Only really twisted fangirls will know why this particular shot is so giggle-inducing.


But I’m not here to fangirl over Tegomass this time. I’m here to announce an observation!

You know how most of the Johnny’s groups have a certain style or image that they usually stick to, mostly in songs? Like KAT-TUN is dark and sexy, Arashi is Happy Rainbows of Love, Tegomass is squeaky clean, and Eito is silly goofballs.

I’ve been trying for the longest time to pinpoint NEWS’s image. It was hard because they seem to switch from a whole bunch of styles all the time, from weeeek to Taiyou no Namida to Koi no ABO to Fighting Man. But now I think I’ve got it.

They’re the boys next door. Simple as that.

They’re normal. They’re relatable. They sing about girls and hope and having fun. They seem like nice guys, the kind you can show your parents. They certainly look nice. :D They occasionally get naughty in some songs and photoshoots, but that’s part of what the boy next door is: charming and innocent-looking but secretly sexual. :P

Am I right about this? NEWS is kind of all over the place when it comes to their image, but their music definitely gives off that normal, boy-next-door vibe. Eh, sounds right to me.

. . .


I keep finding myself passed out on the bathroom floor with no recollection of how I got there. It’s like getting wasted, except not really.


Once, I realized in a panic that I woke up just as The Old Man got home from work, which is not good because he gets home after midnight and I’d probably get in trouble for taking showers that late. Another time, I saw that my toothbrush was wet and placed on the sink (where it shouldn’t be unless I already used it), but I could not for the life of me remember brushing my teeth that night. Recently, I woke up, picked myself off the ground, groggily turned the water on in order to shower, and then realized that my hair was damp and I wasn’t wearing any clothes.

When I got out, The Pest asked me why I was in there for two hours. P:

Today I woke up and found this intriguing bug bite on my left forearm. It’s big, puffy, and resembles a small jelly bean. It doesn’t hurt or itch. Hmm.

I haven’t been writing much, have I? D: It’s not that I don’t want to — with so much happening right now, boy do I want to — but I CAN’T. No time. After staying up for TWO DAYS STRAIGHT doing homework (I had to work on History during a party, for crissakes), I can’t continue on like this anymore. Who knows what kind of harm it’s doing to my insides. I already know that not sleeping will triple/quadruple/whatever-uple your chance of developing heart disease.

So yes, that’s why I skipped school Monday. I haaaaate missing school for any reason, but you gotta do what you gotta do. The Old Man let me stay home because my brain wasn’t functioning properly after 48 hours of continuous abuse.

But all for what? What assignment could have possibly taken me so long to complete?

Well… Religion teacher had assigned a new pointless project.

Cue the ughhhhhhhhh.


She wanted us to make a scrapbook of our own wedding in detail. Like, so much detail that if my future fiancé finds the book, it would so talk him out of marrying me. The dress, engagement ring (which, newsflash, dear teacher, the girl does not pick out), bridesmaids, wedding gifts, name of photographer, limo service, honeymoon, scripture readings, seating arrangement at reception, menu, EVERY SINGLE THING. The list of requirements goes much longer than that. I shudder at the very thought of how much time I had invested in this thing. Luckily, I chose to NOT do a traditional Catholic wedding, which means I got to evade many of Teacher’s requirements. :Dv

I love scrapbooking — and that only makes it worse. That means I have to get it as perfect as I can and spend loads of time on it. I can’t help it. TT-TT

The first thing on project list is, of course, the groom. Describe his looks and personality. Some of my friends are kinda particular about certain characteristics. For example, Savannah doesn’t like brunettes, Carlie likes fair Irish boys, and Franky has a thing for dark eyelashes.

I was only fooling around and giggling along with Lynne when I typed up this exaggerated description… but I’ll post what I have anyway~

The groom will be beautiful. Absolutely stunning, inside and out. Not more beautiful than me on my wedding day, of course, but he will turn some heads and drop some jaws, so radiant with his love for me. Moreover, he will be pretty, with a soft face just a few notches below feminine, nothing too chiseled or hardened. Preferably, he would have longish, chocolate brown, windswept hair, and light brown eyes so limpid I could drown in them. His skin would be fair in the winter, lightly tanned when the sun peeks out to brush that smooth face. He doesn’t need to tower over me; just a few inches is fine. I mean, how mortifying would it be if I discover on my wedding day that once I slip on my heels, he’s shorter than me? I don’t care what faith he practices, just as long as he doesn’t try to force it upon me.

