Simplistic Bliss

I lost count of how many times I replayed the Dancin’ in the Secret performance.

Iitai Dake is some kind of dorkfest and I love every second of it. (Now, if only I can understand their little corner. :P)

Unrelated to LIVE!x3 DVD, but it’s cute and I’m in the holiday spirit:

This is how Tegoshi and Shige make up after a fight. At least, that’s how it goes in fangirls’ heads. <3

. . .

Happy holidays, world! I’ve been trying to finish this monstrous post for days but I kept falling asleep. LOL that shows how exciting my life is. :3

Plus, got majorly distracted by the concert DVD. :P And playing Katamari Damacy. :Dv There’s something oddly satisfying about watching a giant ball swallow up every smaller item in its path.

Anyway, school ended on such a good note! The past weeks had progressively gotten better as the days ticked by, from spending ALL OF SUNDAY (12/12) AND EARLY MONDAY MORNING finishing three of my college applications, to all the drama concerning Corr, to the chill last day before Christmas vacation, to MY EIGHTEENTH BIRTHDAY. :DDD

Oh, I simply HAVE to describe everything in typical me fashion, i.e. in list form and with too much, often extraneous, detail. Starting with Saturday, December 11, this had been my week before Christmas vacation.

-SATURDAY (12.11)-

Saturday started the same way it usually does: volunteering with Christa. I usually head straight up to my classroom, but this day I had to help Christa open doors for late students. Before I went upstairs, we spent most of that time having one of our serious talks (mostly about college) because she’s one of the few people who know quite a bit about me.

Dentist appointment afterward, and then Christmas shopping! First I got a few toys for the donations my school had been asking for. Then I spent the rest of my time looking for an Awesome Gift because I’m Savannah’s Secret Santa this year!

(We went all out for our final year and almost every senior participated in the Secret Santa thing. Weird how I ended up being Savannah’s Secret Santa when she was mine last year. The stuff she got me is at the bottom of this entry.)

I was a mess at the mall. -____- I called Gail to hear her opinion, which helped somewhat. After that, I spent a good hour talking to Adele over my phone as I searched every relevant store for potential gifts. I already purchased Savannah her main gift at Barnes and Noble: the sequel of a book she’d been reading.

Now, you might be thinking something along the lines of, “Wtf, a book? What a terrible gift.” See, Savannah hates reading. Okay, not “hate” exactly; she’s like me, in that she loves reading but she can’t find books that suit her interests. But she borrowed this book from Merry and fell in love with it. That includes going to a bunch of stores to hunt for the sequel and looking up the summary online (“Yes, Mimi, I’m THAT desperate”). So I found it for her. Even if she hates my gift, I’m hoping she’ll appreciate the thoughtful gesture.

BUT, I love giving rather than receiving gifts because I like making other people happy, so I had to find some back-up gifts. Just in case. :D After talking with Adele, I finally settled on some Savannah-esque hair clips (a sparkly grey flower one and a lacy cream one) and a set of jeweled stretchy bracelets — all from Forever 21 — and a mini box of Godiva chocolates. Combined with the book, I went way over the Secret Santa budget. DX

Oh, I ran into Dane while in Claire’s! Lol, what a place to run into old guy friends, huh? Dane lives right down my street, but we go to very different schools and we haven’t seen each other in years. I looked up from some blingy earrings, and there he was, standing tall with his mom and little sister.

Right away I knew it was him, but I guess he didn’t recognize me? Completely understandable; with my choice of girly clothing, curled hair, and lack of spectacles, I looked really different from how he remembered me. Our eyes met briefly before he looked away, but then he looked back and squinted, kind of like, “I know her, but… I don’t know her. :/” In the end I walked out without confirming my identity.

-SUNDAY (12.12)-

Spent every waking moment of Sunday working on college stuff because I’m stupid and didn’t do them earlier. The school guidance people won’t mail anything after Monday, so I had to get three applications done, at the very least. The main essay — the Common App one — took me 10 hours and 20 emails/phone calls to Adele to write. Bless her soul; without her I don’t know how I could have finished anything. TT-TT I wrote that one on origami, and I’m almost 100% proud of it. Not quite 100% because the ending makes about as much sense as a blue orange.

