Twenty-Six Candles

I… am way late. For Ryo’s birthday, at least. Forgive me, Ryo. TT-TT Real life’s been a bastard.

So. Let’s do this properly. On November 3, I was supposed to have wished a

happy 26th birthday to Nishikido Ryo!

I finally have a reason to post this little cutie. ^^ Actually, he still is a little cutie.

Oh boy. Where to start with this guy? When I first entered the world of J&A, Ryo was everywhere. It didn’t take me that long to recognize his face; I just looked for the not very Asian-looking one. :D

Last year, back when I actually had a numbered order of favorites within NEWS (Tegomass hold a special spot in my heart now, and I love the rest of NEWS equally), Ryo was, um, my least favorite, IAMSOSORRY. D: That was due to the fact that I already knew Yamapi because of Toma and I majorly shipped TomaPi, I liked Tegomass’s music, and I learned to love KoyaShige through fics.

Where, then, did that leave Ryo?

He scared me, to be honest. I had seen a bit of Last Friends before junior year jammed up my schedule, and Sousuke ruined whatever positive image I had of Ryo at the time. It’s just a character he was playing, but he was so convincing, wasn’t he? In fics, he is portrayed as overly snarky and sometimes borderline evil. So what was I supposed to think of him?

Then came 1 Litre of Tears.

Obsessively watching that one drama changed everything. I remember thinking, “Who is this cold sweetie?” before realizing that Asou-kun = Sousuke = NISHIKIDO RYO. I gave Ryo another chance, and that was when I came to love him.

Underneath that pseudo-aggressiveness is a shy man with an unexpectedly gigantic smile, who is hilariously bad with his female co-stars, works so hard to learn songs/dance steps for both NEWS and Eito, has one of my favorite speaking voices in NEWS, is decidedly NOT shy with the fanservice :Db (i.e. making out with Massu’s neck and probably leaving a huge hickey there; indecently messing around with Tegoshi Yuuko and forcing Koyamama to intervene), stirs up trouble with his outside-of-work antics (and yet we dismiss them with dainty waves of the hand, just because it’s Ryo) and gives such epic answers in interviews.

He’s 26 now, just a few more years until 30 — and regardless of whether I’ll still be a NEWS fan by that time, I’m sure he’ll be a great guy then too. :D

I’ll end this entry with a recent picture of him.

(credits to inala@lj)

The dark, slightly grungy, pining-for-you look works so well on him. :D

Until next time,

~ Mimi :P

P.S. Tego’s b-day post will come in a few hours. :D Can’t guarantee it will be on time, but it’ll come. Real life entry will come some time after that.

5 thoughts on “Twenty-Six Candles

  1. xD It’s funny how you wish Nishikido a happy birthday on Tegoshi’s birthday. Ah, the way you came to like Nishikido was cool~

    It was pretty much discovering a completely different side, or in your case, the true personality of someone.
    Like, when you know someone from class, but the only impression of that person you have is what they’re like in the classroom. And then you suddenly become friends and find out that person is totally different. Yeah, like that. xD
    I’m glad I didn’t watch Last Friends in the beginning of my NEWS fandom, otherwise, I might have ended up like that too D:

  2. I’m working on Tegoshi’s birthday post right now instead of studying for my history and calculus tests but it’s kind of long and it’s already 11:30 pm over here, so I’ll just finish it tomorrow/Saturday, I guess. Just because he’s my favorite doesn’t mean he takes precedence over real life stuff. :P

    I swear, I WILL finish Last Friends someday. I still don’t know how it ends. D:

  3. What did Ryo do wih Tegoshi!!???

  4. LOL you made me choke on my cookie!!

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