Tegoshi is pleased that summer has arrived.

Actually, he’s all smiley because two foreign girls picked him as their type of guy on an episode of Itte Q. Or something like that. Still can’t fully understand their language so I can’t guarantee that’s correct. D: Some of those girls kinda look guyish to me. Their mannerisms are weird. :/

Ohh~ every time I start thinking that maybe Tego’s looking more mature lately, something like the above screenshot happens. He looks so young there, so squishable, so cuteee~~ ^///^

Sorry. Got a bit too fangirly there when I had no intention of fangirling today.

In real life news, I am now a senior. Me. A senior. I haven’t even gotten the chance to test out my new position at school, but I already feel the power of being a senior, being the oldest. So this is what it feels like.

It’s an incredible feeling.

I keep getting this pressing urge to kick around some freshmen. I finally get why seniors do that now. Suppose I should watch it or else the power’s gonna get to my head. ^___^

All I’ve been doing lately is catch up on sleep. Too tired to do much else. Actually, I meant to type up a long entry detailing just exactly what the heck happened during my last two crack-filled weeks of school. But as usual, I keep falling asleep on my laptop or partially passing out from the heat and end up finishing nothing.

I am probably one of the worst beta readers ever. It’s been over two weeks and I’m still not done. Even though the heat makes it impossible for me to sit still for more than ten minutes, that’s no excuse, and hopefully I’ll be done Monday (which it technically is). But I’ll just see what I can do. Maybe if I pray hard enough, he won’t be mad.

Until next time,

~ Mimi ^^

P.S. This makes me angry.

No, angry is the wrong word. But I am definitely disappointed. I mean, it’s great for Pi and all (I liked “Loveless” enough to put it in my iPod) but this news isn’t doing anything but confirming my fears that Yamapi is heading down the Akanishi route. And by that, I mean that he could possibly be planning on breaking away from NEWS.

I know that Jin said that he might return to KAT-TUN after his U.S. adventures, but Yamapi rarely shows interest in NEWS. He never talks about NEWS in interviews unless there’s a prompt. The other members have expressed wishes to do a concert together, but he hasn’t.

I’m not being fair to him; it’s his own life so he should do what makes him happy. But I miss seeing them all together so much. Unlike KAT-TUN, NEWS isn’t strong enough to remain as a group if Yamapi leaves.

Like Koyama said, they’re nothing without Yamapi.

And is Yamapi even happy with this? He doesn’t smile in magazine shoots anymore — and when he does smile, it makes me cringe because he looks forced. With how thin and unhealthy he looks lately, I wonder if he’s being overworked. Even though I’m unhappy about the lack of NEWS, I hope the single is something Pi wanted to do and it’s not just something the agency forced him into.

Honestly, Pi seems happier when he’s on his own, and as much as I am against it, I don’t want him to be miserable working in NEWS. Same goes for the rest of them. Sometimes I just wish they would give us a straight answer instead of Pi’s vague “Please keep believing in NEWS” message. That only made me more suspicious because Tackey&Tsubasa said the same thing, and look where they are now. Are you staying together or not?

I don’t like this false hope thing.

ON THE OTHER HAND, it’s only been several months since their last single. So I should stay optimistic, right? After all, everyone’s busy right now with their own stuff: Tegomass no Ai, news every, dramas, movies. Once that’s all done, there should be time for some togetherness.

Hmm, but that might be exactly why I should be worried.  They’re all good enough to stand on their own should NEWS ever dissipate.



Looking forward to seeing TomaPi in concert, though. >_____<

P.S. (part II) Oh God, as I was typing my above worries, I heard this loud screechy noise from the kitchen. It’s two in the morning; naturally I would assume it’s a burglar or some other type of nighttime creep.

Phew. Thank goodness, it was just a mouse. Heart, you can calm down now.

I think its tail got caught in the mousetrap, and now it’s desperately trying to writhe its way out. The cries are so heartbreaking that I moved to (somehow) set it free, but it jumped at me every time I got too close. After a few minutes of trying, I gave up and walked out. Yeah, I tend to be irritable when I’m up late.

Poor baby keeps screaming every two minutes. D:

Awww. DDD:

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