Faffing About

Proof of God’s existence:

  1. Tegomass’s “Aoi Bench” PV

Yes. I saw it. The short version that was released quite a while ago. I probably shouldn’t have, but I did. Come on, it’s Tegomass. There’s no use resisting anymore. Besides, it’s less than a week until the release. :Db

It’s on Youtube but we all know how anal Johnny-san is about his precious talents being on that site, so each uploaded vid isn’t going to last long. I don’t think I’ll post a cap, even though Tego and Massu look like walking candy bars throughout the whole thing.

…You know what, I can’t do it; I MUST post a cap. They’re far too lovely to ignore.

Anyway, surely others have caved too and watched it… right? Please tell me I’m not the only one who couldn’t resist the sparkles. It’s called a promotional video for a reason. :D

Argh, why are Tegomass and their PVs always sooo gorgeous? It’s not safe for my heart.

I think Tegomass knows we ship them. Just look at their past PVs. Nearly all of them involve cute interactions with each other and lingering smiles. They know fans go crazy over that sort of thing, and they do their best to — subtly — cater to our desires.

That is, except for the “Moshimo” PV. That was some display of awesomely blatant fanservice. :Dv Oh, I love them~~

Can’t wait to see their guesting on Music Fair 21! Tegomass has delivered nothing but utterly sick (in the good sense of the word, of course) performances on that show; think “Kataomoi no Chiisana Koi” and their nonstop medley with COLOR. :DDD I heard that for this upcoming episode they did something with Perfume’s “Chocolate Disco”? Not sure if they sang it or danced to it or what — just that they did something involving that song. I saw previews of their guesting and it seems that they’re dancing/making funny faces in the background…?

Well, whatever. I’m just wicked excited for this because “Chocolate Disco” was my first Perfume song. Perfume isn’t really my thing so I don’t listen to their music, but I do know that one song, which is AWESOME luck. It’s cute but not in a Tegomass-ish way at all. And that makes me look forward to this even more. xD

By the way. I just found out that not only is Tegomass releasing on the same day as AKB48, but they’re also competing against Kobukuro. Life just isn’t fair.

Ooh, one last Tegomass thing before moving on. On some show today, Tegoshi wore his silver earring in his left ear! I want to seeee~ And Massu’s hair is back to that gorgeous glossy red he had before. It matches with his shirt. :D

EDIT: Actually, no, I got my information mixed up — it’s Massu with the silver thing in his ear! :O

(credit to yukicoooo@twitter)

It makes sense that it’s Massu, as Tego’s piercings already closed up. And it’s an ear cuff, not an earring. But still. So cool but so cuteee at the same time~ Massu, you can’t make such squishy faces while wearing an ear cuff. >///<

Anyway, still watching Deka Wanko. That’s a given. :D No subs yet for ep 1, not high quality ones, though I think they’re coming soon. It’s taking an awfully long time, isn’t it? I know I have no right to complain, with my once-in-a-blue-moon entries, but hasn’t it already been four weeks since the first ep? Subbing groups don’t usually take this long. :/ Oh well. Guess I’ll just have to be patient. For now I’m content with watching the raws.

Some additional Wanko-related thoughts:

