In sickness and in… more sickness

I feel like utter crap. Oh how I hate being sick. XP

Monday — couldn’t talk
Tuesday — hoarse voice
Wednesday — aching everywhere (partially due to all the running I do?)
Thursday — uncontrollable, unrelenting coughs
Friday (right now) — stuffy/runny nose; still coughing; nausea
EVERY DAY — red, swollen, irritated throat

It hurts so bad to swallow. >___<

Bioethics teacher wants us to print out a 26-page document for homework. My poor printer. D:

Off to print, then my precious 2.5 hours of sleep. I’ll post the entry-I-was-supposed-to-post-tonight tomorrow. Er, today. Because it’s 2 am.


Until next time,

~ Nana >.<

3 thoughts on “In sickness and in… more sickness

  1. D: I’m sorry, you must be having a pretty hard time now considering this is the most important year of High School, you have so much advanced classes, and on top of all that you’re sick. (Also a lack of NEWS friends ;A;) Hey, I have a friend in a similar position. Although, she’s also really busy because she’s in a bunch of clubs and is on the student council. D: How do you people survive?! But I bet you’ll get a good job in the future~ :3

  2. Oops, somehow I missed this comment completely. ^^

    Compared to some people I know, I’m not in that many clubs. It’s just that the few I am in take up all my time. This Saturday I have to come to school to sing in the choir for a reunion mass, which takes place after my weekly volunteering. And on Sunday there’s an open house at school. Club council member –> ATTENDANCE REQUIRED. XP If I give up, that means I’ve lost to myself, which is unacceptable. And so, I push harder and end up with 2 hours of sleep a night. If I’m lucky.
    Ehh, it’s how I run. No need to worry cuz I get plenty of that from my friends. XP
    What about you? I know you do drama, but what other clubs are you in?

    And I’m really glad I have a lack of NEWS friends. Otherwise I’ll never get ANYTHING done. :P

    Sorry for taking so long with my replies~ I’m just soo slow with anything that requires thought. Plus, I want my replies to sound meaningful. Even if it involves telling you how much I hate you for being so obviously loved by the universe. =)

  3. D: I just wouldn’t want any passing out at school. For some random reason, my friend passed out during school. He never told us why.

    What do I do? Uh, Otaku Club, but since NEWS, it doesn’t really interest me as much xD Other then that, nothing. I am less then inactive when it comes to school activities -____-

    It’s fine~ You’re always busy so its understandable. I hate when school fills my weekends! That’s like my prime obsessing period. Asdadfadfadf the universe is just paying me back for my childhood :P If the universe loved me, I’d have magically ran into Massu somewhere and we would fall in love with each other, then in like, 10 years we’d have a little Taka, no matter how much tries I’d take to get him in the first place. jk. (orealy?)

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