D: Stupid title, but anyway.

As a writer, I need to develop my powers of observation and awareness. I’m not very observant or aware of my surroundings because I have the attention span of a goldfish. Which, for the record, is supposedly about three seconds.

When it comes to NEWS, though, I do become just a tiny bit more observant of things.

For most fans, it’s obvious which member is her (or in rare cases, his) favorite. After a year of watching how these people fangirl, type, interact with each other, and respond to news, I started noticing trends. Fangirls could be expected to exhibit specific behaviors or traits, depending on which member is her favorite.

I made an organized list of some of these trends, grouped by member.

I can be brutally honest, just to warn those who are sensitive.

Trends in the NEWS Fandom

Koyama fangirls:

  • love Shige
  • sometimes like Massu
  • hate Tegoshi
  • type intelligently
  • aren’t very spazzy in their fangirling
  • are usually sweet…
  • …but can be quite rude
  • worry often

Ryo fangirls:

  • want Uchi back
  • like either Pi or Shige
  • don’t care about the rest of NEWS at all
  • swear — a lot
  • are bitchy
  • like him more for his acting than singing
  • write incredible fanfiction
  • prefer Eito over NEWS

Yamapi fangirls:

  • could quite possibly not even know that Pi is part of NEWS
  • barely acknowledge Massu’s existence, for some bizarre reason
  • love Ryo
  • don’t fangirl over NEWS as a whole compared to fangirls of other members
  • are sane (for a fangirl)
  • entered the fandom at a young age
  • are the most likely to ship their favorite member with a girl
  • would rather ship him with people outside of NEWS (ex: Kame, Jin, Toma)

Massu fangirls:

  • don’t really pay attention to RyoPi
  • squeal — a lot
  • like Shige
  • are the most likely to live in Asia
  • have awful English skills
  • don’t usually write fanfiction
  • either love Tego or hate his very existence
  • do fan art/graphics

Shige fangirls:

  • are kind of stuck-up
  • usually love Koyama
  • ship ShigeMassu
  • think it’s cute when he fails
  • were once Tego fangirls who turned to Shige instead
  • are everywhere
    (Sorry for the lack of Shige fangirl trends. They’re so varied that I can’t think of anything else.)

Tegoshi fangirls:

  • are some of the craziest psycho-bitches you will ever meet
  • like either Massu or Yamapi second
  • ship him with everything that moves
  • have filthy minds
  • tend to write smutty fanfiction, if they write
  • range from having awful to awesome English
  • are the most likely to not be Asian
  • do not approve of the perm

I wonder if I got most of these right.

And don’t be offended if, for example, you’re a Ryo fangirl and you’re going, “Hey, I do so care about the rest of NEWS. D:” My observations don’t apply to everybody; obviously, not every Massu fan is still learning English, and I’ve seen some Koyama fans flail like they’re having a seizure. I’m certainly one of the saner Tegoshi fangirls out there (because, to be honest, some of you are COMPLETELY MENTAL), and I’m pretty sure I mentioned eighteen billion times in this journal that the more people hate on his curls, the more I love them. A while ago I just happened to notice that this one girl had a lot in common with this other girl, as well as that girl over there, and oh look, all three like Shige! Huh, maybe I’m onto something here~ :/

I’ll add more if I notice anything else.

. . .

Just got back from the beach~ I love rollerblading around the causeway because you get both fresh air and beautiful sunsets and your exercise for the day. :Dv

Such a pretty sky~

Phone camera still sucky but can’t afford a better one. D:

The only things I gotta watch out for are the kids. They pop out of nowhere like little beach jack-in-the-boxes while I’m going at 10+ mph. No, seriously, I would be skating along a path I thought was clear when little toddlers would dive right in front of me. But they’re still really cute. -___-

Oh, the dogs too. Need to be on the alert for those. They usually just trot happily along and leave you alone if you don’t make any sudden movements — but today I suddenly stumbled when a pebble got caught in one of the wheels… Wasn’t pretty.

You never know what can happen at the beach. One time I swore I heard faint gunshots, but it was around the 4th of July so who knows. Could have been fireworks. :/

Besides, romances are way more likely than violence at a beach, don’t you think? It happens in movies and Japanese dramas and books all the time. Two people would literally bump into each other and somehow fall in love from there, or maybe the girl would trip/fall out of a tree and a passing guy would miraculously catch her.

But, um, I don’t think real life works like that.

Last year, I remember skating at a high speed into a really congregated area. Just when I thought I had evaded everyone safely — I crashed into someone so hard that I lost my balance. I would have been sent flying to the ground if the stranger hadn’t caught me, and he REALLY caught me, arms around my waist and everything; I even looked up at his face while wearing the most movie-cliché surprised expression ever. My savior was a guy slightly older than me, maybe a college student. And yes, he was handsome. Just like in the dramas.

But like I said, life ain’t like that. After I apologized a thousand and one times in an earthquake-shaky voice — because I get so nervous around gorgeous guys and guys in general, really — I skated away without giving him a chance to speak. And I never saw him again.

End of story.

Well, that’s my insight for the day. Goodnight, journal. ^^

Until next time,

~ Mimi P:

4 thoughts on “Trendy~

  1. :O The trend thing you wrote was pretty accurate with some of my friends who like NEWS~! >wW< I always look forward to new posts~ It never fails at putting a smile on my face

  2. Not to sound like a total child, but YAY at being somewhat accurate and at making someone smile! ^-^
    Oh, you like NEWS too? I peeked at your blog and noticed that you’re really into Massu. :D

  3. I laughed out loud at some of those trends. HAHA. I still am laughing actually. The part about Shige and Massu hit me. HAHA. So I can say most of these are pretty accurate. HAHA.

  4. Oh, it’s been over a year since I composed this entry! I probably have a few more things I should be adding since it’s been so long, but I’m glad to hear that I was at least somewhat accurate!

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