  • I was bitter at first because of what they did to Yanagi… but I think I’ve come to like this weirdo. :D I mean, you can’t expect the drama to be an exact clone of the manga. Some changes seem rather radical, but we’ll just have to trust that Drama Writers know what they’re doing.
  • Lol, what’s up with that guy who keeps randomly interjecting with English phrases?
  • Tegoshi pulls off grumpy really well. I really am surprised that this sort of acting suits him better than the smiley Yukinojo one. He’s good at scowling and snapping at Wanko. He’s no longer Tegoshi Yuya to me in that drama.
  • LOL the method they used to convince Kiri that Wanko has an awesome nose.
  • Have you ever noticed that Tegoshi has a bit of a swagger in his walk? Okay, did I really just use that word? XD
  • It was Mikako Tabe’s birthday a while ago. Tego had gotten down on one knee and presented her with a bouquet of flowers! ^///^ See, see~
  • I really don’t know where this drama is going. There seems to be no driving plot. And I didn’t get to see how the fourth ep ends because the video gets cut off. DDD:
  • Tego and Mika seem to be slowly warming up to each other. Yessssss. If you can’t tell, I’m still shipping them so hard. Hey, it’s the closest thing I’ll get to Tegomasu no Ai. :D That man is so awkward around girls his own age but I’m glad they’re beginning to get along.
  • Tegoshi wouldn’t mind wearing Wanko’s gothic loli dresses if we asked him to, lol. His only concern is whether it would fit.
  • Ratings for the drama aren’t as bad as I thought they’d be, ranging from 12.0 to 13.0. That’s actually pretty good! It’s a lot better than what YamaNade got. I’m so happy. <3

WOAH, I just had some kind of shock to my system. O_____O It’s another Tego rumor. All the sites that reported this are in Japanese, which I can’t read, but I can understand pictures just fine.

It seems that someone had only made up this twisted rumor. Still, before I found out that it was all a lie, seeing a blurred picture of what’s supposed to be Tegoshi engaged in, erm, activities with his male — M.A.L.E — soccer friend certainly jolted me from any desire to sleep.

Um, unexpected detour there. ^__^;; I was gonna talk about Yamapi’s new album next.

Pi still needs to work on singing high. His high notes are more air than… voice. And his English, er, no comment. D: Other than that, it’s a pretty good album.

As expected, half of it is filled with autotune. Unexpectedly, I… don’t mind? Most of my favorite tracks on that album have been autotuned to death: Friday Night, TOMO, Blood Diamond, and Tokyo Sinfonietta. Ah, but I like Saigo no Love Song (gorgeous, gorgeous ballad!), Ao, and Gomen Ne, none which are autotuned.

“TOMO” is such a weird song. That scream near the beginning scares me every time. BUT — it’s super addicting. I even managed to get The Pest to like it. Haha, that boy is one step closer to listening to NEWS. You’ll see, journal, I WILL convert him someday. >:D

In addition to Pi’s album, I’ve been listening to something else~

It’s not related to NEWS at all, but I don’t know where to put it and I guess it kinda counts as fangirling: I’m addicted to Monkey Majik!

It started with me clicking on their latest PV, “Yume no Sekai,” and the moment I saw that the vocalists are two white dudes, I was sold. I’m always fascinated by stuff like that, stuff like white/black people speaking any Asian language or Asian Americans with no trace of an Asian accent.

(Hopefully this vid won’t be going anywhere, seeing how it’s from Avex’s official channel.)

But anyway, I’m mad that I didn’t give these guys a try earlier. I’m not a native speaker so I can’t say for sure how good their Japanese sounds, but I think can detect an obvious accent — and a Canadian one at that. Their English is perfect, though, something I’m ALWAYS looking for in J-pop.

Well, duh, the singers are brothers from Canada. :P

. . .

I am eighteen years old and I should not have to know what our 2009 IRS Schedule A is.


It took forever to gather the documents to use for filling out my financial aid stuff, but it’s all done now. After all that work, they better give us some sort of aid.

So, last week. (Haha, I’m always talking about what happened “last week” or “last month” or “so long ago I can’t even remember.” It’s never *today*, is it? xD)

My report card.


Don’t get me wrong; I managed to get all A’s for the first time in a while! But, just when my grades matter most…

I get a C.

You see, there’s this horrific thing called The Midterm. I took six of these Midterms. Got A’s in Calculus (YEAHHH SECOND HIGHEST SCORE IN THE CLASS, PROBABLY BECAUSE I KEPT WORKING UNTIL THE SECOND EXAM STARTED :P), Physics, and Bioethics; B’s in English (actually a C but Mrs. English Teacher gave us extra points) and French; and a frickin’ C in History. Yeah, told you I suck at History.

