Just Like Candy

Oh my god, now I know why Tegoshi fell in love at first sight.

Click on either this or this and melt, meeeeeeeeelt. If you don’t melt you have no soul.


Tegomass’s “Aoi Bench” cover previews are out and they are beautiful. *______* I’m kind of laughing at myself for not foreseeing the use of the blue bench. :p

Besides that, I had wanted the designers to put the artist name somewhere on the LE. It always bothers me when a CD cover is just a photo and lacks the artist’s name and song title — but that’s just my obsessive-compulsive self picking out the nitty gritty. Although, I like that on the RE cover they spelled Tegomass just like that for a change, the official way, instead of using katakana. Tegomass debuted in Sweden using that spelling and that’s how I’ve always spelled it. It makes me feel like I’m doing something right. ^–^

Lol, I’m weird.

Oh yeah, and I don’t understand why their agency dared to set the release date on the same day as an AKB48 release. What are they, suicidal? >_< After I listened to several of their songs many times, I have to conclude that I’m not into AKB’s music. The melodies sound pleasant enough but that’s not my problem; I hate hearing a billion voices at once. Six maximum, but not… however many they have. It’s not really 48, is it?

But I do know how immensely popular they are. JE doesn’t have a chance. Even Yamapi couldn’t beat one of their units. Poor Tegomass. ;__;

Well. It’s been a week since the airing date of Deka Wanko. That means this will be a Tegoshi-filled fangirling section. :D

(Not my screencap. Can’t remember where I found it but oh, what beautiful quality. <3)

Look, look, beside Tegoshi~ Her clothes! Her face! Tabe Mikako is, without a doubt, the girl version of Masuda Takahisa. What a shame that Tegoshi isn’t into her like that because I’m shipping them so hard. He probably isn’t into her because she looks like Massu. TT-TT

I did watch the first episode of Deka Wanko. No subs yet, of course, but do you think I really care at this point of my desperation?

I like it. I think. It’s not incredibly interesting, though I found it funnier than the manga; I remember laughing out loud at some of the scenes, while my expression during the manga was like .___. most of the time. Still, I prefer the manga version. Without the subs I need a while to figure out who’s who, but I’m already loving Shige-san’s character, even though I liked the original bald one just fine.

Tabe Mikako: the perfect Wanko. She’s so cute! I love watching her sniff random things, like that whole scene with her and Michael the dog. Loved the smug look she shot him up above. Her awesome gothic lolita fashion seems fun to wear too — not that I would, but just sayin’. At least they cast a fitting actress for the lead.

Lol I remember watching this girl in Yamada Taro Monogatari. Her character irked me so bad back then. That meant she was doing her job. :P

Yanagi… senpai?

What happened? DDD:

The drama writers completely killed his character. Manga-Yanagi is young, gorgeous, level-headed, and really cool. This guy… is most certainly none of those things. He’s old and divorced with kids (or so I heard), not all that pretty (lol, sorry, man), and breaks out into random outbursts, as if he can’t control himself. I had been so excited to see who would be playing Yanagi, as he seems to be a major, important character in the manga. Needless to say, I was sorely let down. D: Drama Writers better have a good reason for this.

As for Tegoshi’s acting, well… he’s surprisingly good!


Before watching, I couldn’t imagine him in this cool type of role at all, not after watching his totally unconvincing acting as Minoru in Gachi Baka. But now, he impressed me with how well he pulled off the grumpy/irritable/cool detective role. Hmm, not “impressed,” exactly. “Relieved” is a more accurate word.

Granted, most of his lines were screaming at Wanko or some bad guy, but it wasn’t his usual high-pitched concert screaming. I had to replay this one scene several times because he made his voice so rough and harsh that it did not sound at all like the Tegoshi we know.

But during those instances when Kirishima was speaking normally in that naturally high voice, he reverted back to Tegoshi the Idol in my mind. Kirishima said, “Sasuga, Shige-san!” this one time, and all I could think of was how weird it must have been for Tegoshi to say that line, with having his own fail!Shige in NEWS.

