Catching Up

All right, who dared to teach Jin “that’s what she said”? I was sifting through his Twitter account (got curious, lol) and noticed that the man seems to have picked up on quite a few American terms. Not the good ones, either. I swear he even said “hella” once. See what California did to him?

-clings to New England slang-

Besides that, the rest of this entry is dominantly a Tegoshi flail post, so if you’re not so fond of the androgynous little dude you’ll find it in your best interest to skip this entire thing.

I was Googling some NEWS-related terms the other day because I suffer terribly from a condition in which I do everything I can to avoid school work. After looking up one particular phrase, look what came up as the first site.

Aw, yeaaaah.

Do I talk about Tegoshi crossdressing THAT much for Google to list me as a relevant site? It’s not even one specific post either; it’s my whole journal. o_O It doesn’t particularly bother me if I do. In fact, since I neglected to take caps of her before, here’s Yuuko again — lolita style!

Tego really does look like a boy in drag this time around, though. xD

Um. I’ve been so focused on school things lately that when I rewatched that Deka Wanko episode to take that screencap, I did not understand why Kiri and Hanamori weren’t speaking in English. My brain is melting. D:

Once school is over — you can do it, self; graduation is right around the corner — I’ll be catching up on all fangirl-related activities, which includes finding good dramas to watch, rekindling my love of manga-reading, and Deka Wanko. They already aired a Deka Wanko SP, but that was pretty much just an hour-long advertisement for ANOTHER special coming up, squee. ^o^ Tegoshi already went blond when filming started and I guess they let him stay that way?

He was not acting like Kirishima at all during his entrance. Kirishima definitely is not the type to flash gigantic blinding idol smiles. He was so sparkly, so… Tego.

You know what else the drama director let Goldilocks keep?

BAM. Tegoshi has his ear pierced! I’m surprised they still filmed him with the earring in.

Oh wait. Excuse me, I didn’t mean ONE ear. If you carefully observe his right ear as well…

(Can’t remember where I got this scan. Off someone’s Twitter, maybe? Massu was already cropped out when I found it. D:)

Both ears are pierced. Yup yup.

Still not quite sure how I feel about this. I don’t hate it, but… it’s so unlike his image, you know? Guy piercings are usually associated with coolness, and though Tego can be cool when he wants to be, that above picture… is way too cute! >///<

No, the Tegoshi spam isn’t over yet. :Dv Bear with me/ignore this section for a little while longer. Even with a superhuge-f-my-life pile of last minute school stuff weighing me down (last day of actual classes on the 13th!), I try to devote some seconds to flailing over the latest scans.

This Myojo one is joining my list of favorite Tego photoshoots because of the high degree of squishability. It’s a fairly simple shoot, but I love everything about it, from the setting to the outfit to the shaggy blond hair to the pink G-Shock watch.

(credits to inala@lj)

Also from the same magazine is this:

Guess whose feet? :D

Huh, it’s my first time in a while writing such a biased entry. I can’t remember the last time I focused almost exclusively on Tegoshi. Usually I try to be somewhat fair to the other members, but it’s hard to when they’re not being that cohesive as a group right now.

How come Eito got to sing the theme for Ryo’s drama?


I still need to do the following things:

Happy 26th birthday to Yamashita Tomohisa!


Happy 27th birthday to Koyama Keiichiro!

Mega late but better than forgetting altogether, I say.

I thought I’d post a video of my voice singing a snippet of a NEWS song as a gift. Hmm, it’s not really a gift if it’s my childish, untrained voice — more of an anti-gift, lol. It’s the thought that counts? I recorded this back in September and never uploaded it because the best I can do is carry a tune. Plus, it’s acapella because I cannot sing with music in the background, and I wasn’t looking at the lyrics so who knows what kind of mistakes I made. Eww, my American accent. XP

Umm, happy birthday, guys?

This video just reminded me to add a new item to my list of Things to Do Before College:

  • learn to drive
  • get a part-time job to pay the thousand dollars college is expecting me, not my parents, to pay
  • college shopping
  • reunite with old friends because dammit, Mother, I’m eighteen and old LET ME OUT OF THE EFFING HOUSE

And now:

  • learn to melodiously project words out of my mouth without making ears bleed

ARGH, I did it again. D: I had intended on cutting the Fangirling section short so I can write lots in the Real Life section about something that happened two months ago. Clearly that did not happen. Next time? Or whenever. Let me live through the remnants of school first.

