Yes, Maybe, No

Lillith watches Asian dramas.

THAT, journal, is as unexpected as you can get. Lillith is very American, and Very Americans don’t usually have interest in Asian entertainment. But apparently she does. And that’s awesome.

How I found this out, well, I need to backtrack a bit here. This technically belongs in the Real Life section, but it sort-of-kind-of crosses over into Fangirling so I’ll let it stay. Any sort of crossover should alarm me but I’m too giddy to care. :P

I was just working on a project for religion (will talk about that in next entry) in the computer lab, not really paying attention to anything else. But you know how your ears can pick up words that you want to hear? Yep, that happened, because I suddenly heard “…mumble mumble mumble ASIAN DRAMAS mumble mumble…” on my right.

I had no control whatsoever over the “OMG YOU WATCH ASIAN DRAMAS TOO?” that spilled out of my mouth. People know I listen to Japanese music but they don’t really know I watch the dramas. Just couldn’t help myself. ^___^

Then Christa further surprised me by asking Lillith if she had seen 1 Litre of Tears. You know, the one that NISHIKIDO RYO of NEWS and Eito is in.


Christa likes Asian entertainment but she isn’t particularly conscious of which language it’s in — unlike me, who can’t listen K-pop unless it’s in Japanese. (<— lolwut, that made no sense xD) She thought Tegoshi was Korean. -___-;; Until I heard her say she loved 1 Litre of Tears, I hadn’t known she was into Japanese things at all. So yeah, now I know I’m not the only person in my school interested in these things. Mrs. English Teacher watches Chinese ones. :Db

Speaking of dramas. Deka Wanko! It’s over! D:

I’ve only been skimming through each episode lately because it’s a detective drama, and detective dramas are hard to understand without subs. After going through the whole series, I have one pressing question.

Did they dare remove the romance from Deka Wanko?

It’s not a shoujo manga, I know, but the romance is there. I don’t know how Hanamori’s crush on Kirishima evolves in the later chapters of the manga, but there’s absolutely no hint of it in the drama. Or if there is, it’s so subtle that my poor Japanese failed to detect any of it. I’m a teenage girl, okay? I crave this kind of thing.

Weeeeell… the drama team did hint at a continuation. Deka Wanko special? Or maybe season two?

Keeping my fingers and toes crossed!

Currently listening to that new Namie Amuro song feat. Yamapi. LOVING it right now. <3 Well, Pi sounds weird, though. Not in a good way. He sounds sick. But it’s my first time listening to Namie Amuro and she’s got exactly the kind of female singing voice I like — that low, almost sultry voice with a really lovely tone. I think I’ll look more into her music.

Rumor has it that Tegoshi dyed his hair blond and got his ear re-pierced the instant Deka Wanko filming ended. Whee. :D He’s supposed to look like this now:

I hope he does something radical to it again. I can’t explain why — maybe it’s a mental problem, who knows — but I can’t stand seeing people call his straight dark hair “perfect.” I think I’ve been brainwashed by my Religion class and its you-are-perfect-no-matter-what lessons. This indignant voice always hollers in my head, “Why can’t you let him do what HE thinks looks good?” every time I find frowny faces directed toward his appearance.

By the way, real Tegoshi looks like this:

D:< Boy’s not even blond. Looks light brown to me. Awww, I was wishing for platinum blond. D; Does that headband he often wears serve any purpose? Other than making him look prettier?

Close-up of his face!

Okay, so they’re more like blond highlights. I don’t think Tegoshi likes having dark hair very much. What language is that on his jersey?

Oh. While I’m talking about hair color.

(credits to inala@lj)

BEA-U-TI-FUL. That unnatural red is gorgeous on Massu, don’t you think? The sun hit his hair perfectly in this picture. If you can’t tell, I’ve got a serious love for red hair. The redder, the better. <3 He should try pink highlights next!

I dunno, I certainly think it would look good. :P

Yeah, I just ninja’d Massu in here because I need the other half of Tegomass present for the following celebratory announcement.


That’s just two days before prom/official last day of school. Best. Graduation. Present. Ever.

Since they took so long to release the DVD, I sure hope the editors made it extra pretty and worth the wait.

. . .

Last Thursday (the 24th) us seniors had an all-day retreat far away in the woods. I loved it in every single way possible. I don’t even have the words to describe how much I love my senior class.

That’s why I’m not gonna write about it right now. :P Next time, next time, I swear. These memories are far too precious to just let fade like that.

You see, journal, the only thing that killed the Day of Wonderful was coming home to a letter from Boston College.

Also known as Top Choice School.

FORMER Top Choice School, that is.


If it killed my mood, then obviously it’s not good news. D: Well… not good news per se. I’ll explain in a bit. You know what, since I heard from all my schools already I’ll list the results in chronological order.


