match my shoes so I went with a combo of the two~

Also, spot that blue notebook in the above picture? Yaz surprised me with it as a graduation present! I’ll take a better picture of that some other time. ♥

My fairly light make-up. For prom night, I mean. In all the pictures taken of me you can’t tell I’m wearing make-up at all. Since I never use eyeliner on the bottom lids and I hardly ever use eyeshadow and it was my first time even touching concealer, I wasn’t willing to go all crazy for one Friday night. Thus, I ended up with this rather neutral look. Plus, I took this picture the morning after prom, so some of it might have rubbed off while I was sleeping.

Oh yeah, have I mentioned that The Old Man got a new camera? He needed a good one because May is an important month for senior events (we took sixty photos during graduation), and obviously my phone is too stupid to handle the honor of taking prom or graduation photos. The new camera explains the resolution in the following picture:

I could NEVER get this close to my eye before and still take a decent shot. You can even see my contact lens really clearly. Hopefully the quality of my photos will be less suckish from now on!

Anyway, last but not least:

Can’t forget the dress, shoes, and hair! It isn’t exactly what you think of when you think prom dress, is it? That’s why I love it. <3 I’m not that pretty of a person but I felt like a princess that day. Yes, I do have a bit of a belly and fat limbs, BLAME MY MOTHER SHE’S A COOK.

Most of my friends came in a limo. Not me, though. You have to pay $67 to ride in it, which I don’t have on hand to shell out. D:

When I got there, a man in front told me to head into the reception area. We weren’t allowed into the ballroom/dining room yet. The reception place had shirley temples, cheese, and crackers, though. ^______^

I think we took up time by taking pictures and complimenting each other. Oh, you know how a girl’s worst prom nightmare is showing up with the same dress as someone else’s? That happened. D: Emilia had the same dress as one of the juniors, except Emilia’s was strapless. She looked like she wanted to cry, although she definitely didn’t have to — she wore it way better. <3

Dinner was good. Nothing extraordinary. The dance was, er… well, I’m not a dancing type of person. Neither is Savannah. The two of us sort of huddled together and wiggled our arms a bit on the dance floor because we’re really awkward with releasing our inhibitions.

Yet, despite my unwillingness to let go, during the senior slideshow on Tuesday, it was shown that someone had snapped an embarrassing picture of me dancing. >///<

While everyone was eating, Nonni, one of the former cheerleaders (she fits the stereotype: blond, tan, lots of make-up, not at all the type of person I would hang out with), dragged Adele onto the dance floor. The entire senior class knows that she has a HUUUGE girl crush on Adele; I really don’t know why, since they’re so different and Adele is a complete goody-two-shoes, but I have to admit it’s so cute watching Nonni fangirl over her. ^o^ I have a photo of the moment:

Adele’s in green. Nonni’s in the floral dress.

But I guess it was thanks to Nonni that Adele was voted into prom court. :D Of course, they crowned Nonni prom queen.

Anyway, after everyone polished off dinner, the dance floor was still relatively vacant except for Adele (who was forced to dance) and Nonni and a few of her friends.

Then Nonni came after me.

She really did grab my hand and pull me onto the dance floor. Never in a million years did I envision myself being twirled around on prom night by anyone from her crowd of friends, let alone the queen herself. I mean, she sits beside me during homeroom but we hardly ever talk. We’re not enemies; we’re just very different people and don’t mix that well. She still smiles at me and jokingly teases me, though. Told you my school is weird.

Oddly, I guess I was the icebreaker? Because after I stepped onto the dance area, everyone else did too.

About an hour before prom ended, Mickie ran out of the ballroom with no explanations. Of course we were worried that she got sick or something, so some of us followed her to the restroom, where we discovered that… her dressed had ripped. Really badly.

I got sick around this time too. I still don’t know why my stomach started hurting all of a sudden, but it pretty much ruined the rest of my night.

So yes. That’s how Mickie ended up groaning on the restroom floor, with her friend Rye filming her, me watching on and anxiously poking my suddenly-hurting stomach, and Angel and Adele using a teacher’s emergency sewing kit (smart woman :D) to mend her dress. The zipper had snapped so they had to sew her dress together. Getting the dress off later must have been awful. *shudders*

Miscellaneous parts of the night included lots of ice cream, dancing the electric slide with Angel as we waited in line for said ice cream, sitting on a rocking bench outside the hotel with some friends to soothe my upset stomach, and taking the following picture in the gazebo while being stared at by hotel guests:

If I make it any bigger you can see our faces, and I can’t let that happen, can I?

It wasn’t until I got into The Old Man’s car did I remember that I forgot to request Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” for a dance. Oh well.

I am expecting for the gap between entries to be smaller from now on, or at least until college starts. But that’s not until August 30. Um, hopefully I’ll find enough things to journal about during the summer, since — if you happen to lack eyeballs and haven’t noticed — 99.99124% of my entries revolve around school.

Next entry will be about graduation!

Until next time,

~ Mimi :DDD

P.S. Sheena just posted a Big Bang music video on her Tumblr. Oh god, what is the world coming to?

P.S. (pt ii) I did ask Adele to listen two of Shirota Yuu’s songs, “Cuando se Ama” and the Spanish version of “Sisyphus.” She told me four things.