I’ll end by pimping this Shirota Yuu PV. I wasn’t a huge fan of him before, but I’ve had a change of heart after this incredibly catchy song. I like the way he pronounces his words. <3 I was listening to “Heart of Glass” during school and I guess I was unknowingly — what’s the word Sheena used? — “jamming” to it. xD

Plus he’s got that whole Spanish thing going on for him, and I do have a thing for pretty Spanish guys. :Db

Note to self: Ask Adele if he has a Japanese accent in his Spanish songs.

. . .

Dear Mimi:

After careful review of our enrollment for Fall 2011, on behalf of the Admission Committee I regret to inform you that we are unable to offer you admission from the waitlist to Northeastern University.


But you know what? Who cares that I got rejected from an overrated school. I’M STILL GOING TO COLLEGE. ^______^ I already sent in my deposit for a school that did accept me, though I’m hesitant to post the name of it here, publicly, out in the open, in fear that future classmates may find me. So I won’t. Don’t really need to, since it’s so obvious which one I chose.

So how’ve ya been, journal? I’ve been really MIA lately because of EVIL homework and the EVIL teachers who assign them. Anime Boston already passed and I didn’t realize it. Friday the 13th is my official last day of classes, and yet I still have work to do. Except, instead of doing the work at home, I always crash on the sofa (haven’t slept in my actual bed since December, no lie) until school starts up again the next day. This is abnormal. I NEVER sleep. I used to be able to stay up through the night and be relatively conscious the following day. But I can’t seem to do that anymore, as if my body’s given up.

It definitely knows that I am almost DONE.

Then there’s the fact that I slightly resemble a homeless person because everything I own is either broken, torn, or starting to fall apart. The cuff area of my uniform sweater is shredded because I like to tug them past my fingers. :P The stitches on my uniform skirt have snapped from overwashing. There’s a hole in the bottom of my backpack, and the zipper won’t hold the bag closed if I stuff too many books in there. My black flats have finally given up after three years of service — the sole has come loose and I somehow poked a hole through it where my toe is. o___O

Well, seniors don’t have to wear their uniform anymore so it doesn’t really matter how poor of a state my clothes are in.

I worry about what my entries will be like once I go to college. The work — according to the students — is TOUGH. So tough that getting even an A- is almost unheard of.

Can you smell my fear?

Hopefully I’ll be able to continue the fangirling. I know I can’t fangirl FOREVER, seeing how my interest in NEWS has gotta fade eventually, but for now I have absolutely no intention of stopping, that’s for sure. Actually, I’m waiting for the Tegomass no Ai 2nd Live DVD to finish downloading as I type. Very happy about the 1 MB/sec download speed right now.


jikrfeqvxere;le;,cm befntjqbef.

Mmhmm, celebratory keysmash just for them.


Too bad I have to forcefully restrain myself from watching it until I’m done writing all my Literary Magazine submissions, due Friday. The burdens of being club rep. ;_____;

Next time you hear from me (hopefully a summary post of recent events) I will have already gone to prom and I’ll just be lazing around on my lazy, albeit nonexistent, butt, waiting for graduation to happen. Seriously — I have no butt, journal. My prom dress only emphasizes this fact. Eurgh.

Day Five

Name: Brownie

Color: Light brown, no bowtie

Place: Among the stars inside my wish jar! It’s in the living room, on the same granite table my laptop is on. I also see a glue stick, the couch, two novels, my Ten Life Lessons scrapbook, a printer, and The Pest’s Algebra II textbook that he never uses.

Other info: I wrote my main college essay about my wish jar. It’s just a glass heart-shaped jar that I bought from my very first trip to this Korean market in December. (I also got my first taste of miso soup there, bought an awesomesauce bag of the best Japanese candy ever, and got full from eating lots of free samples.) Anyway, you know those puffy Asian stars that people make and fill jars with as decorations? That’s what I’m trying to do here, except I put a twist on it. I only add a star to the jar when I want to make a wish. Sometimes it’s as silly as wanting a sandwich, sometimes it’s more serious. It’s gonna take me a long while to fill up this thing.

Until next time,

~ Mimi

P.S. Is it true? Is it freaking true?



I reaaaaaaaaaaaaaally hope this is not a false rumor. I also don’t want Yamamoto Yusuke to play Tamaki. I mean, I like him but lol there’s probably no actor on the face of the earth who can satisfactorily portray Tamaki.


5 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. 1:
    Jin has a twitter???
    I checked it out after I read from you and I guess you are right. By the way what’s the deal with it anyway? At least I give him some kudos for it being in English.
    However to tell you the truth, this pretty much ruins the Johnny Idol image, ne? I mean, some of his comments are a bit too much. It’s not what I got used to with Arashi and NEWS. Jin just…I don’t know…trying to act cool?
    Turning out, all this destroys his idol image. I don’t know if get what I am trying to say still, what do you think about all this?