Those midterm grades go on our report cards, so now I have this empty, ugly C printed in my records.

(Had to scribble out the course codes. ^^)

Lol, my inconsistent History grades.

Included on my report card are first term, second term, midterm, and semester grades. Sem grades are 40% first term grades, 40% second term grades, and 20% midterm grades. I know that colleges see my semester grade, but as long THEY NEVER SEE THAT C, I’ll be happy. I worked so hard just to get that C, seeing how our test was simply a modified vers. of the AP exam, but I’m worried the colleges will take it as slacking off.

Anyway, we hosted a dance at our school the other day. Or week. Dang, it’s been long. Carlie and Laney (president and vice president) pushed hard to convince the principal to let them have this dance. Principal eventually gave in, and the past few weeks had been filled with preparations.

Even though attendance is required by club council… I couldn’t go. It ended at 11. Lots of boys. Yeah. Mother didn’t approve.

But I did help make this balloon arch:

I tied the strings. :D When the arch was completed, I kept tying strings to balloons and let them bump against the ceiling.

Later I made unsightly snowflakes with Angel and Adele and some freshmen. I haven’t made snowflakes in so long that all mine turned out terrible.

Ehh, I heard the dance wasn’t great, anyway. We invited an all boys school but the girls and guys mostly stayed separated. I think this whole single-sex school thing is making interactions difficult. XD

Haha, three weeks of nothing from me and I start my RL entry by talking about school? I’ll talk about bits of my life in the form of rambly little anecdotes. :D

1. I had full intentions of typing this all up two weeks ago but, again, I kept falling asleep. Like, literally falling asleep on my laptop. What is it about my life that makes me so lethargic ALL THE FREAKING TIME?

2. My fashion designer cousin wants to design my prom dress. I’ve seen the kind of dresses she’d designed in the past and I am most terrified.

Or rather, maybe I should be scared for her because she’s getting married in 2012 and she’ll be designing her own wedding dress.

3. I’ve changed so much physically in the past eight months that no one recognizes me anymore. Seniors have fitness assessments this month and I had to go during last period Study. My trainer didn’t recognize me. .___. Even my cousin and uncle didn’t know who I was. I’m taking this as a very good thing because I used to be so unsightly last year.

Also, my BMI is normal, yay. ^___^

4. Ugh, so sick of snow days. Yeah, such a thing is possible. I get incredibly lazy whenever I get days off from school, doing nothing but eating, sleeping, and fangirling.

5. I’m playing Pokémon again~ ^–^ Pokémon Ruby. I already played Emerald, which I got for The Pest several Christmases ago, but I wanted to play the original so I bought (is it “buying” if it didn’t cost me anything? ;D) a used one through Amazon. I’m playing Ruby while The Pest plays Emerald, and we’re comparing the two to see what’s different. We haven’t gotten very far, but the major difference seems to be just the Pokémon.

Oh, and Ruby Nurse Joy doesn’t have a hat. SHE IS INVALID.

6. I slept in my bed for the first time since December! I’ve been so busy these past months that I usually fall asleep on the living room couch, leaving all the lights on and racking up the energy bill (sorry, Old Man). Weird how I prefer the couch now.

7. The Pest asked me to help him with Japanese homework — and I did! It was just a worksheet working with katakana; it gave us the katakana of all 50 U.S. states and we had to write down the English. I felt so proud of myself afterward because I practically did the whole thing for him. It was fun for me, homework for him. But now I’m worried The Pest doesn’t know his alphabet. XD

8. I’m in a bit of a predicament. I might have gotten myself addicted to another drama. What’s different this time is…

It’s in English. Worse, it’s airing on Nickelodeon.