COMPLETELY BS’ed the Yale essay in a meager one hour. Yes, journal, I did apply to Yale. I know, what was I thinking. >___< Both of the teachers I had asked to write my recommendations (one English, one Religion) talked about how good of a writer I am compared to others, but my Yale essay proves otherwise. That one was about this journal. I don’t know, the essay started out great. And then it went downhill from there until I was almost sobbing because omg this isn’t worthy of being used to scrub tables.

I can cross Yale off my list of schools, that’s for sure.

I worked all through the night and I still wasn’t done when it was time to go to school. D:

Unfortunately, I had to skip Franky’s play (Mrs. Scrooge) because I was too busy with apps and such, I’M SO SORRY FRANKY.

-MONDAY (12.13)-

Mad rush in the morning trying to finish up college applications. Thank God I had Study first period. Had the following conversation with Christa:

Me: Hang on, it took you forty-five minutes to write your essay?
Christa: Yup. Not even that long.
Me: Are you happy with it?
Christa: Yeah. Very.
Me: And it took me over ten hours to do mine?
Christa: Yup.

In the end I got everything submitted JUST on time and it was like someone had lifted this massive brick off my shoulders. Cliche, I know, but a very fitting description of how I felt.

I guess I was more tired than I thought from staying up all night, because I… fell down the stairs and sprained my ankle. Well, it was only a matter of time. ^__^;; What the heck, life, only mere steps away from the door leading outside too. DDD: Some students had to ask my dad to come in and get me because I couldn’t stand by myself.

It’s been a week and my ankle is still aching. >.<

That night, instead of doing homework, I got distracted and ordered two old PS2 games, one each for me and The Pest. Just some Christmas presents for us, and it didn’t cost me anything. Hehe, I have my ways. >:D

-TUESDAY (12.14)-

I attended a Literary Magazine meeting for the first time in a while! We didn’t have meetings for two weeks and I had to skip last week’s cuz of schoolwork, so I was excited. Prompt was to write Christmas haiku inspired by Christmas cards. Being the slow person that I am, I only managed to write one, and I’ll take the chance and write it here. The card was of a kitten tucked under a sleeping dog, awww. <3

If You Promise Not to Bite
During a time when

Lovers love and haters love
We’ll snuggle just once.

Some LM members wanted to read my college essays and I let them. After reading the Yale one, they all got really curious about this journal and started asking me about it. I kept my mouth firmly clamped shut. Adele — not an LM member but she likes to stay and listen — pouted and told me, “You can’t hide it forever.”

Just watch me, girl. :D

-WEDNESDAY (12.15)-

Nothing much happened here. Choir in the morning, during which Ms. Choir Director kept looking directly at me while saying, “You’re going flat, girls.” Well, sorry, I can’t reach that ultra-high note as easily as you can, Ms. I’ve-Had-Twenty-Years-of-Vocal-Training. Especially after a night of, once again, no sleep. XP

But yeah, I did sound like something had strangled me.

Oh, they shot a commercial at my school too. No one has the money to send their kids to my school, even with scholarships and financial aid, since it costs nearly as much as some state unis, so we have to resort to this. I was supposed to be in it. D: The instant I heard the director say, “We can’t fit any more girls in the room,” I was all, “Oops, well, too bad! See ya!” and me and Savannah dashed out of there as fast as my swollen ankle would allow.

-THURSDAY (12.16)-

The day started with Corr drama. Me and Sheena are always the first ones to arrive at school. (Shut up, I’m not a loser. :P) Sheena is one of my closest friends and the girl does not like Corr, especially not after the whole engagement thing happened. I’m starting to have problems with Corr myself, which got worse as I realized that after years of being a vegetarian, Corr had changed herself and started eating meat again for that motherfu—

ANYWAY. Yeah, it’s easy to see that I don’t like what Corr’s doing to herself either. Like typical catty teenagers, me and Sheena started talking about what the heck’s happened to her this year.

