From Spazzy to Sober: The Many Moods of Mimi

She’s baaaaack~ ♫ Can you guess who?

Of course, who else but my favorite JE girl, Tegoshi Yuuko!

Ah, but she’s not alone this time. :D

Alice Yuuko in Wonderland and Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon. :DDD A blond wig would have made more sense for Tego’s cosplay, but the curly one suits him really well, won’t you agree?

In one of the fancams I’d seen, you could hear random people in the audience call her name. ^^ God, she is such a whore (refer to lower left picture) and that’s exactly why I love her.

Funny thing. I remember when I was shopping for a Halloween costume last year and I saw this shorrrrrt, slightly slutty one that looked suspiciously like Tego’s. It didn’t quite seem like the same thing, but maybe it’s because Tego doesn’t have the right girl curves. I don’t know. Close enough?

That skirt. O_______O And believe me, I’ve seen some short skirts; the girls in my school like to roll theirs up as high as they dare. I love that Tegoshi can wear it without any sense of embarrassment. So mentally strong~

Or maybe he’s just crazy. :P Doesn’t matter, I’m very happy with the world right now. ^o^

But if (I really hate that the if is there) they release a DVD of this concert and Yuuko doesn’t make the final cut, I will be sure to put my literary skills to use and write a very angry letter to the agency about censorship. With tons of boldface, italics, and capslock. And size 36 font.


…Okay, I can’t help it. One more girl!Tego pic:

(credits to Yuya Yayun @ Facebook)

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I’ve been taking a lot of pictures from this FB girl. I hope she doesn’t mind, but I’ll gladly remove them if she does. But OMG WHAT ARE YOU DOING RYO. Note his lack of shirt and his hands; he’s totally groping her. And his belt. IT’S LOOSENED. *_____________* Koyama was running around like crazy, trying to save the younger viewers’ eyes from such an indecent display.

Yuuko-chan doesn’t seem to mind very much, does she? ^vv^


From last day of Tegomass no Ai concert tour~ No Koyama. ;__; At least he’s there in spirit?

. . .

In retrospect, falling asleep outside wasn’t one of my better ideas. .__.


Let’s go back to Thursday, September 23, shall we?

There was a father-daughter trivia event later that night and club council always has to attend these things. XP The Old Man had work and couldn’t go, so Corr’s dad adopted me for the night. ^^ But before that, I had attended a student council/club council joint meeting right after school, where we discussed what would be going on at the night event. Oh, and we planned out a bit of the spirit assembly that went on on Friday. Something like that. I was too sleepy to pay that much attention to what was going on.

It’s only a matter of time till they kick me out. ;P

But I couldn’t go home just yet, because I had an Anime Club meeting afterward. I don’t like anime that much, but I still looked forward to relaxing in the library with a few of my spazzy otaku friends; they’re the only reason why I’ve yet to leave the club. I had no idea these sorts of flaily people existed until I met them. O___o

But when I got there, I just stood at the entrance and gaped at the scene.

A huuuuge crowd had gathered around our usual table. Half of them were freshman, which explained why I didn’t recognize them. And they were NOISY. I would have silently backed away and pretended I was never there — if Corr hadn’t spotted me and called out my name. I just nicely explained to the librarian that I was far too tired to do the activity she prepared for us. She likes me (I think?) so she didn’t object when I sat on the carpeted floor near the tiny book rooms (they used to be dormitories back when it used to be a boarding school), stretched out my legs, and rested against the wall.

Remember that itty-bitty freshman I talked about in my last entry? She was there, and it turns out she likes anime! A lot! She watches it and draws it and talks about it and listens to Japanese music and THIS IS JUST SO AWESOME. Her name’s Kait, and, bless her little soul, she crouched down in her seat, looked through the space in the back of her chair, and with big eyes she asked me, “Are you sad?”

Asdfghjkl that is adorable. ^///^ I almost said to her, “No, I’m just sleepy, little one,” but luckily I stopped myself from sounding totally pedo-ish right after “sleepy.” XP

A bunch of them had to leave early, but the ones who stayed went and crowded around the librarian’s computer to watch some kind of anime. I don’t know which one, so I just snapped a photo of the scene. Yes, I fully realize how sketchy it is to take a picture of them without them knowing, but no worries, you can’t see their faces.

Kait is that girl closest to the camera. Umm, I don’t know why she’s not wearing socks. ^__^;; The only reason she doesn’t look that small is she’s standing next to Ellie, who’s only taller by a bit.

(Ohh, I have those same flats! :D)

Well, I figured that since the father-daughter thing would be taking place in three hours, I should just stay in school because it would be silly to have Mama pick me up. Only, it would be a gigantic waste to stay cooped up in the building when it was such a beautiful day out, bright and sunny with temperatures in the 70s.