  • As mentioned in an earlier entry, got accepted into University of Massachusetts Boston. Full scholarship. :D Big deal only because it was my first acceptance.
  • I learned a while ago that Tamara got into Cornell! Naturally I got a bit excited when I came home that day because maybe a school contacted me too. So I checked my email, where I discovered that I AM ON THE WAITING LIST FOR NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY.
    Northeastern is a way overrated school that has weird acceptance patterns. It once accepted a girl who’s awful in everything but math, and rejected a girl who got accepted into Harvard. But still. Come on, WAITLISTED? Adele got in, though — with a FULL SCHOLARSHIP. They only give that particular scholarship to ten people, and I was so proud of her that I demanded a hug… and I am not really the hugging type.
  • Providence College accepted me. I’m kinda meh about this one. It was one of my safety schools.
  • So about Boston College. It didn’t reject me outright — I got waitlisted. Which doesn’t do much for me because not more than 10% of the approx. 2000 people on the waiting list get in. Plus, I have to wait at least until May to find out if there’s a spot open for me. Of course, Lynne and Laney (valedictorian and salutatorian) got in easily. But Gin and Adele didn’t even get waitlisted. Adele’s okay with it, but it’s Gin’s top choice and she took the news pretty hard. I was emo-ing the entire day after I found out too, so I completely understand.
    Pssh, I’m so over it now.
  • This next one was a surprise. Accepted into Wellesley College, yayyy! It seems like a perfect school for me. It’s the top women’s college in the country, according to the Internet, but I heard the social life sucks, with the school being located in this mega-rich but quiet town. I’m sure I’ll find a way to deal with that. Rather, my friends will. :P So far this school seems to be the verdict. But, um, I haven’t sent in my financial aid stuff for it yet. If I don’t get aid, I can’t go.
  • I do not like Boston University at all, and yet I got accepted into the rival school of my top choice. My parents want me to go here because I got a huge grant from it. I WILL RESIST WITH EVERYTHING I’VE GOT.
  • I opened the car door to go home from Saturday volunteering and saw that The Old Man had placed a large envelope on my seat. It was from the College of the Holy Cross, aka a smaller, better Boston College. I GOT IN. :DD Even though I don’t have a particular desire to go there, it’s reassuring to know there’s a place for me there.
  • REJECTED FROM YALE UNIVERSITY. Plain and simple. Was totally expecting that so it’s all fine.

I love how everything built up to Yale for extra suspense. The big Ivy. ^vv^

I had told the people in the guidance department at school about my acceptances and they let out a collective, embarrassingly loud cheer. Then I got hugs. ^___^ Now all I gotta do is report back about my rejection and take their pity. They were really mad at Boston College for not taking me.

I wonder how Laney’s doing right now. Probably sleeping like normal people, lol. She’s waiting on all the big-name schools that her mother forced her to apply to, i.e. Harvard, Princeton, Yale, etc. She got a full scholarship to Georgetown, her top choice. So proud of her~ ^–^ Unfortunately, her mom is a Harvard grad who doesn’t care about anything except her alma mater.

I’m seriously considering Wellesley at the moment. Franky’s mom went there. :D

Mama will let me dorm (I’m sure she’s digging the NO BOYS aspect) because it’s too far away from Boston to commute, yet close enough for me to visit home every so often. Haha, I’m not gonna lie: I’m excited about dorming, but I immediately started getting worried about Internet connection there because if it’s bad then I can’t fangirl. xD

I’m serious. Internet connectivity is a deciding factor. I need my daily dose of NEWS, dammit.

My only other concern is getting married. Wellesley is a women’s college. :/ I heard that the students there hang out with mostly Harvard and MIT guys — but honestly, I do not like the idea of the boy being “smarter” than me. In Religion class today we went off on a tangent (lol, this happens way more often than it should) about college boys, and the consensus seems to be that we girls like smart guys. (NOTE TO NERDY BOYS: There’s hope for you!) When the guy is smarter than the girl, on the other hand… uh uh, no good.

Christa and Adele promised to keep in touch. That includes taking me out to introduce me to random boys.

I have a right to be scared. XD

Anyway. I got denied from Yale, waitlisted for my ex-top choice school, and am currently considering a school I hardly glanced twice at before.

*shrug* You just never know how things will end up.

I’m posting this unedited because my eyes aren’t functioning properly. Took me four tries to type “because.” ERRORS AHOY.

Until next time,

~ Mimi 8D

P.S./EDIT: Oops, forgot to include my bear thing.

Day Three

Name: Cinnamon

Color: Red. I tied a bell around his neck~

Place: On the large granite table in the living room, right next to my laptop. To be more precise, he’s sitting on top of a pig with an oversized, removable snout. There’s a heart-shaped button on the pig keychain’s belly that causes the pig’s nostrils to light up when you press it. Also on the keychain are my two USBs: a 4GB Toshiba one and a small 8GB PNY one. The white one holds all my typed documents, while the red one (which I asked my dad to get me for my 18th birthday; sometimes I wonder if I’m TOO simple, lol) holds most of my NEWS scans.

