Another list of Japanese songs from female artists/groups I’ve been listening to. :D Like last time, some are old songs, some are new:

  1. Nishino Kana — if
  2. KOKIA — Watashi no Taiyou
  3. DOMINO — Kira Kira
  4. Fukui Mai — Mahou wo Kudasai
  5. MiChi — KISS KISS xxx
  6. 4minute — Goodbye
  7. Alice — Missing feat. AKLO
  8. Hearts Grow — Mirai Sketch
  9. Kitade Nana — Tsukihana
  10. Stephanie — because of you

A note on one of the songs: 4minute is a Korean girl group, but that song up there is in Japanese. They all sound so pretty once they stripped away all that autotune; one of the girls sounded like a legit robot in “I My Me Mine.”

Anyway, I’m back from Rhode Island and tanner than ever! :3

I was only gone for all of Sunday, but as expected, it took me this long to write something about it. I still don’t get why we had to drive to a different state just to go to the beach (and be charged for admission) when we practically live next to one. -___- Silly parents.

But it was such a lovely day~ Since I stupidly left my swimming stuff at home, I waded into the water in my black tank top and rolled-up leggings. Besides the handful of sand I later discovered in my tank, wearing regular, non-see-through clothes was perfectly fine.

(Note: Never, under any circumstances, go into saltwater again while wearing contact lenses. AWFUL, that was.)

When I got home, oh journal, the most wonderful, glorious, joyous, spectacular NEWS was waiting for me.




From what I gathered, “Sakura Girl,” “Koi no ABO,” “Be Funky!”, and the studio version of “Share” will be included. That leaves room for ten or so new songs, one of which will be written by GReeeeN — the same incredible people who created the masterpiece that is “weeeek.”

They haven’t finished recording the songs, and one of the editions will come with DVD footage of something that didn’t happen yet (the September concerts?), so all that means the album will probably be released in October or early November. CAN’T WAIT THAT LONG. DDD: It bothers me really badly that I don’t know how to pronounce the album name, Live. I think it’s supposed to rhyme with give, but I’m not sure. In my opinion, live-that-rhymes-with-hive is an awful name for an album.

EDIT: Um, the album will actually be released in September. My mistake. :P That means less waiting for us fans! But then what footage can they possibly use for the DVD? Some of the members haven’t actually seen each other since “Sakura Girl.”

I wonder if there’ll be another KoyaShige duet. :P

Every time there’s any sort of NEWS/Tegomass activity, I always find a way to celebrate. So this time I did another meme, in which I prove just how much I love them. It’s fairly simple: I highlighted anything that applied to me, provided commentary in italics, changed around some terms to fit me, and added a few new ones. The meme is appropriately titled

The NEWS Love Meme

1. If someone ever doubts you, you shout, “BELIEVE!” (I do this way more than I’d like to admit.)

2. If someone asks, “What’s for dinner tonight?”, you respond, “I want a pumpkin!”

3. You randomly shout “Hallelujah Chance!” with the hand motion.

4. The first Japanese song you learned all of the words to was a NEWS song.

5. You abandoned anime for J-dramas.
(Because 2D just doesn’t cut it for me anymore.)

6. You abandoned all other fandoms for NEWS and JE.

7. You watch Kanjani8 videos for Ryo.

8. Your brother knows who NEWS are and can name your favorite member. (Haha, The Pest hates Tegoshi’s guts.)

9. You have converted a friend into liking your favorite member, even if they don’t like NEWS. (BWAHAHA SHE COULDN’T RESIST THE TEGO.)

10. You think plaid is really cool.

11. You’re running out of room on your computer because you download every video/song/picture. (Doesn’t really help that I’m an HD addict.)

12. You can’t delete pictures, even if the post barely changes.

13. Boy-on-boy action no longer seems weird or gay.

14. Lip syncing is okay. (LIP SYNCING IS NEVER OKAY.)

15. Boys at school mean nothing because they’re not skinny, sexy Japanese musicians/actors/entertainers. (Kinda true, but also because there are no boys at my school :P)

16. Boys in pink are actually really hot. (Actually, Irene was the one who converted me into liking guys who wear pink. Then, coincidentally, I discovered NEWS two weeks later.)

17. Sparkles look good on boys.

18. Real boy bands need to sing, dance, act, do theatre, and play guitar or any music instrument.

19. You’re learning Japanese so you can watch videos without subtitles. (Pfft, I’m not crazy enough to learn a whole other language that has TWO alphabets, three if you count kanji.)

20. Your binders are covered with pictures of NEWS.

21. Your bedroom wall is covered in NEWS posters.

22. You never considered buying multiple editions of anything before NEWS.

23. You spend any money you get on NEWS paraphernalia.

24. You see strawberries and you think, “OISHII!”

25. You brush off people who say, “They look like girls…” (On the contrary, I would embrace those people and say, “YES. YES THEY DO.”)

