Countdown: 11 Days Left

I am officially banning myself from journal writing until I do something productive. Journaling actually takes up a gigantic chunk of my time, and time is something I don’t have right now. I need to spend every bit of the rest of my vacation on homework.

Which I have yet to start. XP

Okay. Deep breaths. I can totally do all of this before school starts. Let’s see what I have.

Let Me Hear Your Voice: finish writing this or else Adele will kill me and bury my remains
AP English: read The Oedipus Cycle; write a retelling of one of the plays; 5-page essay; list of vocabulary words
French: read Le Petit Prince; answer questions; find new terms/phrases
AP U.S. History: read 100-ish pages and outline them; answer questions; 8 essays, WAY TOO MANY ESSAYS; more outlines
Physics: read sections of A Brief History of Time; take notes


Journal, if you don’t see an update from me after 11 days, that means I didn’t make it. Wish me luck. DDD:

Until next time,

~ Mimi TT________TT

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