  1. He has a nice voice. :3
  2. She likes “Cuando se Ama” a lot.
  3. She can’t detect an accent in the first song. Mind you, this is a girl who lived in Peru for most of her life and still has a very prominent accent, not just some random person studying Spanish.
  4. His voice in the second song, she says, has a hint of an accent. She can’t tell what kind, but she senses it there.

7 thoughts on “Prom Night 2011

  1. Oh my gosh, that one show Massu was on with Eito *___* I could NOT stop smiling throughout the whole thing. My face hurt so much, I had to force myself to stop XD;; God, Massu looks so darn GOOD. 8( But I have to mention, I just found out my penpal from Japan listens to the Beiber everyday, lol. Anyway, Massu in those pants are AMAZING. Massu out of those pants is even bettar. :9 (Forgive me for this little text block of Massu fangirling -___-;;)

    LOL when I watched the performance on SCP, I thought that guy was Shige too! XD;;
    And about your theory of Massu losing weight… I think he’s lost some weight since last year, but if you’re basing it off of that screenshot, it might be the shadows. But I have to admit, when he sings and opens his mouth wide, the indent on the midsection of his cheek seems a little deeper D’:

    Omg, NOT A RUMOOOOOOR! *screams this from the top of a cliff*
    Although Ouran isn’t one of my absolute favorites, it’s one of the first few I’ve fangirled over :3 So it holds a special place in my heart.

    D: I’m sorry about your date-less-ness… I don’t know if this will make you feel any better, but I look really pathetic and lonely when I go to Pac Sun with my friends, I cling to the arms of the muscular manly mannequins and pretend they’re Massu XD;;
    Anyway, you look AMAZING in your dress! (You have so much more boobage than me :D D: I don’t know whether to be happy or sad…) The color really matches you~
    Omg, I think I dance like you! :D I can’t freestyle/party dance whatsoever. I can only do choreographed dances :|
    That… that is one of the worst things that could happen during a Senior prom D: Oh my Gosh, that must have just ruined it for her ;__;

    XD I think EVERY high schooler here knows the song Gee…
    (D: I keep writing mega-huge late comments…)

  2. I think you should be allowed to fangirl over Massu after bearing with my Tego spazz. XD Though I do wish I could understand what they were saying in that little program.

    Massu’s face definitely isn’t as fat (and I use this term endearingly, not meanly) as it used to be, although judging by that drawing he did of Tegoshi and himself, he doesn’t think so.

    Even though the Ouran drama crushed my hopes of having an all-NEWS host club cast, I’m happy over this too. ^o^

    Oh no, don’t be sorry. I didn’t mean I was UNHAPPY going dateless. Did I come off that way? Because I most surely am not upset about such a thing.
    ;__; Honestly, I often wish I were flatter because I’d love to be able to wear tank tops without everything all out on display. That’s why I made sure to choose the least revealing dress possible YES I AM A PRUDE.

    Uhm, sometimes I think you oughta consult a therapist about your Massu addiction.
    Because he seriously is like heroin to you.

  3. I love Massu’s new red hair!! Aren’t they simply adorable???

    By the way, you are so lucky to have a prom! Here in my country we don’t have!!! School life on this island is very boring….

  4. I’m hoping that Massu will try something more adventurous next, like pink highlights. :D I really do think it will look good on him.

    My prom was tiiiiiiny, though! Not even a hundred people in attendance. It made it much more awkward to dance because the teachers could clearly see us. You should ask for a prom, then! I’m sure a lot of people want the same thing. Gather a bunch of students and write a proposal to the head of your school. Maybe it will happen. :)

  5. LOL heyyyy some of my Massu fangirling was cut out! It’s like WP is telling me something…
    I think we even each other out in Tegomass fangirling, lol.

    D: He doesn’t know how much his fans love his baby faaaaace. I wonder if he’s been considering or has been purposely losing weight or something.

    A-all NEWS cast *__________* Ie Ga Tooi was the closest we’ve gotten to an all NEWS cast xD;; E-eh.

    Oh, it’s just that, when you mentioned that you came off to the hotel staff, etc. as lonely, it reminded me of the whole Mannequin thing… >A>;;

    THANK YOU for not being like most teenagers who like showing off. (-__-) I do treasure being flat, but occasionally I wish for more D: I don’t like the fact that I can’t fill out pretty clothes and that I have to shop in younger sections for bras =__=;;

    xD;; H-honestly, I think it seems worse in real-life… In an online blog, it’s more structured and it’s harder to be spazzy with words alone. Lol, I do crazy flails, yo.

  6. Hi there, omg Im sorry for this comment I just happened to stumble upon ur blog while looking for that tegomass scp perfomance, been looking for a decent quality for that vid like ages! So I just saw your screenshot there and and they look HD omg im wondering if could probably share? Ohh I’m so sorry and thank you in advance.

    Btw you looked really amazing in that dress, oh well i know you posted this like 4 years ago, but you really did. Also I’m Ann, nice to meet you ^^

  7. omg this was so long ago that I had a different computer back then, so I’ve retained only a few videos from that laptop. I downloaded it from livejournal but (I just checked) the files have since been deleted/removed, sorry!

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