In Which I Fangirl. Like, a Lot.

Now that I’ve listened to NEWS’s new album in full over thirty times in the past three days (NOT LYING; that’s thirty hours of my life spent listening to them), I think I can write down some definite opinions. I’m still not calling it a review because I really, reaaaaally love NEWS and my bias is frightening.

Overall reaction: <3 ASDFGHJKLOMFGSOWONDERFULLLL. Their best album so far. Argue all you want; I’m standing firm on this position. Something magical happens when they all sing together instead of breaking off into trios or solo songs. Of course I love certain tracks more than others, but there’s none of them I hate. And, oh, THE UNPLUGGED DVD. Flawless, that was. Except for Ryo, who acted like such an adorable dork during rehearsals. <3 When The Pest came downstairs to find me sitting in front of my laptop, smiling stupidly at the screen with my chin resting in my hands, he just said simply, “Are you fangirling again?” Lol, he knows my fangirl face. :Dv

Specific reactions (with individual song links for added convenience!):

When I discovered NEWS, they had recently released Koi no ABO, so this song was pretty much kept on repeat for that summer. I, like most people, went like o___O when I heard it. It was so weird — the PV too. Love it a lot now, especially because the disco element makes it different-sounding; hate that I am utterly unable to sing along. D: Old song, not much for me to say about it.

I was totally expecting Live to be a sick song. After all, it does have the same name as the album, AND it was written by GReeeeN. And it does not disappoint! Pi starts off the song strongly — which I like because Pi has a soft singing voice — followed by an energetic Tegoshi (no, really, you can hear his energy level). There’s just something very NEWS-ish about the song that makes me like it. Great as a concert song to pump up the audience. :3 Shige’s sounding good here.

Like I said earlier, I don’t hate any of the songs in the album, but Umareshi Kimi e is one that I like. Like, not love. As in, I wouldn’t skip it if it comes on in my iPod, but I probably wouldn’t voluntarily select it to listen to. There’s nothing wrong with it in particular. I guess it’s just not my type of song? It has a very interesting melody and opening instrumentals, though, and I like how Ryo began it.

I’m not so fond of how Supernatural begins, with the soft voices singing in the background, but I love everything after that. The instrumentals give off a Kesenai-ish feel. It’s a very relaxing, mellow song, and I adore the chorus — ohh, particularly when Massu’s singing it by himself in his sweetly clear voice. But it bothers me how blatant it is that Yamapi has a very weak head voice, going all airy when he reaches for those higher notes. Does he even have a head voice? It sounds more like falsetto to me, and I know that many male singers struggle with singing high. I can’t help but compare his first solo line to Tegoshi’s first solo line. Maybe it’s because Tego’s voice is higher and he’s more used to singing up there? :/

Aki no Sora. This song. THIS SONG. So. Incredibly. Beautiful. The twinkly piano, Tegoshi during the bridge, that note Massu sings right after, Ryo’s voice sounding so great for some reason, EVERYTHING. My favorite from the album. And it’s in the perfect range for my voice, meaning I can sing along! (And I did! Badly! Will upload that high-pitched monstrosity later.) I was standing all alone at my volunteer site earlier this week, waiting for The Old Man to pick me up and searching for the perfect acorn in the grass (be quiet, I like acorns :P), and I kept finding myself singing the chorus out loud. Then I scrambled to find my iPod in my bag so that I could listen to it for real. I’m sure I looked like a loon. :D And to think I didn’t like this song at first. Blasphemy.

To be honest, I didn’t like Ichioku Sanzenmanbun no Futari no Kiseki (I will never learn this title D:) when I first heard it, either. Not a bad song, not a great one — just meh. But then I read the translation and fell completely in love with it. Only then did I hear the meaning in their words. “A world without you is like watching a silent movie/Even the rainbow in the sky is in black and white.” So lovely~ It really helps to know what the songs are about. I’m usually after a pleasant melody, but occasionally it’s the lyrics that get me.

