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I’ve been waiting a good month to watch last week’s Itte Q special. It does not disappoint.

Can you hear me flailing? >///<

Other than to KO fangirls everywhere, THE PILLOW FIGHT HOTEL BED SCENE SERVES NO PURPOSE. Really, Tegoshi’s portion of this episode is all about bungee jumping. And before that, he promotes the Live album in the most epic way possible. It makes NO SENSE that they included this scene.

But I’m not complaining. Not one bit. :D

I admire him so, so much for facing his fear of heights and making the jump. He had moaned things like “It’s impossible~” and “I can’t~”, but he did it in the end — AND he flashed the camera strapped to his arm a dazzling idol smile. WHILE FREE FALLING. Even though he knew that if anything went wrong, he could die.

This guy, he is seriously so cool. *_______*

Then, then, then! I watched NEWS perform “Fighting Man” on Music Station. And I fell HARD for the song. I have such high hopes for the PV now because of all the good points from the performance, which I’ve replayed, oh, thirty times already.

Massu with glasses and typical questionable outfit!

Ryo nearly wetting his pants by Pi’s surprise hug!

Pi looking like he’s genuinely having fun!

Tegoshi’s sparkly grins and background butt dance!

Shige looking great and working those punches and kicks!

The KoyaTegoShige singing trio meshing surprisingly well!

Everyone dancing in sync! No, not really, but who cares!

Ah, life is awesome. Here’s Yamapi to sum up my thoughts on the performance:

. . .

On to much less interesting, more serious things now. Possibly one of my most boring entries yet. Yay. -__-

Took the SATs last week at The Pest’s school. How did I do? Umm… here’s a quick self-evaluation:

1. Essay
Could have been worse. Could have been MUCH better. D: The question was stupid and I could only think of two examples that made sense. I focused on making my introduction/thesis awesome instead. Hey, at least I finished this time. ^^;; Also, I threw the word “pragmatic” in there, no matter how irrelevant, because I have a crappy vocabulary. Hoping to do better than those 8/12 points last time.

2. Critical reading
Like I said, my vocab sucks, so I skipped a few of the vocabulary questions because the words looked more German than English. Answered all of the critical reading questions. Probably shouldn’t have.

3. Math
I had spent the three days before the test cramming as much math stuff into my head as possible because oh my god, I forgot how to factor. DDD: But, alas, all in vain. Still did atrociously and skipped a ton. TT-TT

4. Writing
Laughably easy. No, really, I got paranoid because I only encountered two or three questions throughout the entire test that gave me trouble. Well, it is my strongest subject.

That’s exactly what I thought when I took the test the first time. I had gotten 10 wrong. D:

Over all, I think I did better than last time. At least, I sure hope so — because this major FML moment happened that made me want to scream, “WHY IS THIS MY LIFE.”

You see, the SATs are split up into ten sections. The first one is nothing but lines for the essay, and the other nine are bubbles. Real people score the essay… but a machine scores everything else. That means if you screw up your bubbling, you screw up your test. I always wondered how some people are dumb enough to do such a thing.

Then it happened to me.

There are two sections per page, three on the last one. I had filled out sections 1-6 normally. Then I stupidly turned the page too early, not just skipping one bubble but the ENTIRETY OF SECTION SEVEN. Not only that, but I didn’t even notice my mistake until the end, AFTER I had already filled out two full sections.

Mental me: “Huh. There are two sections left in the book, but there’s only one section of bubbles remaining in my answer shee— *flips back to page 5* OMFGASDFGHJKL. D8”

I took a good 10 minutes out of my math section to erase and shift my answers to where they’re supposed to go so that I won’t end up with a 1200 as a score. I’m PRAYING that I erased hard enough, or else I’m stuck with that 1900 I earned back in May. Which, while a pretty good score, is just a teaspoon of points too low for my top choice school.

*crosses fingers*

Ah, that reminds me:

Oh God. Journal, I’m not ready for college. I’m still a baby. ;________;

The reality of it just slapped me last week after some representatives of colleges from around the area visited my school. They were nice people, all informative and smiley. I really like one of the schools — and not just because it’s Angel’s top choice — but it’s a really math- and science-based place. I’ve already decided that I’m gonna be an English major, so that place… yeah, not for me.

About six of them, I think, were scheduled to come that day. But then a Harvard dude dropped by unexpectedly, without ANY prior notice. I hate Harvard and it’s eliteness, but come on, it’s an Ivy. Naturally I was curious. The WPI person hadn’t arrived yet, so me and Lynne sorta huddled together and squeezed ourselves into the Harvard table.