I never said I was all nice, okay? >_<

Some other seniors arrived, all of whom also have issues with Corr’s behavior, and they pointed out that she was outside at that moment, making out with Fiancé in his car. DDD:

They didn’t even have the decency to park in the back of the parking lot. No, they pulled straight up to the curb and did their business right there, a blatant display that students, teachers, other parents, MY OWN MOTHER can witness. I had to freaking pretend to Mama that “Umm, no, I don’t know her.”

She’s not the same girl anymore. She mopes around, skips her homework, obviously sleeps through classes (she puts her head down and everything), drags through school with this constant “Someone pity me” look. I am serious — she’s trying to draw attention to herself. The day before, during Bioethics (the desks are arranged in a circle), the Circle Question was to name one lesson you learned this year and explain it. Not relevant to the topic, but I gave two instead:

  1. A 10-minute nap is never a 10-minute nap. (LEARNED THE VERY VERY HARD WAY. >.<)
  2. Everything will be okay if you stay positive.

When it was Corr’s turn, she lifted her head from her desk and said, staring hard at former-friend Angel, “Sometimes your family and friends won’t be there for you. You never know when they’ll leave.” She left it at that, no explanations.

Then, Thursday morning after that make-out session with BF, she walked inside, dropped her bag into the seat next to me (I was intently typing up homework on my laptop at the time), sighed loudly enough to penetrate my earbuds, and gathered her things and walked straight out of school. Absent for the rest of the day.

Um, drama queen much?

As her friend, I must sound harsh beyond harsh right now — even more so that I’m telling the world this — but I’d been a cold bitch before I softened up in high school; I sympathized with no one and had no tolerance for weak, dependent girls. I’m guessing that part of me is still there. D:

This is my journal so I’ll lay it all out there: I was relieved Corr didn’t show up for the rest of the day. She causes so much tension/eye rolling/fake smiles wherever she goes that I can’t take it anymore. I even see sweet Franky struggling to talk to her. I’m ashamed to admit that the day became more pleasant when she was absent. Judge me, call me a bitch, I don’t care; there’s only so much drama this tired, tired girl can handle.

Well. Moving on from the blah~

Bioethics was really great. We spent the whole class period writing these “acclamations,” as the teacher called them. Each of us wrote our name on top of a sheet of purple paper. As our sheets went around the circle, we had one minute to write down everything good about the person whose name was at the top of the paper.

My hand hurrrrt so bad by the end of the thing (20+ students!), but it was incredibly worth it for the messages I got and for other people’s reactions to what I wrote.

  • Angel giggled as she read over her messages, glancing over at me as she no doubt went over the one I wrote. (“You’re the only person I know who can stand up to Sheena.”)
  • Christa announced to the class that her favorite message was mine. (“NO WORDS to describe everything you’ve done for me.”)
  • On Friday, Carlie, who had been absent, gave me a big hug after class. (“I wrote about you in my Yale micro essay!… I will never forget that day in guidance when you helped me.”)
  • Emilia told me in person that my message made her day, and we’re not even that close. (It began with “I’m so jealous of your confidence” and I can’t remember what I wrote that could have possibly made her day. DX)

Three of my favorites messages are from Sheena, Adele, and Laney. I hate to sound show-offy, but they’re so lovely and touching and therefore I must type them here.

Where do I begin? I love the way you insult people politely. It truly cracks me up & I love our lil one-on-one talks in the morning. And always believe in yourself, girl.
–Sheena <3
(She says “insulting people politely” means I can insult people to their faces and they’ll never know it because apparently I have a way with words lol.)

Mimi! My supporter! Where would my applications be without you! I think you are one of the most amazing people I have met. You are extremely smart, intelligent and caring for others. I love you!