So I left.

It was the first time I wandered outside by myself, so I’m sure I was rather suspicious-looking because I kept looking over my shoulder, making sure no one was there to jump me or bury a knife into my neck. :/

I made sure I only went straight and followed the main road so that I could easily find my way back. I walked for about 30 minutes, the whole time staring at the gorgeous, unfamiliar scenery. I never realized what a beautiful neighborhood my school is located in. So green, soooo pretty. *_______*

It wasn’t until I was nearly hit by an old lady in a car did I decide that maybe it would be best that I find a place to stay.

Note to self: It is unwise to stare at the pretty scenery when you’re crossing the street.

I found this pretty little place nestled under some leafy trees. There was a small path leading up to this engraved stone memorial shrine thing, and there were two metal (?) benches on the sides of the path, facing each other. An ideal place for me to study or do homework, right? Except, I didn’t feel like doing homework. But I did have a history test the next day, so I took out my book to study for the next two hours.

Then I fell asleep. ^^;; Right, in public.

Yeah, that probably was a veeeery stupid move on my part. I could have been mugged, or worse. When I woke up, the temperature was ten degrees cooler and I had the sniffles. It is now over a week later and I’m still recovering from my cold. DDD:

The father-daughter event was supposed to be fun. .___. At least, it was fun last year. But that was before Corr had the big falling away from her parents and all the drama started. At her therapy session with her parents, Corr had managed to convince her dad to come. The three of us sat at a table with Sonya and her dad (who looks very Asian and I’m so kicking myself for not knowing till now that Sonya is Japanese), Merry and her dad, and Angel without her dad (I think daddy was sitting with her freshman sister).

It got awkward fast. DDD: So very awkward, with me having nowhere to stare but straight ahead, at silent Corr and her silent dad.

But! Angel rescued me! She noticed that I wasn’t saying/doing much throughout the trivia night and told me to sit next to her instead. I felt really guilty about leaving Corr, but I was having a bordering-on-miserable time. I’m sorry, Corr; if you keep up with this ~dramatic teenage angst~ thing, I don’t know how much longer I can take it.

It’s not bad to be selfish once in a while, is it?

But I gotta say, the night improved exponentially once I sat down across from Sonya and dad, beside Angel. ^^

I still like her, okay? >___<

(Sucky job at censoring people’s faces. XP)

Angel knew I was taking this picture so I don’t feel too creepy about posting it.

Lol she got so bored. We were doing well on the trivia but not enough to put us in first place. (Our team actually won last year. :D) Out of nowhere she started stacking the empty water bottles on top of each other, and after a bit of staring, the rest of us tried to help her. Well, I tried to help her; Sonya kept tugging on the purple tablecloth to screw Angel up, and Corr’s dad kept throwing candy at the tower. :P It was my idea to stack them on the table itself. And to stand the bottom one on its mouth. ^-^

Anyway, that was more than a week ago. Too tired to write about the rest of that week in extreme detail. Here, have it in list form instead.

1. The principal approved Laney’s new club idea! Laney is VP of student council and she has the power to do such things. :P It’s a cooking club where we’ll have someone (and Laney herself) teach us the fundamentals of cooking. WHICH I DESPERATELY NEED. She sent out confirmation emails to all potential members. This is how I responded:

From: Mimi <>
Sent: Sun, September 26, 2010 4:32:11 PM
Subject: Re: Food and Nutrition Club

Hello, you have successfully reached Mimi. :D I’m still wishing that my email address weren’t so stupid-sounding. I blame my sixth grade self.

I think once every other week on Fridays would be the ideal choice for meetings. It would be a pleasant way to end a long, grueling week of school, wouldn’t it? Plus, we wouldn’t have to worry about getting home early to do school stuff or to study for tests. If Friday doesn’t work out for people, then I’m free on Mondays and Wednesdays too.

From: Laney <>

Hey Mimi,
Sounds great to me! ( I liked the Friday idea myself.)  Let’s see if its good with everyone.
And hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. If you really dont like it, make yourself a new one!  Silly goose!

(Not real email addresses, lol.)

2. Umm… I have a 77 in Bioethics. NOT ACCEPTABLE. I can’t slip now, not when I’m so close to getting into my top choice school. TT-TT

By the way, Bioethics teacher (aka a former nun and the freaking dean of students D:) told us a story about something that happened to her years ago. She was standing out by a lake several days after her mother died. Understandably, she was pretty upset. Then she happened to glance up and saw this awesomesauce green/blue shooting star that seemed to explode across the sky. She took that as a sign that her mother would always be with her, watching over her as the stars in the night sky. Sound like a certain Tegomass song to you? This is a very deep, very emotional class. Guaranteed tears at least once a week. Such a shame that I’m not doing too well on her tests.

