I haven’t had any time to myself lately. D: I even had to tarnish my perfect attendance record and take a day off from school, just so I can squeeze in some sleep. And to do college apps (ALL DONEEEEE) and homework. But I’ll go into that later.

Lol, I keep skipping a bunch of days between entries, so whenever I do get the chance to write one, it ends up being super long and involving bullet points of some sort ’cause I enjoy describing every trivial event in my loserish life. This will be one of those entries. :P

First I need to do my customary fangirling — and lots of it in order to make up for lost days. That means lots of pictures.

I drew this the other day. :D

(I scanned it this time, which explains why the quality isn’t atrocious for once.)

Yay, my first Tegomass fan art! And on a sticky note! Can you tell which picture I was looking at while drawing this?


Take it and remove my name if you want… though I don’t know who would want it when I couldn’t get their hairstyles right. Tegoshi’s is way off, and I didn’t want Massu’s to look like a smooth bowl cut so I made it somewhat feathery. And, and, their soulless eyes. D: I CAN’T DRAW, OKAY?


If I, definitely not an artist in this sense of the word, went out of my way to draw Tegomass in crude chibi form, that must mean four things:

  1. I’m procrastinating on my midterms studying. :Dv French and Physics are first, wheee.
  2. I am reeaaaally happy about the first blizzard of 2011 and the snow days (Wednesday AND Thursday!) that came with it. Gotta love being a New England girl~
  3. I’m still madly in love with Tegomass and the haunted mansion. <3

New single is really a cover of “Aoi Bench” by the duo Sasuke. With only a month to go before the release date (February 16), the two of them better promote their butts off. You want it to chart well, don’t you?

And that means more Tegomass appearances for the rest of us. ♥

As with every new single/album that Tegomass (or NEWS) releases, I always do my best to ignore the song previews or leaks before the release date. This is a cover song, so the melody and such are all already out there for me. But I wasn’t gonna crack, not this time.

Um, yeah, that lasted all of three seconds. ^____^;;

Well… I don’t love it. DDD: The original, I mean. I listened to the original several times and I couldn’t get into it. I don’t HATE it; I’m just not raving over the song. Maybe Tegomass’s version will be much different. And who knows, maybe it’s just my bias that causes me to love everything they put out. Tegomass holds a special place in my heart, and to me they can do no wrong.

Lol, okay, cheesy moment over. :P Moving on.

EDIT: It IS my bias, after all! Just listened to a radio rip of “Aoi Bench” and I strangely love it now. (Although I suppose I should stop listening to it before I get sick of the song.) Their voices are so soothing~ THE POWER OF TEGOMASS.

I actually watched the Johnny’s Countdown this year! You know, unlike last year when I kept the window minimized with the audio on while I fretted over my History homework. I took lots of screencaps this year. :D

They’re wearing their LIVE!x3 concert costumes~~ Looking good, NEWS. :D Ryo chose to be with Eito again. :/

I always feel irrationally giddy whenever Johnnys sing songs I recognize during the Countdown. Fandom clash. :D Like up above, NEWS and KAT-TUN and some other group (Kis-My-Ft2?) are singing Arashi’s Love so sweet, one of my first Arashi songs. And later on they sang Truth! :D Oh god, that was some dream come true, watching half of NEWS, an ex-NEWS member, and random Taguchi (my favorite KAT-TUN member :P) sing my favorite Arashi song. Is it weird that I can easily pick out Tegoshi’s voice amongst everyone else’s? That man has such a loud and unrestrained voice, lol.

NEWS got to sing an Eito song this year for the group change medley. (Is that what it’s called? My sucky Japanese. Or their sucky English.) I think they did well. Except that Tegoshi’s singing was 10x louder than the rest of NEWS. Oh, Tego~ KAT-TUN did much better with Koi no ABO this year than they did with Kibou~ Yell~ last year.

I like how NEWS and KAT-TUN broke up into pairs to sing various songs. Some caps of that:

Couldn’t stop myself from giggling every time they sang the word “Venus.” With the trouble Japanese people often have pronouncing the v sound, you probably know why it’s funny. :P


<img class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-4382″ title=”KatoKoki
LOL the Tegoshi fan directly behind them. Poor Shige just never wins. XD

I love whoever assigned Tego and Junno to sing together. My two faves. <3 Teguchi is my personal namesquish for them.

Massu was too adorable during the Countdown. Like I’d mentioned to a certain someone, concerts are Massu’s zone. He always gets so into them and it’s so fun to watch. He got especially cute during Love so sweet.

Yamapi with some old guys! I wonder why they didn’t just pair him with Kame. Then again, the two of them weren’t looking particularly friendly with each other this year. Wonder why.

EDIT: It has come to my attention that I neglected to take any caps of Kame. So here he is, with Pi~

During Love so sweet, obviously. Oh, and there we have it, all the NEWSxKAT-TUN crossovers.

Of course, I have to mention Ryo and the Cannibalistic Sushi. XDDD
Lol, that sounds like a legit band name.

Pyon pyon~ It’s the rabbits! Because it’s the Year of the Rabbit. I love Tegoshi’s enthusiasm and deliverance as an idol and complete lack of shame. The pink ears. <33 He looks like such a delicate flower compared to the other guys.