The moment I heard Yamapi panting and Tegoshi making his voice all breathy and sexy in Dancin’ in the Secret, I just knew it was an ero song. I don’t know if I like it better than Bambina or Ai no Matador yet, but I definitely know I like it. Oh, and it turns out that person singing right after the first chorus is Massu, not Koyama like I swore it was. My brain, it hurts. .______. I’ve always thought that Massu sounds like a polished Koyama. And why does Tego always get to sing part of the bridge of ero songs? Really, every single one of them: Bambina, Ai no Matador, Lady Spider, and now THIS ONE. Are they trying to tell us something?

I had a similar reaction to Wonderland as I had to Umareshi Kimi e. I’m not head over heels in love with it, but I do really like it. It’s very much a NEWS song, nothing that stands out too much. The pacing of it kinda reminds me of Smile Maker. It’s got a lovely translation.
EDIT: NEVERMIND, I love this song now!

Didn’t I already talk about Sakura Girl? Here, right? Well, I’ll just repeat myself and say that I love it. It’s got a pretty melody and a really catchy chorus… but I still can’t sing it because the verses dip too low for me. This is why, despite being a huge fan, I can never fully learn any of their songs. D: Again, it’s an old song so I don’t have much to say. Unplugged version is gorgeous. Watch Tegoshi’s nose scrunch up cutely when he’s singing the “la la la” parts at the end. ^///^ And I know that Pi is a naturally composed person, but placing him between Tego and Ryo (who make rather intense faces when singing) just makes him seem wicked bored. :P

You know, I loved BE FUNKY! when it first came out because it had such an interesting sound, very reminiscent of Koi no ABO. It’s a very, um, noisy song. And I still do like it, but I guess not as much as I thought I did? My opinion of it had downgraded from “love” to “really like,” probably because it’s overshadowed by my new favorites. And maybe because I had already spam-listened to it when it started playing in Troubleman. There’s this one line in the chorus that I keep mishearing and now I giggle like crazy whenever it comes up. I’m sure you can guess which line it is. :P It’s Shige’s time to shine in this song, because he sings first and his voice is Just. Spot. On. I don’t know if it”s just me, but he sounds great in this song.

I love D.T.F. to bits. The beginning chanting part sounds so silly and almost unnecessary, but it adds to the upbeatness (can’t think of a real word for this) so I’m, um, glad it’s there, I suppose. Such a fun, happy song! I do a lot of running and I like using this song to get me energized. :DD It reminds me of that old NEWS song, Say Hello. I hope they have it written somewhere that D.T.F. stands for “Do the Fool,” or else us Americans (and other English-speaking folk?) will completely get the wrong idea. I had googled the title of the track and nearly spit out my drink at what I found.

They could not have started out Naiyou no Nai Tegami any more brilliantly. ^_______^ The pretty piano notes, the echo-y lines from Massu and Pi, and the rest of the members singing in tandem, as though they’re trying to echo each other. I had to listen to it at least ten times before I figured out that the first “No letter contents~” was Massu’s line, and that was only through process of elimination. It sounded like a bizarre blend of Yamapi and Tego with a touch of Ryo on the side. Anyway — lovely, lovely song. This was the only track in the album that just got me from the first listen, and I’m still loving it so hard. Forever a favorite.

Why, hello improved Koyama! :D Doesn’t he sound great singing his first line in Endless Summer? His tone sounds fuller and it’s obvious that he’s never sung such high notes before. Shige, I’ll be waiting for you to do the same someday. :D Seriously, this song is so great. Happy-sounding, uplifting, catchy, PERFECT. I was singing this while volunteering too. I don’t know, I just feel so bright whenever I listen to it — and that probably makes no sense but it’s the only word that describes how I feel.

Whether you love it or hate it, Share is a song that means a whole lot to NEWS fans. It’s the first song they composed together, and it’s written entirely to us as their fans. They all sound really nice here, not just the expected members, but KoyaShige too! I think I prefer this version to the live one because the two of them sound so much better. But, as a lover of the English language, I guess it was too much to hope that NEWS would pronounce the word breathe correctly this time.