The first episode opened with a decent hook to capture the audience, but overall it was okay. Not spectacular but not terrible. I’ll be sticking around to see how this drama develops. I mean, what choice do I have? Tegoshi’s in it. xD

Some unrelated NEWS (almost all Tego; I apologize for my favoritism but there’s been an influx of Tegoshi activity :P):

1. Ever since the airing of one Deka Wanko promo, there’s been talk going around about the type of body lotion Tegoshi uses. .__. Yes, I know, we fangirls have issues. He’s said to be using something sweet and fruity smelling, sold outside of Japan. To be precise, Koyama supposedly spilled (on K-chan NEWS or something) that Tegoshi uses Victoria’s Secret. You know. For women.

Being the creepy fangirl I am, I immediately started searching through the VS website to see if I could possibly guess which one he uses. Mama has two bottles from the Secret Garden collection, some of which smell pretty fruity. Could it be from there?

EDIT: There’s this show that aired today (don’t know which one) and it featured a VTR of casual Tegoshi at home (!!!) with that cutie Skull-kun. See?

Skull has a little scarf thing around his neck!

Anyway, the cuteness is not the point. I am now positive he DOES use Secret Garden body mists/lotions. On his shelf there are some bottles of Victoria’s Secret stuff. One is Pure Seduction and the other, WHICH I FREAKING HAVE, is Berry Kiss. I finally know what Tegoshi smells like, and he must smell really, reeeeeeally girly. I have the bottle here right now; it smells just like candy!

2. I heard that Tegoshi knows some of the AKB girls. Knows. Or is it “knows”? Since he kinda has a reputation as a whore, I’m guessing it’s the latter. ;D But yeah, there’s no proof of this because sources say Tego was rather neurotic about preventing leaks about his nighttime club activities, checking people’s phones and such. Can’t tell if that’s the truth or if it’s just an excuse for why they don’t have solid evidence.
Then again, that’s why these are called rumors. :D

3. So Tegoshi DID get his ear pierced! Twice! o___o Don’t know yet if this will be weird or hot. Maybe weirdly hot. xD But I rarely ever find Tegoshi hot…

4. In the latest Myojo, NEWS gets to play with animals! It was Yamapi&monkey, Ryo&bunny, Koyama&cat, Shige&owl, Tegoshi&dog, and Massu… well, I’ll the let the picture speak for itself.

It’s gotta be a crime to be this cute. >///< Actually, the entire interview was adorable. These embarrassing cooing sounds kept coming from my throat as I was reading, and I had no control over them.

Um, I’ve been fangirling a lot lately. If you can’t tell. -___- When this happens it usually means I’m extremely busy in school, since my fangirling is directly proportional to my school stress. I fangirl like crazy whenever I have too much work to do — which makes NO sense.

With college apps and midterms out of the way, I’ll focus more on my life. Promise. :Db


. . .

This will be a hat. Somehow. :/

I dunno, I started crocheting one back in December to keep my head warm; we had no heat for four days and three nights. It started waaaaaay back on a Friday — Christmas Eve D: — and lasted until Monday morning, when we finally got things fixed. The temperature in the house dropped twenty degrees, forcing me to wear my Santa hat and winter coat. And socks. Which is a big deal because I never wear socks inside the house. That’s right, I had to sit through my Christmas in an unbearably cold house.

Then it started to freaking SNOW that Sunday. No, not snow, blizzard. I’m just glad things are all back to normal. It’s snowed several times since then, and next week temperatures are supposed to dip below zero Fahrenheit. Ooh, it snowed today too. Got another day off from school~

So yeah, that’s why I was attempting to crochet a hat. Um… I don’t think it’s going very well.

EDIT: Hat is done after several weeks of frustration! At last!

<img title="(-:D
Me doing an awesome job at hiding my face with my chubby fingers~

Anyway! I’ll number the points like always! I’ve been MIA for a while regarding my life, haven’t I? I have got to stop doing that or else aaaall my future entries will be humongous. >__<

1. Christmastime!
I’ll only briefly talk about my Christmas since it was so long ago.

This Christmas was nice. We didn’t have a tree or gifts this year (except for one present for Mama, and me and The Pest got some Christmas money), but I got to spend the day at my aunt’s house with my grandmother and cousins and all those people. Nothing spectacular, but I’m not an extravagant person. I like the simple things.