3. SAT in one week. Not ready. Will surely fail.

4. Mrs. English Teacher really is crazy. For real. Savannah told me that Teacher had gotten into a bad car accident before, where she lost her memory. In order to help her remember, the doctors used a system of color-coded things to keep her organized. And I suppose that she thinks that she doing us a huge favor by using the same methods on us.

5. They made us exercise. DURING CLASS. TT-TT Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind exercising at all, but not while class is still going on, please. -___- It was National Women’s Health and Fitness Day or something last Wednesday. My school had the ~brilliant~ idea of having the students and teachers do various exercises at the end of every class. Lunges were first. I have strong legs, fortunately, so no sweat there. :D I don’t remember all of the other exercises, but they included jumping jacks, squats, and some sort of boxing move. What a weird day. o__O

6. I’ll be doing anti-bullying training soon~ /excited

A bunch of student/club council members had to attend a meeting about bullying, and at the end of it we could sign up for this program. It teaches you how to spot the signs of bullying and how to put a stop to it. That’s a very personal topic for me because I used to be seriously bullied before in the eighth grade.

Hated it. With all my soul. D: There were days when I wanted to stay at home so that I wouldn’t have to face those disgusting girls. And I think, at one point, I considered doing something much worse to myself. It didn’t matter, because they had my phone number and called every day. I’m not kidding. I NEVER want anyone else to experience the same thing I did, so I wrote my name down before anyone could blink.

7. It’s getting more and more difficult to look at Corr the same way I used to. :/ It’s so catty and wrong, but everyone’s been talking about her — behind her back and to her face. And in Angel’s case, to Corr’s fiance; Angel had marched straight up to the guy and requested/demanded a chat with him. Me, Merry, Sheena, Angel, and Savannah all have the same study period in the art room, and we relocated into the adjoining spare art room to talk about Corr. We weren’t being malicious at all. We’re just so worried about what she’s doing to herself. And we don’t know what to do.

I watch her during the few classes we have together; I see her sleeping in English, not doing her homework, texting her boyfriend obsessively and trying to pass the blame onto Lynne when her phone accidentally went off. She seems to be only applying to tough schools, MIT, for example. Not a single safety school on her list. I’m supposedly one of the higher ranked students in my school, and even I don’t have a chance of being accepted into that place.

The worst part is that she doesn’t know that I feel this way.

She always asks me for hugs, and I give them to her, even though Merry and the others are begging me to go on a hugs boycott. What I haven’t been giving her is the truth: that I count the milliseconds until she lets go of me. I hate it whenever she walks into school looking so angsty because her parents ticked her off or something. They’re not paying for college anymore and she has to work now. When she complains about not having clothes to wear because she has no money, my only response is to say I’m sorry. But really, in my head I’m screaming at her, THEN DAMMIT MOVE BACK IN WITH YOUR PARENTS WHO LOVED YOU UNCONDITIONALLY AND STILL LOVE YOU AND SAVED YOU FROM A LIFE IN FOSTER CARE.

I’m a terrible friend ;_____;

Her boyfriend is the one who picks her up in his car after school. The first time I saw him sitting there in the driver’s seat, I felt this unbelievably burning hate heat up my face. I don’t know the guy at all, I’ll tell you that. But I guess my mind has been looking for a scapegoat, and the obvious choice was the reason Corr is screwed up now: her boyfriend. And now I can’t help but feel some form of rage whenever I see him. I just want my friend back.

Uh, sorry to leave in such a depressing way. Umm… pickles.

Until next time,

~ Mimi o______o

5 thoughts on “From Spazzy to Sober: The Many Moods of Mimi

  1. from what is that yuuko in wonderland pic from?

  2. Do you mean where it’s from, like a magazine or something?
    They’re just paparazzi pictures taken by people who attended the last day of the Live! Live! Live! concert, I think. They’re not official (because the agency won’t allow that kind of behavior to leak into magazines :P) so they aren’t released anywhere other than online. D:

    Hope I answered your question. :D

  3. hi!can i ask something?where can i watch or download that Tegoshi in wonderland performance?i want to watch it so badly…(a yuuko fan thanks to u ;) there isn’t any other place where i can find photos of tego-chan crossdressing…so thanks a lot!) or tegomass concert?

  4. omo :D sorry i didn’t check my mails so didn’t see ur reply :D thanks a lot :D and sorry for asking so many questions :)

  5. Actually, I found the performance really easily on Youtube. :D They did cut out the good stuff (with Ryo), but it’s better than nothing. If you haven’t watched it yet, here you go:

    Questions are always welcome, so feel free to ask me whatever you like!


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