I know it’s been floating around for practically the past ten years :P, but I still need to say this:

Fighting Man PV. Aweeeeeeeeesome.

It’s not on the same level of awesome as Koi no ABO, of course, and I think I prefer the slightly rougher vocals (and colors!) of their Music Station performance, but it’s definitely an improvement since Sakura Girl. The PV is like a combo of Taiyou no Namida for the emo scenes and Cherish for the dance scenes. For some reason, I love the opening sequence where they’re all in the halls and heading to their dance area.

I’m too tired to try to be witty right now. Whenever that happens, I make a list. :D I know how I feel about Tegoshi — as does the rest of the world — so I’ll try to keep the Tego bias under the surface. I really do love all of NEWS and it’s not fair that my journal doesn’t reflect that at times.

So, things I like from the PV:

  • That moment about 17 seconds into the video where Pi sorta bends and looks into the camera. My heart did something weird there. ^///^
  • I haven’t a clue why, but I really love Ryo when he appeared for the second time, when he’s wiping his face or something.
  • Massu’s solo, during which he is absolutely adorable. ^^
  • Every single time the camera closes in on Tegoshi’s face. And it does that a lot. :D (So much for not being biased. :Dv)
  • Massu’s hair sticking up all over the place. :P
  • When the camera is only on Tego halfway through the video and he turns his head slowly to stare at us in this totally creepy/spine-tingling way.
  • Koyama looking really, really, REALLY flawless. There’s really not a single bad angle of him in this PV.
  • Emo!Massu looking so obviously inspired by motivational!NEWS.
  • When Ryo looks so cool leaving his house to join the rest of NEWS.
  • The part during the bridge when the camera makes it seem like emo!Tego is smiling while admiring himself on TV.
  • KoyaTego prodding each other at the end, yay, KoyaTego! ^///^ They’re such brothers.
  • Whatever the heck Pi is doing while KoyaTego prod each other.

…Why do I feel like I just watched a cell phone commercial? XD

Aaaaand when I woke up today, YESSS NEWS ON MUSIC STATION AGAIN.

I don’t want my fangirl section to get excessively long/take up my entire post, and I know it will if I don’t cut myself off right now, so here, I made this instead.


. . .

UNBELIEVABLY tired and achy right now because I’d been at school for fourteen hours Thursday (7 am-9 pm; more about that later), crashed when I got home, and didn’t wake up until 2 in the afternoon Friday — but happy at the same time. Great day at school yesterday in almost every possible way. Well, except for that B+ I’m now stuck with in History, but I’m trying hard to ignore that.

Anyway! This whole week was Spirit Week, so:

  1. Monday — Pajama Day over the uniform
  2. Tuesday — Crazy Wacky Day over the uniform (freaky hair and whatever accessories we want)
  3. Wednesday — Costume Day (New Rule: No throwing on baggy jeans and a t-shirt and calling yourself a boy. :P)
  4. Thursday — Spirit Tag Day (no uniform; wear school colors and do crazy stuff to our faces with face paint :D); Halloween dance in the evening
  5. Friday — NO SCHOOL YAYYYY

Thursday started with a tailgate party in the back of the school parking lot: seniors only. :P Lots of face paint, gold hair spray, drawing stuff on the cars, and honking car horns (until Ms. Choir Director reminded us that we have sleeping neighbors, a preschool, and a nursing home surrounding us).

On the last day of Spirit Week, we always hold a spirit assembly (kind of like a pep rally) in the gym and the grades face off against each other in sports events, in which there’s tons of screaming/insults/taunts/victory screeching at each other across the bleachers. It’s always freshmen vs. sophomores in basketball, juniors vs. seniors in flag football. So that’s why us seniors had our little tailgating event. Boy, when Mickie said that we were going all out this year, she really meant it :D

By the way, all the freshman players sucked except for this teeny little girl. Seniors absolutely destroyed the juniors in our game. My throat is still sore from all the cheering. ^^;;


Apparently the face paint I used on Costume Day and the Halloween dance can stain clothes. And skin.

