Hope for the Hopeless

I freaking hate love.givesmehope.com. The little stories make me cry every time I visit.

I freaking love love.givesmehope.com. It’s so great to know that amidst all the disaster and tragedy in the world, hope still exists. It even inspired me to write something! I’m sure people in Japan are struggling to find some of that hope right now.

givesmehope.com is good too, but… I can’t help how much of a sucker I am for sappy love tales. <3

For now, this is all I can do to help.

(I’ve had this in my computer for so long that I have no clue where it came from.)

We’ll get through it together. :/

I just wanted to type a quick entry before I take a nap because I spent ALL of Sunday and Monday morning writing five History essays in 13 pages, 16 pages of my science fair logbook, and 20 PowerPoint slides for that same infernal science fair project — all because I’m awesome at procrastination. Not something to be proud of, believe me.

Haven’t slept for 27 hours. Can’t feel my eyeballs. Will write about Real Life some other time, when it’s appropriate.

I think this post title is from one of the church songs I sing in choir.

Come! Open your heart!
Show your mercy to all those in fear!
We are called to be hope for the hopeless,
so all hatred and blindness will be no more!



Until next time,

~ Mimi :3

P.S. Since this is an optimistic (?) post, I’ll say my true morbid thoughts in the postscript.

It’s the beginning of the end, that’s what I think. Earthquakes, floods, fires, tsunamis, and here now — it’s randomly snowing even though it’s warm enough to go outside without a jacket.

TWENTY-TWELVE IS UPON US. We’re all gonna die on the day after my twentieth birthday. ;___;

2 thoughts on “Hope for the Hopeless

  1. Givesmehope reminds me of Mylifeisaverage(MLIA)! MLIA is perfect if you need a good laugh. Love/Givesmehope gives me happy shivers when I read them ;w; It’s good to know there are so many positive people out there.

    OMFG, SLEEP GIRL. D8 You’re too young to work yourself so hard. Well… I guess you kind of can’t if you have schoolwork :\ Do your friends go through the same hell as you?

    In church, youth group leader sad the same thing D8 And I thought that as well when I first heard the news…
    Buuuut, I think if anything, the Apocalypse is going to be long from now D: Well, at least I pray it is.

  2. The givemehope sites never fail to make me cry, especially when I read the most popular ones.
    I love MLIA! :D And fmylife, dearblankpleaseblank, smartphowned, unfriendable, and deargirlsaboveme.

    Now you know why I don’t sleep. xP No, really, I do have way more work than I can handle. Everyone’s getting sooo lazy lately, even the good girls.

    Things are gonna get interesting as we get closer to 2012. Everyone will be in a mad panic while others watch on and laugh when nothing happens.

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