    About the google search; that’s actually how I came across your website. I also searched about Tegoshi’s crossdressing!

    I so agree with you about Tegoshi being cute in the end rather than cool!
    Is it only me, but why do I always smile back when I see that radiant grin on his face?

    Your voice is so high! You are soprano right?
    Just like my best friends. I always feel inferior around girls with such cute, high-pitched, feminine voices!!!
    Next to you I sound like a guy (yeah, blame my alto-range voice). Even Tegoshi has sometimes highed voice than me!

    This may be a bit irrelevant but recently I am seriously considering the fact that I might be lacking a large amount of pheromones… >.> I’m getting further and further away from my woman nature… -.-

    Many people I know sometimes when I sing Japanese songs get confused and think I sing Spanish! But that has most probably to do with something going wrong with me! :P

    Yabai! I wrote too much already!
    Anyway, good luck with your university and everything!


  2. JIN IS AMERICAN NOW. He even has a Facebook. The guy spent some time in Los Angeles and look what happened to him. :P He’s not really a Johnny anymore, is he?

    I smile when Tego smiles too. :D

    My voice is STUPID and BAD. >__< I have a childish, naturally high voice but I can't sing high notes at all — so I would guess mezzo-soprano. I wish I had a lower voice! High-pitched voices are so annoying~
    What are you talking about? I saw that picture of you with your friend and you are gorgeous! Definitely all woman. :D

    No, no, it's not you! The sounds of Spanish and Japanese are somewhat similar. Just ask any Spanish teacher.

    By the way, don't feel pressured to leave long comments. You don't have to comment at all, really. You can just sit back and silently read, if you want.

  3. No, I am not feeling pressured or anything! I like leaving comments.
    I like to interact with people! (:

    P.S. HE HAS A FACEBOOK?? This is it! Jin is really not a Johnny for me! -.-

  4. LOOOLOLOLing forever at Jin trying to be American. I looked up his FB and tried to distinguish it amongst fans under his name. I’m pretty sure I found it. His profile picture looks like he’s singing into a glass of beer at a club :\ Yeah, I think this is the right one.
    (XD I just asked my mom, “Do you know Akanishi?” And she was like, “I don’t like him!” And made a grossed-out face. LOL)

    I’m starting to like Tegoshi’s new hair more, but I still don’t really like the dark under-layer D:

    To be completely honest, I think I’d be hot if Tegoshi got a cartilage piercing as well and wore chain earrings :9 I just love chain earrings for some reason xD;;

    ;w; D’aw, your voice sounds so cute <3 Nothing like how a 17 year-old would sound xD;;

    I miss NEWS activity ;___; I hope that rumor of them releasing a new single is true.

    Lol, when I glanced at this Shirota Yuu, I thought it was Toma XD;; I think it's the nose. WAAAAAIT. OMG, it's that guy from Hana Kimi! OAO -is slow- I had my friend guess what his other ethnicity was, and she couldn't get it xD;;

    You remind me of my brother… He wears shirts and pants with holes in them and denies offers my mom makes of buying new clothes… Even my friend offered to buy him clothes, and they're not even that close, lol.

    Maybe your NEWS fandom will never end? ;__; My mom's still really into pretty singing boys and she's 40 or 50-something!

    SdfgAsdfgsdf. Tegomass. Guh. My mom thought I was going crazy when the DVD finally came out.

    And I LOVE your heart jar idea! <3 It's so simple, but it's so nice. I guess the fact that you probably won't fill it up soon means your not a selfish person~

    And… it's only a false rumor ;___; The Ouran live action.

    Sorry for the LAAAAAAAAAATE reply ;A; I was so caught up with Drama Club and had to do MAJOR catching up online…

  5. Yep, that profile pic sounds like Jin, all right. xD
    And I think I love your mom. :D
    Honestly, though, I can’t think of anything more annoying than the stereotypical dumbass American Jin is trying to become.

    Eh, to each his own, I suppose. :P I get the feeling Tego’s gonna change his hair soon, anyway. It’s getting too long. Perhaps he’ll try dyeing it white next?

    My uniform is really cheaply made, but each piece costs wayyyy too much. ;__; BUT WHO CARES I’M DONE NOW.

    Going crazy = normal fangirling. Teehee.

    O.o You… don’t know how old your mother is?

    Ah, no worries, mate. Replies are NEVER obligatory, remember?

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