When the fifteen-minute session started, we stared at him. He stared back. Unlike the other colleges, Harvard guy didn’t start talking about what his school offers. He said something like, “Well? You didn’t think I was going to do all the talking, did you?” Acted like your typical Harvard snob. Gin wants to be a doctor and seemed really interested in Harvard, but he answered all her questions rather rudely. Like when she asked about the student-teacher ratio, he kind of scoffed and said, “I don’t know. Does it really matter?” even though he had answered the same question for a different group. He knows that people will apply no matter what, so he probably figured it wouldn’t matter how much a jerk he seemed.

Well. I hadn’t been planning to apply anyway, even if I qualified. And I don’t, not by a loooooong shot.  Now I know I DEFINITELY won’t be applying.


One week after that meeting, there was an announcement that an admissions person from Harvard wanted to talk to some interested students after school. I had been debating on whether to see her. I’m not interested in Harvard in the least, but I’m kinda considering Yale, and they’re both tough to get into, so why not? I ducked into the room at the last minute.

Boy, this lady made Harvard sound like a TOTALLY different place than the Harvard the other guy described. She made me want to apply.

Still not gonna.

Mama thinks I have a shot at Yale. I like Yale; it’s the only Ivy I’m interested in. I don’t know, it doesn’t seem to have that same eliteness Harvard has. I heard it has a good English program, but not entirely sure about that. A pretty campus is always a plus, and judging by the photographs in the viewbook they sent me, Yale’s is gorgeous.

But I highly, HIGHLY doubt I can make it. Close to impossible for a person like me. They pretty much require you to have a minimum SAT score of 2100 just to be considered, and then there’s the matter of the interview. Where I’ll probably end up vomiting into the interviewer’s lap or something, with my luck. XP Mama seems rather serious about me applying, though, saying that me going to Yale is the only way she’ll be okay with me majoring in English. She’s even planning to have The Old Man drive us down to Connecticut just to pay it a visit.

Anyway, it’s not like I’ll die if they reject me. You know, IF I decide to apply. My first choice school is here in my home state. I won’t mention the name until I either get accepted/rejected, but it’s easy to guess.

I think I can get in if I play up my writing and ~complex way of thinking~ and try to bury the fact that I fail at science and math. Most likely I’d cry forever and start putting down money for my future box home if I don’t get accepted, because this is seriously where I see myself at.

Oh no oh no oh no, I just checked this list of America’s best colleges and Top Choice School is in the top 50. O_____O I AM NOT WORTHY.

Now all I gotta do is wait until October 28 for SAT results. I think that’s also when we have Costume Day at school, same day as the Halloween dance that I, again, must attend. D:

Not a fan of dances. Every year, club council is given a theme and we have to have a costume that goes with that theme. Last year was The Wizard of Oz. I went as a flying monkey. :D I was gonna suggest mythical creatures for this year, but Angel beat me to it and suggested Disney, and Disney it is. XP

Such a broad theme. Nope, no idea what to do for that. Maybe I’ll wear a red shirt and try to convince people I’m Pooh.

Until next time,

~ Mimi o_o

2 thoughts on “College, life, blahblah

  1. ASKFOJSF FIGHTING MAN! Loved it to smithereens! Well, not as much as Aki no Sora but you get what I mean. I have yet to watch the recent ItteQ, But i’m downloading it now! 5 more minutes then I have to join the file D:

    I totally understand the whole con’s of computer graded tests =____=;;

    Ah, even if I’m not a senior, I still went to the collage presentations here xD No Ivy league schools visited, considering we’re a public school I guess :P But I don’t really care. Excuse my language, but that Harvard guy is a super douche. . D:< I can't stand people without an ounce of modesty! Ugh, I can't imagine taking SAT's I still can't believe that one of my friends said loudly that he enjoyed SAT's, especially the essay part xD Weirdo school obesessed Yu-Gi-Oh! nerd. Lol but I still love him. I'll cross my finders for you too!

  2. It’s pretty strong as a single, but I’m hoping the B-sides will be even better because the B-sides are always better. :Dv I doubt that any future releases could top Aki no Sora as my favorite NEWS song.
    IT’S SO WORTH THE WAIT. I’ve never seen Tego go into a task so unmotivated before, lol.

    Hey, douche means “shower” in French. :P Just learned that yesterday in class.
    I don’t think what kind of school you attend matters. It’s just that Harvard is ridiculously close to my school and Harvard guy must have decided, “Oh look, they’re having a college fair. Why don’t I drop by and spread the Harvard eliteness, because, you know, it’s not like they plan these visits in advance or anything” while out jogging.

    Actually, I thought the writing/grammar portion of the SATs was fun. XD But only because I enjoyed breezing through everything and feeling so smart for once LOL.
    When it’s your turn to take it, make sure you take a few months to study for it, and NOT try to cram the material of a 700-page book into your head in the three days before the test. My brain still hurts from overexertion. D’:

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