26. The first single you would ever consider buying is one of NEWS’s.

27. You like any band they do (ie: L’arc~en~ciel, Anna Tsuchiya…)

28. You were mad you don’t live in Wisconsin when you found out Tegoshi came.

29. You didn’t like yaoi until you discovered NEWS.

30. You have all PVs in high quality with and without subs. (I would if I had any more space to spare. ^^)

31. You have all the concert tours and ripped audio.

32. You go crazy if you don’t check your LJ because you may have missed an important update.

33. You save every video, even if they aren’t funny. (Currently occupying thirty-seven gigabytes of my laptop.)

34. Your future career is planned around NEWS and/or Japan. (Again, I’m not that delusional.)

35. You think your classmates are crazy when they don’t think any member is cute.

36. You never maxed out on Megaupload until you became a NEWS fan.

37. You’re thinking of getting a Premium Megaupload account because of all your downloads.

38. You randomly write NEWS lyrics anywhere. (Caught myself doing this on my History test that I utterly failed.)

39. You thought “MOLA” was sexy even before you realized it was in English.

40. Your heart broke when you watched Shige’s kiss clip from Seminar, even if he isn’t your favorite.

41. You didn’t know any actresses’ names until you got into NEWS.

42. You like High School Musical because of Koyama.

43. Every day you think about saving up to go to Japan just for a concert.

44. You freak out your classmates when you explain that you’re saving up for a NEWS concert DVD that costs 100 bucks. (Does it seriously cost that much? O__O)

45. July 4th is no longer just Independence Day; it’s Masuda’s birthday. (*mental note*)

46. You didn’t know your blood type until you found out about “Koi no ABO,” and then you ran to your parents, saying, “What’s my blood type?!” (And then wailed when I was told that they don’t know my blood type, either. D:)

47. You watched/listened to “Happy Birthday” the number of years you turned on your birthday.

48. The audio rip of “DREAMS” from Never Ending Wonderful Story makes you want to cry because you think of Koyama crying.

49. You start pronouncing love as rabu. (lol The Pest went all “wtf are you saying?” when I did that.)

50. If someone gives a peace sign, you think of Tegoshi’s “futari.”

51. Guys wearing boots isn’t weird anymore.

52. Skulls are the coolest things ever.

53. You start calling your pet Nyanta, even if it isn’t a cat.

54. You think of Shige when you hear Bangladesh.

55. You start doing the hand motion when “Hoshi wo Mezashite” comes on and you’re in the middle of the hallway at school.

56. You considered trying miso soup because of Tegomass.

57. Any time anyone says the word “color” you think of NEWS.

58. You think of NEWS when someone says, “Aim for the stars!”

59. Week should have 4 e‘s. (IT TOTALLY SHOULD.)

60. There’s nothing wrong with crossdressing. It’s actually hot. (:Db)

61. Perms aren’t a bad idea on guys. (I am SO the only person who thinks this.)

62. You have different notebooks for fanfiction for different pairings.

63. You can’t sing the alphabet without thinking about NEWS.

64. You can name all the singles and all the songs on each single.

65. Watching NEWS is your workout.

66. You randomly say “Tegoshi desu!” with hand motions. (OH GOD I ACTUALLY DO. D: Well, not the words, but I always greet my parents with the hand motion. Except I hold my hand in front of my face instead of to the side.)

67. When you see that exit sign of a guy running, you’re always thinking of “ima wa” from “Ai no Matador.”

68. You tried typing “Have you heard the news about…” and ended up typing news as NEWS or NewS.

69. Someone starts talking about current events or says, “On the news,” and you think about NEWS.

70. You want an aiaigasa date/moment because of Tegomass. (I never thought that was romantic before I discovered Tegomass.)

71. You’ve wanted to read and watch One Piece because of “Sayaendou.”

72. You do Pi’s “Bang!”, “maidoari,” or “Akira shock!”

73. Any mentions of DV reminds you of Ryo’s character Sousuke from Last Friends.

74. Any law student = Shige.

75. Psychology = Tegoshi.

76. Anything disco = Koi no ABO.

77. Ramen and phone booths = Koyama.

78. NYC = KoyaShige.

79. You start clicking all of links with the word “news” in it without thinking.

80. You write and shout “HAPPY NEWS YEAR” instead of “HAPPY NEW YEAR.”

81. You asked all of your friends about their blood type.

82. You love all kinds of cats, even if you hated them before.

83. You turn the word “masu” to “MASSU” after any word has it, such as: ItadakiMASSU. (Fangirl Japanese is a very bad thing.)