I only included “chiseled” because it made Lynne and me laugh. xD

All that sounds shallower than a puddle because I hadn’t included personality. But that wasn’t the real thing anyway, so whatever. :D

Religion teacher insisted on us finding a (not married) celebrity so we can have a face for this groom. Soooooo…

This is the engagement ring.

This is my dress.

And this… is my man.


Teacher: All right, girls, I want to see who you’re marrying. Mimi, who did you pick?
Me: *blush* Yuya.
Teacher: Yuya?
Me: *bluuuuush* Yuya.

Lol, all this after I went out of my way to write that mini essay about fangirls wanting to marry their idols. XDD I still don’t want to marry him, but he’s the only celebrity I like enough to use for this project. So, I guess I’m marrying Tegoshi Yuya? Hey, at least I didn’t pick a married man, coughallthosegirlswhopickedDavidBeckhamcough.

I wouldn’t mind at all if my future husband looks like Tegoshi. :DDD

This is the single most embarrassing project I’ve ever done. Just mortifying. That first page especially, since I had to pretend I was in love with him. Have a peek at it:

Eww, I don’t like this layout. :/ And dangit, my camera quality is decent enough that you can read what I wrote. D: Mama asked me who that boy is. I lied and said it’s a random guy I found during a Google search.

Our honeymoon will be in Hawaii (so I can bring Masuda Takahisa along for the ride and lock him in a room with a certain fangirl friend :Db) and we’ll purchase a gorgeous brick house in my home state. Clearly I’m pretending that Tegoshi (or Yuya, as I had to call him in my scrapbook; MORTIFYING, I tell you! -///-) is fluent in English. Our proposal story involves him singing the male version of Taylor Swift’s “Love Story” to me.

Teacher said she would give us extra credit if we tried on an actual wedding dress. I couldn’t get my hands on a real one, so I went into Macy’s, found a long white prom dress, and ended up with this.

Teacher doesn’t have to know it’s not a legit wedding dress. ;D

If she doesn’t give me good grade on this, I will cry inconsolable tears.

The total cost of the wedding is a little under $100,000.

Next entry, I MUST talk about that senior retreat. I don’t want to wait so long that I’ll forget it! Tomorrow I’m visiting a college all the way in Worchester, over an hour away, meaning I can’t write an entry that day. Like that matters, anyway — don’t I already take 2+ weeks to update? :P

Day Four

Name: Scream

Color: Chocolate brown with a red bowtie

Place: On the handle thing of the door. Lol, this is becoming a “Where am I hiding?” game. I originally wanted to place him somewhere on the cross, but that’s probably sacrilegious. And offensive to Christians. (I dunno; Christians, you tell me.) Lynne was there as I was taking the picture and she helped me pick the spot. This is placed right in front of the student doors at school, the one all students use to get inside the building in the morning. I’m often the first student here. That cross is for Lent, obviously.

Other: Scream is part of the Barbershop Trio. There’s three of them, each a different shade of brown. Their names have something to do with music. ^o^

Until next time,

~ Mimi O_o

8 thoughts on “Hooky

    Your scrapbook story made my day. The honeymoon in Hawaii made my week♥ XD Ahaha, I’m kinda lightheaded from the giggling now. Especially from the carrot, lol. I didn’t really look at the scans much, but I was intent on trying to go buy the May Duet sometime because I love my men in suits.

    Lol, I could already tell from your description that it was obviously going to be Tegoshi xD Man, those kinds of projects sound really fun, if not majorly time-consuming…

    And about your waking up in the bathroom… D8 Dude. That’s really scary. Falling asleep NAKED after your shower? Did you tell your parents?

