What Is a Massu?

Massu would be so fun to grind with.

Not that I would do such a thing, of course. Just an observation. A very acute, open-mouthed, drooly observation.

Would you look at the way he moves those hips. *_____________* So fluid, like water. I can’t believe he made me think this, but Massu in this gif reminds me of a pole dancer. It’s probably because of how he’s gripping onto that pole.

He doesn’t use those hips nearly as much as fans would like him to, but I am allllllllllways aware  of when he does. Massu is easily one of the best dancers in NEWS, right up there with Yamapi — maybe even better than Yamapi. But I’m not a dancer so who am I to judge?

Imagine what it would be like if he were slutty like Tegoshi. Or Jin.



Tegomass should team up and teach Shige how to do body rolls. :Db Actually, I think all of NEWS can use their hips somewhat, except for old man Shige.

But this entry is entirely dedicated to Massu because this is my way of wishing a very

happy 24th birthday to Masuda Takahisa!

Sorry for being late. D: At least I tried to make it up to you by creating my first-ever gif, right?

In my early days of liking NEWS, Massu was always the guy I knew nothing about. Save for the clothing, he didn’t stand out. I didn’t pay him much attention because he was kind of quiet, and whenever he did talk there was a 95% chance it would be awkward as hell.

Now, he’s still the guy I know practically nothing about… but have come to love anyway.

I’ve tried so hard to figure this guy out. The others were easy, because they’re much more open about their private lives than Massu is. But Massu is very good at hiding what he does in his free time. No one knows what he does on his days off; all we can pry from him in interviews is the ambiguous “hanging out with friends” or “shopping for more obscure fashion.” I’m not even sure if this guy can drive. Has he ever had a girlfriend? Does he even LIKE girls? For all we know, Massu could be living one of those double lives that authors often like to write about. Masuda Takahisa: hot Japanese idol by day, ruthless yakuza boss by night.

We may never know. :/

What I do know about him: likes loves worships gyoza; refuses to buy normal clothing (one reason I love this dude); has his mama cook for him often (I’m not certain if he has his own apartment yet); hangs with Shige a lot; likes yellow; rarely gets recognized in public; is much bigger than he seems on TV; has a beautiful body; protective of his belongings; obsessive-compulsive about keeping his things clean; eats like it’s his last day on earth; can skateboard (I think?); frightening when angry; a pansy around bugs; does not walk around with his trademark smile all the time; is actually the girlier half of Tegomass, contrary to what people say.

I hope to have more chances in the future to learn many more things about this mystery of a guy. Happy 24th, man. Keep on being the smile of NEWS.

By the way, it took me two freaking months to make that 4-second gif up there. I am so pathetic when it comes to computers. DX

Until next time,

~ Mimi 0:D

P.S. I sang the chorus of Tegomass’s “Yoru wa Hoshi wo Nagameteokure” again. This time, I tried doing all my proper warm-ups beforehand. I can probably become a much better singer if I bothered to practice every day. But I only sing about once a week, which must be why I’m going backwards nowhere with my voice.

I need more drive in my life.

P.S. (part II) It took me half an hour to get my contacts out so I can take a shower. Figured that it wasn’t worth it to put them back in, seeing how I’ll be heading off to bed in two hours. And I get to do it all again tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “What Is a Massu?

  1. your blog made my day :)

    i was randomly searching yamato nadeshiko shinchi henge when the page about tegoshi’s charcters erotic pants came up!

    randomly funny, would probably be friends if we knew eachother

  2. Aww, thank you so much! I’m always happy when my writings make people happy.

    Haha, as long as you like Tegoshi, I think we would be good friends. :P I’m always on the lookout for fellow fangirls.

    Sorry for the late reply, by the way~

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