84. When writing a poem for English, you use translated lyrics of NEWS songs in certain lines, simply because they express what you want to say. (Guilty as charged :Dv)

85. You have successfully repelled potential boyfriends simply by letting them look through your iPod, leading them to discover all the NEWS pictures, songs, videos, etc. (lol I saw the utterly creeped out look on his face when he discovered the mass amount of Tego pictures.)

86. You’ve converted friends into liking NEWS through the sole use of Tegoshi’s “Ai Nante” performance from the Pacific DVD. (I don’t get it; as a hardcore fan of Tegoshi, even I thought that performance was bad. Sorry, Tegoshi. D:)

87. Your entire final project in an Art class was comprised of NEWS fan art, and you got a good grade on it.

88. You’ve taught the dance steps to Koi no ABO and Chirarizumu to your entire dance class.

89. You bought a leopard print fedora because it reminded you of Shige.

90. You started loving gyoza and ramen after Massu and Koyama. (Never tried gyoza — I can almost hear Massu’s dismayed gasp — and I liked ramen before I knew who Koyama was.)

91. You start to think that short and snarky guys are cool, even better if they can play the guitar. (Unfortunately, I don’t know any short and snarky guys.)

92. You watch any drama that features a NEWS member.

93. You listen to NEWS so much your brother can tell when a Japanese band isn’t NEWS.

94. You see a guy in a suit and automatically think Koyama would look so much better in it.

95. You see bright, almost tacky looking clothing and think Massu would probably like it and wear it.

96. You see a pig and you think of Massu. (I wanted to name the pig I was dissecting in AP Bio after Massu, but unfortunately I had a lab partner who would think I was weird.)

97. You like Ya-Ya-Yah because NEWS was on their TV show all the time.

98. You realize just how short Japanese people are when you realize that most of the people around you are taller than 5’9″, Koyama’s height.

99. Gyoza = Massu.

101. You can’t look at a bottle of Tabasco sauce without thinking of Tegoshi’s Tabasco cake. (Don’t understand what this is referring to. :/)

102. Just the word “rescue” reminds you of Massu.

103. Silver shoes = Shige.

104. Everyone should have an uncle like Koyama.

105. You can’t hear “Romeo and Juliet” without thinking of Yamapi.

106. You practiced the “Itte Q” pose in front of the mirror.

107. You get distracted by Tegoshi’s face in the small screen while watching Itte Q.

108. You search for JE/NEWS lookalikes every time you go out. (I found a dude who looks like Shige!)

109. You don’t even bother with subtitles sometimes because you don’t even read them; you’re too busy looking at their faces. And then you go back to reread what they said.

110. You wear strange clothes because of Massu.

111. You imagine the only Japanese boy in your school in a JE band. (No boys in my school. :P)

112. When you hear boys chuckle, you automatically think, “Massu’s and Koyama’s chuckles are cuter!”

113. You’re guilty of dancing “Cherish” and “Hoshi wo Mezashite” in the shower.

114. You wake up to Ai no Matador and start dancing.

115. You see a rainbow anywhere, and start the naming the members for each color. And then you get sad when there is no pink for Tegoshi.

116. You cross the street saying, “Ima wa~”

117. If a song doesn’t have a dance, you memorize the way their/his head moves (Ai Nante, Kiss~Kaerimichi no Love Song).

118. You battle between getting the RE or LE of a single/album but in the end you buy both.

119. You wag/wiggle your fingers when you hear someone sneeze.

120. You try on sunglasses because they remind you of Pi.

121.You stare at your screensaver and not use your computer just because it’s a running of all the NEWS pictures you have on your desktop.

122. You want to be a victim of shirosagi, so you will be saved by Kurosagi.

123. Sweden = Tegomass.

124. You remembered the date of the day World War I ended for your history test only because it’s Tegoshi’s birthday. (Am I the only NEWS fan who realizes this? No one has mentioned it before.)

125. You started running because of Soukon. (I hate that they made me active. D:)

126. You’ve been given funny looks when you yelled, “This is the summertime!” in the middle of winter.

. . .

I’ve been putting off my summer homework for as long as I could. But I can’t ignore it any longer; it’s August now, less than a month before I head back to that life-sapping torture chamber that’s supposedly good for me.


Ending today with one of my favorite NEWS pictures, even though half of them are missing.

(credits to whatever website is at the bottom of that picture)

Tego’s smile indicates that he knows he’s a very, very lucky boy.

Why won’t they do shoots like this anymore? D:

Until next time,

~ Mimi P:

P.S. This entry really shows my love of color. ^______^

And I need to quickly note that I got new earbuds today because I broke my old ones. I wanna see how long these can last.

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