Thus, my currently orange face. D:

I’m gonna pick on Shige and say I look something like this right now:

Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to tear apart the packaging and throw it away without once glancing at the instructions/warnings. XP And I guess my fingers were still orange from applying the make-up, because I always clean my contacts by lightly rubbing them and now they’re tinted orange too. XD Right now debating whether or not to put them in my eyes. My trusty Neutrogena Wave removed most of the color from my face, but it still looks like I walked out of Jersey Shore.

You know, someday being so dumb is gonna kill me. I’ve done so many stupid things over years that are downright dangerous, including 1.) attempting to pluck off the food from a mouse trap; 2.) microwaving something covered in aluminum foil; 3.) sticking a metal fork into a plugged-in toaster to try to pry out a mini bagel half; and 4.) realizing too late that I had read the instructions of the cough medicine wrong, which said to take 2 teaspoons and I had taken 2 tablespoons, THREE TIMES THE RECOMMENDED DOSAGE. What kind of idiot makes a mistake like that? >___<

Never mind all that. :P I’m here to talk about the stuff that happened after the spirit assembly, not about how dumb I can be. :3

Club council and student council had to stay through after school to decorate the gym for the dance: costumes, games, haunted house area, no students from other schools, teachers in costumes chaperoning, DJ and karaoke, CANDY.

They put me on balloon arch committee (dangit, just realized that I forgot to take a picture of that D:); kind of a mistake on their part because you remember what happened the last time they gave me helium. :Db I demonstrated the wonders of helium for Gin, Cappa (not on club council but she just wanted to stay and help out), Savannah, Lillith, and Gail, and they were amazed when I opened my mouth and my voice sounded like a female J-pop singer’s. But they barely had a chance to try before Ms. Choir Director stopped us from wasting helium. D: Boo.

Well, that’s okay. It can kill you, after all. ^vv^

After spending the next few hours tying strings on donuts for a game, putting up caution tape, doing our (me and Savannah) best to ignore the steady stream of Jonas Brothers and Taylor Swift coming from Gin’s iPod speakers, messing around with balloons, and chilling in the cafeteria while we waited for pizza, it was time to get dressed for the dance.

Me and my friends headed to one of the restrooms to change and do our make-up. Poor Franky (who’s in student council and they had to dress up as dalmatians) put a little too much white face paint around her eyes and ended getting some on her contact lens, completely obscuring her pupil and making her blue eyes look like Hinata’s and Neji’s (from Naruto). So creepy. D:

Note to self: According to Laney, who had applied it on me, bright orange eyeshadow works really well on my skin tone. As strange as that sounds.

Note pt. II: Never again touch Maybelline Falsies. Sorry, Laney, but that’s a terrible mascara. DX

I was still girl-Tigger, with orange and black face paint! ^o^ Really glad that I made my own costume because I got tons of compliments on it, even though it doesn’t look nearly as great as I meant it to. I think it’s all the skirt’s doing; the shirt was lame beyond words.

My Tigger shirt:

It took me an hour and a half to draw those stripes on with a black Sharpie. Not fun. I don’t think the result looks bad, but it’s still lame. It looks something a 3-year-old would wear. ;_____;

Here’s my Tigger skirt, with tights on:

I do not have the legs to pull off such a short shirt. Trust me, it’s MUCH shorter than it looks in the picture. Surprised that the Old Man let me leave the house in that thing.

The dance took place in the gym. I took this sick picture of the scene early on, when no one was there except for the student/club council people. Lights were dimmed, and with evidence scattered throughout this journal, my phone camera does not take good pictures when it’s even remotely dark.

Doesn’t that look so cool? Lizzy (the fairy) moved at the last minute and it left this ghostly effect on the picture. Look at her waist; you can see through it. If I didn’t know better, I would’ve thought I had captured something awesome on camera. “OMG GHOST FAIRIES ARE REAL!!!11!!1”

But it’s a Halloween dance. We’re less inclined to release our inhibitions when it’s light out. So, we dance like this:

I couldn’t see a thing. ^–^ But that means other people also couldn’t see a thing, meaning they couldn’t see me do that flailing thing that barely passes as dancing.

