Telling them like it is

(credits to news_je@twitter)

Am very, very torn right now between doing homework — DX — and finishing my Longest Entry Yet/Tegoshi’s Birthday Post in rapturous celebration of Tegoshi’s new drama, Deka Wanko (lol I had read the katakana wrong :Pv). Apparently that’s a manga by the same person who did Gokusen? He’s supposed to be playing this hotheaded but pretty and blond detective, almost 180 degrees from his last role. Well, Yukinojo is pretty and blond too. You know what I mean. XD He’ll probably have to straighten his hair for this, so all of you with complaints out there, y’all happy now?

I’m gonna miss his curls. D: They make him look like no one else and I love that. I’ll be genuinely sad to see it go for something ~normal~.

You know what, I don’t want to go to community college so I think I’ll do homework after all. But I’ll just say something quickly first. :P

Anyone who’s read online articles from the Yahoo/AOL front page will know that commenters can be really off topic. For example, there’s always someone who will sneak a racist comment in an article about the benefits of drinking milk. The Democrats vs. Republicans debate is common too, as shown in these two consecutive comments I found:

“rob said…

Sounds like a closed minded, ignorant, backwards, conservative Republican. Liberal Democrats actually read.”

“bcmcdaid said…

Rob, you are a hate filled, ignorant, book burning bigot. I am a conservative Republican who, unlike you, is open minded and not only reads, but LEARNS from what he reads. Anyone who believes that a seventh grader has not heard AND used any of these words is smoking opium. I’m wondering. Just what is it you are so afraid of? Is it a fear that your child might learn and become more open minded than you>”

Then comes this random kid who interjects with the following:

“ed said…

when did this discussion become about political parties im 16 and all of you are probably a lot older than me and even i can see that when you think about the other party you automatically think that they are stupid and closed minded because they have a different opinion than you but you cant see that all of you are stupid and closed minded because you think that”

You tell em, boy. ^–^ I hope those two adults feel very stupid now for being schooled by a kid.

That’s all I wanted to say today. That’s all I can say today. XP

Right now, History and Bioethics and Physics and Calculus and English and French, they all chorus my name. *sigh*

Until next time,

~ Mimi @__@

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