More Toyama Yukinojo Than You Can Handle

(aka Tegoshi’s Epically Late Birthday Post/Every Toyama Yukinojo Outfit Ever)

The world is well aware of how much I love Tegoshi, but that didn’t mean I was gonna drop everything to finish my gigantic birthday post for him in time for the 11th. Yeah. I’m THAT busy. >__< Sorry, Tego, I adore you to pieces, but it’s more of a huge celebrity crush than anything else — real life comes first. When RL is going smoothly, then an effective fangirl I can be. :D

And now that Tego as Kirishima in Deka Wanko is confirmed, this would be the perfect time to celebrate.

It’s Thanksgiving weekend. Let the fangirling commence by wishing a very


I will not be posting a picture right now, which is what I usually do. Scroll down and you’ll see why. ^_____^

I had already gushed everything I could about this beautiful yet terribly flawed man at the bottom of this entry. So instead of writing more things I like about him, I tried something else.

Remember last winter and early spring when Tegoshi played Toyama Yukinojo in the live action of Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge? Yuki could be annoying as hell in the drama, but you can’t deny the guy was cute (not because of Tego or anything :P), and I was utterly fascinated with his Massu-esque clothing.

Back in one of my old entries, I’d written that I was gonna archive those outfits. Thought I forgot/was kidding, didn’t you? :P Nope, I did it. Went through all ten episodes again, played them frame by frame (okay, not really, but it was a sloooow process DX), and took a screenshot of every time Yukinojo sported a new eyebrow-raising outfit. It totaled over 100 shots, but even after deleting some duplicates I still have over 80 left over. -___-;; Not that it’s particularly bad or anything. In my eyes, the more Tego, the better. ^o^ Though it’s not so good for the limited amount of upload space I’ve been given. XP

So, with shots taken roughly in chronological order, let’s revisit Tegoshi in YamaNade and all the Yukinojo goodness in my very first picspam. :D

(Warning: MASSIVELY image-heavy. Do not click if your computer lags like my brother in the mornings before school starts. I adjusted the sizes to somewhat help with the loading.)


This is from the opening, actually, not just ep 1. Pretty hearts~ ♥

Tego, so shiny. And omg that old lady, so cute. ^o^  I remember reading somewhere that the woman said that meeting Tego had given her ten more years to live or something. THE POWER OF JOHNNYS.

The full outfit. I was surprised at how baggy the shirt is. Totally not Tego’s real style.

Same bear, same outfit, just with the hood on.

*pinches cheeks*

Close-up of his face. I mean scarf. ^^

Okay, by now I’m definitely suspecting that Yuki wears women’s clothing on a regular basis. Are those sequins on his jacket?

Huh. Now where have we seen that kind of outfit before? Not from Massu, right? ^___^

Yup, women’s clothing. ^o^ Tego is the only one in this scene who dared to go strapless, you go girl! With earrings and his hair tied back too. So confident in his abilities. XD

Because I like seeing his hair clipped back. :D

Lots of shots from ep 1. Well, everything IS new to me, after all. Watch the dramatic reduction of shots for ep 2.


There is no way this guy was 22 at the time. o.O

Same outfit, more attitude.

A closer look at his spade necklace and intriguing expression. :P


Yuki makes the most interesting faces, doesn’t he?

Even though this was all in that crazy chick’s imagination, I’m still including it. He’s wearing it, isn’t he?

I really love this shot. <3 Is he wearing leggings under his jeans?


God, ep 4 was a nightmare to cap. D: Some outfits would appear for literally one second and then never show up again. I think I got everything. :/

I think that’s the same cardigan as the one in the previous picture.

Took this purely for the sunglasses. :D

He makes that face a lot. As I’m sure you know by now. ^^

I once had sleep-clothes that looked a lot like that… when I was ten.

THIS ONE. This cap appeared on screen for one freaking second. I had blinked and almost missed it.

Aww. <33 They look like such a perfect family — mama, daddy, son — that I simply HAD to include this.

I don’t know why he included those random buttons.