Another picture of the dark with the weird light effect the DJ used:

All three are from the same angle. :3

After the apple bobbing finished (we were very sanitary with that, changing the water after each person went), we still had some apples left over. Carlie randomly tossed me a huge one, and I didn’t know what to do with the stupid thing so I ate it. I just ended up throwing it away after a few bites because, though it tasted sooo good after eating nothing for a few hours, come on, who wants to eat an apple during a HALLOWEEN dance?

Our school whore (I’m not being mean; that’s a self-declared title) and her best friend had their turn at karaoke. One of them grabbed the mike and told everyone, especially those who were sitting down, to “grab a girl and get your butts on the dance floor because this a slow song.” People actually did it. :D They were twirling each other around and slow dancing like normal. I love my school. ^____^

In the end, I sneaked away before the toilet paper fights began; club council is officially the ones who clean up and there is no way I was gonna be stuck doing that. :P

I slept for a loooooong time once I got home. And with that, my Thursday was over.

Now I have a cavity from eating too much candy. D:

Until next time,

~ Mimi ^^

4 thoughts on “STAINED.

  1. OMIGOD I didn’t realize NEWS was on Music Station again till I read this, then I checked facebook and I saw the NEWS fanpage post it xD Of course, though, I had to download it before watching it for higher resolution <3

    My school did Spirit Week a while ago and I had 0 school spirit xDDD LOL Well, I meant to dress for the Wear Your Class Color day, but I forgot D: (the only reason I wanted to do that one was because our class color was yellow~) What's weird, though, is that the seniors were black, the juniors were blue, the freshman were white… while sophomores were…yellow. We stick out :D

    asdfaad I love that skirt <3 It's so adorable~ It reminds me of those skirts in the closet of the dance studio at school, lol.

    Omg, cooooooool dark dances and colorful lights! :D I don't think my school ever has any dances during school D: It's always afterschool at like 6:00 Well, its not like i'd actually dance. (unless the play NEWS SONGS :DDD I'll totally dance to Koi no ABO)

  2. Hmm, I think I prefer their first performance, actually. :/ They look like they’re having more fun in this performance (plus, there’s the matter of Tego looking extra girly and that thing Massu killed to make his hat XD), but the other one doesn’t have screaming fangirls to distract us from their singing/dancing.

    I was gonna ask if you’re running out of space in your laptop from downloading HD versions of everything NEWS appears in (which I do!), but then I remembered that you just got a new one.

    Ooh, we did Class Color Day last year! Except, at my school it’s never just wearing the color; it’s painting your face and showing up all decked out in wacky accessories. It’s scary how far some girls go during Spirit Week because there are no guys around to make us feel self-conscious. Funny story: my friend showed up one year on Costume Day dressed as her mother, and people kept asking her if she was supposed to be a whore. XDDD Lol, the seniors at your school must have looked all emo. :P

    Thanks! :D My dad was completely reluctant about buying the skirt because it’s MUCH shorter than the photo makes it look. I had shorts under, but still.

    The dance was at night! Did I forget to mention that? Started at 6:30 pm, ended a little after 9 pm.
    If you have friends who like to dance, then believe me, you WILL dance. They will force you onto the dance floor and grab your limp arms and start flailing them around in hopes that you’ll start moving them yourself, and eventually you do because you look so stupid otherwise. XD

    By the way, you don’t HAVE to comment on every entry if you don’t want to. I do that because it’s how I am — I spam people with words until they stop responding, probably choosing to stay quiet so that I’d think they’re dead and leave them alone. I don’t want you to feel compelled to say something just because I do. I like to ramble in any way possible. If you hadn’t noticed. :Dv

  3. Hello there! I just bumped into your site when randomly clicking on TegoMass stuff. I totally L♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥VE the Massu gif. I’m wondering if I could make it as my picture in LiveJournal? Don’t worry, I’ll absolutely credit you for the picture.

  4. Oh, hi! Yeah, sure, go ahead and use it~ It’s not my video anyway.
    Thanks for dropping by!

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