RETURN (NEWS and me)

I’m sorry, journal, I just couldn’t resist it. D:

I had been quite literally doing NON-STOP HOMEWORK for the past five days. Yup, back to my two hours of sleep a night. I can’t even call it sleep, just naps. TT-TT

So I decided to reward myself by listening to Live. Yes, before the release date.

I am a very bad girl. DDD:

Has Koyama gotten better at singing? I know that he’s been taking lessons, so maybe I didn’t imagine that his tone sounds improved in “Share,” not as nasally as he usually sounds. His range definitely improved, as shown in “Endless Summer” because he sings some really great high notes in there without flipping into head voice.

Ahaha, look at me trying to pretend I know stuff about singing. :P

Besides that, some of the songs are… strange. Like “D.T.F.” My reaction to the first few seconds of that was more like “wtf?” XD But the rest of the song is good. I’ll be sure to type up my opinions of the album in a later entry — not a legit review or anything (I am far too biased to do such a thing) but just what I think about it. Gotta give the album a second (and third and fourth and nineteenth :D) listen first, though. ^^ I’m loving everything so far.

And lol, evidence of my fail Japanese: I had read the エンドレス of “Endless Summer” as “undress.” XP I had thought, “This is the song Yamapi keeps recommending us?” He was right to recommend that one, though. It’s so lovely. <33

It’s a good thing I forced The Pest into taking Japanese at his school so I can leech off his textbook. :Dv

Let’s have a huge poster of NEWS for their release:

(credits to inala@lj)

I love this picture so much. *________* But, um, is it just me or is Tegoshi wearing eyeshadow? He looks strangely girly/pretty when you click on the picture.

lol he looks like Koyama’s girlfriend. ^^

. . .

I am back to school and it is truly A.W.F.U.L. I’m pulling all-nighters and falling asleep in Calc already.


Let’s start from the beginning, where things weren’t so bad.

The first day of school was really short. We just showed up, got reacquainted with each other, took I.D. pictures, and did a quick schedule run, in which we visited each class for seven minutes. Mostly we stared at the miserable-looking freshmen sitting silently along one of the tables.

I swear, the ninth graders are shrinking every year, because they are so TINY. Everyone keeps talking about one freshman in particular. She can’t be more than four feet tall, with fluffy blond hair and a cherubic face, and she wears a lot of makeup that makes her resemble a little doll. I just want to pinch her cheeks. ^///^ Is she really fourteen? She looks like she’s ten, even more so when she’s swallowed up by her uniform sweater.

Sophomores and juniors were dismissed at 11:30-ish, and freshmen and transfers and seniors (YEAAAAAAAAH I’M A SENIOR NOW) headed down to the cafeteria for the Little Sis/Big Sis/Twin Sis cookout. Well, juniors on club council had to cook the food outside, and we got to eat inside because I doubt it would’ve been a good way to start school by having someone die from heatstroke. XP

Then we went up to the gym to play some games to help the freshmen feel welcome. For one of them, the freshmen had to run up to another freshman she doesn’t know and link arms with her, while the seniors trailed after. Christa’s little sister (extra emphasis on little) approached me and told her big sis, “Ooh, I don’t know her.” To me she asked, “Are you a freshman too?”


Now I need to talk about how my friends reacted when they saw me.

You have to understand, journal, that I have never thought of myself as pretty. When I look in the mirror, I see a girl who is neither ugly nor attractive. My lips are nicely full and plump, my skin is clear, and my bunny teeth have a certain charm to them — but my face is also too round, my forehead too small, and my hair never does what I want it to do.

So can you imagine how happy I was when I strolled into the cafeteria and Christa jumped out of her seat, bringing her hands to her mouth and squealing, “Oh my God, Mimi!” with the air of a parent’s “my-baby’s-all-grown-up”? I got dozens of compliments that day from my friends and from other random seniors. But the one comment that shocked me the most was when Gin said, “Mimi, you look gorgeous.”

No one has ever said such a thing to me before. Not one person, and that includes my parents. Franky and Angel have told me that they still can’t believe it’s me, that they have to do double takes sometimes. It’s so strange how their words are affecting me. All of a sudden I’m getting this surge of confidence, all because some people told me I look nice. That made me realize… sometimes all you need is someone to tell you — no, remind you — that you’re beautiful. You’d be surprised at what a difference it makes.

You know, unless people tell you that all the time, in which case, I hate you. :P

Maybe I AM turning out like Tegoshi after all, who has pretty much lived out the ugly duckling story.