The full outfit. Yuki wore this to a wedding. Why.
Uchi’s looking spiffy behind him~


He already wore this outfit in ep 3, but I wanted to capture what he looked like after the mob of rabid girls mauled him. Still cutee~

He’s looking at you~

What man doesn’t look good in a tux? ^///^ Though he’s looking rather young in this picture, not yet a man.


If you click on the image you can read tidbits of what’s written all over his hoodie.

This is an interesting phenomenon. :Db

^///^ ♥

More Yuuko because I love her so. <3
Unfortunately, no crossdressing in Deka Wanko.

The backpack is cute so I took a shot of his back. ^~^

Hmm, this sort of jumpsuit thing seems kinda popular lately. Like in one of the newer NEWS magazine scans, everyone’s wearing it. See?

He eventually strips out of the brown thing too. :Dv


Okay, I SWEAR Massu wore something like this before. Let’s take a closer look at his pants.

They ARE leggings with shorts and colorful shoes! I am now convinced that Masuda Takahisa had hand-selected Yuki’s clothing because this is Massu’s signature style.


I love this whole outfit for some reason, with the scarf, sparkles, and bright blue vest. *shrug* I’d probably wear it, which proves how not-for-a-guy it is.

*squishes* You cute thing, you.

Hehe. Look at him chug that thing down. :Db

AHA, I just KNEW that jacket seemed familiar! I wonder if it belonged to him or if he borrowed it for the NEWS shoot. This is also the same thing he wore for his solo page, shown here:

O___O It is so hard for me to believe that this very guy played fluffy Yukinojo.


Taken solely for his expression. XD

And smile. <3

Same jacket as the one in ep 1, without the scarf.

He looks sooo childlike in this shot, doesn’t he?


Gotta love his wide-eyed look.
He… kind of resembles Justin Bieber in this one. >_<

Umm, I totally snapped this for a better view of Tegoshi’s outfit. Not for Kame’s butt or anything. ^^

SURPRISE! Gah, loved how this ep ended. ^^

Aaaaand one last shot of everyone, with Yukinojo on the phone with his girlfriend.

After endless hours of cropping and saving and titling the shots, I’m proud to say that my blood, sweat, and tears were well worth it because this is

Whew. ^___^;; I don’t think I’ll be doing anything like this ever again. Waaaaay too much work. Well, at least I finished just in time for my 6:45 biopsy appointment. Maybe it wasn’t smart to schedule it the evening before Thanksgiving Day. *is dumb*

Will be back to write later. Let’s hope nothing’s seriously wrong with me. :/

Until next time,

~ Mimi :3

6 thoughts on “More Toyama Yukinojo Than You Can Handle

  1. Your screen shots are such good quality! Did you buy your copy of Yamato Nadeshiko or did you download it online? If you downloaded it, where from????

  2. I got all ten of them from here, I think. ^-^ And since I tried to get the highest quality videos possible, it took up a loooooot of space in my laptop; when I finally deleted them all, they freed up at least 10 GB. They don’t have subs, though. D:

  3. Thanks for the link! Do you recommend any good sites for other high quality Japanese dramas?? I already know and mysoju. And don’t worry about subs. :)

  4. Hmm, I think those are the best ones out there, sorry. I use them too. ^____^

  5. THIS IS AN AMAZING FEAT OF FANGIRLYNESS. Oh my, I totally LOVE Yuki’s styleeeee~ <3

    The third photo in Ep. 2 looks like Tego and Kame were caught doing "something"

    The first two in Ep. 4 make Tego look really gay xD But in the cute good way.

    The top he's wearing in the first picture of Ep. 5 looks like it's made for females xD And the third one from that episode… It seems all the adults are looking away from the camera.

    Ah, the third one in Ep. 6. For spotting that, you are indeed spectacular~ <3

    XD In the second one for Ep. 10, I was so distracted by Kame, that I barely noticed Tegoshi

    <3 Thank you for this :D

  6. Thank you, thank you~ ^3^ I planned on doing this last spring, but you know how I can be with deadlines. XD This post is so huge that it freezes up my laptop whenever I have it open.

    I agree with everything you said~~ I love Yuki’s style because he dresses like a girl. ^o^

    Will be expecting something huge from you for Massu’s b-day next year. :D

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