Dirty, Dirty Liars

Whoever said that senior year is the easiest year of high school…


I don’t think I’ve ever been so busy that I literally could not type up a journal entry, or respond to my emails, or whatever else the internet demands from me. But this week has been dominated by college work and this infernal, stupid, needless, etc. group Bioethics project, which is stressing me out to no end. I’ve already decided to screw the Hamlet draft and three AP History essays for tomorrow. In fact, I shouldn’t even be typing this entry. DX

If God had intended on having me go to college, He would have created the world with 40 hours in a day.

Can’t decide yet if college essay (DUE TONIGHT) will be about origami or this journal. :/ ARGH, this is what I want to do to my mental block right now:

Guns and Tegoshi do not go together. I’m sorry, he’s just not convincingly badass. XD Also, if drama writers don’t ditch the suit for Kirishima, I will get Christa to hack the drama website (because she can) and embed English swear words all over the background. Come on, making Kirishima wear formal clothes is like making a bunny eat steak: it doesn’t work.

Proper post will come after I wake up from this nightmare.

Until next time,

~ Nana >.<

P.S. When Mimi’s name is mentioned among the teachers and administration, it is not rare to hear gushing about her writing come from each member of the faculty.

I wasn’t expecting my old English teacher to send me the recommendation she wrote for me. As expected, she emphasized my literary abilities and definitely exaggerated a bit because I am clearly not as amazing as she made it sound. But the colleges don’t have to know that. ;D

P.S. (part II) Okay, I kind of need this song right now. JASMINE is one of my favorite artists and it doesn’t seem like this single will disappoint. You know, except that there’s only ONE NEW SONG. XP Must… wait… patiently.

4 thoughts on “Dirty, Dirty Liars

  1. Has Tegoshi’s new drama started already???!!! Which drama site is it on!!??

  2. Not yet, not until January. ^^ But the screenshot I took is from the CM here. Watch Tegoshi run like crazy near the end lol. XD

    Can’t wait for this!

  3. D: Oh my. I hate when school eats at your free time till it feels like you’re not even living anymore ;A; I can imagine that it really is hell with you being in your last year, finals, and all your AP etc. classes… Well, do your best, Your almost done! When I’m stressed with school, Gan Gan Ganbatte suddenly plays in my head and I smile :D

    LOL I question the director’s choice in casting Tegoshi as Kirishima… It’s just too hilarious xD But I guess it’s really good for Tegoshi’s experience.

    Ah and at the soonest, your gift should arrive around next Friday or Saturday

  4. I hate that I care about school too much to just give it up. DX I was so tired the other day that I, um, tripped down the stairs and sprained my ankle. -__-;; There’s this deal we have in my school: if a senior maintains an A- average or above in a class, she is exempt from finals. We still have to take midterms in January, though. D:


    I just… I’m sorry, but every time I look at him tackling some bad guy, I feel like laughing at such a cute face. Did you watch him and Massu in Gachibaka? Massu was convincing, but Tegoshi… wasn’t. At all. XD I’m STILL waiting for him to play a murderer/rapist/druggie/someone who’s not the good guy.

    Did I ever thank you for doing such a thing? I am so not worthy of your gift.

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