I’ll be careful about what I say for Forever because I know it’s a common favorite and fangirls can be scary. >__> It’s certainly not a bad song; it’s just not my thing. At least, that’s what I thought until I listened to the Unplugged Ver. of it. At first, I heard almost no difference. And then I listened harder, paying more attention to the arrangement, and that was when it hooked me. When they cleared away the unnecessary instruments, they were left with something raw… but perfect. Watching that little snippet of NEWS performing it in the Unplugged LIVE DVD might have had an influence too. I think I like Pi’s rap in the studio version better, though.

♥ ♥ ♥

Anyway, I heard that the concerts have already started (and ended D:) in Japan! And they have a pamphlet filled with LOVE. Observe the following picture of awesome:


Tego/NEWS is my OTP, so of course that includes TegoShige. ^o^ It looks like a father and his child, doesn’t it? I can’t tell if Shige’s carrying him or if he’s sitting in Shige’s lap. Either way — :Db.

Oh, why not, how about another picture of Tego? This one is to celebrate NEWS’S NEW SINGLE “FIGHTING MAN” that will be released on Ryo’s birthday! With a PV and weird titles for the B-sides!

(credits to Yuya Yayun @ Facebook)

This isn’t just a picture; it’s art. Art in a pure, stunning form. Can you honestly tell me that his hair is ugly here? I’m seriously getting so annoyed at fans wanting ~*straight black hair*~ again. I don’t want him to look like every other boy in Asia just because the public demands it. Take a look at this:

Yes, they have straight hair. Yes, it’s pretty. Yes, it’s silky and touchable. But it’s so typical. AND ALL THE SAME.

Don’t get mad, I have nothing against Super Junior or straight hair in general. But I don’t like it when fans complain that Tegoshi should ditch the crazy hair and go back to looking like those guys. You don’t like the puff? Of course it’s fine to complain. But it gets on my nerves when they say he should “go back to straight dark hair forever,” as if he should have no say in how he looks.

Actually, I get annoyed when anyone’s hair is criticized, like Pi’s during the Koi no ABO era or Shige’s during Live promos. Shige just recently got his cut, but only because the big boss told him to; he had resisted for as long as he could. Massu tried curling his hair and changing the texture of it, like, ONCE for magazine shoots, and fans freaked out over it and demanded that he go back to straight and silky. I thought he looked great.

How conformist. D: And, honestly, very boring.

I’ve said many times before that I don’t like doing what everyone else is doing, and I especially dislike it — no, I downright HATE it — when my parents CONSTANTLY pester me about how I look better with my hair straight. And maybe they’re right, I do look better, but it’s my hair, dammit. I’ll do what I like to it and no one can tell me otherwise. Plus, I’m a teenager; it’s in our nature to not do what we’re told.

This is probably why the subject of Tegoshi’s puffy head is so touchy to me — because I’m dealing with something like that in my life. If he’s anything like me, then he’s probably gonna keep the style even longer because of what people are saying about it (I’m looking at you, Massu :P). Do people ever wonder about how he feels about his hair? Maybe he feels his best with puffy hair. Anyway, Tego should look like Tego, not like some random South Korean boyband member.

Is it weird that 90% of Tegoshi fangirls irritate me really badly? Some of them are more fanatic than fangirly. :/ It should be fine, right? Cuz I’m sure that there are plenty of fans who stop by my journal and find me irritating as hell.

In conclusion: I love this dude. <3 And I love you, cameraman.

I want this to be purely a fangirly entry because NEWS deserves it, so I’ll do a life entry next time. Now, if you excuse me, I have do the following before I head off to school in five hours:

  1. two History essays
  2. study for History test
  3. Calculus problems
  4. Physics questions
  5. Physics lab report
  6. French workbook page
  7. annotate a poem for English

You’d think I’d learn by now to not do things at the last minute, huh?

Until next time,

~ Mimi :D

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