Mimi, you are one of my role models, did you know? Yeah, you’re quiet, but no, it isn’t because you’re shy. You’re strong on the inside and that shows on the outside. You have so much courage and wisdom and beauty inside of you. I love you ♥

Gotta love the holidays~ ^–^

I had Study next in my Physics classroom. Angel has the same studies I do, and she burst into tears when she saw me. She reminded me just how little time we have left until we’re out of there, making ME cry too. The substitute teacher — a man — just stared from his desk.

Study was last period, meaning that I could leave early because I have senior privilege. So I did. Freeeedom~

-FRIDAY (12.17)-

It was obvious that teachers were looking forward to the holidays just as much as us students. The last day was awesomely relaxed.

History: Mass chaos in the beginning of class with everyone distributing the outlines of their assigned chapters. Once everyone was settled down, we FINALLY got to continue watching Forrest Gump! I loved it the first day we watched it (the teacher wanted to give us a break for once; I love this woman because she understands us), and I’ve been itching to watch more ever since I found out that it’s one of Yamapi’s favorites. We only saw ten more minutes of it before the bell rang. Humph.

Physics: Teacher had gotten surgery Monday so she was out for the week. We made cards for her, complete with bad Physics lines (“We hope you reach your maximum velocity soon!”) ^___^ Me and Adele teamed up for ours because I suck at card-making.

French: We read some stories (en français, of course) that had morals to them. Too sick of school to comprehend.

English: Mrs. English teacher collected our Hamlet essays (mine was utter bull XP), then proceeded to assign a mini poetry scrapbook assignment for winter break. Poetry… not thrilled about this.

Bioethics: Christmas word searches while teacher read The Polar Express to us. ^o^ Halfway through the book, teacher started coughing really badly. All of us were too engrossed in our work to bother looking up and making sure the elderly woman wasn’t dead. Teacher laughingly pointed this out.

LUNCH: A TIME OF WONDERFUL, THIS WAS. The classes had all been shortened to fit in the Advent prayer service at the end of the day, so the whole school was at this lunch. All the seniors sat together; it was chaotic but nice. Seniors exchanged Secret Santa gifts. :DDD My Secret Santa was a girl who I’d never talked about in this journal. I won’t name her, then. She doesn’t know me very well, so she got me a generic, “I don’t know her” gift. And a hollow chocolate reindeer, which The Pest ate. Fat pig. ^–^

It’s a glass frame thing. Generic but pretty.

Savannah LOVED my gift to her. Yes, mission accomplished! I even got a hug from her, and we’re both not the hugging type. THIS is why I prefer to give gifts. Once I grew out of that “ooh, shiny presents!” phase of childhood (which very few people grow out of, actually XDDD), Christmas became much more meaningful.

Gail, sitting across from me, suddenly perked up and asked when was my birthday. After I said it was on the 20th, she jumped out of her seat and left. Weird. :/ Then she returned a minute later and I thought nothing of it, not even when ALL THE SENIORS started singing “Happy Birthday.” I wondered whose birthday it was, and I almost joined in the singing when I noticed that everyone at my table was looking and smiling at me quite pointedly, and I must have had this expression like, “No,” and they’re all, “Yes,” and I’m just laughing and thinking, “Oh no. Come on, guys, don’t do this to me, not when the whole school is at this lunch.”

After years of quiet birthdays, what a way to celebrate my eighteenth, right? Oh, I LOVE EVERYONE SO MUCH.

<3 <3 <3

By the way, did you know that Peruvian Cola is a fluorescent green-yellow? Gail was Adele’s Secret Santa and that’s one of the things she gave her. To remind Adele of her home country. ^__^

Study: A nice, peaceful Study in the Art Room with Savannah, Sheena, and Gin; everyone else had gone to watch Pride and Prejudice in the library. We discussed my dislike of cheap chocolates (i.e. Hershey’s) and worked on a confusing Calculus problem together.

