Let’s LIVE!(x3)

See what I did there with the title? :3

With school officially done for the year, there’s LOTS of fangirling and Real Life for me to catch up on! Because the entry is so long, I’ll split it up. RL will come later. So that means this is all fangirl. :D

This snippet of one of the newer NEWS scans is the perfect way to begin my holiday.

(Forgot where I found this… sorry. D:)

Besides the bottom half of Massu, there’s nothing particularly notable about this scan. Or is there?

Ryo’s shirt. RYO’S SHIRT. Noteworthy only to me because asdfghjkl THAT IS MY TOP CHOICE SCHOOL.  *___________* That shirt probably means nothing to most NEWS fans but to me, I feel a connection almost, as though NEWS is calling me to go there.

Right, all the more reason to get accepted! /determined

Next shot is from the LIVE!LIVE!LIVE! DOME PARTY 2010 documentary. :D

I came across this shot before I had seen the documentary for myself. I immediately recognized KoyaShige on the left side of the shot. Tegoshi (looking really nice with that intense expression ^^) took me a bit longer. And for the longest time I thought that fourth guy in the black shirt was just a hot back dancer, but no! It’s Massu! :O

Since when did Massu get hot? He’s always the cute one with the chubby cheeks to me. I know I don’t like thinking of anyone as “hot,” but here… yeah, he definitely is. I love watching him dance. <3

Can’t wait to finish everything. ^///^ I’ve already begun watching the concert part. Finished the first disc, now onto the second!

I don’t think it makes much sense with a bird, but whatever floats their boat~

I’ll spoil everything in a future entry, but for now I’ll just say that a few parts I remember loving are the Dancin’ in the Secret performance, everyone dancing all crazy for Be Funky!, the wonderful Tegomass interactions, Iitai Dake :D, and of course, all the member ai. <333

Oh, and I peeked through bits of the documentary too. About halfway through that video, all I gotta say is: they are such boys. :P No, they’re men, right? Hmm… nope, definitely boys. :D I can’t tell if they’re joking around or if some of them are being spastic like that for real.

I’m definitely not going in chronological order/order of importance, since this next part was from a week ago. NEWS on NTV’s Best Artist 2010!

They sang Kibou~Yell~ and Fighting Man for this performance. Even though the vocals of Kibou were… er… not the best, I’m happy they sang live. It’s better to sing honestly than to fake it, that’s what I always say. Better keep that in mind for your tour, Pi. I know you like the lipsynching and autotune, but if fans wanted to hear pre-recorded tracks, they would just listen to your CDs. :D

A shot of the Tegomass part during Kibou, because I’m biased like that:

♪ sou sa
boku to kimi to~ ♫

I’ll end the image-filled fangirling section with Tegoshi as Kirishima. ^___^

(credits to faith_alive@LJ for the scan)

I’m so shipping them now. The girl is Tabe Mikako and she looks like Massu. :Dv Yup, she even loves gyoza, and it helps that her character dresses weird. She, her fans, Massu himself — they all see this resemblance so it’s not just my fangirl mind playing tricks on me.

That’s not why I’m shipping her with Tegoshi or anything.


As for the manga itself, Deka Wanko isn’t all that funny. For a comedy. Maybe the humor got lost in translation, maybe I’m just humorless, who knows? I just hope the comedy manifests more on screen than it does on paper. Doesn’t matter, still excited for thissss~

Until next time,

~ Mimi ♥

P.S. I was seriously about to book a flight to Japan and mangle the bastards who had edited out Tegoshi Yuuko (as Alice) and Tuxedo Pi and Massu-centered second MC from the concert DVD. Really. I was that pissed.

But THEN news came out that Yuuko and Tuxedo Pi were hidden on the RE DVD only! Sneaky devils. Trying to squeeze every last penny out of the fans’ wallets by forcing them to buy both editions, huh? At least they were smart enough to know that they would die a most gruesome death at the hands of Yuuko fangirls if they had cut her entirely out of the DVD. I keep thinking back to the rage I had felt and I know… I would have been part of that crowd. XD

(Paparazzi pic, not a screenshot. Yuuko wiggles too much for me to take a decent shot.)

They still ended the video when the Yuuko molestation was about to happen, though. And Ryo had already taken off his shirt too. What the heck, guys, too PG-13 for the viewers?

No second MC sadly, but this makes up for it. Somewhat. Though I’m sure Massu fans are sorely disappointed. D:

OMGLOL @ Yuuko when she started singing. XDDD I CANNOT BE SMILING ANY MORE STUPIDLY.

Just… let me post one more concert shot. I’m so high on this.

I miss these guys. ;___;

3 thoughts on “Let’s LIVE!(x3)

  1. LOL The bird thing in Sakura Girl was so random XD I was like, oh what’s Mass- OH MY GOD *____* SO COOL.
    I had to replay that a few times, lol.

    Ah, I kinda cringed a bit at the Kibou ~Yell~ performance, but seeing the boys preforming warmed my heart~

    Dude, I LOVE that girl! She is so cool xD Her face is adorablee~ And she even has the DIMPLE. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not. I can’t wait to watch the drama :3

    Oh GOSH. I DIED LAUGHING. Yuuko… Thanks for sharing your lovely vocals.
    I had to show that to my mom when she came downstairs and she was like, “…is he gay?” My friend had visited to drop off a present and I was literally jumping around in circles giggling.
    Ooooooh, I have yet to finish the concert~ I’m so excited <3

  2. Massu dances SO well. I have forgotten about how well he dances and how hard he practices because he loves it till i watched the DVD.

  3. Massu is a fabulous dancer, but it’s unfortunate for us fans that he doesn’t show off his skills that often. Personally I would love to see another dance solo at a future concert, preferably one with lots of hip rolls and things like that. :D

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