Anyway, some notable things about my classes/teachers:

  • MRS. ENGLISH TEACHER IS MY ENGLISH TEACHER. T_______T I can’t keep track how many times I complained about her in this journal and in real life to my friends. She’s such a cute old lady who knows a whole lot about writing, and I love her as a person. What a shame that she CAN’T TEACH FOR CRAP. Sophocles was not talking about Jesus, dear teacher. Guess who’s gonna fail her AP English exam in May?
    Also, I should probably create an alias for her soon. “Mrs. English Teacher” just sounds dumb, like when I named my little stuffed lamb “Lamby.”
  • New French teacher — and she seems nice! She’s very young and very pretty and very proficient in French. Seriously. She ONLY speaks in French. Last year’s French teacher did the same thing, but at least she translated her words into English afterward. This new teacher seems to outright refuse to talk to us in English. On the first day of class, she talked for a full 5 minutes in French, and somewhere in there she had given us directions to do something. I was the only one who had the nerve to raise my hand and tell her that I didn’t understand — and even then, she just repeated her instructions in French.
    This will be a long year. D:
  • AP History teacher likes pop quizzes. According to Lynne, who took the class last year, teacher once told them to take out a piece of paper and write down everything they know about seventeenth century New England. I am scared.
    I turned in my summer work for this class late, by the way. Hehe, whoops. :P Got an 88, ten points off. Even though it was FORTY FREAKING PAGES LONG.
  • Still can’t stay awake in my math classes. As soon as Calculus teacher flicked off the light switch to use the projector, he must have flicked off something in my head too, because to my brain, a darkened classroom = nap time. Also, Calc teacher drones. He drones. It’s like he wants me to sleep in his class.
  • Physics teacher has Tegoshi’s Tanabata Matsuri hairstyle! ^o^ You know, the reddish-brown one with the large curls here:

    (credits to… well, it’s written in the gif :P)
    She had pinned up her bangs on Friday, and I kept staring at her, wondering where I had seen that hair before. She’s blond, though.
  • No more gym. D: But I have a study almost every day, so that makes up for it.

I’d planned to type out much more than this, but I can barely keep my eyes open. So I’ll end it here. Need to sleep now because, um, I didn’t sleep last night. :Pv I’ll proofread the entry later.

Until next time,

~ Mimi >o<

P.S. How could I forget to mention this?


That’s right. With the ring and everything. My closest friend is getting married, and she’s only eighteen.

Of course I’m happy she found someone she likes so much that she wants to spend the rest of her life with him. But I’m worried too. Mostly that her fiance might turn out to be a dirty scumbag who’ll break her heart.

And Corr is the type of girl who’s easily blinded by love. She had a huge fight with her parents about the engagement that resulted in her moving out. She’s not talking to them much now. That, I think, is her greatest mistake. Cutting all ties with her parents isn’t something she should have done. In fact, it seems rather childish, because isn’t that a form of running away? They just want what’s best for her, and I agree with them. Corr tends to act impulsively — but this is going too far. It’s too early to make such a gigantic commitment to a guy she met a few months ago.

Okay, so that might just be my man problem speaking. But you can’t deny that it’s too soon, right? I don’t know, I’ll just keep watching out for her and see how things go. I want happy Corr back. I don’t like it when she emos.

5 thoughts on “RETURN (NEWS and me)

    XD undress… Truthfully, I thought of Tegoshi immediately when the thought of any NEWS song with “undress” in the title came to mind.
    I really like the song Aki no Sora~ The Unplugged LIVE 2010 dvd performance made my heart pound >w<
    :O I have the same shrinking freshman problem here… Except there are some oddly tall ones in the bunch.

    Oh my, I agree about your friend Corr making a bad decision… If she just MET him a few months ago how long have they even been seeing each other? Have you, her close friend, met him and know him well enough? D: People do such absurd things under the influence of love. My close friend (NEWS buddy) is dating this random roleplayer she met on facebook who apparently lives in Alberta, Canada. For the first month that they've been dating he wouldn't even tell her his real name, give a clear picture of himself, or call. He still hasn't done the last two and they've been dating for about two months. Dx I don't understand. I really think that Corr leaving her parents is a mistake ;___; Parents are such an important part of growing up, even if you're 18, and we really take them for granted so often. I hope you can maybe help her realize the extent of what she's doing ;A;

  2. Woah, long comment. Awesome. :D
    lol knowing Tegoshi he probably had already written a song with that word in the title. :P
    Aki no Sora seems to be the all-around favorite (mine too!) and the unplugged version is heavenly~

    D: I really don’t know what to do for her. I went completely speechless when she first told me about the engagement, then I blurted, “Congratulations!” even though my head was telling me, “NO NO NO WHY ARE YOU SCREWING UP YOUR LIFE.”
    To be honest, I don’t really want to meet her fiance, because I’ll probably end up giving him a few choice words that will leave me angry, him angry, and Corr forever hating my guts. Which my friend Angel did a few days ago, that brave girl.
    I just CAN’T seem to tell her what I really think about all the drama. Instead, I usually find myself either giving her hugs when she’s depressed about her parents, or nodding vaguely (but nicely) when she informs me about her plans with her bf. This is not how I imagined my senior year to start out. DDD:

    You should do something about your friend, by the way. That sort of relationship is kinda, um, alarming. O____O I’m not even sure you can call it dating if it’s all online and she doesn’t really know what he looks like. Just watch out for her and make sure she doesn’t do anything that will get her in trouble/danger.

  3. Ohohoho~ Now I have that poster staring at me in my room >w<

  4. :O Lucky~ Is that what your friend brought back from Japan?

  5. No, I just bought the magazine from this Japanese bookstore that subscribes to Wink Up, Duet, Potato and such.
    She did buy something, though I don’t know what it is, and my friend’s going to pick it up when he visits Cali this December ;___; So long from now. Lol it’s my birthday/Christmas present

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