Calculus: This time, a word search with math terms! Strangely easier than Bioethics Christmas word search. Bioethics teacher stopped by and joked that if Calc teacher suddenly hemorrhaged and died, we wouldn’t even take notice because our work is more important. XD She seems to think we’re too serious about things. Which is true. Tamara got the teacher a nerdy unit circle clock for Christmas. Kind of awesome that such a thing exists.

The day ended with Advent prayer service, with me singing in the choir and not being able to reach a single high note — damn you, sleepless nights — and then SCHOOL IS OVER FOR 2010!

-SATURDAY (12.19)-

Volunteering again, but no Christa because she had Mock Trial at school. (On a Saturday?)

Leander was looking really nice, decked out in his typical orange ensemble. :D There’s something wrong with that guy, I swear.

I’m in my not-really-liking-boys stage right now, but I’ve always had a little crush on Leander, which I think intensifies when he’s doing questionable things. Like on Saturday, he was giving Tommy a lap dance. Who enjoyed it.

It’s like my own little JE right there. :3

Tommy offered to buy me lottery tickets and, um, adult entertainment for my eighteenth birthday. I laughed. And squirmed. From his position on Tommy’s lap, Leander chose that moment to interject by saying he knows lots of good titles, should I ever need recommendations.

Such boys. -____-;;


I didn’t want anything for my 18th birthday. I just asked my parents to take me out to dinner, a steakhouse. I can be a bit of a health nut but I like my meat. ^vv^ So that was all really nice, getting to spend time with my family without anyone yelling for once.

On the 20th, I got happy birthday texts from Gail and Sheena. ^o^ Now I just need to ask someone to text them back and tell them I said thank you; I can’t text and I don’t want to ignore them, thus seeming like an ungrateful jerkface.

Ehh, I’ve just been lazing around being fat since vacation started~ Have to enjoy things while they last, you know. Midterms are after vacation and that means a month of NO SLEEP. I want to do running now that I have time, but my ankle’s still bothersome. It’s all puffy. ;A;

For homework, I just have some History essays, college apps, financial aid/scholarship stuff to fill out, and two scrapbooks to make: the English poetry one and a Bioethics Ten Life Lessons one for the freshmen. The life lessons aren’t supposed to be school-related, but school IS my life — I am such a loser, argh — and I’m really struggling with this. Hmm, what to write…

Well, I think I covered everything in this massive RL post. =D I don’t know who the heck would want to go through all this. Even I don’t want to read over this post for typos. DX

Until next time,

~ Mimi o_<

4 thoughts on “Simplistic Bliss

  1. hi! I found your journal a couple of months ago when i searched up something for ONE OK ROCK, and I have been reading it ever since. I hope that doesn’t sound stalkerish or anything :P Since I am a HUUUGE NEWS fangirl I got really exited that there was someone else out there who shared my love of hot asian men xD …but i guess that doesn’t really relate to this post, right?

    your friends seem so sweet! but your friend Corr…she must be going through a lot, huh? Hopefully she will stop moping around and snap out of it.

    oh, and happy belated birthday :D

  2. Not stalkerish at all. :D At least you have the guts to announce your presence, unlike, ahem, some people.

    -shifty eyes-

    Anyway, NEWS fans are more than welcome here! I see that you just started a blog too. Hopefully you’ll be posting way more often than I do. :P

    I think the worst part about the whole Corr thing is how her friends (including me D:) are reacting. We’re all more annoyed rather than worried that she screwed herself up big time, probably because she kept insisting that she could handle it when she clearly could not. But thanks for your concern. And thank you for the b-day wishes~

  3. I am sure there are lots of other people reading your journal. How else would I have found your post? ;D

    Yeah hopefully I will, since whenever I tried using an actual journal my little brother would take it and read it with my mom XD

    Aww :( Well everyone would act that way after a while.

    oh and where did you get the LIVE!x3 DVD from? I wanted to order it online, but the cost of shipping and everything is just too much! >_<

  4. My mom kept finding my journal too! (Then again, under the mattress isn’t exactly a secure hiding place.) That’s why I turned to online journaling. ^_____^

    I’ll just email you the link, if you don’t mind. :D

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