I love Shige’s total reluctance but falling into NEWS’s peer pressure anyway. And then his bluuuuuuush.

I don’t know Fujigaya that well, but I’ve been seeing him around a lot and I’m starting to like the guy.

I couldn’t take a shot in which everyone looks good, so I’m settling for this. Er, what’s wrong with Shige’s face? He looks like that in every shot I took. XD

Um, I took far too many caps. There are still more I haven’t posted, but I think this is enough for now. ^vv^ All in all, it was a good Countdown, though I’m still quite bitter that they didn’t air NEWS performing “Fighting Man” and Tegomass with “Highway.”

Next up, Tegoshi in Germany!

The January 2nd special was definitely the best episode of Itte Q I’ve ever watched. I watched the entire festival part without subs. You know just how into something I have to be in order to forgo the subs. Everything was so incredibly hilarious that I am perfectly content without ever knowing what they were saying.

The three Matsuri guys had these little dramatic skits before they went off to Germany and all of that was… LOL. Uchimura-san definitely beat the younger guys with how melodramatic his skit was. Just awesome.

And Tegoshi. SO COOL throughout the special. For this festival, the guys had to pedal a bicycle on a long narrow path across a frigid lake, and our little idol did amazing. I’m so, so proud of him for all that he accomplished as an amateur at this whole thing. It sure inflated his ego by like over 9000. XD


They started playing “Fighting Man” in the background as Tego neared the end of the path. That clearly signaled the start of another Tego promo PV. :Db This time, I think he was trying to promote “Fighting Man,” and Deka Wanko too, since they showed clips of him looking totally cool in his new drama (omg so excited, it’s this Saturday) with the airing date included.

My favorite part of the PV is — obviously — Tegoshi’s bath scene ^///^ but I can’t take caps of that. My parents will probably find it and assume it’s from something dirty. -___-

Have a clean shot of Tego dancing during “Fighting Man” instead.

Sparkles are always appropriate.


There was one particular scene that made me laugh so hard and feel guilty at the same time for doing so. It’s this one:

Holy crap, Tegoshi. DDD: They poured boiling hot water over his poor Tego-kun. DX I’m not a guy, but I asked The Pest about the level of pain and he testified that it indeed HURTS LIKE A BASTARD. Although I feel horrible for laughing at his suffering, it’s just so funny. The German people watching on are laughing too.

I just hope it didn’t, like, shrink afterward. Because hot water and… yeah.

Someday I would love to see the other NEWS members doing stuff like this, especially Massu. And Yamapi, for some reason.

Speaking of Yamapi, I just saw his latest PV, “Hadakanbo.” I approve of it! It took many many tries for me to like the song, but at last I got into it. So now I like it a lot, even though the song is about naked people. XD It’s classier than it sounds. Really.

Just one cap for this PV. I think you’re getting sick of me embedding stuff into you, journal. :P

Oh, Pi~

There’s not one trace of autotune, yay! I can tolerate autotune when it’s done tastefully, little hints here and there for stylistic effect, but not… all-over, “One in a Million” style. I like to hear what the singer really sounds like. Some fans still don’t like the song, and that’s understandable. It’s A LOT different from his usual stuff; they’ll most likely need to give it more than one listen to like it.

Or maybe it’s not their thing. That’s fine too. :D

As for the PV itself, it’s ridiculously high budget compared to the few pennies Johnny spares for NEWS PVs. Dude, way to play favorites. It’s giving me slight Koi no ABO vibes with the setting but with less disco, more vintage and cabaret, then infused with jazz, studded with foreigners, and rolled into glitter.

And that’s my take on Pi’s new single.

So. I’m all done with this type of fangirling. Now onto the reason why I titled this entry the way I did. (Refer to first INCOHERENT post.)

A large envelope came in the mail several days ago~~~ Managed to slip it out of the mailbox about two seconds after the mailman put it in there.

OH MY GOD. Oh god oh god oh god oh god. Superkeshigomu, how did you possibly know that I’ve wanted a Japanese magazine since foreverrrr? I still cannot believe you sent me this. I keep pulling it out from the bookshelf behind me to ensure that yes, it’s real and it’s in my possession. The Pest once caught me running my fingers across the glossy cover, whispering stuff like “You’re mine~”, and he backed away slowly, leaving me to creep in peace.

Inside features the following NEWS photoshoot:

(Explanation for sucky quality: my camera. DX)

And this poster:

Oh, how I would love to stick you on my bedroom wall. ;__;

I love the cute little notes you stuck all throughout the magazine. <3 Made it so much more personal. Here’s one of my favorites:

Gee. I wonder who your favorite member is. :P

Ooh, I like this next one too. (I hope you don’t mind me uploading all these, by the way. :D)

(This is scanned. I swear I’m not playing favorites; I just remembered that I have a scanner AFTER I took most of the pictures.)

But the lovely lady did not end things there. No, she included this beautiful photo:

(Also scanned.)

The only things I love more than magazine pages are NEWS members themselves — and photos! I don’t know how you could stand letting go of your precious Tegomass shop photo, but I appreciate it. SO VERY MUCH.