It’s called House of Anubis and it’s about these pretty British kids and one random American (which I don’t get the point of) in a boarding school that’s holding a secret of sorts. It’s a soap opera, pretty much, with loads of revelations and intermingled relationships, but it’s also a mystery that constantly keeps you guessing about who’s good and who’s bad and what the heck is going on.

I thought it was so stupid when I watched the premiere movie and first episode online. Before I knew it, I had spent over four hours straight just sitting there, streaming the episodes. Hooked. Frickin’ cliffhangers.

The lead girl can’t act, one girl’s voice is so grating, and the blond chick creeps me out with how much she looks like Franky. The romance is so cheesy too. For example, this good girl is dating an asshole jock type and she’s too blinded by his dazzling smile to realize his true character, while the suave playboy (who’s more sensitive than he seems and has become my favorite character) develops a cute crush on that same girl.

Still. I’m addicted.

9. Lynne and Christa have started this “40 Things to Do Before College” thing, but it’s really this list they stole off the internet. :D Unanimously, we decided that they’ll be doing all this during Calculus, the only place where they can get away with goofing off. The teacher’s cool with it. ^–^

They just sang show tunes the other day — only thirty-seven left on the list. Lynne is fretting over how they’ll churn butter in the middle of class. They borrowed my homeroom teacher’s gigantic inflatable globe ball for Day Two, and when Christa let me carry the thing back to his class I had this creepily huge grin on my face the whole way upstairs. The underclassmen clearly thought I had problems.

10. No no no no no no no…!

A Yale alum called my house some hours ago wanting to do an interview because she’s in the area. DDDDDDD:

Do you know how awkward I am in person? I talk too fast. Talk too slow. Stumble over my words. Make innocent things sound offensive. Mention things I probably shouldn’t. Can’t look you in the eyes for more than a second. Use too much slang. I thought I’d be safe from the dreaded Yale interview since I’m in Massachusetts. Apparently my awes0me geography skillz made Connecticut a lot father away than it really is: directly under us. I don’t particularly WANT to go to Yale, so when Interviewer inevitably asks me why I applied, what am I supposed to say? That my mom forced me? Yeah, that will surely guarantee acceptance.

What will I say? What will I wear? D:

11. Today, The Pest suddenly asked me, “Want to see something funny?” He then proceeded to show me a blank piece of paper, at the top of which he had written “women’s rights.”

I righteously slapped him.

12. Lol, okay, the teachers could not have acted any more suspicious today. There was word going around that school would be canceled Friday for some reason. Being the naturally inquisitive girls we are, we tried to get some definite answers. Among the suspicious responses:

  • The admissions director didn’t say anything when we asked her, but she got this wide-eyed look that said, “How did YOU know about that?” and she hurried away.
  • Bioethics teacher paused a bit before telling us, “I will not cave to your interrogations.”
  • While me and Laney were running the mile =__= during last period, Physics teacher/Study proctor absentmindedly said to the rest of the class, “Only fifteen more minutes until we find out whether there’s school.” Then she bribed them with candy and requested that they not tell anyone.

Well. It’s four in the morning. I’m not doing homework for once. That means… NO SCHOOL. ^o^ All because of scheduled maintenance in which they shut off all the water in the school.

13. What happens when you put a health freak (me) together with a I-don’t-give-a-crap-what-goes-into-my-body type of person (Adele) during lunch?

Temptation, guilt, and a gigantic plate of nachos.

14. I learned a new English word! English, not American. From the title of this entry, “faffing” means doing a bunch of meaningless tasks instead of what you really should be doing. Basically it’s wasting time. So, I guess it’s like procrastinating, but fancier. Because it’s English.