I understand why someone would give money as a gift. They don’t know what to get me, or they don’t want me to hate what they get so they’d rather have me buy myself something — but I’m the type of person who appreciates the thought you put in getting someone a gift. That’s why I spent two hours at the mall getting Savannah a present that suited her. I couldn’t help frowning at what Lynne and Sheena got from their Secret Santas (an iTunes gift card and a mug full of candy, respectively). They’re such… thoughtless gifts. Or rather, Anybody Gifts. That’s what I call presents you can give anyone, male or female. There’s nothing personal about them. No point in giving them in the first place.

If you’re gonna give a gift, at least make it count.

I like getting stuff, of course, but I’ve also gotten past the Tangible Presents = Happiness thing that you’re wrongly taught as a child. That’s why I get mildly irritated when people ask for toy donations for children who can’t afford them, or else they’re “not going to have a Christmas.” Um, besides that Anybody Gift I got from my Secret Santa, I didn’t have any tangible gifts this year — but I still had my Christmas, didn’t I?

I can’t help but think back to what Christmas at my house used to be like. I remember our tree, all dressed up in tinsel, garland, glittering glass ornaments, homemade ornaments, all that stuff. I liked to turn off all the lights in the room and let the teeny colorful bulbs on the tree glow. That was pretty. Getting the tinsel and such on the tree was annoying, though; I’d get dizzy after winding the strands around and around and around so many times. @___@

The Old Man used to get me and cousin Ame identical outfits every year, until we were old enough to know that it was no longer cool to wear the same thing someone else is wearing. I miss that Ame too, the cousin I used to hang out with all the time and looked up to. While I grew up to be like this, she grew up to be just another one of those raccoon-eyed, laughless girls who are glued to their cell phones, going out each night to do who knows what.

Am I still a kid, then? I know I’m a lot more naïve and inexperienced than most people my age (or younger). Does being a teenager mean I HAVE to be drinking underage or texting every five seconds or hooking up with a guy every weekend?

I’ll grow up at my own pace. And if “growing up” does mean doing the above things, well, then maybe I don’t wanna grow up. Not just yet.

lol this was not brief.

2. Speaking of growing up at your own pace…
…that was one of the lessons I included in my Ten Life Lessons scrapbook for Bioethics. I had to create a scrapbook (or Powerpoint, if I wanted, but where’s the fun in that?) of lessons I learned in/outside of school, aimed toward the freshmen. Ten lessons, how you learned it, a song quote and three other quotes for each, and your advice for the reader.

THAT WAS BEASTLY. I’m an overachiever when it comes to artsy projects like that, so naturally I demonstrated what a loser I am by spending my Christmas money on scrapbooking supplies.

Yeah, I don’t know how I spent $90 on practically nothing but paper.

It took an eternity and a half, but I did finish. And you know what? I’m so freaking proud of it! Such a rarity, since I hate just about everything I do. I wanted to take pictures of the pages, but I was in a rush to leave the house and forgot — I even left the scrapbook at home, forcing The Old Man to turn around and get it — and now the teacher has it. Maybe some other time, then.


I SO FAILED. Journal, you must be thinking, “Yeah, yeah, what else is new?” but I’m absolutely not kidding this time. I’ve been staying up each night, studying nonstop, wasting electricity, to the point where I am unable to sleep before midnight — and in spite of this, I didn’t finish any of my midterms.

Not one. Not Calculus, not Physics, not English, History, Bioethics. Definitely not French. Remember what I said last entry? I left my French book in school so I had to sneak upstairs like some creeper to slip the book out of my locker. Midterm grades are worth 20% of your semester grade. Ughhh, my lifeeeeee. DX

At least I made honor roll?