To top everything off, she enclosed a letter, handwritten on a-do-ra-ble stationary, inside an equally adorable envelope:

AND she drew Tegoshi. Or painted. I think it’s watercolor. BUT WHO CARES SHE DREW TEGOSHI FREAKING YUYA IN SUCH AMAZING DETAIL. I’ll only upload a photo of it if you say it’s okay. ^^ But I didn’t know you could paint, and paint so well. :O The shadows and creases are soooo good! I’m particularly impressed with the hand. I’ve done a watercolor painting before so know it takes pretty much an eternity to complete one. To think you put so much effort in this for me… TToTT You know I’m a sucker for meaningful gifts like this.

EDIT (LOL SO MANY EDITS): Whoever had actually worked so hard to paint Tegoshi for me, you are a beautiful, stunning, ah-mazing gift from God. You don’t even know me and yet you went through the trouble of doing this. TT-TT


Wahh, I’m so tired now. .___. I believe I’ll make a separate Real Life entry because Fangirling entry got much longer than I anticipated. Whoops. I have to study for midterms now, though. I left my French book in school because I stupidly assumed we would only have one snow day. French midterm is first (in five hours D8) and I can’t study for it.


Until next time,

~ Mimi :D

P.S. Because I’m supposed to be a fan of NEWS and only NEWS, I’ll quietly fangirl over how good Taguchi looked (during the Countdown) here in the post script. :D

He looks like Angel!

2011 has been such a fangirly year so far~

P.S. (part II)/EDIT: Apparently Tegoshi might have gotten an ear pierced?


5 thoughts on “INCOHERENT (pt. II)

  1. OMG where did you watch Johnny’s Countdown???!!!!

    That is such an awesome shot of Tegoshi! But where’s a shot of Kame!!??

  2. ^-^ I first watched it on Youtube (that’s why some of the screenshots are smaller than others) but it’s most likely taken down by now. If you want the download link I can find it for you. But… it’s a GIGANTIC file, almost 3 GB. O___O Can your computer handle that?

    Lol which shot? There’s a thousand shots of him in this post. XD
    Ohh, I didn’t realize that I forgot Kame! How unfair of me. I think he was standing near Yamapi at one point so I’ll put that shot in later. After I shower. Thanks for pointing that out. ^^

  3. i found it on youtube and watched it about a million times today! i can never decide if i want to download the huge files for the hd or just settle for regular definition :S but i’ll probably change my mind and end up downloading it so bring it on!!

    the last shot in the post of course! i completely got what you mean about kame and yamapi not being put together. but there was one point where they were and it looked VERY awkward…

  4. Lol, the haunted house thing is getting to you.

    Oh GOD! You inspired me to turn away from the preview I saw XD I was SO tempted ;A; I had the page open and everything.

    LOL “Ryo and the Cannibalistic Sushi” How appealing XD

    XDDD OMG. Everyone’s faces look really… odd in that screenshot of NEWS minus Nishikido

    Oh dude, the ItteQ! I just watched it today, because my friend, whom I got into Itte Q, told me not to watch it without her. Oh my god, when Tego fell the first time during the actual festival, I jumped all over my friend’s DAD who was next to me and started hitting his arm going “NOOOOO TEGOSHIII ;A;” And I don’t think they… shrink in hot water XD

    You. Got. It! >W< Ah, I was worried that you thought a magazine was lame XD;; Why would I think that?
    I don't mind you posting my post-its XD And I had another similar Tegomass photo, so I didn't really mind giving that up.

    Oh, and the painting, yes it's watercolor… but I didn't draw it xD;; I had commissioned a friend to draw it, whom I met because of this. She wanted to know you're reaction, if you want to type something specific to her, or I can just show her what you posted. Surprisingly, she painted it in 3 days because the lineart took long, but she worked hard! Lol, the first thing I saw drawn by her was a guy being raped by tentacles… Maybe I should have requested some hot Tegomass, lol.
    I wish I could have drawn something awesome for you ;A; But I could only draw whatever I did on the letter xD I can't draw Tegoshi for beans, so sorry it was just Massu, lol.

  5. I don’t think any of us will ever forget the haunted house. XD Far too epic.

    DON’T CAVE LIKE I DID. I’m too weak to resist so I don’t even try anymore, lol. But it really is a lovely song. It suits their voices perfectly.

    I’m incredibly proud of Tego for making it that far on the path the first time, though! My comprehension is awful but I think they said he finished in second or third place, which is amazing. <3

    No way, I've wanted one of those magazines ever since I discovered NEWS. At one point, I even dreamt that I owned one, so I guess that means you made one of my dreams come true. :D MY LIFE IS SO SAD.

    Oh, well that explains the strange initials on the painting. You don’t even HAVE those letters anywhere in your name. -__- I just figured it was your alter-ego or something like that. XDDD It would be kind of awkward for me to say anything to your friend since I don’t know who she is. You can just show her what I’d already typed. But LOL she sounds like an intriguing person. ^____^
    Massu is adorable so it’s all good! Forgive me, but I thought he was a girl at first because of the shirt. >__<

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