Angels in my Head (Dream Batch #3)

It took me much longer than necessary to finish up my beta reading. The Pest kept kicking me off my — MY — laptop every half an hour, even though he has his own desktop upstairs. Every time this happened, I needed about ten minutes to ease back into my “beta reading zone.” That’s when I’m working at my best; it’s sort of a coma-like state in which no one can bother me.

Ah, I do love beta reading. I’m still not that great at writing, but I know all the technical stuff pretty well for my age. So, four years ago I figured, “Hey, why don’t I try helping other people?” The techniques and mechanics were just rotting in my head anyway, all because I didn’t know how to use them myself.

But I’m done! I feel accomplished now. ^________^ Instead of celebrating with something nice and relaxing, I wanted to celebrate in a different way. By trying to figure out Photoshop.

Strange way to celebrate, but eh, I’m a strange girl.

After fifteen minutes of cluelessness, thirty of fiddling around, and fifteen of “Ah, I’ve got it!”, I managed to add these words to one of the recent Tegomass scans:

Yeah. One hour to just do that. Told you I’m awful when it comes to computers.

Simple? Yep.

Corny? Very.

Pretty? Err…

Oh, does it really matter? I’m just thrilled I was able to do it at all. The magazine page is so thin that the dark words from the other side of the page were visible, so most of my time in Photoshop was spent trying to remove those areas from the scan. It’s a shoddy job because you can still see parts of it, but I don’t think it’s half bad for a first-timer. I don’t even know what the heck I can use this image for, other than staring at it endlessly.

Which, you know, I already did when I first found the scans.

I went completely starry-eyed over them. You never see this kind of photo shoot in America. Whoever’s idea it was to dress Tegomass in all white as though they’re angels, stick them in an empty white room, and have them throw feathers at each other is a genius. I bow at your feet. It’s a freaking gorgeous shot that’s made even more gorgeous by a sleeping Tegoshi.

I’m so upset that the quality isn’t too great, but I suppose I should just be grateful that it exists. I want to mess around with the other shot too, the one where you’re closer to their faces and you get to see Tego sleeping on Massu’s shoulder while Massu watches over him. Ohh, they just love fueling the fangirls. <33

Why isn’t Massu ever the sleeping one? I suspect there’s this unspoken rule that whenever someone is paired with Tego, Tego gets to sleep.

Psh, no complaints here. :D

I don’t care who takes the image, by the way; it’s not mine to begin with. Though I’m not sure who would want to take it.

I said in my last entry that I would talk about my last two weeks of school. Instead, I want to get this batch of dreams out of the way first, before I forget them. It’s been so long since the first dream happened that forget which one came first.

At least, that’s what I had been planning on doing before I realized that I have too many to describe in one night. So right now I’ll just put down the ones that include members of Tegomass. That way, I can keep them in the fangirl side of my entry.

Haha, subconscious fangirling. :P

Massu appears in the first one, Tego in the second. After I had the Massu dream, I started making an effort to remember more of my dreams so that I won’t miss any more guest appearances. This includes sleeping with a sheet of paper and pencil placed beside my bed, in order to write down whatever I remember, and setting my phone alarm to ring at four in the morning, which is when I’m guaranteed to be in Dream Mode.

Obviously it’s working because I can recall seven of them, some in extreme detail. For now, just two.

1. The first dream ran for a long time. Unfortunately, I can’t remember much of it at all, meaning that this will be a short description. What I do know is that Massu’s in it, and he’s handling weapons.

Yes. Massu with weapons.

He and three other random people each have a bow and arrow in their hands, but I don’t know what/who they are aiming at. It might just be targets, I’m not sure. And then some stuff happens that I can’t recall, and suddenly the scene switches to Massu expertly wielding a massive assault rifle. While wearing an outfit like this:

Just as he crouches down all secret agent-like behind a tree and aims his rifle at a shadowy figure… I wake up.

Of course. -___-;;

I can’t even remember what MY role in the dream was.

2. The second dream might have been influenced by Let Me Hear Your Voice (which, by the way, I did finish in time for my Confucianism presentation in Daisy’s classroom; GOT A 98 :DD). That’s the feel I got from it. It also reminds me a bit of a drama I’d seen, though I can’t say for sure which one.

Anyway, I am a new student at this school. A public one, probably, because I’m in normal clothes. Even though I’m new and therefore don’t know my left from my right when it comes to navigating around the building, my homeroom teacher (some balding, middle-aged guy) hands me a brown parcel and tells me to deliver it to a boy in the infirmary.

I find the room with no problems — as you can do only in dreams.

The infirmary is simply a room about the size of a small classroom. Except for the grey floor, everything in it is creepily white. There’s one nurse on duty. She looks like a nurse should, but instead of doing normal nurse things, she’s busy mixing together test tubes of suspiciously colorful liquids that fizz and gurgle.

Without glancing up from her experimenting, she waves a floppy hand in the general direction of three cots when I talk to her. I turn my head and see that one of the cots is occupied by a curly-haired boy in a yellow t-shirt. This must be the guy I’m looking for; he’s the only patient there.

Obviously, this is Tegoshi.

He lies awake there with the covers pulled up to his chest, staring. Not one of those creepy, unblinking, I see dead people stares, but a curious one. And when he gets out of bed, walking straight up to me, he’s so sparkly and pretty that it’s a wonder dream-me doesn’t faint dead away.

Rather boring dream, actually. The two of us just talk for a while. Apparently he’s got some sort of terminal illness, and that’s supposed to explain why he looks so thin and somewhat sickly beneath the shiny grin. He seems too bubbly to be sick, though. Dream-me either has no soul or doesn’t believe him, because I don’t get sad or express any sort of emotion when I find out that he’s got six more months to live. I only nod at him blankly.

Tegoshi looks unbelievably happy when I pass the parcel to him, almost as if he’s about to burst into tears of joy. He’s so happy, in fact, that he flings his arms around me in a hug and gives me a sweet kiss on the cheek.

Real-me would have passed out. Or died. Dream-me still has a black hole for a heart.

And that’s when my cell alarm decides to wake me up from this epitome of cliché dreams.

I never did get to see what’s in that package. D:

. . .

Real life section will be very brief. It’s too hot to write any more than this. >_____<

I took two of the SAT Subject exams at the beginning of the month. After a few weeks of anxious nail biting, my results are in!

Seems that taking AP Bio paid off after all! I actually wasn’t expecting my score to end up so high; I spent half of my Bio test time wanting to repeatedly bang my head against the desk and mentally wailing, “Why don’t I know this?”

Does that mean I didn’t do as atrociously on the AP Bio exam as I thought I did?


After all this time, I’m still wondering why I chose to take the U.S. History exam when I SUCK at history. I actually fell asleep for a bit in the middle of the test because I got bored of not knowing the answer. Also, classroom was stuffy and made me sleepy.


Until next time,

~ Mimi :3

P.S./EDIT: I added words to the other Tegomass scan too, just because it’s too pretty for me to leave it alone.

Recognize the lyrics? Maybe not, since this is my own translation. I had copied it from iTunes, pasted it in Photoshop, and then spent a while trying to figure out who to credit before I remembered that I had translated that particular section of the song myself. It’s from “Yoru wa Hoshi wo Nagameteokure.”

ashita boku ga shinde shimattemo
nakanaide sora miagete
waratteru darou sore ga boku da yo
sou da yo koko ni iru
kimi no soba ni

I sure hope I got the translation right… if not, then I just permanently branded my mistake into Tegoshi’s and Massu’s faces.

Huh. This kinda looks like a fic banner. :/

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