    I’m not speaking for all Christians out there, but I don’t really find putting Scream on the cross is offensive. xD

    I pray all my comment will make it on this post!

  2. Where have you been, woman? At least on WordPress, you’ve been rather MIA for the past few weeks. D:

    Lol, Massu’s wearing this expression of utter distaste as he looks at the carrot, while Tego is all, “Ahh, good times. Good times~ ;D”
    Yes, yes, do get the magazine! It comes with pretty red-haired Massu and a little Tegopanda~ And a poster.

    But of course — I wrote that first description with Tegoshi in mind. xD A whole bunch of my friends now know I have an infatuation with this Yuya guy from Japan. My friend said his full name out loud and omg it was so weird.

    You make it sound like I’m sick, lol. No, I’m just MEGA TIRED all the time. After a shower, I get out and it’s all cold so I like to sit front of the heater, all wrapped up in my towel… and I guess I usually fall asleep right there. It doesn’t help that I usually take showers an hour before midnight.
    But there shouldn’t be a reason why I CAN’T REMEMBER ANYTHING before the shower. o_O

    I’m sure my very-Christian principal would have liked seeing Scream on the cross. :P

  3. .___. Yeah… I was actually working on a post yesterday, and then Kalley called and was like “GEAT YO BUTT HERE. We gotta work on cosplay!” The convention is next weekend and WE ARE NOT PREPARED.

    Yama (the one who hates RPF D:) saw the picture, and pieced together why I was giggling so much. Oh God, I was so embarrassed. XD I couldn’t look at her, and my face was all red. But she was cool about it and awkwardly laughed it off…
    Tegopanda and schoolboy!Massu~ Duuude, so freaking cute ;w;

    I think you are the first fangirl I’ve ever known who isn’t used to hearing her object of infatuation’s name out loud. XD Wait. Do your friends say his name with an American accent?

    Ah, that sounds so relaxing~ (I don’t even have a heater o__o) Well… all things considered, I don’t blame you for waking up in the bathroom, as odd as that sounds XD I would think knocking out because of exhaustion/fatigue would go hand-in-hand with memory loss or something. D:

    … is that sarcasm? XD It’s hard to tell over the internet.

  4. Cosplay? Convention? Take pictures! I’ve never been to one and I wanna seeeee.

    I guess you don’t need to have read that fic in order to get what that picture implies. xDDD
    That reminds me. I have some fic recs for you. Will email them if you’re interested. :D (They’re in documents, not available online. Um, I’m making it sound kinda illegal. xD)

    I keep any and all fangirl urges suppressed in real life, so whenever the two worlds mix I get completely weirded out. Besides, my friends all know him as Yuya now. So odd. .___. His name is pretty easy to pronounce, isn’t it? It’s not particularly difficult, unlike, say, Nishikido Ryo.

    Sarcasm. Yes. :D

  5. D: I… I forgot to reply…
    Anyway, I’ll do my best to actually remember to take pictures XD;; I might be kinda distracted~

    AIDBHUAasddAFDG YES. I’d very much love those fics~ <3 Thank you <3

    xD This whole pronouncing thing reminded me that Justin, despite 3 years of Japanese class and his Asian blood, pronounces Massu's name with a super American accent, lol. I think, slowly, your two worlds are merging. First it's the Asian dramas, and now they know his name. Oh-ho.

  6. “They’re the boys next door.”

    I soooo totally agree. I love your writing by the way. They’re so much fun to read. ^^

  7. I miss seeing them! I hope they get to do something soon and show us all that they CAN make it as a group. And thank you for liking my writing! Lately I had randomly lost all interest in my hobbies, including fandom and writing, and so I’m working to get into them again. Fandom was easy but writing is still a struggle. Thanks for dropping by!

  8. I know right! I can’t believe I’m saying this but I hope the Tegomass no Mahou tour ends soon so they get to work on NEWS. I loved them in Soukon and I’m really grateful they decided to keep NEWS.

    Please don’t give up writing! I am a writer too and I really really like your works. They’re witty and fun to read. I don’t mind reading even your school-related long posts. So I hope you find inspiration soon! Especially about these boys next door ;)

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