Other: Cinnamon’s got a temper. Obviously because he’s red. The bell is supposed to be like a soothe bell (hehe, if you know where this is from I think I kinda love you) to calm his nerves. I think Cinnamon went through several name and gender changes before I settled on a male Cinnamon.

7 thoughts on “Yes, Maybe, No

  1. I totally love the song UNUSUAL too! (and yes yamapi sounds like he has a chronic nasal infection) I’d never even heard of Namie Amuro before but now I have her other new song WONDER WOMAN featuring Ai and Anna Tsuchiya. (These are the only two NA songs I like though….)

    Namie is so PRETTY and I love her voice! I have almost no female singers on my iPod but I actually like her voice because it sounds REAL!

    Listen to WONDER WOMAN, some parts of it a really good and some are like WTF is it in there but I love her voice!

    sorry for the long comment! i’m high on coffee trying to study for a Jap exam!

    ps. did you watch Kimi Ni Todoke !!???

  2. I don’t know why they let Yamapi record when he sounded totally sick. D: But yeah, Namie is STUNNING, and she’s unbelievably over 30 years old. I already listened to WONDER WOMAN. I think I like it? You’re right, it is kinda weird at times. They’ve all got strong vocals. *___*

    I’m the opposite, lol. I have almost no male singers in my iPod (except for Johnnys xD) because I like female voices better. I didn’t like her at first, but now Kana Nishino is one of my favorites. <3

    No worries, all comments are quite appreciated. :D Hope you did well on your exam!

    Actually, I've never read the manga or watched the anime or anything. No time. TT-TT I really want to watch the movie, though.

  3. 1 Litre of Tears must have been popular if some of my friends watched it too! When I found out she watched it, my response was something like, “OH MY- Holy- Asou- Nishiki- NEWS- MASSU!” XD

    I wish Tegoshi dyed his hair the color of blond in the fanart 휴益휴 I LOVE light blond hair colors… A>

    Aw, I’m sorry for your being waitlisted at your Top Choice school D: But hey, what what are the odds that Boston College wasn’t your perfect school, or at least perfect within the state of Massachusetts? Poooobably 1/100+ So, I hope you end up in the right place <3 LOL@Yale. I thought you might have had a small chance until that interview honestly XD

    SOOTHE BELL. POKEMON. OHYES. High-five for Pokenerds.

  4. Aaaannnd, WP ate my reply again. D8< Aw, my Massu fangirling got killed ;___;

  5. I know this sounds so lame (and very fangirlish which I’m NOT) but even if Yamapi’s voice sounded like nails on a blackboard, I would still listen to it and eventually LIKE it! :O

    I don’t know if it’s some kind of Johnny’s brainwashing but I just LOVE/HATE his voice!

    omg I know she barely looks 25! AND she has a KID :O

    Is it just me or do Japanese artists/idols/actresses/models all look somewhat younger when they’re older?? ie. Suzuki Emi (but that may be due to her EXTREMELY blessed genes)

    I don’t read the manga of dramas but I heard that Kimi Ni Todoke is good. I LOVE the movie but this may be just me being cheesy. You can feel yourself melting into a puddle when Miura Haruma smiles :D

    Whenever you get not so buttery news, just think of that golden smile (or in your case Tegoshi when he’s helping that little old lady cross the road) and remember that he dyed his hair back to please you ;D

  6. LOL, I had the exact mental response when I found out too, except, you know, with Tego. xD Fangirls think alike. :D

    If you’ve seen the Marching J videos already, Tegoshi’s hair looks pretty light there. Kind of like an anime character. And Massu’s red hair is all puffy. ^^
    Heyyy, Tegoshi = blond = yellow = Massu’s color. Massu = red = a dark PINK = Tegoshi’s color.

    Naw, don’t be sorry. I’m really, really glad I got waitlisted, because after I gave BC a second look, I realized that it is not the school for me at all. Even if they decide to admit me later on, I’m not gonna go. Funny how fate works. :P

    POKEMON. YOU UNDERSTAND. That means I kinda love you. <3

    WP eating comments seems to be a problem only on my journal. Happened to me too. Hmm. :/ Next time you can make a copy of your comment, just in case. Or you can leave another comment and I can edit that into the original one.

  7. I think I’m just bitter that Yamapi gets all these activities while NEWS sits in the corner with nothing to do. D: I usually like his recorded voice but in the Namie collab… not so much.
    Bingo, sister. It’s totally Johnny’s brainwashing.

    Omg, she has a kid? :O

    No, I heard the movie was good too. I’ll get to watching it eventually, promise. Just not during April, a TERRIBLE month for seniors. I think I’ll read the manga first, though, to learn who the characters are.

    I don’t care if Tegoshi dyes it, cuts it, perms it, etc. I like his face (lol, so shallow), not his hair.
    But thanks. <3 That gave me happy thoughts.

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