Anyway, I originally wanted to make this entry about a single serious topic, but it doesn’t seem fitting to talk about that here. For a future entry, then. :Dv


~ Mimi :D

8 thoughts on “Faffing About

  1. OH. GOD. Did you see their performance on Music Fair 21? I am SO in love with that dork called Massu. So, so, so in loooooooove.
    Too bad they didn’t sing much in Chocolate Disco though D: Buttttt I loved how Massu was so silly in that song~

    Oooooh, Deka Wanko! Subs just came out! I hadn’t watched anything beyond what was subbed D: So I was in shock at that picture.

    XD That rumor… I just told my friend about it, and she chuckled and wasn’t surprised. My other friend was like, “…Doesn’t he like boobs?”

    R-report cards… Yours looks so pretty in comparison to mine XD My grades fell because I was sick for the entirety of a vital school week >__> But I’m sure that C won’t scream at the colleges or anything.

    XD No one recognized you? That’s amazing!

    LOL, I always love my Japanese homework.

    D: Oh dear… How did that interview go?

    At first, I thought the title was “Fapping About” And I was like, “D8 Say, whaaat?” If you don’t know what fapping is… then it’s this… slang. Yeah. Then I re-read it and found out what it meant at the end of that post XD Lol. (PS. My comments keep being cut up for some reason D8 Forgive me)

  2. Can’t help but lol at the Tegoshi/male soccer friend rumour. What is this about? Would you also kindly share some links? ;)

  3. Girl, I watch every performance they ever put out ever, sometimes within an hour of them being uploaded. That shows how deep I let myself fall into this unhealthy obsession. xD Music Fair was siiiiiiiiiiick. Not a single bit I disliked. <3 I am surprised that they sang Chocolate Disco at all. And that Massu's voices suits the song. And that this isn't Tego's first time singing it. Life is weird.

    That pic is from a magazine, actually, not the drama. Unfortunately. D:

    I'm pretty convinced that despite his antics Tegoshi is straight as a pin. (He's supposedly the sex fiend of NEWS or something?) But yeah. That rumor shocked me into a temporary silence.

    Aww, don't worry, grades aren't everything. You know how far I'm willing go to get these grades in the first place, and I'm sure you don't want to be a slave to school like me. =___=

    Lol, I'm aware of how much I changed (just found a picture of me from last year and OMG THAT CAN'T BE ME) and yet I assume people still recognize me. I remember smiling and waving enthusiastically at a girl I know and she returned the wave, but once I turned around I heard her asking her friend who I was. XDD

    Interview was all sorts of awkward. Will talk about that in a future post. :D

    LOL my brother thought the same thing when I asked him if he knew what faffing was. You're not alone with your twisted mind.

    (My comments kept being cut up too, so I completely understand. I deleted your other comment for you. :D)

  4. I know veeeeeery little Japanese, so the only thing I got out of the (apparently not true) article was something along the lines of Tego and Uchida’s passionate love. xD I don’t know, maybe you can read the rest. I feel a bit uncomfortable posting the awkward link because of the picture in it and what it links to, but, umm, it’s here.

    I’m glad I could help?

  5. Thanks for the link! Tabloids and gossip sites always give me a big lol. :)

    I don’t think the rumour’s legit. The link above the picture leads to a porn site. I think that explains a lot. They should try harder, b/c we all know that if Tegoshi wants to get it on with a guy, it would be Massu, obviously. *Joking.*

  6. Lol, I’m well aware of where the link above the picture leads. xD That’s why I hesitated before posting the site link. It would be kinda awesome if it was true, though. The guy on the bottom (oh god, did I really just type this?) sort of has Tego’s hair?


  7. Massu’s ear cuff (did I get that right?) I think is supposed to make him look tough or something but he still looks cute and sweet to me! He’s my ichiban by the way. HAHA. He can make all the squishy faces he wants while wearing an ear cuff and I won’t mind. :))

  8. I think it’s just Massu’s way of wearing ear jewelry without getting his ear pierced. Which, you know, involves putting a hole in a part of his body and that might not quite appeal to him. :P
    Also, I seem to attract Massu fans. I find this intriguing but definitely not unwanted. :D

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