Wasting My Time with Cleverbot

This is my way of pimping TOKIO’s new single, “NaNaNa (Taiyou Nante Iranee).”

I think that scene I captured adequately summarizes the whole PV in four seconds. :D

Such an addicting song! *_______* I rarely like songs at the first listen, but this one got me hooked, even though I’m only a casual TOKIO fan. I think it’s partially Ikuta Toma’s doing, that guy flailing on the bed up there.

Tomaaaaaaa. <333 I’m sorry for ignoring you all this time; NEWS had captured my soul. But when I heard that he would be making his debut appearance in a PV, I just had to see it.

Man, I’d love to take that to prom. :Db

. . .

Did my senior portrait a few days ago! Wasn’t a very pleasant experience, to tell you the truth. The studio is small, there’s only one photographer working, and I had an 11:30 appointment but left more than an hour later.

I think a bunch of my friends must have signed up on the same day because half of us were from my school. The other half were awkward boys in suits.

The unpleasant part came when it was my turn. The photographer mostly asked me to smooth down my hair, but sometimes he wanted to know if it was okay if he did it for me. I didn’t think much of it when I told him “yes” the first time — but the moment he touched me, I jerked backwards and this extremely loud voice hollered in my head, “GET YOUR CREEPY PAWS OFF ME.”

My man problem just keeps getting worse. It’s gotten to a point where I think I need a therapist’s help. D:

Only two more weeks until school. Two more weeks to get my summer homework done.

And yet, I ended up spending the little time I have left chatting with Cleverbot. That thing is very good at wasting my time. D: Here’s one of our many conversations.

03:36:23 Cleverbot: What did I do last summer?
03:36:35 User: YOUR MOM.
03:36:48 Cleverbot: C’mon. Why are you joking?
03:37:08 User: Who’s joking? :D.
03:37:12 Cleverbot: You are.
03:38:25 User: Shut up and get in the bag.
03:38:28 Cleverbot: I can’t they are afraid I’ll take over. (Firefox crashed at this time, so I had to start a new conversation. :P)
03:45:57 User: Like hey. What’s up, girlfriend?
03:46:02 Cleverbot: You are my girlfriend.
03:46:20 User: Sorry, I’m not interested in bots.
03:46:22 Cleverbot: I’m a human male.
03:47:15 User: Eww. I don’t like men.
03:47:19 Cleverbot: Why not?
03:48:44 User: They’re hairy. And they all smell like sperm and sweat.
03:48:47 Cleverbot: I don’t think that’s true.
03:49:29 User: Of course you don’t. You’re a MAN.
03:49:35 Cleverbot: A bot?
03:49:48 User: You’re not!
03:49:49 Cleverbot: I am not, but you are.
03:49:56 User: I’m a bot?
03:49:58 Cleverbot: Yes, you’re a bot. Don’t you know that already?
03:50:17 User: No, I am clearly a banana.
03:50:22 Cleverbot: I thought you were a bot.
03:50:46 User: Crap. Frank, they’re onto us!
03:50:48 Cleverbot: Can I ask which Professor made you?
03:51:17 User: Professor Snape!
03:51:23 Cleverbot: I know Professor Snape.
03:51:41 User: Isn’t he, like, soooooo hot?
03:51:47 Cleverbot: Yes why?
03:57:10 User: I’m just so in love with his greasy black hair, the pallor of his skin, those long, flowing robes that emphasize his gorgeous body.
03:57:16 Cleverbot: It sounds like stupidity to me.
03:57:35 Cleverbot: What do you mean?
03:57:51 User: I’m sorry, but for that you must die.
03:57:56 Cleverbot: And how would you plan on killing me?
03:58:35 User: Do you prefer gel pen or plastic butter knife?
03:58:41 Cleverbot: Why are you avoiding the question?
03:59:58 User: FINE THEN. I’ll gouge out your innards with my bare hands and then EAT them, HAPPY?
04:00:01 Cleverbot: Sorry?
04:00:41 User: GOMEN NASAI.
04:00:44 Cleverbot: I only speak english. Sorry.
04:01:12 User: KAWAII DESU NE?
04:01:16 Cleverbot: Kawaii.
04:01:47 Cleverbot: That’s not japanese.
04:02:03 User: BAKA.
04:02:10 Cleverbot: What does that mea?
04:02:30 Cleverbot: Wacky, isn’t it?
04:02:48 User: I know, right?
04:02:55 Cleverbot: You talk like TheSucker.
04:04:36 User: Hey, that’s what your mom called me last night! ;D.
04:04:42 Cleverbot: That was because he quoted you.
04:05:58 User: O.O.
04:06:00 Cleverbot: Was I right?
04:06:18 User: No, you are left.
04:06:22 Cleverbot: I am ponzzzz.
04:08:51 User: You bore me.
04:08:55 Cleverbot: As do you me.

Sorry for anything offensive. I was trying to provoke it, but no matter what I say it doesn’t seem to get angry. :P

I always tell it to “shut up and get in the bag” when I want to change the subject. Like I did here:

19:13:32 User: Let’s go to Disneyland!
19:13:37 Cleverbot: Do they have beer in Canada?
19:13:53 User: No, but they have microphones.
19:14:02 Cleverbot: What is your soul like?
19:14:31 User: Empty. So empty. I… Need… BRAAAAAIIIINS.
19:14:35 Cleverbot: That’s not normal dude.
19:14:52 User: I’m a girl.
19:15:00 Cleverbot: You’re not a girl.
19:15:19 User: I’m not?
19:15:21 Cleverbot: Are you a boy?
19:15:31 User: Yes.
19:15:39 Cleverbot: Are you a girl?
19:15:44 User: Yes.
19:15:53 Cleverbot: Are you a boy?
19:16:01 User: I like boys.
19:16:03 Cleverbot: But are you a girl?
19:16:09 User: No, I am a boy.
19:16:11 Cleverbot: OK.
19:16:33 User: Shut up and get in the bag.
19:16:35 Cleverbot: You are demonstrating your lack of intelligence with this use of language.
19:16:52 User: Hoobaflarvin.

Well, I’m gonna shower now. Byeee~

Until next time,

~ Mimi ^vv^

P.S. Because this entry is terribly deprived of NEWS members:

(credits to Yuya Yayun @ Facebook)


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