4. It’s lonely.
Half of my friends (Franky, Merry, Lynne, Corr, Savannah, Gail, and some others) had gone on the biannual junior/senior Space Shuttle trip to Florida during midterms week, so they had to take their tests early. While the rest of us fretted over exams, they were playing in Disney World before it opens to the public, AND they were able to go on the rides with the lights on so they can see how it works. I couldn’t go because it costs over $2,000 for the four-day trip. They’ll be back Sunday night. I wish I was with them. D:

But, I’m happy that I still have friends who couldn’t go either. Adele is still here, who has quickly become my best friend this year. ^^ There’s Christa for moral support, Laney for her wisdom, Carlie for her motherly words, and Sheena for comic relief. And then there’s Angel who, seconds before our Bioethics midterm, gave me this most gentle look that melted away some of my worries.

I love everyone soooo much. HOW WILL I SURVIVE IN COLLEGE? ;___;

Huh. I’m being sentimental again. I must be PMSing.

5. Infested!
Animal Planet aired the mini-series last week. It’s so horrifying yet fascinating at the same time and I can’t stop watching it.

But now I’m super wary of leaving crumbs on the dinner table.

6. Bye, calculator. D:
Kitty, also known as the class whore, ran into me as I was leaving school after my Calculus midterm. She was extremely lucky; she was about to take her Pre-cal midterm and she didn’t have her calculator. So I let her borrow mine.

Do you think I’ll ever get it back?

7. We were THIS close to death.
We almost died last week. O___O All right, fine, maybe I’m exaggerating. But we could have gotten hurt!

The Old Man was driving me to my Saturday volunteer site while it was snowing. When we got there, the coordinator informed us that it was canceled for the day because of the snow. It was the heavy, wet type of snow, mixed with rain. TERRIBLE to drive in because of how slick it made the roads.

So The Old Man had to drive very slowly on the way home — but even like that, he tried to brake once due to a stop light but the car kept on going.

He swerved the car to the adjacent lane to avoid crashing into the car in front of us. Again, the car wouldn’t stop, and we were this close to driving into the other lane, where all the cars were driving in the opposite direction. The Old Man kept turning back and forth, wiggling his way back into control. I wasn’t nearly as terrified as I should have been. My reaction went kind of like, “Oh. We almost crashed.” I either have a ton of confidence in my dad… or I’m just a moron.

8. I wrote a poem~
One of my English assignments was to create a poetry chapbook. I… am not meant to be a poet. Here’s one of my poems.

Summer Vacation

Sunlight nudges her tenderly,
sweet apologizes for all those times
when he had ripped her from Night’s gentle clutch.
No longer a fiend, but an ally.

Summer’s here.

Guess what I really want at this moment. XD But, uh, I think it’s best that I stick to prose.


Err… I think it’s becoming glaringly obvious that I have nothing else to say about my dull life. Do I really talk about school-related things that much? Am I really THAT boring? DDD:

Now I have financial aid and scholarship stuff to fill out, or else the only place I’ll be able to afford is community college. So I have to do it. I can do it.

*insert cheesy anime fist pump*

Until next time,

~ Mimi -___-

9 thoughts on “Just Like Candy

  1. Oh dear… *___* <3 That cannot possibly be a dog. It's probably a plushie. With the sweetest soul-piercing eyes I've ever seen.

    Wait.. are you serious? The same release date as AKB48? D: Oh… dear. x___x Well, it probably won't influence the sales at least. :\ But that wasn't a good move.

    Deeekaaa Waannnkoooo~ <3 I've only watched some of the 1st episode, but it seems pretty cool~ I wanna wait for subs before watching the whole thing, though.

    … PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFT. Tego… you are so cute. I seriously couldn't stop laughing for a good 2 minutes; I even had to use the bathroom within that time. My friend had Pure Seduction, so I immediately grabbed it and started sniffing at it like drugs, lol. It was reaaaaallly girly smelling. She said we can go into town tomorrow(hopefully) and drop by Victoria's Secret because they're having a sale! I AM SO GETTING TEGO SCENTS NO MATTER WHAT.

    AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH. Oh, Massu. <3 I read the interview already, but I didn't see any scans or previews aside from Shige and Yamapi's… I MUST buy this magazine. Must. Must. Must. (So much to buy because of NEWS…) GAHHH He's cuter then Skull, I Swear! <3 <3

    :O Oh my gosh, You're so great at crafts! I can barely do anything Dx My sewing project in art was so crappy ;A;

    I absolutely understand what you mean about gifts. To the point where I told my friends that if I didn't get them a present, it just meant I couldn't find a perfect gift for them xD But like that's even better, lol.

    xD Oh dear. I HAVE to see your final product after you spent so much on just scrapbooking supplies. I… don't like artsy school projects, as you can probably tell. The only sort of creative school work I like is writing, lol. You didn't have other things you'd rather spend your Christmas money on?

    O___O That sounded really scary… Imagine if you did die… Do you think someone would have discovered your journal? xD

  2. could you please give me the linnk to deka wanko?? i can’t find it anywhere!! :'(

  3. I can’t find the download for the first ep, but you can stream it here, and the second one here. You’ll have to make due with no subs, though. They’re not available yet. ):
    The next ep is supposed to be more Kirishima-centric, so more Tegoshi for us! ^^

  4. It’s official: I am in love with Skull. I barely even glanced at Tegoshi once he brought Skull in front of the camera. (Lol, that’s a big fat lie. You get what I mean. XD) I would keep staring at Skull’s little head and watch it move, just to make sure he IS a puppy and not a toy. <3

    Tegomass don't usually sell a whole lot anyway, compared to other Johnnys. :/ I really want to buy this one! The album covers are inconspicuous enough that my parents won’t ask me why I’m buying Asian music, but I’ve already spent hundreds just APPLYING to college. TT-TT

    Deka Wanko doesn’t seem that great to me, actually. I probably wouldn’t watch it if it weren’t for Tego. You see what JE does to me?

    YES, you have Pure Seduction and I have Berry Kiss. Together we can smell like Tego!

    Definitely get the mag if you can. Massu’s shoot is awesome. *____*

    Pfft, that hat? It barely passes as a hat. It fits on my head but it’s weird-looking lol.
    I liked making it, though. I’ve always loved doing things with my hands instead of drawing/painting/making posters. So I’m more into things like crochet, origami, sculpting, jewelry-making, scrapbooking (which is mostly carefully cutting stuff out and gluing), and constructing little odd decorative stuff. I don’t regret buying all those scrapbooking materials; turns out that scrapbooking is pretty fun!
    Then I spent the rest on a haircut. ^o^

    Ohh, there’s a terrifying thought. DDD: I think… I’m more worried about people finding my journal than about my death. XD Well, if I suddenly disappear one day, you’ll know why.

  5. I know you’re a fan of Tegoshi but would you happen to know any good mp3 download links for Yamapi’s album Super Good Super Bad??

    Also, where do you find such HQ links to shows!?

  6. Oh, Yamapi. I’m listening to his album right now, actually. :D I usually like his music. You can find it here. Enjoy!

    Umm, I’m kind of creepy about that. ^__^;; I stalk the more hardcore fans who always know where everything is. It’s creepy but it works. :P Oh, and I always search for things in Japanese.

  7. Thanks heaps :)

    I don’t know why but I just love Yamapi’s voice! Especially when he speaks in English! Way better than Jin!!

    Would you possibly have any links to the DVD on Yamapi’s new album? The one with interviews and etc????

  8. I like Yamapi’s voice too, but I get nervous whenever he uses a lot of English. I mean, look where Jin is now. .___.

    I haven’t watched the DVD yet so I don’t know where it is. It’s funny, I swore I saw some links floating around a week ago. I tried searching for them again but… nothing. Sorry I couldn’t help this time. D:

  9. I think with Yamapi we don’t have to worry that he might turn out like Jin. He’s way too popular for Johnny’s to let him turn into a mega slut like Jin.

    I miss the old Jin…. :'(

    All the links I find are split into a billion pieces :(
    Thanks for looking anyway :D

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